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18 Aug

More Stunning Bongs From Red Eye Tek

Yet more new products have landed on our shelves today; this time it’s a range of stunning new glass waterpipes from our favourite Canadian glass masters, Red Eye Tek.

Red Eye Tek are a relatively new company, producing premium quality glass smoking equipment out of Vancouver, Canada.  We were really impressed when we first saw their glass, and we knew we had to get hold of some for you guys!

Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye TekSwitchback Oil Dome Set With Handle by Red Eye TekRasta Swirl Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The first products – a few very sexy domes and adapters – arrived a couple of weeks ago and were really popular straight away.  Now we’ve got this new range of percolator bongs and beaker bongs in a stunning paint drip design:

Red Eye Tek - Amber Paint Drip Beaker BongRed Eye Tek - Amber Paint Drip Beaker Bong

The Paint Drip Beaker Bong from Red Eye Tek is made to a superb standard from 5mm thick borosilicate glass.  The bong stands 32.5cm tall on a large beaker base which gives the tube a large smoke capacity for a monster hit.  The Paint Drip Beaker Bong has a slit diffuser built into the downstem which breaks up the smoke particles into smaller bubbles, increasing their surface area which cools the smoke down rapidly and makes for a much smoother hit.  Red Eye Tek have also thoughtfully included ice notches on this model, so you can cool the action down further still with the addition of a handful of ice cubes.

The waterpipe is decorated with a drips of coloured glass around the mouthpiece and bowl in your choice of colours.  A very high quality waterpipe, made to exceptional standards.

Red Eye Tek - Red Paint Drip Percolator BongRed Eye Tek - Red Paint Drip Percolator Bong

Red Eye Tek’s new Percolator Bongs are also decorated in the new paint drip theme.  Again, the bong is 32cm tall and is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass for supreme toughness and durability.  Instead of a slit diffuser, this bong has a built-in showerhead percolator to break up the smoke for a smoother, cooler draw.  Ice notches on the main tube invite you to chill the action down for a frosty cool smoke.  The Paint Drip Percolator Bong is decorated with drips of coloured glass around the mouthpiece and bowl, and features the Red Eye Tek logo on the main tube.  Available in a choice of colours.

Both these new waterpipes come complete with an extra glass bowl complete with a built in screen.

The new Red Eye Tek range is available now with same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.  Buy with confidence from EDIT – The world’s largest headshop.

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13 Aug

Discreet Storage Solutions From Your Favourite Headshop

As old Billy Shakespeare once wrote:  “Discretion is the better part of valour.”

No, we don’t know what he was harping on about either, but here at EDIT, we do know that discretion is a pretty safe way of keeping your stash of legal smoking herbs safe and away from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

That’s why we carry a massive stock of different storage solutions, all purpose designed for hiding your precious possessions in a variety of ingenious ways:

Moroccan Thuya Wood Secret Key Stash BoxMoroccan Thuya Wood æSecret Key Stash BoxÆ

This Secret Key Stash Box is made from beautiful Moroccan Thuya wood – a special timber unique to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in North Africa.  The box features a series of sliding compartments that grant access to a chamber which houses the key, and then with a further combination of secret panel slides, the secret lock is revealed, allowing you to open the box.  If you have not been shown how to open this box, chances are it would take you days or even weeks to work it out – ideal for storing valuable or sensitive items that you want to keep away from children, nosey housemates or just generally away from prying eyes.  The Secret Key Stash Box is available in three different sizes, so you can choose the right box for your purposes.

The Trove Grinder Storage Box is an all-in-one stash case that has been specially designed for the smoker on the go.

The Trove can accommodate six cigarettes, a pack of rolling papers and still has plenty of room inside for extra sundry items such as aromatherapy blends or herbs.  The Trove screws securely closed and features a rubber O-ring that makes the capsule watertight and smell-proof, ensuring the contents are well protected and nobody is aware of your cargo.  The Trove has a tough acrylic herb grinder built into the design so you’ll always be fully equipped to prepare your herbal cigarettes wherever you are.  The Trove is available in your choice of three cool colours.

Head-Case Bud Pot (Large)Head-Case Bud Pot (Large)

The Head-Case Bud Pot is a real favourite here at EDIT HQ.  The pot is made from high quality anodized aluminium and features a screw top lid with a rubber O-ring that ensures an airtight, watertight, and more importantly, smell-proof seal.  The Bud Pot is ideal for storing jewellery, cash, tobacco, herbal smoking blends, or indeed any other valuables that you want to keep secure and safe from crushing or other transit-related damage.  Available in small or large versions, in three awesome metallic colours, the Head-Case Bud Pot is the ideal companion for the smoker on the move.

Our entire range of stash and storage solutions can be found HERE.  All items are available now with same day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm and EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.

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4 Aug

Vaporizers For Every Occasion From The World’s Largest Headshop

Make no mistake, EDIT-Heads, vaporization is the new, cool way to enjoy your favourite herbal aromatherapy blends.  More and more connoisseurs are making the transition from traditional herbal cigarettes over to hi-tech vaporizers, and who can blame them?

Selection of World Class Vaporizers

Firstly, vaporization is a significantly healthier option – herbs are not burnt or combusted, so the vapour you inhale is free from carcinogenic smoke and particles of plant matter that harm the lungs.  Vaporizers work by heating plant matter to a point just below combustion that releases all the desirable ingredients – flavours, terpenes etc, without any of the harmful side-effects of smoking.

Secondly, it works out cheaper in the long run.  Sure, you have the initial outlay of buying your vap (which need not be hugely expensive) but once you have it, because the process of vaporization is more efficient than smoking or using a bong, you’ll find that you will inevitably use much fewer herbs for each session.

Volcano Vaporizer Digital

Thirdly, but perhaps most crucially, vaporizers are now available in such a massive variety of styles and sizes, that there is literally one for every situation.  From table top behemoths like the Volcano, to discreet pen vapes like the Atmos Bullet2Go which is pretty much indistinguishable from an e-cigarette. A Range Of Pocket Vaporizers


Here at EDIT we make it our business to keep up with the glut of new vaporization products that are flooding the market to make sure we have the latest and greatest models for you guys and gals to enjoy:

Vapman Classic Handmade Swiss Vapouriser

The Vapman is a massive favourite here at EDIT.  Made from quality components by the Vapman boffins in Switzerland, this is a vaporizer of incredibly simple design.  Simply place your herbs in the bowl, screw the mouthpiece in place, heat the gold-plated pan with the included Vapman Jet Lighter and enjoy.  Although the design is simple, the quality of workmanship and overall feel of the product is very good.  Despite trying pretty much every other portable vap on the market, we keep coming back to the Vapman.  High praise, indeed.

Vaporfection Vaporizer Black

For home use, it is difficult to ignore the value of the Vaporfection vaporizer.  This vap uses a very similar system to the (more expensive) Volcano, however the Vaporfection can be used with either a balloon or a whip.  The touch-screen controls make the Vaporfection a pleasure to use.  Currently available with a 37% reduction, the Vaporfection comes in at under £250.  Simply superb value for such an awesome piece of kit. Vaporizer Pen

Our full range of vaporizers can be found HERE on the site – we carry a huge range with industry leading brands and some other value options – we even have our very own Everyonedoesit vaporizer pen!

All our vaps are available with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20 and our famous price match guarantee.

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1 Aug

Get Inline With Grace Glass Pre-Coolers And Diffuser Pipes

Grace Glass are very popular with EDIT customers.  The combination of quality workmanship, premium materials, innovative design, and great value prices makes them a hard brand to ignore.

Because of this, we always try to get the latest new products from Grace Glass on to our shelves as quickly as possible after release.

Here we have the new range of inline pre-coolers and diffuser pipes which are available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

Grace Glass Skull Inline Diffuser Pipe - Green

The Skull Inline Diffuser Pipe from Grace Glass is a scientific hand pipe made from quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass.  The pipe comprises a coloured glass bowl (available in green or blue), which leads to a coloured glass diffuser.  The inline diffuser breaks up smoke into finer ‘bubbles’ which cools the smoke due to the larger surface area. (Science, EDIT-Heads!)  The smoke then travels through the coloured glass skull chamber and through the mouthpiece to your lungs.  The diffuser and smokepath have, by this time, worked their magic, resulting in a cool, smooth hit.  The Skull Diffuser Pipe features a standard 18.8mm bowl with a male connection.  The bowl features handy handles for safety and ease of loading.

Grace Glass Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler - Blue

The Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler from Grace Glass works in a very similar way to the skull hand pipe.  The piece differs because rather than inhaling the smoke directly from the piece, the Inline Pre-Cooler slides onto your favourite bong to further extend the smoke path and give you the option of using ice notches or percolators (or both!) to cool the action down even more.  The Inline Diffuser Pre-Cooler features a coloured glass bowl in blue or green with a standard male 18.8mm connection, and a coloured glass inline diffuser.

These new Grace Glass products are available now from EDIT with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT and our famous Price Match Guarantee.

Also, don’t forget, for the entire month of August, every purchase from EDIT gets you an entry to our amazing prize giveaway where one lucky customer will win a Roor Ziggy Bong worth over £600!

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31 Jul

Convert Your Bong To An Oil Rig With Red Eye Tek

Red Eye Tek are an up-and-coming Canadian company specialising in beautiful scientific smoking equipment made from top quality borosilicate glass, decorated with stunning coloured switchback designs.

Rasta Swirl Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The latest new Red Eye Tek products have just landed on the EDIT shelves – a range of oil dome sets for converting your trusty old bong into a new-fangled oil rig, capable of vaporizing waxy oils and concentrates:

Switchback Oil Dome Set With Handle by Red Eye Tek

The Switchback Oil Dome Set with Handle is a complete kit comprising everything you need to transform your waterpipe into an oil setup.  The kit includes a male-to-male adapter, a quartz glass nail and an oil dome with a female connection and a contoured glass handle for safe and easy use.  The dome and the adapter are made to a superb standard from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and are decorated with a flame-effect switchback design that really catches the eye.  The Switchback Oil Dome Set is available in both standard connection sizes -14.5mm or 18.8mm – so you can be sure to select the right size to fit your bong.

Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set by Red Eye Tek

The Galaxy Switchback Oil Dome Set from Red Eye Tek is another complete oil dome converter kit, new to the EDIT shelves.  The 3-part set includes a male-to-male adapter and female oil dome made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and decorated with a mesmerising switchback design in various bold colours.  The set also includes a clear, quartz glass nail which can be safely heated to extreme temperatures for the purposes of vaporising herbal concentrates.

Remember to keep your eyes open for more new products on our New Additions page – we are adding new products all the time, and we have some amazing new stuff to come in over the next few weeks.  True EDIT-Heads can stay ahead of the game by signing up as an EDIT member.  You’ll be able to save shopping carts, track orders, review products and can subscribe to our regular newsletter which offers exclusive offers and discounts to be used on the site.

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28 Jul

Win A Roor Ziggy Bong Worth £629.95!

We’re turning up the heat on our competition this summer with one of our most amazing giveaways ever!

Between now and 31/8/14, every purchase made on the site will gain free entry to our prize draw to win this amazing Ziggy waterpipe from German bong masters, Roor.

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Ziggy

This stunning bong stands an imposing 45cm tall.  Made from the very finest 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this is a bong that will last a lifetime.

The bong is lavishly decorated in the bold Rasta colours and features a detailed coloured mouthpiece which is embellished with clear glass bubbles.  The main stem features a beautifully decorated mid-section in Rasta colours which sits just above the precision made ice notches.  Again, the bowl is Rasta-themed with a vivid swirling design in vivid red, green and yellow.  The Roor Ziggy even comes complete with a special Ziggy diffuser built into the downstem which gives the lucky user the smoothest smoke imaginable.

We must emphasise that this is one of the most special pieces that sits on the EDIT shelves – a true work of art from the world’s finest bong manufacturers.

Every single purchase made on until August 31st 2014 will count as a separate entry to this competition, so you can enter as many times as you like.

We will announce the winner through our Facebook and Twitter pages shortly after the closing date – like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news, updates and exclusive offers.

Good luck, EDIT-Heads!

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25 Jul

Four Twenty Glass Launches New Range Of Perc Bongs – EDIT Gets There First

Four Twenty Glass have just launched this brand new range of glass percolator bongs featuring bubblers, inline diffuser bongs, honeycomb and tornado percolators with stunning designs made from thick, durable borosilicate glass.

Four Twenty Glass Perc Bong - Blue Tornado Dual HoneyComb

As per usual, your favourite online headshop was there first to get the drop on our rivals and launch this new range first:

Four Twenty Glass Inline Bong - Fat Boy

The Fat Boy Inline Diffuser Bong from Four Twenty Glass is one seriously tough-ass piece of glass.  At 9mm thick, it’s is as tough and durable as anything else on the EDIT shelves.  The 9mm thick glass lends the piece a reassuring weight – it feels robust and sturdy in your hands.  To paraphrase a certain supermarket – this is a bong for life.

The mechanics of the Fat Boy are fairly simple – smoke filters from the bowl through the inline diffuser which breaks up the smoke into much smaller particles.  This cools the smoke and makes it much smoother.  The smoke then travels up the cylinder towards the mouthpiece and into your lungs.  The Fat Boy features ice notches low on the cylinder, meaning you can cool the action down even further if you wish by slipping a handful of ice cubes into the pipe.  The waterpipe is tastefully decorated with three glass ribs which give the user an easy gripping point, a black coloured glass bowl with an easy-lift handle, and the gothic-style Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering just below the mouthpiece.  A superb quality bong that provides walloping hits at a great value EDIT price.

Four Twenty Glass Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler

The Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler from Four Twenty Glass is a wonderfully made, clear glass bubbler designed for use with oils and concentrates.

Made from top quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the bubbler features a clear glass oil dome and a glass nail.  The main chamber is larger than average for a bubbler so the piece give a great hit that really packs a punch.  The smoke is smoothed and cooled with the assistance of the shower head style percolator and the handy splashguard ensures a pleasant smoke every time.  The Concentrate Bubbler is finished with an angled mouthpiece allowing you to kick back while toking and decorated with the Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering.  A stunning piece at a great value price.

The entire new Four Twenty collection can be found here which features all manner of bongs with different style percolators – check out the spectacular Tornado perc bongs!

All available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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24 Jul

Bling N Burn With Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Add some sparkle to your smokes with these incredible 24k gold rolling papers from Shine.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - Regular

Yes, that’s right – these awesome golden skins are hand crafted from pure 24k edible gold.

These amazing gold papers first came to our attention a few of months ago when it broke in the media that pop music balloon, Miley Cyrus, was giving packs of them away with copies of her Bangerz tour brochure.

The story was covered everywhere, from Cosmo to Rolling Stone Magazine – 24 Karat gold rolling papers were, it seems, a huge status symbol for rappers and hip hop artists and the Shine brand started to break through.

Although Miley Cyrus fans are, to put it politely, slightly under-represented in the EDIT office, we do have a lot of time for cool new smoking products.  We had to get hold of some of these skins and see what all the fuss was about.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - Regular

We’re mightily impressed, which is why we decided to launch them on the site.  Shine papers burn really slowly, meaning that your cigarette will be free from runs.  The gold papers also leave a golden deposit on your discarded ash.  Shine themselves refer to the golden ash deposits as ‘the gems’.

Obviously, the main feature of Shine papers is just how cool they look.  Walk into a party smoking a shimmering gold herbal cigarette and we guarantee heads will turn.  Or how about special occasions?  Got a new job?  Why not celebrate with a golden stogie?

Shine 24K gold rolling papers are available as single leaves or in packs of 12 with same day dispatch and EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.

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23 Jul

Liv The High Life With The Brand New Atmos Vaporizer

US vaporizer specialists, Atmos, have a pretty impressive back catalogue.  The makers of the AtmosRAW, BulletMAX, Atmos Jewel and the Atmos Olé have launched their latest new product:  The Atmos Liv.

If you look past the rather unfortunate name, you’ll find a really good quality product with superb versatility – and one extremely attractive unique selling point!

Atmos Liv Vaporizer and Power Bank Kit

So, first things first; The Atmos Liv is a sleek and compact portable vaporizer, designed for use with both dry herbal blends as well as waxy oils and concentrates.  The ceramic heating chamber ensures even heat distribution which results in clouds of thick vapour and a satisfying hit.

Discretion is another of the Liv’s strong suits.  The stylish mouthpiece is completely removable and can be stored within the main vap unit.  With the mouthpiece removed, the Atmos Liv is virtually indistinguishable from a modern MP3 player or mini hard-drive.

Atmos Liv Vaporizer and Power Bank Kit

The Atmos Liv comes packaged as a complete kit including the vape itself, the detachable mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, packing tool, USB charger and the user manual.

Now for the best bit:  The Atmos Liv has quite a trick up its sleeve – it can also be used as a portable power bank!

Here at EDIT, we cannot think of a better gadget for festival season – walk around enjoying your favourite herbal blends and when your smartphone or other USB device runs out of charge – use the Atmos Liv to charge it up again.  How cool is that?

The Atmos Liv is a beautifully designed vaporizer and powerbank, made to a high standard from quality materials – great for this summer, but built to last.

Needless to say, we expect these bad boys to fly off the shelves, especially as they are available from EDIT now with same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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22 Jul

Make Your Own Ice Bong!

Stay cool while enjoying a smoke this summer with this amazing new ice bong mould from EYCE Mold

This kit allows you to create an everlasting supply of frosty cool bongs, using nothing more than water from your tap and a standard domestic freezer.

After rinsing the mould out, simply insert the acrylic mouthpiece snugly at the bottom of the mould.  Fill the mould to approximately an inch from the top and insert the core pin which creates the cavities inside the bong that you will eventually smoke through.  Place the base inside the mould and then pop the whole thing in your freezer and leave until completely solid.

Once frozen, run warm water over the mould to loosen the ice, then gently slide the mould off and remove the core pin.  Insert the silicone grommet and aluminium downstem and return to the freezer for a short time until the silicone has fused to the ice.

EYCE Mold - Make Your Own Ice Water Bong

You now have a fully functional water pipe made entirely of ice, which can be used to enjoy your favourite herbal blends with a cool, fresh hit – ideal for parties and summer BBQs.

Of course, your bong will eventually melt – no need for cleaning, no need to worry if you smash a bong on the floor – simply refill the mould and make another one!

You’ll never be short of a frosty cool bong hit ever again.

Each EYCE Mold kit contains the silicone mould, acrylic mouthpiece, acrylic base/stand, silicone grommet, aluminium downstem, core pin, and a handy user manual with full instructions. *Please note – no bowl is supplied with the EYCE Mold.*

The EYCE Mold Ice Bong Mould is available now from EDIT with same day shipping on orders placed before 4:20pm and our famous price match guarantee.

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