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20 Mar

Vorsprung Bong Technik – EHLE Glass Waterpipes

This family-run Master Glassworks in Limburg, Germany has been around for 55 years, producing quality engineered glassware.  The company started producing ‘Glaswasserpfeiffen’ or Glass waterpipes in 1988.  In 1997 they introduced their own-brand EHLE bongs to the market and have not looked back since.

All EHLE’s products are manufactured on site in Limburg from high-grade borosilicate glass to astounding levels of accuracy.  The glass is cooled and tempered after production resulting in a totally tension-free glass piece that will give the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Each EHLE glass bong is signed and dated with its year of production, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

Here at, we love the work done by EHLE which is why we carry such a huge range of their superb glass bongs and accessories.  Now available with EDIT’s price match guarantee, these beautiful, European-made bongs can be yours with the click of a mouse.

EHLE Glass - Clear Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 2000ml

This 2000ml capacity, Clear Cylinder Bong stands an imposing 55cm tall, and in the world of waterpipes – size matters!  The jumbo tube has a simple, straight design and huge diameter to provide monster hits to the lucky user.  This 29.2mm joint size bong features a sturdy, hexagonal base and is emblazoned with the classy EHLE logo in vivid tangerine down the length of the tube.  A wonderfully engineered waterpipe that currently features in our sale with a 27% saving, bringing this stunning bong in at under £100.  Exceptional quality at a fantastic low price.

EHLE Glass Custom Bong 5mm -  Ice Twist (Straight Cylinder)

The EHLE Glass 5mm Custom Bong with Ice Twist has a precision-made twist in the cylinder as a snazzy alternative to ice notches.  The robust, circular base supports a 48cm tall tube which features a stunning, flame-polished EHLE logo for a look of real distinction.  The bong has a 18.8mm joint size, made to EHLE’s exacting standards for a guaranteed fit of extra slides, domes or other accessories.  This incredible quality bong is also included in our soon-to-end sale with a 42% discount saving you £100!  If you’re in the market for a new glass waterpipe, you are getting a lot of bong for your money with this German stunner.


Of course, there isn’t room to feature all the EHLE products we carry here individually.  We also have a huge range of bong accessories, such as ashcatchers, adapters and bowls and slides.  Have a browse through this collection of superb German glassware – You’re bound to fall in love with EHLE, just as we did.

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19 Mar

Roll Up And Shine With EDIT’s Range Of Rolling Accessories is the world’s largest smoke shop, stocking thousands of smoking relating products.  We think we’ve thought of everything to improve and enhance our customer’s smoking experience.

Today, we’re focusing on our superb range of Rolling Accessories – all designed to make the smoker’s life easier and the end product more polished.

A lot of smokers struggle with the dexterity required to hand-roll a cigarette, particularly a king-size cigarette.  It does take practice, but here at EDIT we have this great collection of Rolling Machines in a variety of sizes to take the hassle out of skinning up.

Kingsize Futurola Rolling Machine

This Kingsize Rolling Machine by Futurola is a wonderfully designed gadget that quickly and effortlessly rolls you straight, or perfectly conical rollies.  Simply open the device, place your tobacco or herbal blend inside, add a filter tip or roach and seconds later you have a roll-up that could pass off as an experts handiwork.  The ease of use makes the Futurola ideal for those new to the rolling revolution and the stylish design just adds to the appeal.  A great smoking essential at a typical EDIT value price.  We also stock replacement rolling mats and Futurola’s own brand of papers HERE.

Zen Large Rolling Box

The Large Rolling Box by Zen means you no longer have to put up with those moody, hand-rolled bodge-jobs that your mates have the cheek to pass off as a ‘roll-up’.  Place your ingredients in the mechanism, lick the paper, close the lid and out pops your perfect parp.  The Zen Large Rolling Box can roll small or king-size ciggies and the sturdy mechanism is adjustable, allowing for the rolling of cones.

Rolling Tray Gift Set - 8-Ball White

Rolling machines and boxes are great for portability and speed, but when you’re at home and trying to put together something a bit more complex, you really need a trusty rolling tray.

Beanie Rolling Tray - Smiley FacesWooden Rolling Tray -  8 Ball stock this fantastic range of lap-top rolling trays, ideal for rolling on, as well as keeping all your ingredients and paraphernalia together.  Choose from Beanie-based rolling trays to solid wood table toppers.  We’ve got something for everyone here at EDIT, so Roll up!  Roll up!  Grab these great rolling accessories while you can at our fantastic low prices with our superb price match guarantee.

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13 Mar

Paper View – Rolling Papers, Skins, Rips And Filters

Every smoker has his or her preferences when it comes to rolling papers.  Thin, thick, large, small, king-size, flavoured, unbleached – whatever.  We have them all at  Plus, a massive range of filter tips, roach tabs, pre-rolled cones and rips!  In a nutshell, however you like to skin up – EDIT has it covered, and all at the best prices around.

Canuma Pure Hemp Papers -  Small

These Pure Hemp Papers from Canuma are small sized and completely ‘tree free’.  Made from 100% pure hemp, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, while indulging your favourite hobby.

Raw Natural Unbleached Cone Papers

Raw papers are natural rolling papers, free from bleach and other additives, making them 100% vegan.  Raw have a massive range of different sizes and weights of paper, and have now released these Natural Unbleached Cone Papers.  Simply fill up the pre-rolled cone with your chosen blend of herbs or tobacco and you quickly and easily have the perfect cone-shaped smoke to share with your buddies.  The unbleached paper are a natural tan colour because of the lack of chlorine and each paper is watermarked to help prevent runs or ‘toe-nails’.  Each pack contains 3 x 110mm cones.

My Fucking Rolling Papers - King SizeMy Fucking Rolling Papers - King Size

Isn’t it annoying when your buddy runs off with your skins?  Avoid the possibility of any dispute whatsoever with a pack of My Fucking Rolling Papers.

These King Size papers are not just a gimmick, the leaves are of a high quality and of the perfect weight for a smooth tasty smoke.  The packs are adorned with a couple of one-fingered salutes and the no-nonsense legend that tells all your thieving mates that those are YOUR fucking rolling papers.

Black Leaf Premium Filter Tips

For the finishing touches, our range of filter tips includes these Premium Filter Tips from Black Leaf.  Designed to make the perfect roach to tip a herbal cigarette, the roach material is in a handy booklet form, perforated for easy rolling.  No more tearing up the pizza delivery menu, no more shredding your rolling paper packet.  An inexpensive extra that makes a big difference to your smoke. Flavored Rolling Papers

Of course, this is just a fraction of the many types of rolling papers, skins, rips, blunts, cones and tubes that we stock here at EDIT.  Have a browse through our whole selection – you’re bound to find the brand for you, all at EDIT’s price match guarantee, so you’re getting the best deal out there.

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12 Mar

Born In The USA!

From across the pond comes this breathtaking collection of American art glass from the biggest names in production of glass smoking apparatus and accessories.

The quality of the glassware is truly amazing with collector’s pieces from the likes of Freek, Voorhees, Christina Cody, GingerELA and many more.  Featuring pipes, slides and domes, bongs, bubblers and a range of concentrate dishes, you’re sure to find a beautiful piece of glass to suit your style and enhance your collection.

Live Free - Sculpted Dog Glass SlideLive Free - Sculpted Dog Glass Slide

These Sculpted Glass Dog Slides by US maestro, Live Free are currently in our clearance sale and benefit from a huge 44% discount.  The hand-sculpted glass bowls are each individually numbered and feature wonderful representations of man’s best friend.  The blasted, smoothed finish adds realism to the piece, which is going to be a guaranteed talking point when your buddies come round to share a bowl.

Hops Inline Glass BongHops Inline Glass Bong

This Inline Glass Bong is a stemless masterpiece from US industry genius Hops.  Hops actually invented the inline percolator, and this example perfectly showcases his ingenuity.  The T-shaped bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and features a pull-out gauzeless bowl that fits either a 14.5mm or 18.8mm ground joint (see dropdown on product page).  The slender shaft of the bong is beautifully decorated with a sandblasted, clockwork design and the bowl and tube feature the distinctive, red Hops logo.  This stunning bong is currently in our American glass clearance sale and benefits from a 33% saving.  An amazing artisan piece at price you can’t refuse.

There are many other fantastic bargains to be snapped up in our range of American Glass Deals.  Why not have a browse through our whole collection HERE and see the massive savings for yourself?  All our American Glass carries our Price Match Guarantee, so you can shop with confidence, and if you order before 4:20pm, we will dispatch the very same day!

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10 Mar

Vaps In The Sale At

The winter clearance sale is still running here at EDIT, with thousands of customers making great savings on a wide range of products.


As the sale draws to a close, we’re giving customers a final chance to save money on our range of vaporisers, with huge discounts on some of the most cutting-edge models on the market today.

Volcano Vaporiser Digital

The Volcano Digital Vaporiser is the absolute ultimate in vape technology.  The Volcano heats up your herbs and releases the vapour into a large polythene balloon, which you can then detach from the Volcano’s base and pass around your friends.  The digital version of this amazing vap allows you to fine-tune the vaporization temperature between 40-230 degrees Celsius with it’s large, LED display.  The Volcano is packed with patented technology all designed to make it the safest, cleanest, most efficient vaporiser on the market.  The Volcano comes with a two year warranty and a free herb grinder, and, for a limited time only, the Volcano Digital is available at our best ever price with a £25 saving, making the Volcano affordable to more people than ever.

i-Dragon Vaporizeri-Dragon Vaporizer

The i-Dragon Vaporizer from Earth Spirit is another high tech vap, however this is designed for portability and functionality.  The i-Dragon’s mouthpiece is interchangeable with a high-powered LED torch, ideal for discretion or for use at festivals or camping trips.  The vap heats up in less than a minute and is virtually silent.  The ingenious design of the heating plates means the heat is spread evenly through the chamber giving a smooth, clean taste.  The i-Dragon is powered by rechargeable batteries and the kit includes a power lead for charging or running from the mains.  For a limited time the i-Dragon is available to buy with a £27 saving, bringing it in at well under the £100 mark.  That’s a lot of vap for that money, and with the festival season fast approaching, why not treat yourself at a bargain price?


We have vaporisers of every shape and size at – have a browse through our range and you are sure to find the right one for you.

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7 Mar

Fire In The Hole! – EDIT’s Collection Of Blaze Glassware

Fire In The Hole!  EDIT’s Collection Of Blaze Glassware

We love our glass bongs here at  We stock a HUGE range from all the world’s leading manufacturers with bongs and waterpipes to suit every situation and every pocket.

This range of glass bongs from German glass masters Blaze Glass are aimed at connoisseurs and aficionados who demand more from their smoking apparatus, but don’t want to blow a small fortune on boutique glassware.  The Blaze Glass collection features an array of stunning glass tubes and pipes, available with weird and wonderful add-ons to keep things cool and smooth, all at a price you’ll love.

Stemless Ice Bong With Disc and Bell Perc - Blaze Glass

The Stemless Ice Bong With Disc And Bell Perc is made from quality assured 5mm thick, heat proof, borosilicate glass.  The stemless design flows into a percolator, the smoke is then further conditioned by the bell diffuser in the tube.  There is an ice ring on the bong to allow even further cooling if required.  The whole piece is finished with the Blaze legend in a cool electric blue, giving a stunning aesthetic.  Coming in at under £100, this is a wonderfully designed and manufactured bong with complex smoke conditioning features you would normally expect to find on much more expensive glassware.  The genuine article at an unbelievable price.

Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong

The Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong is a beautifully decorated straight tube waterpipe that relies on traditional ice notches for it’s cooling properties.  Made from 5mm thick pyrex glass, this stunning bong bears the imposing Blaze logo down the shaft and the mouthpiece has elegant coloured detailing which really sets the piece off.  The carbhole comes with a rubber stopper, so the bong can be used with, or without the carb hole.  The bong stands 45cm tall with a standard 14.5mm bowl joint.  The Blaze Glass Crown Ice Bong currently has 15% off in our clearance sale.

Blaze Glass are quickly developing a reputation for delivering impressively engineered glass smoking apparatus at surprisingly affordable prices.  The entire range of Blaze Glass benefits from EDIT’s Price Match Guarantee and if you order before 4:20pm, we will dispatch same day. and Blaze Glass – Bringing you quality glass bongs and waterpipes that you can buy with confidence.

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6 Mar

Come On Baby, Let’s Do The Twist!

Come On Baby!  Let’s Do The Twist!

For the perfect preparation of tobacco, legal smoking herbs or culinary herbs and spices, it is essential that you have a good quality herb grinder to pulverise your produce to the ideal consistency.

Here at, we understand that a grinder is a personal item that a smoker becomes attached to.  A good grinder can provide years of loyal service and become a trusted living room companion.  That’s why we stock this HUGE collection of different styles of grinder, from traditional wooden examples for that rustic, traditional feel, to the more modern metal grinders, packed with space-age technology and some insane styling.

Space Case Titanium Grinder

The Titanium Grinder from Space Case is strong enough to effortlessly pulverise even hardcore spices like cloves and nutmeg.  The titanium makes this grinder non-stick, so it is also ideal for use on oily herbs.  The razor sharp teeth makes grinding a pleasure not a chore, and the Space Case Titanium even has an acrylic ring to keep the twisting action as smooth as silk.  Available in three different sizes, to suit every situation, the Titanium Grinder from Space Case is a grinder you can rely on for flawless results for years to come.

Weed World Acrylic Grinder - Clear

The Weed World Acrylic Grinder comes in at the lower end of the price scale, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a softie!  Made from super-tough polycarbonate, the Weed World Acrylic Grinder will smash through tough, fibrous herbs and can even be used on harder spices such as peppercorns or coffee beans.  The grinder is an ample 60mm in diameter and features an airtight storage compartment to hold your ready-ground materials.

Thorinder Herb Grinder by After GrowThorinder Herb Grinder by After Grow

For the serious connoisseur, we have recently taken stock of the jaw-dropping Thorinder Grinder by After Grow.  Inspired by Thor, the hammer-wielding, Norse God of thunder, the Thorinder Herb Grinder from After Grow really is the stuff of legends!  Manufactured to the highest spec from anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel this premium quality grinder is lavishly decorated with flashes of electric blue lightning and features a clear top so you can see this grinding god in action.  At 62mm across, the grinder is capable of handling large amounts of herbs with ease.  The lightning bolt shaped sifting holes act to ensure that your herbs and spices always finish with the right consistency.  The Thorinder is a 4-part herb grinder with a magnetic action for ease of use.  It also comes complete with a handy cleaning tool and a stylish presentation case.

When it’s time to replace your trusty grinder, you need look no further than to find the perfect grinder to suit your style and pocket.

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5 Mar

Assassin’s Creed – EDIT’s Range Of Killer Bongs

Assassin’s Creed – EDIT’s Range Of Killer Bongs

Perform powerful ‘takedowns’ with one of these stunning acrylic bongs from German makers, Killer Bongs.

Killer Bongs don’t do subtlety very well.  These great value bongs are uncompromisingly styled in an ominous red and black scheme, and the ‘Killer’ name adorns each one which just adds to the sense of menace. have teamed up with the Berlin outfit to bring you this fantastic range of water bongs, grinders and accessories which all benefit from our Price Match Guarantee and can be shipped same day if you order before 4:20pm.

Killer Bongs - AK47

The AK47 by Killer Bongs looks as mean as it sounds.  The bold red and black colour scheme is enhanced with a picture of a Kalashnikov and the ‘Killer’ logo emblazoned down the shaft.  The AK47’s main body is partly twisted to facilitate an ice cube stack to cool the heat she’s packing.  The extra pre-cooler further cools the smoke and also reduces particulates and toxins, leaving a smooth but powerful hit.

Killer Bongs - Mr. Black

Mr Black might well be short in stature, but don’t let that fool you!  The capacious base of this table-top Killer Bong has ample room for good water volume, giving a deceptively powerful hit.  The bong is decorated in the imperious red and black scheme that makes all these Killer Bongs stand out.  Mr Black features an exotic leaf motif near the mouthpiece and a robust red base.

Killer Bongs - The Ripper (Klean Kut)Killer Bongs - The Ripper

For the truly ‘twisted’ feel, check out the insanely styled Ripper.  Available in Klean Kut clear acrylic or the familiar, cautionary, red and black, The Ripper from Killer Bongs will leave you dizzy with it’s warped design.  However, there is method in the madness – the twists are designed to support ice cubes to cool the smoke, and the elongated main body maximises smoke capacity giving a smooth, cool, powerful hit.


All the Killer Bong range feature standard interchangeable parts such as bowls, downpipes, grommets, and bases, spare parts can be ordered in our Spare Parts section.


Killer Bongs from – quality acrylic bongs with inimitable styling at a price to suit every pocket.

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3 Mar

Find Your Peace With Your Perfect Pipe

Find Your Peace With Your Perfect Pipe

Smoking pipes are perhaps one of the more traditional methods of smoking your favourite tobaccos and smoking blends.

We’re very proud of our huge range of pipes and bubblers, here at EDIT.  We think we’ve got something to suit every style, every situation and every pocket.

Red Eye Glass - Double Dice PipeRed Eye Glass - Frosted Minotaur Spoon Pipe

This range of glass hand pipes from Red Eye off the chance to own an original piece of glassware at an entry level price.  Red Eye’s glass hand pipes are made from toughened borosilicate glass and there are a stunning range to choose from.  Each one is handmade, meaning nobody else will own a pipe exactly like yours.

Medium Wooden PipeLarge wooden Pipe

For the more traditional look favoured by the ‘old skool’ smoker we have a wide range of wooden smoking pipes, too.  We stock wooden smoking pipes in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs so you’re bound to find a style that suits you.

St Clements Glass Bubbler by InfernoUluru Glass Bubber by Inferno

This selection of glass bubblers from Inferno are all hand made from quality borosilicate glass and beautifully decorated in a range of colourful designs.  These bubblers are certainly pretty enough to be a display piece, but are robust and practical enough for everyday use.

Black Leaf Steamroller Pipes - Large (Black)

Black Leaf’s range of Steamroller pipes are designed to really pack a punch.  Place your hand over the end to draw smoke into the pipe and then release it to take the hit.  Available in 3 different sizes and a range of colours.

Bud BombBud Bomb - Black

We also stock the Original Bud Bomb pipes in 3 different colours.  The Bud Bomb’s revolutionary design has made it a must have item for the discerning smoker.  It’s precision made helix cooling system means the smoke is smooth and cool by the time it reaches your mouth.  The Bud Bomb can be easily taken apart for cleaning purposes.

Whichever style of pipe you favour and no matter how deep your pockets, you’ll definitely find a pipe to suit you at

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28 Feb

Atmos Jewel Portable Vap Hits The Shelves At

Atmos Jewel Vap Hits The Shelves At

At discerning smokers look for healthier and cleaner ways to enjoy their favourite essences and flavoured tobaccos, owning a quality vaporizer capable of handling waxy oils and concentrates has become more of a necessity than a novelty.

Atmos Jewel Portable Vaporizer

Market leaders, Atmos have upped the ante with the launch of the stunning Atmos Jewel:  Their newest, sleekest, vape is designed for complete portability.  It is easily compact enough to be slipped into a pocket or handbag for you to take on your travels, and is manufactured from stainless steel with a ceramic heating chamber for ultimate durability.

The AtmosRX battery that comes supplied with the kit gives the user a full 3 hours continuous usage from a single charge, so the Atmos Jewel will never let you down.

The Atmos Jewel Portable Vaporizer is available in an assortment of colours, so you can choose the style that suits you.  Each kit includes the vaporizer, a rubber mouthpiece, USB wireless charger and a user manual to help you get the most from your vape.

Vaporizers of this quality have traditionally been much more expensive, but Atmos’s latest offering is a real game-changer – offering a high-end vap that will serve you for years with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

The Atmos Jewel is available to buy now from, and with our same day dispatch service and price match guarantee, you can buy with confidence, knowing you are getting the best deal out there.

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