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30 Mar

Hang Time – Get The Most From Your Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB, as it has become affectionately known, is a tried and tested portable vaporizer that has been popular for a number of years.

Launch Box Cherry - Magic Flight

The MFLB has been a top seller here at EDIT since its launch:  vaping connoisseurs love the simple functionality, excellent build quality and pure, clean flavours.  When Magic Flight launched their new concentrate box vaporizer – the Muad Dib – last year, it was again met with universal approval from the vaping community.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer - Walnut

Now, Magic Flight have released a full range of optional extras and attachments to help you get even more vaping pleasure from your MFLB or Muad Dib.

Maple Orbiter - Magic Flight

The Orbiter from Magic Flight is a glass bubbler attachment that connects directly to the MFLB and allows you to combine the cooling filtration properties of a waterpipe with the full flavoured hit of an elite vaporizer.  The integrtated diffuser downstem inside the main chamber of the Orbiter breaks up smoke into finer particles, increasing the surface area and rapidly cooling down the hit when you inhale.

The MFLB Orbiter comes with two specially designed whips or hoses – one for connecting the MFLB and one to use as a mouthpiece.  This is a quality attachment from Magic Flight, available in genuine maple wood to match your MFLB.

Launch Box Herbal Concentrate Trays - Magic Flight

If you already own the MFLB vaporizer, but want to start to vaporize waxy oils and concentrates, you may not necessarily need to buy the Muad-Dib.  Magic Flight have released these specially designed concentrate trays which are compatible with the original Launch Box.  As well as a handy concentrate jar, the skillet kit comprises two skillets – one made of stainless steel which is for use with concentrates which do not fully liquefy.  The second is made from steel and quartz and can be used with full-melt extracts.  Magic Flight state that the concentrate trays work best in the MFLB when combined with a hose or whip attachment.

We stock a huge range of vaporizer parts and accessories for many different model of vaporizer.  Why not view our complete selection, so you can pick the add-on that’s right for you?

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27 Mar

Win A Lion Glass Oil Rig With EDIT’s New Easter Bunny Hunt

Easter is on the way, EDIT-Heads, and we’re celebrating with another fantastic competition for all our customers!


We’re giving away this amazing one-of-a-kind Space Case Rig from our friends at Lion Glass!  We met Scott and the team from Lion Glass while we were at some of the big American glass shows earlier in the year.  Straight away, we loved their insane, heady designs and quality craftsmanship, and we knew we had to grab some of this glass for the site.


The competition piece is a hand-made Space Case glass oil rig, made by Lion Glass in their Denver studios.  At just 15cm in height, this diminutive oil bubbler is small enough to be used as a travel piece.  The piece is lavishly decorated with round glass appendages which house discs of shimmering, dichroic glass.  This gorgeous little bubbler comes complete with a glass concentrate nail and a bespoke glass vapour dome with yet more dichroic glass decoration.  A genuine hand-made art glass piece from this talented, emerging glass studio.


For your chance to win, you’ll need to solve clues and riddles in our new competition: Elma Budd’s Easter Bunny Hunt.  Solve 4 clues to help Elma Budd find the location of Easter bunnies that are hidden all over our website.  Each bunny will reveal a new riddle to lead you to the next stage.  When you’ve found the final bunny, you can submit your competition entry.  Entries are limited to one per email address.  The competition closes at 5pm GMT on Easter Sunday 5th April 2015.  We’ll pick a winner at random and announce the result on Tuesday 7th April on our social media channels.

Good luck everyone – here’s your first clue:

Like Ricky Hatton or Bret Hart

This glass is a work of art

To find the first rabbit

Hunt the rig it inhabits

______ is where you must start

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12 Mar

Honey Trap! Win A One-Off Amsterdam Glassworx Dab Rig With EDIT!

It’s prize giveaway time again here at EDIT – and for the next 5 days you have the chance to win a stunning Dab Rig from at Amsterdam Glassworx.  This Dab Rig is a one-off piece, specially made for EDIT by master lampworker, Chris Rawkins in his Amsterdam studio.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Fire IceGlass Inside-Out Worked Sherlock Pipe by Amsterdam GlassworxHelio Coil Spoon Pipe With Frog by Amsterdam Glassworx

Amsterdam Glassworx produce superb quality pipes, bubblers, oil rigs and storage jars using the finest Schott-Duran borosilicate glass, complemented with American coloured glass rods.  No machines or glass saws are used in the production of Glassworx products – this is all hand-pulled colours and raw lampworking skill.

For your chance of winning this lovely glass rig, you need to locate the hidden honey pot hidden somewhere on the site.  Once you click on the HONEY POT you will be taken through to a competition page where you can follow the instructions to register your entry.

To find the HONEY POT you’ll really need to concentrate – it could be anywhere on the website.

The competition runs from today until 17th March 2015 – so hurry, don’t miss your chance to win this amazing prize.

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6 Mar

All New Vapes And Accessories

A number of new portable vaporizers and pipes have arrived here at EDIT over the last few weeks as we continue to expand our product range and bring you the latest, greatest new gadgets.

Selection of World Class Vaporizers

The Vapium Summit really captured our imagination when it arrived at EDIT HQ last week.  This portable dry herb vaporizer is specifically designed for use in the great outdoors.  The Summit features eight adjustable temperature settings, haptic feedback vibration, rapid one hour charge times, and magnetic snap-shut panels to allow for easy cleaning.

Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer - Sage Green

All these design features are geared towards making the Summit the perfect travelling companion for the vaping connoisseur.  Vapium’s Summit comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you’ll need to get started vaping.  This new portable vap is available now in your choice of three natural colours.

Pyptek - Prometheus Pocket

We first came across Pyptek when we were over in the USA on a purchasing mission.  Team EDIT visited a number of industry shows, and we did not return empty handed.  As well as a huge selection of new American glass tubes and bongs, we picked up these glass and aluminium pipes at a show in Denver, Colorado.  Made from premium quality borosilicate glass, the Pyptek Prometheus pipes are encased in an aerospace-grade aluminium exoskeleton which, as well as looking cool, protects the pipes from bumps and knocks.  The Pyptek pipes are compatible with a huge range of bolt-on attachments, allowing use with titanium nails and other concentrate kits.  We currently have the Pyptek Prometheus Nano one hitter pipe and the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket pipe in stock in a range of stylish colours.

Vaporizers Buyers Guide

For customers considering purchasing a new vaporizer, we have put together this concise Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide to assist you in your choice.  We cover desktop and portable vapes and explain the different methods of vaporization so you can pick out the right vape for you.

Don’t forget, all orders made before 4:20pm GMT are shipped same-day and we still offer our famous price match guarantee, so you’ll always know you’re getting the best deal with EDIT.

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3 Mar

Free Munchies With Every Order Through March

Hey, EDIT-Heads!  Spring is in the air and once again, we’re running our ever-popular March Munchies promo!

March Munchies

Simply make any purchase from the site throughout March and we’ll throw in a pack of Haribo munchies absolutely free!

Vapium Summit Vaporizer

There is no better time to be buying from the world’s largest headshop – the new products just keep coming – with new arrivals from Vapium, Hive Ceramics and Hemp Hookahzz.

There’s some awesome new American glass from Dr Greenthumb – a new elite glass company set up by B-Real of Cypress Hill fame.  We have new glass pipes from Pyptek that are capable of accommodating some weird and wonderful attachments.  And don’t forget to check out the new Dab Vac from Headdies – dabbing may never be the same!

Dab Vac

We also have a huge range of products that benefit from massive discounts in our clearance sale.  With discounts of up to 70%, you’ll find vaporizers, bongs, grinders and more at great value prices.

Our latest newsletter will be sent out very shortly – why not sign up to receive monthly updates?  As well as news on all the latest new products, we even send you a new DISCOUNT CODE each month so you can make even bigger savings.

The latest new products, huge savings of up to 70%, discount codes for members and free munchies with every order?  It can only be EDIT – your favourite headshop.

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27 Feb

Suck It And See – The New Dab Vac From Headdies Glass

Headdies are an elite glass pipe company, based in the San Fernando Valley in California.

They are perhaps most famous for their beautiful glass water pipes with their distinctive 22 carat gold logos and lettering.  However, Headdies have now released a new glass water pipe adapter attachment called the DabVac which is set to revolutionise the dabbing scene.

Dab Vac

The Dab Vac is made in the USA from top quality German borosilicate glass and surgical grade latex.  The German glass joint comes in 4 different designs: male, female and both 14.5mm and 18.8mm connections.  The Dab Vac slides onto the joint of any compatible waterpipe and acts as a nail and dabber combo with the aid of the hollow quartz glass wand.

Dab Vac - Headdies Glass

Simply place your concentrate or e-juice into the bowl and heat the glass rod with a torch, like you would a titanium nail.  Once vaping temperature has been reached, the glass rod is placed into the bowl which vaporizes the concentrates within.  As you hit the pipe, vapour is sucked from the bowl, through the latex tubing and into your rig.  It’s an incredibly efficient way of enjoying your favourite oils, waxes and honey without the need for titanium skillets or vapour domes.

Dab Vac - Headdies Glass

The DabVac from Headdies is decorated with the cool honey-themed logo in Headdies trademark 22 karat gold labels.  Order your new DabVac from EDIT today for same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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26 Feb

Last Chance To Show Us The Love!

February is drawing to a close, EDIT-Heads – this Saturday will mark the end of both our extended Valentine’s Day Price Massacre clearance sale, and the end of our #ILoveEDIT Twitter competition.


Thousands of customers have snapped up amazing deals in the Price Massacre clearance and it’s not too late for you to do the same.  There are still hundreds of products available in the sale with huge discounts of up to 70%!  Bag yourself a cut-price glass bong, herb grinder or vaporizer before close of business on Saturday to take advantage of our sale.

Our #ILoveEDIT Twitter competition is your chance to win an amazing Roor Custom Little Sista – Big Brother glass waterpipe.  For your chance to win, simply follow us on Twitter @EDIT_Tweets and tweet us a picture of your recent purchase or favourite piece with the hashtag #ILoveEDIT.  The deadline for entries is 5pm GMT on Saturday 28th February.

We’ll choose a winner at random from all the entries throughout February and post the result on Monday 2nd March 2015 on Facebook and Twitter.  Good luck to all entrants!

And finally: we’ve given the EDIT Instagram page an overhaul of late.  Why not check out our new look feed with quality images of all the latest products?  You can find us on Instagram at everyonedoesitheadshop.  Give us a follow to stay updated with all the latest new products and news from our friends and colleagues in the industry.

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24 Feb

Free Roor Glass Ashtray With Every Roor Bong

Roor: recognised the world over as a byword for the very finest glass smoking apparatus.

Mention the fact that you’ve got a new Roor piece to any connoisseur smoker and it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’re gonna want to test that piece out.  Right now.

RooR Bongs

Here at EDIT, we carry a huge range of Roor glass, including their traditional tubes which are made at their dedicated facility in Germany, as well as the newer Roor Tech range which comprises bongs and bubblers with all manner of scientific percolators and diffusers integrated in to the designs.  The latest Roor Tech range even includes beautiful glass pieces which are purpose made for use with sticky oils and concentrates.

There is never a bad time to be buying a Roor bong; the quality of workmanship is second to none and with regular maintenance a Roor piece will give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Like any elite, high-end product, the prices don’t fluctuate much – sure, they’re more expensive than most manufacturers, but just look what you end up with:  world class glass that you can be rightly proud of.

Roor Deal

And right now, your buddies at EDIT are giving away a beautiful Roor glass ashtray with every Roor or Roor Tech bong purchased from our store*.  The ashtrays are made from the same top quality borosilicate glass as Roor’s waterpipes – solid, sturdy, and while we hesitate to say ‘unbreakable’, you’d certainly have to give one some serious stick to smash it.


You can check out our selection of Roor and Roor Tech bongs on the website, or why not check out all the latest products on our newly revamped Instagram page?

*Please not that the Roor Blue Series bongs are not included in this offer*

This offer ends on the 6th of March 2015

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20 Feb

Hello, My Name Is Dr. GreenThumb……….

…….I’d like to tell you just where I’m from.

So says legendary Cypress Hill frontman, B-Real, in the lyric to Dr. Greenthumb; a song from the band’s 1998 album, Cypress Hill IV.

The song tells the darkly humourous story of Dr. Greenthumb – B-Real’s fictional, cannabis smoking, weed-growing alter-ego.  Whether B-Real would ever have guessed that some 17 years after the song’s release he’d be launching his own range of scientific glass bongs and oil rigs, we don’t know, but we’re certainly glad he has! 

Manufactured in the United States from Schott-Duran premium quality borosilicate glass, the Dr. GreenThumb Glass Works range is designed with the committed, discerning smoker in mind.  It is obvious just looking at this beautiful glassware that an awful lot of thought has been put into the designs. With advanced percolators including donut crumbler frit percs, showerhead percs and honeycomb percs, the Dr Greenthumb range is built to give the user the ultimate smoking experience and years of service, thanks to the excellent build quality.  Each piece in the Dr Greenthumb range is decorated with the cool Dr GreenThumb logo in striking green print and finished with the iconic green thumb print logo that leaves you in no doubt you are looking at a genuine Dr GreenThumb Glassworks product.

Mega Puck Grande 4 Arm Diffuser Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumb

The Mega Puck Grande Diffuser Perc Oil Rig is the largest rig in the first batch of Dr Greenthumb glass to arrive.  With it’s huge barrel style chamber and ornate vapour dome, the Mega Puck will certainly be a talking point when you bring it to the table for you buddies to admire.  Inside, the rig is equipped with a 4-arm diffuser with frit or crumbler percolators providing the smoothing action.  The piece is designed for use with 18.8mm slides or concentrate nails – the large capacity chamber and advanced percolation method will deliver cool, smooth hits all night long…… you take hits from the bong.

Sidecar Honeycomb Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumb

From the largest of the new Dr Greenthumb rigs to the smallest: the Sidecar Honeycomb Perc Oil Rig.  Standing just 14cm in height, this mini oil rig makes the perfect travel companion for those who like to dab and go.  Just like the rest of the Dr Greenthumb Glass Works range, this piece is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and is finished with the awesome Greenthumb styling.  The Sidecar Oil Rig has an integrated honeycomb percolator which breaks up oil vapour for a smooth, cool toke.  This stunning glass rig comes complete with a 10mm quartz glass concentrate nail so you’re ready to start dabbing straight away.

Dr Greenthumb glass is available to buy from EDIT immediately.  Don’t forget: orders over £100 benefit from free worldwide shipping, as well as our standard same day dispatch and price match guarantee.

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18 Feb

EDIT’s Price Massacre Extended Until End Of February

It’s taken a bit of persuasion, EDIT-Heads, but we’ve finally managed to convince the boss man to extend our latest clearance sale!


The Valentine’s Day Price Massacre was originally scheduled to run from 6th-21st February and no longer.  However, with so many customers snapping up great deals, and with so many new products arriving that we need to create space for, we have decided to extend the offer until the end of the day (18:00 GMT) on 28th February.

There are literally hundreds of products in the sale: vaporizers, clothing, herb grinders, pipes, shisha and hookah pipes, bongs, tubes and bubblers and much, much more.

The discounts available on selected Roor products represents our best ever deals on this elite range of European glass.  If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a Roor piece – can you really afford not to take advantage of these prices?

With savings of up to 85% on selected products, there really is no better time to be stocking up with smoking supplies from the world’s largest headshop.

EDIT members – don’t forget that you can still use your February discount code from the newsletter to get even greater savings.  If you’re not a member, why not sign up to our newsletter for monthly updates on the latest products and exclusive, members-only discount codes with every issue?

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