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31 May

A Bargain of the PURE-est kind!

Everybody loves a bargain! And everybody loves PURE Glass Bongs!

Now admittedly this coincidental relationship should have been identified earlier but we are now making up for lost time…

Seeing as these two go hand in hand, we are putting them together and reducing our PURE Glass range, down lower than the lowest prices in town!

This SALE includes all the best pieces from the entire PURE Glass range including:


& even…


Although they seem happy for the moment, who knows how long this marriage will last, so think fast and come and get yours before the super-injunctions start coming out of the wood work.

This is a limited offer and its first come, first serve, because the last few pieces are going fast…

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24 May

Don’t Hate!… Alivi8!

The all new fully portable Alivi8 Vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket and requires no heat up time.

The Alivi8 is based on the ever popular Red-Eye amazed pipe, and uses NASA technology to ensure that you can safely vaporize your favourite herbs.

Made from medical grade stainless steel this new age vaporizer is sure to stand the test of time, while still ensuring combustion remains absent from the vapourization process.

This awesome portable vaporizer is sleek, sexy and functional… the best bit is you just need a lighter and your good to go!

So don’t hate… Alivi8!

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23 May

GonG Vap! That’s Right!

The Original Glass-on-Glass Eclipse Vape 2O is a simple, easy to use hand held vaporizer.

This new age vaporizer was specifically designed for essential oils and refined herbal concentrates, making the EV2O perfect for vaporizing a wide variety of medicinal botanicals.

Coming complete with an easy storage unit, this new age vaporizing sensation is perfect for first time vapours and connoisseurs’ alike.

The unit is machined from solid aluminium and is anodized inside and out meaning the Original Glass-on-Glass Eclipse Vape 2O is virtually indestructible giving the user years of convenient vaporizing pleasure.

All in all a very ingenious piece of kit!

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20 May

International Glass Show

That’s right EDiT-heads, the G-man has set sail for across the pond.

He and a few of EDiT crew are bound for the City of Angels to take part in the International Glass Show in L.A.

With many renowned glass artists from around the world the Glass Show will host the FGIA or Functional Glass Industry Awards.

With big names like Pakoh, Salt, MNP and many, many more all competing for these prestigious awards, I am certain there will be some REAL quality glass on show.

Starting today G-man & co. will also be out and about, sourcing the best and most innovative glass-on-glass action to bring back to EDiT land, so make sure you guys keep your eyes peeled for what he brings home!


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19 May

Super Chill’ Em

It’s like Chill ‘em BUT SUPER!!!

This brand new aromatic incense blend is designed to induce a cool, chill out effect. Perfect for parties, meditation or even just daily use the calm ambience evoked by the incense is contagious if not infectious.

Taking a collective of age old ingredients, these herbs should be burned to create an aroma for your home and to help you relax, in peace and tranquility.

Super Chill ‘Em one of many great aromatic incense blends available at!

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17 May

Mo…Mo… Molino!!!

For those of you who don’t know our good friends at Molino Glass have been churning out new and inventive pieces of glass for years.

Molino Glass was established in 2001 by a group of passionate and ambitious highly skilled Glassblowing artists.

By their own admission Molino Glass products are made to laboratory glass standards for strength, stability and cleanliness.

The skilled glassblowers combine technology and art to manufacture the ultimate in form and function.

Since the early days has been a very proud supplier of Molino Glassware and all the accessories associated, you can really see these guys don’t rest on their laurels, as they keep coming up with ever more innovative designs whilst still maintaining their renown quality.

Don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself…

(I really like the “Dirty Harry”… ‘you gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky… punk? Well do ya?’)

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12 May

!MNP – Glass Art!


Hand blown glass art is becoming ever more popular and I am beginning to understand why.
I have had the pleasure of staring at this piece for MNP for the past few days and I am in awe of the intricacy and detail involved in the manufacture of this piece of glass art.

The Sand Blasted Concentrate Tube with Circulator Perc comes complete with a multitude of solid glass horns, an array of intricate sandblasting and of course a concentrate bowl.

The premium placed upon this piece may at first be questionable, however upon inspection the MNP concentrate tube is not only a pioneering innovation but it is flawless in every aspect of the work involved from the circulator percolator down to sandblasted designs along the base.

But hey, don’t take my word for it guys, come and see for yourself;)

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11 May

Summer Promotion!


I don’t know about where you are, but around here things are really starting to hot up! You know what that means…


…And we are here to help you guys prepare.
For the next couple of weeks we will be discounting a large section of our festival gear, outdoor and camping equipment & many other of your Summer essentials!

You can get up to 25% OFF selected items!

So keep you peepers open and watch this space for more great discounts…

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10 May

Poetry Competition Winner!!!


So the month of April saw the beginning and end of the EDiT poetry competition, and to be honest the staff here at were overwhelmed by the amount of entries, and more specifically the quality of some of the entries!

Must be said, some of you got SKILLZ!

So after much debate and disagreement we finally managed to reach a consensus on the winner, which I am proud to announce is… Darrien Orsborn!

Their quality poem will remain as an EDiT blog post until the end of time :)

If Darrien can email their contact details to I will ensure your prize is dispatched ASAP!

Thanks again for all you entries… and remember there is still some crazy comps going on so be sure to check them out!

“EDIT is the place for ya glass,
Don’t even hesitate, place ya orders fast,
Its that monthly competition, is it April or March?
I am so baked I can barely read calender! ;)
The best service online from G-man & Sketch,
From percolators, glass pipes even a p****n press,
Number one hands down for the EDIT CREW,
They give away free bongs, man the’re some crazy dudes!!!
Ya gotta love the quick shipping man,
I live down-under,
And got my stuff in 4 days without a stutter or blunder,
So I suggest you go and place another order now,
Guaranteed their quality won’t let you down ;)”

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5 May

Facebook Banner Competition Winners!!!


I am happy to present the winners of our Facebook Banner Competition!

Check it out guys…

Thanks to all of those who entered, and to those of you didn’t… WHY NOT?!?

IT’S FREE! Join us on Facebook and get involved! :)

Can the winners please pm me or email me at with confirmation of name and delivery address so we can send a few FREE goodies your way!

Thanks again guys and stay tuned for some more GREAT promos, right here @!

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