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17 Oct

Shipping Included On All New Black Leaf Perc Bongs

Black Leaf produce a huge range of smoking paraphernalia and accessories.  Their products are always popular with you EDIT-Heads, and why wouldn’t they be?  Black Leaf make bowls, grinders, storage jars, cleaning fluids, silicone concentrate containers and, of course, their stunning glass pipes, bubblers and bongs.  The main appeal of Black Leaf products is not just the quality, but the value they offer; you really get your money’s worth with a Black Leaf piece – their bongs in particular are made to the sort of standard that you would pay an awful lot more for from a ‘premium’ manufacturer. 

Here at EDIT HQ, we recently took delivery of a new batch of Black Leaf products, and we think you guys are going to love them:

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Red-Black

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong from Black Leaf is, as you can see, a very pretty looking piece of glass.  Standing just short of 40cm in height, this waterpipe has a very imposing look and feel about it.  The bong is made from 5mm thick, premium quality borosilicate glass, making it strong and durable as well as being superbly heat resistant.

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Red-Black

Inside the tube is a large dome percolator with a shower-head diffuser – when you hit the bong, smoke is drawn through the percolator which breaks it up into finer particles and increases the surface area of the smoke.  All you scientists out there will know that this has the effect of rapidly cooling the smoke down, as well as removing some of the nasty toxins.  The overall effect is simply a cooler, smoother hit for the user.  Not content with this, Black Leaf equipped this water pipe with ice notches, too.  Just throw a handful of ice cubes into the tube and they will be held in place by the notches halfway up the main cylinder.  As the already smooth smoke passes over the ice, it will cool down further still, giving you a frosty cool hit of pure pleasure.

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Green-Black

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong by Black Leaf has a large, removable bowl with an 18.8mm male glass joint.  This slides seamlessly into the 18.8mm female joint, which is stemless by design, giving you a completely sealed system for better efficiency and capacity.

The piece is decorated with stunning switchback designs in either red and black or green and black around the top of the tube and on the slide.  The base and mouthpiece are black coloured glass and the main cylinder features the iconic Black leaf logo in bold, black Gothic print.

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong offers a lot of bong for your buck, and is available right now from EDIT with FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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10 Oct

Holey Smoke! Inline Donut Bongs From Blaze Glass

We have carried stock from Germany’s Blaze Glass at EDIT for quite some time.  Their bongs, bubblers and pipes are always popular with you EDIT-Heads and it’s not difficult to see why.

Blaze Glass produce beautiful, scientific glass waterpipes from premium quality, stress-free 3.1 borosilicate glass.  Every single piece is at least 5mm in thickness, so a Blaze Glass bong is as durable as it is beautiful.  Now consider the price of a typical Blaze Glass piece:  It’s an awful lot of bong for your buck!  So, when we saw these new Mini Donut Inline Oil Bongs from Blaze, it was a bit of a no-brainer.  We snapped them up straight away, and here they are.  Form an orderly queue guys and gals:

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong- Straight Rasta

Standing just 18.5cm atop the sturdy, round glass base, the Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong – Straight Rasta is purpose built for use with waxy oils and concentrates.  Made to a superb standard from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this bong comes complete with everything you need to start enjoying oils and concentrates straight away.

The reinforced glass downstem rises up to a 10mm joint which is pre-equipped with a borosilicate glass concentrate nail and a glass vapour dome with an easy-to-use handle.

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong- Straight Rasta

The stunning design features an inline diffuser which pre-treats the smoke before it heads towards the mouthpiece.  Breaking up the smoke into finer particles and increasing the surface area has a cooling, smoothing effect.  The hit that is eventually inhaled is much less harsh, and contains fewer carcinogens and particulates.

This mini oil bong is decorated with bright swirls of colour on the downstem, and the Blaze logo around the donut hole.

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong - Lean Clear

The Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong is available in your choice of 4 different styles including a bent neck option allowing you to kick back and enjoy your dabs in comfort.

Order today and take advantage of same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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3 Oct

Stunning New Glass Pipes From Amsterdam Glassworx

Amsterdam Glassworx launched their first range of products earlier this year.  EDIT were there first with an exclusive worldwide launch and you guys just loved the glass.  So much so, that we got back in touch with Chris (the master lampworker behind Amsterdam Glassworx) and gave him the hurry-up on sending us some more new products.

Well, the wait is over and the latest new Amsterdam Glassworx products are now in stock, and man, were they worth the wait!

Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl - Autumn

The Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl is, like all Glassworx pieces, 100% hand made at the Glassworx studio using the finest quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass.  Using a variety of advanced lampworking and flameworking techniques, each pipe is painstakingly crafted using lattacino spirals of hand-pulled colours to form the classic Sherlock shape.

Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl - Blue

More coloured glass and sparkling dichroic strips are then twisted into a spiral to form the handle of the piece.  Finally, decorative marbles are added to the pipe – a dichroic vortex marble and an implosion marble which bears the X3 signature of Amsterdam Glassworx deep inside.

This absolutely stunning glass Sherlock pipe is perfect for everyday use or as part of your art glass display collection.  Available in your choice of 5 beautiful colour schemes.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Fire Ice

The Switchback Dab Rig is specially designed for those who prefer oils and concentrates as opposed to dried herbs, tobacco or aromatherapy blends.

Each Dab Rig stands 28cm tall and is made from 100% Schott-Duran borosilicate glass for heat resistance and strength.  The piece is clear glass throughout, with finely worked switchback detailing on the top of the main chamber and the base of the mouthpiece.  The Dab Rig is finished with decorative marbles, one of which bears the iconic X3 logo for Amsterdam Glassworx.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Fire Ice

The Switchback Dab Rig comes complete with a domeless glass concentrate nail with a Dutch Crown design as well as a conventional glass bowl for use with tobacco or herbs.  A real connoisseur’s piece that is sure to be a big hit with the 7:10 community.

Every single piece of glass made by Amsterdam Glassworx goes through a 24 hour annealing period to remove any lingering stresses in the glass, followed by a series of rigorous quality checks to ensure that your new Glassworx smoking apparatus will stand up to a lifetime of use.

Both of the above pipes are available from EDIT with immediate effect and benefit from free shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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18 Aug

More Stunning Bongs From Red Eye Tek

Yet more new products have landed on our shelves today; this time it’s a range of stunning new glass waterpipes from our favourite Canadian glass masters, Red Eye Tek.

Red Eye Tek are a relatively new company, producing premium quality glass smoking equipment out of Vancouver, Canada.  We were really impressed when we first saw their glass, and we knew we had to get hold of some for you guys!

Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye TekSwitchback Oil Dome Set With Handle by Red Eye TekRasta Swirl Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The first products – a few very sexy domes and adapters – arrived a couple of weeks ago and were really popular straight away.  Now we’ve got this new range of percolator bongs and beaker bongs in a stunning paint drip design:

Red Eye Tek - Amber Paint Drip Beaker BongRed Eye Tek - Amber Paint Drip Beaker Bong

The Paint Drip Beaker Bong from Red Eye Tek is made to a superb standard from 5mm thick borosilicate glass.  The bong stands 32.5cm tall on a large beaker base which gives the tube a large smoke capacity for a monster hit.  The Paint Drip Beaker Bong has a slit diffuser built into the downstem which breaks up the smoke particles into smaller bubbles, increasing their surface area which cools the smoke down rapidly and makes for a much smoother hit.  Red Eye Tek have also thoughtfully included ice notches on this model, so you can cool the action down further still with the addition of a handful of ice cubes.

The waterpipe is decorated with a drips of coloured glass around the mouthpiece and bowl in your choice of colours.  A very high quality waterpipe, made to exceptional standards.

Red Eye Tek - Red Paint Drip Percolator BongRed Eye Tek - Red Paint Drip Percolator Bong

Red Eye Tek’s new Percolator Bongs are also decorated in the new paint drip theme.  Again, the bong is 32cm tall and is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass for supreme toughness and durability.  Instead of a slit diffuser, this bong has a built-in showerhead percolator to break up the smoke for a smoother, cooler draw.  Ice notches on the main tube invite you to chill the action down for a frosty cool smoke.  The Paint Drip Percolator Bong is decorated with drips of coloured glass around the mouthpiece and bowl, and features the Red Eye Tek logo on the main tube.  Available in a choice of colours.

Both these new waterpipes come complete with an extra glass bowl complete with a built in screen.

The new Red Eye Tek range is available now with same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.  Buy with confidence from EDIT – The world’s largest headshop.

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1 Aug

Get Inline With Grace Glass Pre-Coolers And Diffuser Pipes

Grace Glass are very popular with EDIT customers.  The combination of quality workmanship, premium materials, innovative design, and great value prices makes them a hard brand to ignore.

Because of this, we always try to get the latest new products from Grace Glass on to our shelves as quickly as possible after release.

Here we have the new range of inline pre-coolers and diffuser pipes which are available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

Grace Glass Skull Inline Diffuser Pipe - Green

The Skull Inline Diffuser Pipe from Grace Glass is a scientific hand pipe made from quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass.  The pipe comprises a coloured glass bowl (available in green or blue), which leads to a coloured glass diffuser.  The inline diffuser breaks up smoke into finer ‘bubbles’ which cools the smoke due to the larger surface area. (Science, EDIT-Heads!)  The smoke then travels through the coloured glass skull chamber and through the mouthpiece to your lungs.  The diffuser and smokepath have, by this time, worked their magic, resulting in a cool, smooth hit.  The Skull Diffuser Pipe features a standard 18.8mm bowl with a male connection.  The bowl features handy handles for safety and ease of loading.

Grace Glass Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler - Blue

The Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler from Grace Glass works in a very similar way to the skull hand pipe.  The piece differs because rather than inhaling the smoke directly from the piece, the Inline Pre-Cooler slides onto your favourite bong to further extend the smoke path and give you the option of using ice notches or percolators (or both!) to cool the action down even more.  The Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler features a coloured glass bowl in blue or green with a standard male 18.8mm connection, and a coloured glass inline diffuser.

These new Grace Glass products are available now from EDIT with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT and our famous Price Match Guarantee.

Also, don’t forget, for the entire month of August, every purchase from EDIT gets you an entry to our amazing prize giveaway where one lucky customer will win a Roor Ziggy Bong worth over £600!

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25 Jul

Four Twenty Glass Launches New Range Of Perc Bongs – EDIT Gets There First

Four Twenty Glass have just launched this brand new range of glass percolator bongs featuring bubblers, inline diffuser bongs, honeycomb and tornado percolators with stunning designs made from thick, durable borosilicate glass.

Four Twenty Glass Perc Bong - Blue Tornado Dual HoneyComb

As per usual, your favourite online headshop was there first to get the drop on our rivals and launch this new range first:

Four Twenty Glass Inline Bong - Fat Boy

The Fat Boy Inline Diffuser Bong from Four Twenty Glass is one seriously tough-ass piece of glass.  At 9mm thick, it’s is as tough and durable as anything else on the EDIT shelves.  The 9mm thick glass lends the piece a reassuring weight – it feels robust and sturdy in your hands.  To paraphrase a certain supermarket – this is a bong for life.

The mechanics of the Fat Boy are fairly simple – smoke filters from the bowl through the inline diffuser which breaks up the smoke into much smaller particles.  This cools the smoke and makes it much smoother.  The smoke then travels up the cylinder towards the mouthpiece and into your lungs.  The Fat Boy features ice notches low on the cylinder, meaning you can cool the action down even further if you wish by slipping a handful of ice cubes into the pipe.  The waterpipe is tastefully decorated with three glass ribs which give the user an easy gripping point, a black coloured glass bowl with an easy-lift handle, and the gothic-style Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering just below the mouthpiece.  A superb quality bong that provides walloping hits at a great value EDIT price.

Four Twenty Glass Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler

The Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler from Four Twenty Glass is a wonderfully made, clear glass bubbler designed for use with oils and concentrates.

Made from top quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the bubbler features a clear glass oil dome and a glass nail.  The main chamber is larger than average for a bubbler so the piece give a great hit that really packs a punch.  The smoke is smoothed and cooled with the assistance of the shower head style percolator and the handy splashguard ensures a pleasant smoke every time.  The Concentrate Bubbler is finished with an angled mouthpiece allowing you to kick back while toking and decorated with the Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering.  A stunning piece at a great value price.

The entire new Four Twenty collection can be found here which features all manner of bongs with different style percolators – check out the spectacular Tornado perc bongs!

All available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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14 Jul

Stunning Glass Hand Pipes From Red Eye Glass

Canadian glass masters, Red Eye Glass are a big favourite here at EDIT.  The sheer variety of glass smoking products they produce beggars belief.  From their superb range of bongs to their wonderfully worked inside-out bubblers and sherlocks, quality oozes from every Red Eye product you pick up.

Today, we’re focusing on their huge range of hand pipes, featuring spoons, disc pipes and much more:

Red Eye - Dichro Swirly Inside Out Pipe

This beautiful, inside-out swirly pipe features twisted strips of shimmering dichroic glass entwined with vivid, bold colours in a switchback design – a real stunner.  The pipe is made from premium quality borosilicate glass for great heat resistance.  This spoon pipe features a carb hole on the left hand side, and cleverly designed ridges on the right to stop the pipe from rolling over and spilling its contents.  The pipe is flat on the bottom to keep it steady while you’re loading up.  A real eye-catcher of a spoon pipe from Red Eye Glass that would be equally at home as a display piece or in everyday use.

Red Eye Glass - Frosted Monkey Spoon Pipe

The Frosted Monkey Spoon Pipe is golden amber frosted glass pipe decorated with a wonderfully detailed monkey, that, no matter how hard you try, you will end up giving a name to.  Like the dichro pipe above, this hand pipe features a flattened bottom to keep it stationary while loading.  This pipe will be a real talking point as you pass it to your buddy on the left.  Available today with our famous price match guarantee.

Horned Heady Pipe by Red Eye GlassHorned Heady Pipe by Red Eye Glass

Finally, how about this intricately decorated Horned Heady Pipe?  Made from premium quality borosilicate glass in a moody dark blue that verges on black this pipe is heat resistant and incredibly durable.  The bowl end of the pipe is decorated with a number of curved ‘horns’ which also double as stabilizers – keeping the pipe steady while you load up.  The mouthpiece flares outwards at the end, making the pipe comfortable and easy to use.  A superb quality spoon that will enhance any glass collection.

The complete range of Red Eye Glass products can be found HERE – all available now with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT and our famous price match guarantee.

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1 Jul

Is This Bong The Bargain Of The Year?

The stream of new products continues to arrive at EDIT HQ, and there’s some awesome stuff landed in the last few days: new, authentic smoking accessories from RAW, three new vaporizer pens, the vapour genie pipe, new papers, a giant rolling machine and two awesome new bongs from Grace Glass.

After taking stock (so to speak) of the new stock, we think that these new bongs from Grace Glass are such great value, that they are sure to shift fast.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Green

Made from top quality, 4mm thick borosilicate glass, these new waterpipes stand 35cm tall atop their large beaker base.  The large base provides the bong with the requisite capacity to deliver massive hits of smooth, cool smoke.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Green

The workings of the pipe include the colour-tinted, 8 arm tree-style percolator that sits just above the main chamber.  The percolator works by breaking up the smoke into smaller ‘bubbles’ or molecules.  This makes it much easier to inhale and much less coarse on the throat.  Complement your percolator by adding a handful of ice cubes into the mix and suddenly, this becomes a pretty serious bong.  The ice notches on this water pipe sit just above the coloured glass splashguard, meaning that the last thing that happens to your smoke before it enters your lungs is a frosty blast to take all the harshness out of the hit.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Blue

The Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Perc Ice Bong features a standard 18.8mm female joint and a 18.8mm male bowl joint, giving you plenty of scope to add slides, bowls, domes and ashcatchers to your setup whenever you feel like customising.  The bong is finished with the Grace Glass logo at the top of the cylinder and is available with either blue or green tinting.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Blue

This bong, made in Germany by the lampworkers of Grace Glass from thick borosilicate glass, decorated with subtle coloured glass tinting, comprising a fully functional tree percolator, splashguard and ice notches is available today, from EDIT, with our famous price match guarantee for just £42.95!

Superb quality and unbeatable value from the world’s largest headshop.

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25 Jun

Authentic American Christina Cody Glass Prices Slashed

Christina Cody is one of a number of high-end glass artists that have emerged from Southern California in recent years.  Her beautiful pipes and slides are hand-made, by the lady herself, from the finest American glass.

For a limited time only, we are offering HUGE discounts on authentic Christina Cody smoking products, giving you, our beloved EDIT-Heads, a chance to add one of these remarkable artisan pieces to your collection for a bargain price.

Cody - Dry Shell Horned PipeCody - Dry Shell Horned Pipe

This gorgeous Dry Shell Horned Pipe is exquisitely crafted using high quality borosilicate glass.  The pipe is shaped to resemble a seashell, adorned with clear glass spines or spikes which decorate the pipe, but also act as balance points, meaning the pipe can be displayed from a variety of different angles.  The main body of the pipe is decorated with an eye-catching blue-green coloured glass which swirls hypnotically under the surface of the pipe.  The pipe is, of course, fully functional as a smoking piece as well as a display piece and incorporates a bowl, carb hole and smooth, tapered mouthpiece.  This stunning hand-made glass pipe is available now with a massive 51% saving, for the bargain price of £49.36 – while stocks last.  Don’t miss your chance to pick up this highly collectable heady glass piece for a fraction of the listed price.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Desert IslandChristina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Desert Island

The Christina Cody Sherlock pipes have been exceptionally popular with our glass-collecting customers.  This turquoise or aquamarine Sherlock is again, hand-made by Cody herself from the finest American borosilicate glass.  The pipe is elaborately decorated with a cartoon-style image of a desert island around the bowl which fades into the ocean-blue colouring of the rest of the pipe.  Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the Desert Island Sherlock is the fused infinity marble on the side with its mesmerising swirls of yellow, white and blue glass.  This stunning pipe will be equally at home in everyday use as it will be as part of your wider display of artisan glass smoking equipment.  Available now with a bumper 49% discount, bringing this Sherlock in at just £112.88, which also includes free worldwide shipping!  An amazing offer that is sure to be popular with glass connoisseurs.

All our Cody glass is unique, hand-made work, and as such is in limited supply.  Once these offers are gone, they are gone forever.  Don’t miss out – order today from – The world’s number one headshop.

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6 Jun

Bag Yourself A Bargain In EDIT’s Clearance Sale

Wow, we are good to you aren’t we, EDIT-Heads?  Check out the massive range of discounted products now available in our massive clearance sale.


We’ve slashed our already low prices on hundreds of different products with savings of up to 70% on selected lines.

So now’s the time to pick up that new vaporizer you’ve been drooling over, or treat yourself to that new glass bong you and your buddies have been talking about.  These savings are available for a limited time and while stocks last, so don’t delay order today with same day shipping on orders before 4:20pm and our amazing Price Match Guarantee.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome WaterpipeGingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

This stunning Stemless Oil Dome Water Pipe by GingerELA currently has a 42% saving, bringing the price down from £350 to just £200.  GingerELA is a celebrated, American lampworker specialising in artisan glass smoking pipes with intricate switchback designs.  This particular piece features an elaborately decorated oil dome which fits into the 18.8mm ground joint.  The bottle-style chamber of the pipe features three glass marbles fused to the side.  The marbles all contain beautiful, ethereal switchback designs in keeping with the theme of the piece.  All the glass used is premium quality, American borosilicate glass – superbly durable and heat-resistant and extremely sought after.  A very special art glass water pipe that is suitable for everyday use or as an eye-catching display piece.  42% discount and free shipping?  What more could you ask for?

Volcano Vaporiser Digital

The Volcano Vaporizer is the undisputed king of all table-top vaps.  You haven’t really vaped until you’ve had a blast of this bad boy.  The Volcano surged in popularity after comedian, Doug Benson used one in his hilarious mockumentary, Super High Me.  The Volcano collects vapour in a large polythene balloon which can then be removed and inhaled.  Each full balloon offers between 3-6 hits – the valve on the balloon means the vapour does not escape, so you can pass the balloon around to your buddies – an ideal party vaporizer.

The digital model of the Volcano has a digital display and controls which allow you to set the exact vaporization temperature, this means that your herbs can be heated to precisely the optimum temperature to release all the tasty goodness without ever reaching combustion point.  The Volcano arguably offers the safest, cleanest way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends without any of the particulates or carcinogens normally associated with smoking.  The Volcano Digital is available now, discounted down to our best EVER price – just £399.00 with same day shipping if ordered before 4:20pm and FREE delivery.

These are just two of the great clearance deals currently on offer.  Our clearance section has the whole range with unbeatable offers on a wide range of smoking paraphernalia.

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