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Unbranded glass pipes

10 Apr

Bargain Glass Bongs

Glass bongs and waterpipes have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity recently as discerning smokers look for ever more efficient ways to enjoy their favourite smoking blends.  The advent of concentrates and oils has opened up a whole new world of ways to smoke using glass pipes, domes, slides and bongs.   Manufacturers have been raising the bar, consistently conceiving increasingly scientific designs to enhance the smoker’s experience.

The main obstacle to this for many smokers is the prohibitive cost of a new glass set-up.

Enter your buddies at EDIT with our range of quality yet affordable glass bongs to get you started on the glass revolution at a fraction of the cost of some of the more famous names.

Art Glass Bong 18.8  Ice Twist

The 18.8 Ice Twist Bong by Art Glass is one such bong.  Standing an impressive 43cm tall, the Ice Twist is made from 3.2mm thick glass – the same thickness as Roor’s ‘Little Sista’ bong (which retails for 4 times the price).  The straight cylinder features a twist just above the carb hole, allowing you to place ice cubes inside the tube to smooth and cool your hit.  The Art Glass Ice Twist is a lovely glass waterpipe with a classic design, and coming in at under £25.00, it’s a great first-time buyers option, giving you a quality glass piece at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger brands.

Bushmaster Buzzard

The Bushmaster Buzzard (formerly known as the Cyclone) is a hand-crafted glass bong standing 40cm tall on a funky tripod base giving it a unique look and really setting it apart from the crowd.  The Buzzard’s design features air vents which suck oxygen into the smoke, swirling it into a cyclone, removing tar and other particulates as well as cooling the smoke down to leave a powerful yet silky smooth hit.  The Bushmaster Buzzard comes complete with 2 additional slides (as pictured) and is compatible with all 14.5mm accessories allowing you to use it as an oil rig.  A superb quality bong available now for under £50.00 – an absolute steal!

Our full range of entry-level glass bongs and waterpipes can be found HERE featuring styles to suit every smoker at prices to suit every pocket. – First for glass.

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3 Apr

G-Spot Glass – Reaches Parts That Other Bongs Can’t Reach

G-Spot Bongs are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards from the finest, heat-resistant, borosilicate glass.

These Bongs are made by master craftsmen, and they are all oven-tempered to enhance strength and completely eliminate tension in the bong.  Each waterpipe is rigorously tested for minimum thickness and general quality before it even leaves the workshop, ensuring that the finished product that reaches you, the user, will give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

G-Spot’s logo decorates each bong in their familiar golden insignia – a true sign of quality workmanship and an amazing smoking experience.

G-Spot - Turbine Bong

The Turbine Bong by G-Spot stands 48cm high with 5mm thick glass.  The Turbine has a capacious, bubbled base for maximum smoke capacity which features sleek grooves worked into the glass.  The main shaft features more grooves which act as ice notches, allowing you to further cool your hit.  The Turbine weighs in at 1kg, a reassuring sign that the bong is made to an impeccable standard.

G-Spot - Giant Cylinder Bong 5.0G-Spot - Giant Cylinder Bong 5.0

The Giant Cylinder Bong by G-Spot is a 60cm tall behemoth with 5mm thick glass and a tube diameter of almost 7cm.  This waterpipe weighs in at 1.8kg – a very good indication of how well it is made, and how robust and durable the bong will be.  Now available with a staggering 35% discount, the Giant Cylinder by G-Spot is an unbeatable £86.29 from  That is an awful lot of bong for the money, and to sweeten the deal further – we’ll throw in a free grinder while stocks last!

All the stock at EDIT has our famous Price Match Guarantee so you can buy with confidence from the world’s largest headshop.

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31 Mar

Waterpipe Wizardry By Magic Glass

Here at our purchasers trawl the globe to find the finest smoking products to offer for sale here at the world’s largest head-shop. We tirelessly search for new products to offer our discerning customers and we were thrilled when we got our hands on this collection of glass waterpipes from Magic Glass.

Bong artists, Magic Glass are a small, German company making individually hand-crafted, bongs and waterpipes to incredibly high standards from the highest quality Schott Duran borosilicate glass.  Magic Glass’ bongs are mainly designed by company director, Torsten Fröhlich, who takes a hands-on approach to running his glass studio, still personally supervising the production of these hand-made waterpipes.

Magic Glass’ work is famed for its durability.  These beautifully-made bongs are virtually indestructible thanks to rigorous testing and the quality of the glass used.

Magic Glass - Freezer Glass Bong

The Freezer Glass Bong by Magic Glass stands an imposing 50cm high atop a sturdy hexagonal base.  The straight tube houses a 14cm downstem just below 3 ice notches which allow you to cool your smoke with a handful of ice cubes.  This gorgeous glass bong features an 18.8mm ground joint and is decorated with the iconic, Magic Glass logo.  A superb, yet simple design which is perfect for everyday use or as a collectable display piece.  The Freezer Bong by Magic Glass is a stunning hand-made waterpipe at a familiar, low EDIT price.

Magic Glass - Ice Fatman 1 Glass BongMagic Glass - Ice Fatman 1 Glass Bong

The Ice Fatman 1 by Magic Glass features a large, thick tube giving an excellent capacity and a powerful hit.  The bong stands 47cm tall with a thick, hexagonal base for superb stability.  The Ice Fatman 1 features protruding ice notches to cool the smoke down further and is decorated with the iconic Magic Glass logo down the length of the cylinder.  Like all the Magic Glass range, the Ice Fatman 1 is virtually indestructible thanks to the quality of craftsmanship and the thick, borosilicate glass used in production.  The Ice Fatman 1 is currently available with a 36% discount, bringing the price down to just £60.  That’s an awful lot of glassware for the money and our remaining stocks are sure to fly out fast.  Order yours today to avoid disappointment.

The entire range of Magic Glass benefits from EDIT’s famous price match guarantee, so you can buy with confidence from the world’s number 1 headshop.

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17 Mar

Bargain Boxed Bong Deals

Having a shiny new glass bong is one thing, but what happens when you want to show it off and take it round to a buddy’s house?

Fear not, EDIT-Heads!  Your favourite Headshop has it covered once more, with this superb range of glass waterpipes, all of which come complete with quality storage cases so you can take them with you on your travels.

Boxed  Borosilicate Glass Bong - 3-Part Super Carbon FilterBoxed  Borosilicate Glass Bong - 3-Part Super Carbon Filter

This Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong features a 3-part super carbon filter that can double as an ice chamber for an ultra-smooth smoke.  The huge, bubbled base provides excellent stability as well as great capacity.  The long, stylish cylinder means the bong stands 67cm tall, but the cylinder can be removed for cleaning/storage purposes.  The case is tastefully lined with purple material and features Velcro seals to keep your bong safe, wherever you’re taking it.  An excellent glass bong at a fantastic, value-for-money price.

Glass Bong (Boxed)Glass Bong (Boxed)

This Boxed Glass Bong is a simple, basic design at an entry-level price.  The bong stands tall on it’s bubbled base giving a plentiful, heavy smoke that you would normally associate with much more expensive products.  The stylish black carry-case is moulded to snugly fit the bong, keeping it safe and sound while you’re out and about.  A wonderfully simplistic bong with classic form and functionality.

Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong - Ice BubblesBoxed Borosilicate Glass Bong - Ice Bubbles

This Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong stands 39cm tall with a large base to maximise water capacity.  You can cool your smoke down, thanks to the thoughtfully appointed ice notches and capacious bubble halfway up the neck.  The elegant carry case perfectly fits the waterpipe securely and is complete with a carry handle and Velcro seals.  A lovely looking bong, made from quality pyrex glass at an amazing price.

Like everything else at, these bongs come with our price match guarantee, and same-day dispatch is available if you order before 4:20pm.

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14 Mar

Thanks EDIT-Heads! Have A Bong!

Yesterday saw us reach a landmark 18,000 Facebook likes for the first time.

45cm Straight 8 Arm Tree Perc Glass Bong by Headdies

To show our appreciation we’re giving away this amazing glass bong from Headdies Glass.

The 45cm Straight 8 Arm Tree Perc Glass Bong combines a slit diffuser with an 8-arm percolator and ice notches for an unbelievably smooth, cool smoke.  The bong is manufactured to the highest standards in the USA from heat resistant borosilicate glass.  The Headdies logo runs down the shaft of the bong in 22-carat gold, giving this gorgeous piece a look of effortless class.  Headdies are really making waves in the world of glass smoking equipment for their simple, yet wonderfully well-made work.  This piece has been exclusively imported by, and is worth over £130, so don’t miss your chance to win this genuinely superb water pipe.

To be in with a chance of winning this superb prize, simply like and share this post on Facebook HERE to spread the word that EDIT are the world’s best Headshop.

We’ll choose a winner at random on Monday 17/3/14 and announce it on Facebook.

Thanks again EDIT-Heads – we couldn’t do this without you!  Good luck to you all!

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12 Mar

Born In The USA!

From across the pond comes this breathtaking collection of American art glass from the biggest names in production of glass smoking apparatus and accessories.

The quality of the glassware is truly amazing with collector’s pieces from the likes of Freek, Voorhees, Christina Cody, GingerELA and many more.  Featuring pipes, slides and domes, bongs, bubblers and a range of concentrate dishes, you’re sure to find a beautiful piece of glass to suit your style and enhance your collection.

Live Free - Sculpted Dog Glass SlideLive Free - Sculpted Dog Glass Slide

These Sculpted Glass Dog Slides by US maestro, Live Free are currently in our clearance sale and benefit from a huge 44% discount.  The hand-sculpted glass bowls are each individually numbered and feature wonderful representations of man’s best friend.  The blasted, smoothed finish adds realism to the piece, which is going to be a guaranteed talking point when your buddies come round to share a bowl.

Hops Inline Glass BongHops Inline Glass Bong

This Inline Glass Bong is a stemless masterpiece from US industry genius Hops.  Hops actually invented the inline percolator, and this example perfectly showcases his ingenuity.  The T-shaped bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and features a pull-out gauzeless bowl that fits either a 14.5mm or 18.8mm ground joint (see dropdown on product page).  The slender shaft of the bong is beautifully decorated with a sandblasted, clockwork design and the bowl and tube feature the distinctive, red Hops logo.  This stunning bong is currently in our American glass clearance sale and benefits from a 33% saving.  An amazing artisan piece at price you can’t refuse.

There are many other fantastic bargains to be snapped up in our range of American Glass Deals.  Why not have a browse through our whole collection HERE and see the massive savings for yourself?  All our American Glass carries our Price Match Guarantee, so you can shop with confidence, and if you order before 4:20pm, we will dispatch the very same day!

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7 Mar

Fire In The Hole! – EDIT’s Collection Of Blaze Glassware

Fire In The Hole!  EDIT’s Collection Of Blaze Glassware

We love our glass bongs here at  We stock a HUGE range from all the world’s leading manufacturers with bongs and waterpipes to suit every situation and every pocket.

This range of glass bongs from German glass masters Blaze Glass are aimed at connoisseurs and aficionados who demand more from their smoking apparatus, but don’t want to blow a small fortune on boutique glassware.  The Blaze Glass collection features an array of stunning glass tubes and pipes, available with weird and wonderful add-ons to keep things cool and smooth, all at a price you’ll love.

Stemless Ice Bong With Disc and Bell Perc - Blaze Glass

The Stemless Ice Bong With Disc And Bell Perc is made from quality assured 5mm thick, heat proof, borosilicate glass.  The stemless design flows into a percolator, the smoke is then further conditioned by the bell diffuser in the tube.  There is an ice ring on the bong to allow even further cooling if required.  The whole piece is finished with the Blaze legend in a cool electric blue, giving a stunning aesthetic.  Coming in at under £100, this is a wonderfully designed and manufactured bong with complex smoke conditioning features you would normally expect to find on much more expensive glassware.  The genuine article at an unbelievable price.

Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong

The Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong is a beautifully decorated straight tube waterpipe that relies on traditional ice notches for it’s cooling properties.  Made from 5mm thick pyrex glass, this stunning bong bears the imposing Blaze logo down the shaft and the mouthpiece has elegant coloured detailing which really sets the piece off.  The carbhole comes with a rubber stopper, so the bong can be used with, or without the carb hole.  The bong stands 45cm tall with a standard 14.5mm bowl joint.  The Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong currently has 15% off in our clearance sale.

Blaze Glass are quickly developing a reputation for delivering impressively engineered glass smoking apparatus at surprisingly affordable prices.  The entire range of Blaze Glass benefits from EDIT’s Price Match Guarantee and if you order before 4:20pm, we will dispatch same day. and Blaze Glass – Bringing you quality glass bongs and waterpipes that you can buy with confidence.

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3 Mar

Find Your Peace With Your Perfect Pipe

Find Your Peace With Your Perfect Pipe

Smoking pipes are perhaps one of the more traditional methods of smoking your favourite tobaccos and smoking blends.

We’re very proud of our huge range of pipes and bubblers, here at EDIT.  We think we’ve got something to suit every style, every situation and every pocket.

Red Eye Glass - Double Dice PipeRed Eye Glass - Frosted Minotaur Spoon Pipe

This range of glass hand pipes from Red Eye off the chance to own an original piece of glassware at an entry level price.  Red Eye’s glass hand pipes are made from toughened borosilicate glass and there are a stunning range to choose from.  Each one is handmade, meaning nobody else will own a pipe exactly like yours.

Medium Wooden PipeLarge wooden Pipe

For the more traditional look favoured by the ‘old skool’ smoker we have a wide range of wooden smoking pipes, too.  We stock wooden smoking pipes in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs so you’re bound to find a style that suits you.

St Clements Glass Bubbler by InfernoUluru Glass Bubber by Inferno

This selection of glass bubblers from Inferno are all hand made from quality borosilicate glass and beautifully decorated in a range of colourful designs.  These bubblers are certainly pretty enough to be a display piece, but are robust and practical enough for everyday use.

Black Leaf Steamroller Pipes - Large (Black)

Black Leaf’s range of Steamroller pipes are designed to really pack a punch.  Place your hand over the end to draw smoke into the pipe and then release it to take the hit.  Available in 3 different sizes and a range of colours.

Bud BombBud Bomb - Black

We also stock the Original Bud Bomb pipes in 3 different colours.  The Bud Bomb’s revolutionary design has made it a must have item for the discerning smoker.  It’s precision made helix cooling system means the smoke is smooth and cool by the time it reaches your mouth.  The Bud Bomb can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes.

Whichever style of pipe you favour and no matter how deep your pockets, you’ll definitely find a pipe to suit you at

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20 Feb

Hurry! Free Shipping Offer Ends Today

Free Shipping Ends At 4:20pm Today

We’ve been running our free shipping promotion since Valentine’s Day. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of this great offer to make massive savings on their orders over the last week. Sadly, our promotion must now come to an end, but fear not, EDIT-Heads – you still have until 4:20pm today to place an order and benefit from our free shipping offer.

The offer applies to orders over the following values:         

219 for free shipping to the rest of the world

£45 for free 1st class delivery within the U.K

$299 for free 2-day shipping to the U.S.

For even greater savings, why not team up our free shipping offer with one of the many products that are heavily discounted in our winter sale?


We’re thrilled to be able to offer this beautiful range of Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipes from GingerELA. All are now available with a HUGE 42% discount, saving you a whopping £150.00.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome WaterpipeGingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

The supremely talented GingerELA is revered in the world of glassware for her craftsmanship, bold colours and stunning switchback designs. We have three of GingerELA’s oil dome waterpipes featured in our winter sale. Each is handmade in quality borosilicate glass, and each features beautifully worked, coloured switchback designs and three decorated marbles along the side of the piece. These stemless oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are worthy of a prominent spot in the display of any collector, but are also great for everyday use. The oil domes fit into standard 18.8mm ground joints. Smoke moves down the arm of the stemless pieces into the bottle-shaped chamber that holds a 5-hole diffuser for perfect smoke dispersion. The elegant mouthpiece is tilted back for ease of use.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

These stemless glass oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are exquisite examples from a true master glassblower. Save £150 in the winter sale, and free shipping if you order before 4:20 today.

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17 Feb

More Great Deals in EDIT’s Winter Sale – Free Shipping Too!!

The Winter Sale continues here at EDIT and there are some unbelievable bargains to be snapped up!

Huge discounts are available on a wide range of items from papers and blunts through to artisan glassware.

Take this awesome Glass Percolator Bong from Grace Glass: A stunning looking bong from a very well respected name in the industry.

Clear 12 Arm Tree Percolator Bong by Grace Glass

This piece features a 12 arm tree percolator and an additional diffuser which will ensure the smoothest, purest of smoking experiences. Also features ice notches to allow the user to cool things down even more. A beautiful example from Grace Glass that will make you the envy of your friends. Available now with 13% off, includes a FREE padded, camouflage-style hard carry case, and FREE shipping. Same day dispatch with this, or any other order placed before 4:20pm.


Also……..In the sale at the moment………..


Save £30.00 on this stunning RooR Ice Master Bong.

Blue Logo - RooR Bong Ice Master - RooR Logo Series

Part of RooR’s new Logo Series, this lovely looking piece is crafted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass which forms the straight tube, finished with the new blue RooR logo.

For quality, stability and functionality, RooR bongs really are the industry benchmark. Why not snap one up while our prices are so low? Includes FREE shipping and same-day dispatch if ordered before 4:20pm.


Also, we will be announcing the winner of our Valentine’s poetry competition later today. (Approx 4:20pm)

The Blues Glass Bubbler by 420Glass

Some great entries already, but it’s not too late to enter. Simply add your funniest 4-line Valentine poem to the comments on our Facebook page for your chance to win this beautiful glass bubbler from 420 glass.

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