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27 Feb

Massive Savings On Artisan Glassware As EDIT Slash Prices

Massive Savings On Artisan Glassware As EDIT Slash Prices

Here’s another chance for you to pick up some genuine, hand-blown, artisan glass smoking accessories at a fraction of the normal retail price.  We’ve cut the prices on several pieces from US glass masters, Glassadelic, some of which are now under half price!

Glassadelic Tube - Rainbow

Glassadelic’s work is expertly made by master lampworkers who specialise in producing lavishly decorated tobacco pipes and related items.  They have led the way with innovative new techniques, fusing precious metals onto borosilicate glass, producing ever more vivid colours and delicate glass lathe work.  The company’s ethos is to create beautiful glassware that will cultivate a real bond between the piece and it’s owner.  At EDIT, we really identify with this ethos and are pleased to be able to offer our customers a chance to own one of Glassadelic’s unique pieces at a discount price.

Glassadelic Tube - Coloured SwirlsGlassadelic Tube - Coloured Swirls

The Glassadelic Tube – Coloured Swirls is a stemless, pyrex glass bong with a sturdy, circular base.  The arm stands upright which presents the bowl at a convenient angle for loading.  Both the arm and bowl are decorated with a white glass background and a spectrum of coloured swirls and a black dichro that meanders all the way up to the joint.  The bowl has a clear glass handle making it easy to slide in and out of the 14.5mm joint.  Now benefitting from a 52% reduction, this is virtually a giveaway for a hand-made piece that so perfectly combines form and functionality.

Glassadelic Tube - ElectroformedGlassadelic Tube - Electroformed

This Electroformed Glassadelic Tube is another stemless, clear glass bong with a 14.5mm joint.  The clear glass slide features a handle making it easy to remove the bowl, which the arm holds at 90 degrees for easy loading.  The real feature of this piece is the beautifully laid electroformed work that decorates the arm and main cylinder.  It stands approximately 38cm tall, but as these are hand-blown pieces there are subtle height differences between examples.  This model currently has a 48% price reduction!

Glassadelic Onie Pipes

If you are looking for something a little more portable, then how about these stunning little glass onie pipes?  Vivid colours, dichros and solid whites come together to create these beautiful, pocket sized pieces of glass art.  The pipes are donut shaped with a stretched mouthpiece at one end and a tobacco bowl at the other.  Various colour schemes are available (see dropdown on product page) and with a 46% saving which brings these artisan pieces in at under £10, how can you refuse?


Glassadelic tubes and onies – available to you now with huge savings from

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26 Feb

Mega Savings On AtmosRAW Vaporizers!

AtmosRAW Vaporizers Now In Winter Sale

The Winter Sale has proved very popular here at EDIT. Thousands of customers have already made huge savings on our massive range of discounted products.

Today, from 4:20pm we have made a further reduction on the AtmosRAW Vaporizer, giving you the chance to own a top of the range pocket vape at a bargain, budget price!

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The AtmosRAW is a sleek, portable vaporizer pen made from medical grade stainless steel with a ceramic heating chamber. The unique heating and filtration system gives the AtmosRAW user a smooth, cool vapour unlike any other small vap. Ready for use whenever you are, the AtmosRAW requires no heat-up time, no lighter and no cords. It’s slimline design makes it ideal for use when you’re on the go – it can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag and comes complete with a USB charger.

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Previously, in the winter sale the AtmosRAW vap was £84.88. Today’s final reduction sees this premium quality vaporizer up for grabs at an unbelievable £69.95! That gives you a total saving over £54 on the original RRP.

Very much like the season itself; Our winter sale will be drawing to a close soon, so make sure you take advantage of these huge savings on a massive number of products from right across our range.

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25 Feb

On Balance – Your Number One Headshop!

On Balance – Your Number 1 Headshop!


Here at EDIT, we know that very fine margins can make a massive difference. That’s why we stock our huge range of precision scales. Our comprehensive selection of weighing devices comprises kitchen scales, letter scales, bench scales and digital scales; So whether it’s medication, jewellery or herbs and spices, we’ve definitely got all your quantification needs ‘weighed up’.

JT-2 Scales - 350

There is a massive 43% off these JT-2 Scales 350 in our Winter Sale at the moment, saving you over £18. These robust digital scales are full of useful features, and can weigh up to 350 grams, making them ideal for culinary use and accurate measurements for specific dietary requirements. The JT-2 350 has a wipe-clean surface and comes complete with a protective cover.

Tanita Digital Scale - Professional Mini 1479V

Or for the magpies amongst you, how about these Tanita Professional Mini Jewellery Scales? Designed for the exact weighing of precious metals and gemstones, these premium quality scales are accurate to 0.001 of a gram. The Tanita Scales will also display weights in Ounces, Troy Ounces and Carats.

My Weigh i-Balance 5000 - Bowl Scale

The My Weigh i-Balance 5000 Bowl Scale is here for heavier duty weighing. Ideal for shipping, the kitchen, the laboratory or for precious metals, the My Weigh i-Balance 5000 features an innovative Add n Weigh feature allowing for the cumulative weighing of up to 50 items. It has a large capacity – up to 5000 grams and reads in 0.5 or 1 gram increments.

Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket ScaleDalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scale

The Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scales are the last word in minimalist discretion. These tiny scales are so small and portable they will fit inside a cigarette packet, yet they retain incredible levels of accuracy. The Dalman Pocket Scales feature 4 weighing modes, a calibration feature and come complete with a synthetic leather pouch for portability and protection.


So there you have it. Whatever your weighing requirements, large or small, digital or analogue, we have the perfect solution for you here at EDIT.

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24 Feb

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

Trays, boxes, tins, cases! Whatever your preferred way of keeping your stash and accessories neat and tidy and out of harm’s way – we have something for you at!

Our comprehensive range of Tins and Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a host of different locking and security features.

Moroccan Thuya Wood Secret Key Stash Box

These Moroccan Thuya Wood Secret Key Stash Boxes currently benefit from a 16% saving in our Winter Sale. Perfect for households with prying eyes or curious youngsters, these boxes are traditionally made from aromatic Thuya Wood, unique to the western foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The beautifully carved components slide around in-situ to reveal the secret compartment and access to the secret lock. Anyone trying to open this box without the proper know-how, would likely still be trying many hours later. The Moroccan Thuya Wood Secret Key Stash Box is available in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large. A stunning piece of North African craftsmanship offering the discerning smoker true peace of mind at a terrific low price.

Zen Large Rolling Box

Or how about this Large Rolling Box from Zen? A traditional smoking tin that features an automated rolling device capable of rolling standard and king-size cigarettes. The mechanism is also width adjustable allowing for the rolling of cone-shaped cigarettes too!

Zen Rolling Tray - Black

The Zen Rolling Tray is made from durable plastic with a fully sealable lid. The rubber gasket keeps the contents secure, whilst it’s long, thin shape and lightweight construction means it even floats on water! The Zen Rolling Tray – Black is perfect for keeping your smoking equipment tidy and organised and is capacious enough for all your accessories as well as your herbs and spices.

Magic Box Large

Finally, we come to the Large Magic Box – for ultimate security. When these landed in stock we passed a few round the customers in one of our shops – and nobody could figure out how to open one without being shown! The Magic Box offers a large space for storage (175mm x 95mm x 34mm) making it ideal for jewellery, currency or anything you wanted to keep out of harm’s way. The closing mechanism works by sliding a section of the front of the box so that an unseen catch is released.

However you choose to protect and organise your precious belongings, you’re sure to find the solution for you at the right price – Only at

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21 Feb

Let’s Be Blunt…….Everyone Does It!!

Let’s Be Blunt…….Everyone Does It!!

With all the stunning new glassware arriving over the last few weeks, combined with the frenzy of activity caused by our winter sale and free shipping offers, it has been a hectic old time here at EDIT HQ.

Forgive us then, for going all ‘Old Skool’ on you today with a nod back to the simpler times of blunts, wraps and tubes.

As you would expect, we stock an enormous range of blunt wraps and tubes in huge range of flavours all at that familiar low EDIT price.

Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts

Take the range of Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts: These come pre-packaged, pre-rolled and pre-roached – all you need to do is pack the blunt with your tobacco mix and spark it up. Due to their tapered shape, the Cyclone blunts burn very evenly ensuring that you get an even strength and flavour all the way to the end. Available in a range of flavours, the Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts come complete with a packing stick and are sealed in a re-usable tube for ultimate freshness.

Juicy Blunts - Super Blunt - TripJuicy Blunts - Super Blunt - Bluntzilla

Arguably the industry benchmark for blunts are old favourites, Juicy Blunts. Serving up a huge range of the juiciest, most flavoursome blunts in the world, Juicy Blunts are now available in the frankly ridiculous, Super Blunt size. At 23cm long these beasts are ideal for sharing and passing round at a party or shindig. They are available in a range of different flavours in singles or packs of 3.

Platinum Blunt Wrap - Apple MartiniPlatinum Blunt Wrap - Gin and Juice

Finally, we come to our range of weird and wonderful flavoured Blunt Wraps from Platinum. Made from a fine blend of slow burning, smooth tasting tobacco pulp, the Platinum range are possibly the most fragrant blunts we’ve ever come across. Available in flavours from Chocolate to Champagne or Apple Martini, each blunt is individually packaged to ensure perfect freshness and condition.


So, what are you waiting for? Turn up the Gangsta Rap on the beatbox, phone your favourite Homie and kick back with one of the huge range of blunts, wraps and tubes from today!

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20 Feb

God-Like Thorinder Herb Grinders Hit The Shelves At EDIT

God-Like Thorinder Herb Grinders Hit The Shelves At EDIT

For lightning fast grinding of your favourite herbs and spices, is proud to launch the Thorinder Herb Grinder from After Grow.

Thorinder Herb Grinder by After Grow

Inspired by Thor, the hammer-wielding, Norse God of thunder, the Thorinder Grinder really is the stuff of legends!

Thorinder Herb Grinder by After Grow

Designed to withstand the most serious punishment, this 4-part magnetic grinder is made from anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel and is beautifully decorated with flashes of electric blue lightning bolts. At 62mm in diameter the Thorinder is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs, which it will effortlessly pulverise with it’s sharp, bolt-shaped teeth.

The clear top allows the user to see the grinder in action and the lightning shaped sifting holes ensure the perfect consistency every time.

The Thorinder Herb Grinder from After Grow comes complete with a handy cleaning tool and its own stylish presentation case. A premium quality herb grinder that really ‘hammers’ the competition!

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20 Feb

Hurry! Free Shipping Offer Ends Today

Free Shipping Ends At 4:20pm Today

We’ve been running our free shipping promotion since Valentine’s Day. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of this great offer to make massive savings on their orders over the last week. Sadly, our promotion must now come to an end, but fear not, EDIT-Heads – you still have until 4:20pm today to place an order and benefit from our free shipping offer.

The offer applies to orders over the following values:         

219 for free shipping to the rest of the world

£45 for free 1st class delivery within the U.K

$299 for free 2-day shipping to the U.S.

For even greater savings, why not team up our free shipping offer with one of the many products that are heavily discounted in our winter sale?


We’re thrilled to be able to offer this beautiful range of Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipes from GingerELA. All are now available with a HUGE 42% discount, saving you a whopping £150.00.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome WaterpipeGingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

The supremely talented GingerELA is revered in the world of glassware for her craftsmanship, bold colours and stunning switchback designs. We have three of GingerELA’s oil dome waterpipes featured in our winter sale. Each is handmade in quality borosilicate glass, and each features beautifully worked, coloured switchback designs and three decorated marbles along the side of the piece. These stemless oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are worthy of a prominent spot in the display of any collector, but are also great for everyday use. The oil domes fit into standard 18.8mm ground joints. Smoke moves down the arm of the stemless pieces into the bottle-shaped chamber that holds a 5-hole diffuser for perfect smoke dispersion. The elegant mouthpiece is tilted back for ease of use.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

These stemless glass oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are exquisite examples from a true master glassblower. Save £150 in the winter sale, and free shipping if you order before 4:20 today.

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18 Feb

More New Products Hit The Shelves At

More New Products Hit The Shelves At

Here at EDIT, we like to pride ourselves on offering the very best products on the market at the very best prices.

We believe that our new range that has just hit the shelves today does exactly that.
With new product lines from a variety of manufacturers, we think we’ve got something for everyone.

Titanium Adjustable Nail by G-Spot Glass GR2

We have new glass oil domes and oil dome holders from RooR, loads of new oil rig adapters and nails from G-Spot Glass and a HUGE new range of glass bubblers, spoon pipes and hammer bubblers from Inferno.


Uluru Glass Bubber by Inferno

And that’s not all! Some of these new lines have been included in our winter sale for even greater value, and our free shipping offer is still running for another few days, so why not grab a bargain today?

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28 Jan

Trove – Greenwizard Smoking Capsule



TROVE is the “ALL in ONE” smoking lifestyle accessory.  The TROVE conveniently carries and protects all your smoking essentials in one neat tidy capsule. With its slick design the TROVE is fully watertight, smell proof and has a built in grinder accessory which is a very strong and robust design.

The trove storage box can hold 6 cigarettes, a package of papers and also has a large storage space at the bottom.

This is the perfect product for though’s who like camping or festivals and even though’s you would just like somewhere nice to keep all there smoking accessries in one place.

trove-grinder-storage-case        trove-grinder-storage-case-b


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20 Dec

Atmos Vaporizer collection

They started with one but they were so popular now they have had to create a whole range of products to suit the needs of their ever increasing customer base and now they have added 5 more products to their collection.

The Atmos Vaporizer collection is the pinnacle of the portable vaporizer seen, they have produced an elite range of products to suit the needs of everyone and anyone.

Atmos Ole VaporizerAtmos Raw Junior VaporizerAtmos Raw Thermo VaporizerAtmos Bullet2Go Vaporizer - Silver

They are small and stealthy in size and fit nicely in your pocket. They also come with a long lasting battery so you will never have a problem with it running out on you while you are out and about.

Every Atmos Vaporizer comes with everything you need to get going including a cleaning tool, charger, glass gauze and manual. All you have to do is put it on charge for a couple of hours and you can do that just by plugging it in to your laptop. It couldn’t be easier…

The Atmos Vaporizer comes in a variety of different colours and a variety of different prices to suit everyone’s personality’s and prices ranges.

-Atmos Raw
-Atmos Raw junior
-Atmos Ole
-Atmos Thermo
-Atmos Bullet 2 Go

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