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21 Nov

Win A Happy Kit With

The new Happy Kits are a huge hit here at EDIT HQ!  The perfect emergency smoking kit to keep in reserve for those critical moments!

The Happy Kit would make the ideal Christmas gift for the smoker in your life, or just grab one for yourself to keep for emergencies!

We have 5 of the new Happy Kit emergency smoker’s kits to give away in our new competition!

The HAPPY KIT - Smoking Kit

To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow @EDIT_Graham and @EDIT_Steven on Twitter and send either of them a tweet with the hashtag #makemehappy.

The guys will be choosing a winner every day next week.  You can enter as many times as you like, and winners will be announced on our Facebook and  Twitter pages.

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17 Apr

Win An EHLE 420 Bong And Free Shipping For Easter Weekend

Happy Easter EDIT-Heads!

It feels like an extra special Easter this year, what with it falling on the smoker’s holy day of 4/20!

To celebrate we are giving our customers the chance to win a limited edition glass waterpipe, made by our friends at EHLE.  Hand-made with their trademark quality this bong has a crown mouthpiece, crown base, flame polished 4:20 logo, a cheeky millifiori and ice notches.  It oozes quality and is worth over £350.  All you have to do to win is make a purchase on our website between now and 20th April 2014, and you will automatically be entered into the draw to win this amazing pipe.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the name of the winner, and also as a way of getting another FREE entry!

Free Shipping

And because it’s a special Easter, we’re running our ever-popular FREE SHIPPING promotion again all the way over the Easter weekend from Good Friday until Easter Monday.  Simply spend over £45 for free UK delivery, over $299 for free US/Rest of the World shipping, or over €219 for free shipping to Europe.  Now is the time to treat yourself for 4:20!  Bag yourself that bong you’ve had your eye on, or that sexy vape you keep looking at.  With free shipping worldwide you really can’t go wrong.

Whatever you are doing over the bank holiday weekend, we hope you all have a lovely time and thoroughly enjoy the Easter festivities.  Happy Easter from all the team at the world’s largest headshop.

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9 Apr

Win An EHLE 420 Glass Bong

To celebrate 4:20 – April 20th, We’re giving you the chance to win this incredible, limited edition EHLE Glass Bong which has been specially designed by the German glass masters to mark the occasion and is beautifully decorated with the 4:20 logo.420EHLEpromo

This family-run master glassworks in Limburg, Germany has been around for 55 years, producing quality engineered glassware.  The company started producing ‘Glaswasserpfeiffen’ or Glass waterpipes in 1988.  In 1997 they introduced their own-brand EHLE bongs to the market and have not looked back since.

All EHLE’s products are manufactured on site in Limburg from high-grade borosilicate glass to astounding levels of accuracy.  The glass is cooled and tempered after production resulting in a totally tension-free glass piece that will give the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Each EHLE glass bong is signed and dated with its year of production, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is place an order on between now and April 20th and you will be automatically entered into the draw.

We’ll announce the winner on Monday 21/4/14 on our facebook page, which you can find HERE.

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7 Jun

Win your Money Back!

idragon edit banner

We have a great offer for all customers this month, buy a iDragon Vap and every week we will give one lucky customer the costs of his purchase back, including postage. PLUS 24% OFF our already low price.

i-Dragon Vaporizer

The i-Dragon Vaporizer is the latest and greatest innovation in portable vaporization technology. Boasting dual functionality as both a torch and a portable hand held vaporizer, the i-Dragon vap is the perfect utensil for the vaporization of herbs and botanicals.

As part of this offer we will also be reducing the cost of the iDragon by 20% making it even more affordable. Unlike other portable electric vaps that use a heated coil to deliver their vapor and thus sometimes delivering a smoke. The iDragon really is designed to ensure that you get the best possible vapor. With a complex electronic circuit that constantly measures and adjusts the temperature in the vaping chamber this product is good for botanicals and extracts.

The i-Dragon vap comes complete with interchangeable bowl and torch light, as well as rechargeable batteries and a power supply meaning all you have to do is charge up and your portable vaporizer is ready to embark on your journey with you.

The rechargeable batteries last for 4 hours or more depending on your usage.



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27 Apr

Winner of our $1000 is over the moon

The winner of our $1000 MNP Bong is over the moon and is delighted he took the time to enter the competition Adriel from Montreal Canada says the win has finished off an Epic week for him. He said “you have no clue how happy I am today!! As the saying goes “I hit two birds with one stone,” I get accepted into a reputable University on the same day that I win a wonderful prize for 420!”  Here at EDiT we love making people happy and are wondering what sort of prizes people would really like to win.


You asked for them and we got them a range of affordable quality 420 Glass Bubblers, with value in mind without sacrificing quality. We now have a large range of high quality bubblers in that will blow your minds and are available to buy now.

Swirls Glass Bubbler - Red Yellow GreenTwisted Glass BubblerCoil BubblerRain Drops Glass BubblerHoney Bee Glass BubblerGreen Glass BubblerBlue Zig Zag BubblerThe Blues Glass Bubbler by 420Glass


These brilliant Glass Bubblers from 420Glass really are some of the cheapest glass bubblers online at the moment.  They may well be Cheap Glass Bubblers but that doesn’t mean the guys at 420 glass have skimped on the quality. They are all borosilicate glass they all stand around 7 inches tall and they all function perfectly, with a perfect ergonomic fit into the palm of your hand. The cans of these bubblers all have enough coolant to satisfy even the most jaded of smokers, offering a smooth smoking experience better than a plain glass pipe any day. The coolant not only offers a cooling effect but more importantly traps tars and other nastiness in the water and therefore acts as a brilliant filter!

You really wont be able to buy these glass bubblers online anywhere else at these terrific value for money prices. Get one now before they sell out!

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28 Mar

Win a MNP $1000 Bong for 4:20 – No Joke!

Its finally here the BIG ONE, we are going to be giving away this amazing MNP Oil Dome Bong to one lucky customer on April the 20th! This piece is direct from the USA and is made from premium boroscilicate glass.  An absolute collectors piece you really do not want to miss out on this prize.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning. Well its simple really we want to reward our loyal customers, so we just need an order number placed from the 20th March 2012 till the 20th April 2013. It can be for anything, and any amount, and every order gets you an entry, so you can enter as many times as you like so long as it is accompanied by a unique and valid order number.

YOU MUST email with your name and order number. Its that simple.


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25 Jan

“Add a Little Flavour” Competition

Alright EDiT-heads, it does feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve run an extended competition. SO here goes! The ‘Add a little flavour’ competition is pretty simple. Guess how much money (UK pounds) is in this 420 Glass Jar pictured above and submit your response.

The correct answer or closest answer will win the one and only…. High Life Hookah’s Titan!! This 4 hose bong is a party gem not to be missed and it could be yours for free with a simple guess sent into with the subject titled as ‘Add a Little Flavour’.

If there is more than one correct answer submitted, the winner will be drawn from a hat. Also fear not, although not everyone will be going home with a Titan Hookah there are 10 winners in this competition. The prizes are listed as follows:

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th places will receive Tasty Puff Gift Packs.

8th, 9th and 10th will get a free mixture of Sheesha Tobacco.

Even if you haven’t got the ability to guess the sum of large amounts of coins, there is something for everyone during this competition. We will be selling all High-Life Hookahs (except for the famed ‘Titan’) for 50% off during this whole competition. The competition will run until the 6th of February, at which point the winners will be chosen.

So let the games begin and good luck to you all!

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18 Nov

The Thanksgiving Giveaway!!!

Who wants a 00 box?!?! The G-Man is getting all riled up about not giving away enough freebies. He has placed the worthy prize of this 00 Mint Extraction Box onto my desk and assigned me with the task of giving it away to one lucky competition entrant.

Here’s the deal, it’s a simple ‘find the link’ competition. In honour of Thanksgiving we have hidden 5 voluptuous, tasty looking, beautifully plump Turkeys across the site. All you have to do is find them and send in the links (All 5 of them please!) to by Wednesday, the 23rd of November and you shall be entered into the prize draw.

Obviously, we couldn’t ask you to search through our whole catalogue… that would take forever!!!! So, we have provided you with this short story to provide the five clues. Here’s a complimentary hint, there is one clue in each sentence.

I was chilling out in my Rasta hat, listening to the classic album by The Roots, Illadelph Halflife. Spending my time plotting how I would approach the running of the bulls if I were ever put in such a treacherous situation (Did you know that Spanish for Bull is Toro?). Suddenly, my Little Sista burst into the room feeling very blue. I told her if she keeps all her emotions pent up, they might just explode to the surface randomly like a volcano. After a few minutes of consolation I turned to her and said “What’s the time? …. Ooooh! It’s 420, pass me my jar!”

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7 Nov

50 Packs of Super Chillem to be Given Away!!

Right Ladies and Gentleman, we’re giving away more herbal incense to spice up the aroma in your house! The G-Man has handed me a whopping 50 packs of Super Chillem to give away! This one is easy, all you have to do is post an order number that has been made in the past month (from 7th of October or later) as a comment on this blog post and your name will be thrown into a hat for a free packet of Super Chillem Herbal Incense. Good luck to you all!

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19 Sep

The Space Case Race To Space…Case…Race!

After talking to a few colleagues, it seems a lot of the EDiT crew seem to have an (unhealthy) interest in alien technology.

I determined this from the stack of DVD’s handed to me including ‘classics’ like “Alien v Predator” and “Total Recall” for my movie night!

Nevertheless as I trawled through continuous movies painfully, as I came to realization that some of the script is cliché, some of it is cringe worthy and some of it is just plain awful.

So it got me thinking about our next competition… :D

We have recently been blessed with a number of Space Case Grinder Sifter’s to giveaway FREE to a lucky EDiT-head or EDiT-heads!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this prize is create a really good… or really bad, 5-line limerick containing at least 1 of the words:





Remember the rhyme scheme people…

It is THAT easy guys!Just e-mail all your entries to within the next 10 days… GOOOOOO!!!

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