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28 Sep




The Magic Flight Launch Box is another addition to our latest range, and ‘oh my’ what an addition it is. This miniaturized piece of equipment boasts dimensions of 40mm x 32mm x 23mm making it one of the smallest vaporizer on the market.

The hand crafted piece is primarily composed of renewable wood making it both lightweight yet still robust, meaning this pocket sized piece of paraphernalia is ready to go EVERYWHERE with you. However the portability of the Launch Box is not it’s only forte.
With no need for cords or plugs, the launch box uses rechargeable batteries, which provide enough power to make loading to vaping time less than 10 seconds!!!
Impressive huh?!?
This cool piece of kit comes complete with: (everything you need including batteries, a charger, cleaning brushes, a storage case and step by step instructions)

Rechargeable NiMh Batteries
Velvet Kit Storage Bag
Battery Storage Case
Battery Charger
Cleaning Brush
One Optional Pipe Stem
Two Pocket Storage Elastics
Step by Step Directions

and is ideal for those of you who love to vape on the move.
Magic Flight we salute you, and your latest contribution!


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27 Sep





Every ‘Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer‘ is unique due to the fact they are customizable to your own taste.
Manufactured in the U.S. using mostly acrylic and aluminium, key features of the Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer include the glass marble temperature knobs which are handmade, ensuring build quality is of a high standard and each piece is unique.

Other great unique features on the Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer include a coloured heater cover to offer an even more custom look at an affordable price.
additionally the heating element is fully adjustable up to the recommended 320 degrees, and is 100% encased in ceramic coating, keeping those precious fingers safe!!!

The ease that screens can be changed with makes cleaning simple, and the addition of new parts and accessories makes the intricate task of changing components almost effortless, but perhaps the most user friendly feature is the unconventional angled design of the casing, which makes the Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer ideal for vap virgins and veterans alike…
Definitely a welcome addition to our range ;)

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24 Sep





This latest addition from Weed Star is a piece of art in itself, the ‘Smellchecker‘ features not just a single 6 slit internal diffuser but also a built in glass extension which not only acts as a pre-cooler but also optimizes the dispersion rate and surface area which the smoke is exposed to, meaning the smoke is cooled and filtered twice before reaching the tube.

As if that wasn’t enough the 46cm cylindrical tube is characterised by 3 ‘cool’ ice notches (excuse the pun!), a sandblasted ‘WS‘ logo and a funky worked base, making it a stunning piece to look at as well as use.
Build quality is of the utmost boasting 5mm thick glass, and a user friendly tube width of 65mm.
The product comes complete with ‘Weed Star‘ logo diffuser and bowl, making it a welcome addition to any glass collection!


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23 Sep

Smoking Paper Promotion



Smoking Paper Promotion

EDIT is very pleased to announce its brand new promotion in collabaration with Smoking Papers. You can get a Smoking T shirt or beany hat absolutely FREE whenyou buy 10 packs of any Smoking Papers product. The Hats are worth £6.50 and the T-shirts are worth £10.00.

With the re-launch of their brand name, a new company logo, and a new addition to their already fantastic range we are very pleased to team up with such a well established company which started all the way back in 1879 – thats over a hundred years ago!

Now for further details of our EDIT-Smoking promotion:
With purchases of smoking papers you will recieve a Free smoking papers rolling card’ station and on the reverse you will find details of how to win a FREE
smoking Beany HAT or T-Shirt as follows…

1) Simply collect 10 ‘running out’ slips from any Smoking papers packs purchased through

2) We will send you a form with every 10 packs purchased, complete this stating which size and design you would like

3) Send the slips and the completed form to the following address: FREEPOST MID 19809, Wolverhampton, WV1 1WA.

4) Wait for your free clothing to arrive through the mail! :)

The great thing is you can choose from a variety of styles and slogans so what are you waiting for?!


Print this off and send it in to get your FREE t-shirt or hat…..

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17 Sep



T-Shirts are great way to create a unique clothing style, and with the launch of the new DMC clothing range on the EDIT online shop you will be totally spoilt for choice. The new DMC Steetwear Collection puts an urban spin on its DJ inspired clothing catalogue and with its unique edge on design these Tees have become part of the list of must-have fashion accessories.
The newest designs, following on from the Marvel collection, feature some ‘old skool’ superheroes such as Batman and Superman in contemporary form – pencil sketches, graffiti style, stencilled logos and even Japanese art make these T-Shirts not only visually impressive but also extremely unique.
The new Steetwear Collection also of course stays true to its DJ inspired roots and includes some great new logos; decks, headphones, vinyl’s, and even the infamous Kurt Cobain on the cover of NME magazine!
The new T-range is really something different, affordably priced and is coming to EDIT clothing shop very soon!

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15 Sep




Pure Glass Competition

Pure Glass Bongs have kindly given us some great promotional merchandise to give out to our top fans – caps, t-shirts, posters and sticker packs included…..

After much dilemma about how to award the prizes out we finally decided upon picking the names out of a hat, but this is no ordinary hat and a big thanks goes out to
‘G’ for lending us his much loved bike helmet.

We decided to give the 16 prizes out for free in a prize draw raffle – it’s great that we received so many entries (including those that were double posted and those
that ordered over a year ago!… we did notice! Lol)

The winners are as follows:

XL T-Shirts:
1580540 Roorless whore
1656440 Jen
1645996 S9K
1640359 Sandherr
1664411 Jo

L T-Shirts:
1587841 Korken
1645425 BFly
1627847 Laura
1606740 Nick

1664451 Zer0
1633069 Dylan
1659681 Joshua G

1543172 John Meisel
1643631 Aaron
1588056 Jamieclarke
1630633 James

Could all these winners please confirm their name, Tee Size and postal address in an e-mail to

Also, we have some additional Pure Glass Stickers that will go out with purchases of Pure Glass Bongs whilst stocks last!


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8 Sep




Smoking Acessories,

Even though it is mid week, and the rain is pouring down upon the EDIT warehouse, we still have something great to tell you today…

A 3 box delivery of new stock that arrived last week is coming to our online shop very soon! There really is something for everyone…
Some screenless metal pipes, as well as the patterned glass variety, some wild vince ray rockin stash tins, as well as some windproof turbo lighters and hippie throws.
Amongst the personal favourites from this new delivery are some new Top Vapor Vaporizer which feature 8 ball or spider web designs for an affordable price.
We also have in some new novelty style herb grinders which I am proud to say are good quality too…. some for the girls, some for the boys and even one that is for the
pocket, being a tiny 1 inch in diameter – great for on the go…

These great new products plus lots more will be available on our site very soon!


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7 Sep




Juicy Jay’s has an absolutely sumptious collection of ranges that we feature on our site…. juicy papers, juicy blunts, juicy drops and even juicy superblunts too!
Now, we have great pleasure in announcing that yet again Juicy Jay’s have not failed to suprise us with some more temptingly tasty treats with the release of Juicy Jay’s
Thai incense sticks.

The fabulously fragranced incense sticks come in the characteristicly fun flavours that we can expect from the leading brand in the industry:
– Apple Brown Betty
– Mango-Papaya
-Tropical Passion and even
-Chocoloate Chip Cookie Dough
and theres lot’s more too….

The mouth wateringly scented new incense range is defintaly a must have for those looking to bring some exciting new flavour into their room!…

These products will be avilable to buy on our site VERY soon!


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3 Sep

WildRok Bongs – Coming Soon


WildRok Bongs – Coming Soon

EDIT is going all out this Summer to bring you some of the finest glass bongs around… The next addition to our USA bong range, you will be very pleased
to know, is the WildRok productions collection. These bongs are blown by a guy all the way from Texas, and what makes his work special is that you can
see his passion in the pure quality glass he produces. The pieces we received today almost took our breath away. Here’s a little information about the
WildRok range we have just received…

The bongs come in a choice of beaker bottoms, straight tubes or even bent neck which ever you prefer?
The selection features designs with and without 6 arm tree percolators, and some designs also come complete with carb holes.
Every bong comes complete with a top of the range 4 slit angled diffy and bowl with handle
Each bong design is etched with the WildRok logo; a guarantee that your piece is the real deal

At EDIT we are delighted with our purchases purely because each bong features high specification glass that has been blown to a perfection and what’s more
is that the joints are amongst the best we have seen, even compared to some other good quality rivals. Although all the pieces are spectacular our favourite has
to be the inline percolator – a funky yet neat looking bong with a stopper too.

Not only did we receive some of the best quality bongs we have ever seen made, WildRok gave us an additional surprise by sending through something’s we have
never stocked before – a diffy cleaning bottle with stopper and an oil burner as well as some pokers and ash catchers too.

A BIG thanks goes out to WildRok for making our bong collection the finest out there! Our WildRok range will be available VERY soon….


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