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27 Jun

Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipes For Herbal Aromatherapy

The EDIT shelves are bulging with new products at the moment; yesterday we launched the new Cloud 2.0 vaporizer pen which won Best vaporizer at the US Cannabis Cup in Denver in April.  Today, we’re proud to launch these amazing new vaporizer pipes from Vapor Genie.

Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe-Green

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is specially designed for vaporizing dried, herbal aromatherapy blends as opposed to The Cloud 2.0 which is for waxy concentrates and honeys.

Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe-BlueVapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe-RedVapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe-Oak

The Vapor Genie pipe is a genuinely well-made product.  The top and bottom of the pipe are made from quality maple wood, coated in a lead-free, acrylic paint.  The paint is not applied to any part of the pipe’s interior, ensuring that your vapour stays pure and untainted.  The working components inside the pipe are made from stainless steel for great durability.

Vapor Genie Classic Vaporizer Pipe-Green

The Vapor Genie is used like any conventional pipe – Place your tobacco substitute in the bowl, light up and enjoy.  However, the Vapor Genie has a trick up its sleeve; the innovative ‘flame filter’ inside the pipe mixes the heat from the flame with cooler, ambient air to produce a vaporization ‘sweet-spot’ temperature of between 225-375 degrees Fahrenheit which will vaporize your herbs rather than burn them.  This releases all the goodness from the product such as flavours, terpenes and oils without the bowl ever reaching combustion temperature.  This means that the vapour you inhale is free from tar, carcinogens and particulates that are present in regular smoke from cigarettes or herbal cheroots.

The ‘flame filter’ is made from a ceramic material – silicon carbide which is a similar material to that used in bulletproof vests.  Needless to say, it is extremely durable and will provide a lifetime of service with little, if any, cleaning required.

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is available now from at just £37.95 in your choice of colours, with our famous price match guarantee and same day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm (GMT).  A great value portable vape, ideal for enjoying all your favourite smoking blends while you’re on the move.

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26 Jun

Cloudpen 2.0 Wins Denver Cannabis Cup ‘Best Vap’ Gong

The Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen is the successor to the original Cloud Vape developed by Cloudpenz.

Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen

Designed for the easy vaporization of waxy oils and concentrates, the Cloud 2.0 is a compact, hand-held vaporizer, optimized for discretion and subtlety.  At just over 4 inches in length the Cloud 2.0 can be taken with you wherever you go and stored in a pocket or handbag until needed.  Perfect for summer days at festivals or use on a night out.




In April 2014, the Cloud 2.0 won 1st place in the ‘Best Vaporizer’ category at the US Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado.  The competition judges were particularly impressed with the Cloud 2.0 battery.  While vapping technology has advanced greatly in recent times, facilitating amazingly scientific vaporizers with intricate systems and clever mechanics, battery technology appears to have remained stuck somewhere in the mid 1980’s.  Not so, however, with the Cloud 2.0; the battery will fully charge from flat in approximately 45 minutes and a single full charge will power your vap all day, even with heavy usage.

Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen

Each Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen comes as a complete kit which includes the advanced lithium ion battery, micro usb charger, US wall plug, atomizer, funnel atomizer, mouthpiece + 5 silicone covers, user manual, and a Cloud mini dabbing tool for packing the vap.  All this is packaged in a robust, zip up travel case with a funky cloud design.

The Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen is available now from with same-day shipping and our famous, Price Match guarantee.

**Please be aware that the Cloud 2.0 Vaporizer Pen is NOT suitable for vaporizing flowers, tobacco or any form of dried herbal blend – if you wish to vaporize flowers, please see our range of other portable vaporizers for a suitable product.

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25 Jun

Authentic American Christina Cody Glass Prices Slashed

Christina Cody is one of a number of high-end glass artists that have emerged from Southern California in recent years.  Her beautiful pipes and slides are hand-made, by the lady herself, from the finest American glass.

For a limited time only, we are offering HUGE discounts on authentic Christina Cody smoking products, giving you, our beloved EDIT-Heads, a chance to add one of these remarkable artisan pieces to your collection for a bargain price.

Cody - Dry Shell Horned PipeCody - Dry Shell Horned Pipe

This gorgeous Dry Shell Horned Pipe is exquisitely crafted using high quality borosilicate glass.  The pipe is shaped to resemble a seashell, adorned with clear glass spines or spikes which decorate the pipe, but also act as balance points, meaning the pipe can be displayed from a variety of different angles.  The main body of the pipe is decorated with an eye-catching blue-green coloured glass which swirls hypnotically under the surface of the pipe.  The pipe is, of course, fully functional as a smoking piece as well as a display piece and incorporates a bowl, carb hole and smooth, tapered mouthpiece.  This stunning hand-made glass pipe is available now with a massive 51% saving, for the bargain price of £49.36 – while stocks last.  Don’t miss your chance to pick up this highly collectable heady glass piece for a fraction of the listed price.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Desert IslandChristina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Desert Island

The Christina Cody Sherlock pipes have been exceptionally popular with our glass-collecting customers.  This turquoise or aquamarine Sherlock is again, hand-made by Cody herself from the finest American borosilicate glass.  The pipe is elaborately decorated with a cartoon-style image of a desert island around the bowl which fades into the ocean-blue colouring of the rest of the pipe.  Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the Desert Island Sherlock is the fused infinity marble on the side with its mesmerising swirls of yellow, white and blue glass.  This stunning pipe will be equally at home in everyday use as it will be as part of your wider display of artisan glass smoking equipment.  Available now with a bumper 49% discount, bringing this Sherlock in at just £112.88, which also includes free worldwide shipping!  An amazing offer that is sure to be popular with glass connoisseurs.

All our Cody glass is unique, hand-made work, and as such is in limited supply.  Once these offers are gone, they are gone forever.  Don’t miss out – order today from – The world’s number one headshop.

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23 Jun

Keep It Fresh With 420 Glass Stash Jars

Keeping your legal herbal smoking blends as fresh as the day you got them is an eternal struggle for the smoking enthusiast.

There are many solutions out there on the market, from vacuum baggies through to sealable plastic containers and all have their merits.

However, the real connoisseur knows that there really is no substitute for a genuine 420 glass stash jar.

420 Classic Jar - Herb420 Classic Jar - Herb

Made to exacting standards in the USA, the 420 stash jars are made from thick glass and come with a tough glass lid featuring a rubber seal which creates an airtight vacuum inside the jar when placed on top.  This keeps the contents fresh, ready for use when you need them most.

420 Classic Jar - Let's Bake

420 jars are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you can always find the right tone to suit your style.

Amber 420 Jars - Write & Erase (Hello My Strain Is...)

As well as the classic glass pop-top jars, 420 also produce a range of screw top, amber glass jars which provide extra protection against UV rays.  This is particularly handy if you are prone to leaving your herbs on a shelf that gets a lot of sunlight, as this can dry out and damage the herbs inside.  The range of amber jars are available in a variety of sizes to ideally suit your purposes.

420 UV Jars - Concentrate

Finally, in keeping with the surge in popularity of waxy oils and concentrates, 420 have produced these stylish UV concentrate jars.  The glass jars feature a screw top lid to seal in the freshness and the dark glass prevents any degradation of your precious sticky from the sun’s rays.  The concentrate jars will prevent any visible light from penetrating the jar and interfering with your concentrates and the airtight lids keep smells and freshness securely locked inside.  Available in 4 different sizes and simply labelled ‘concentrate’ to help you pick out the right jar from your shelf.

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20 Jun

Rad’s New Vaporizer Looks A Smart Choice

Smoking dried herbs through a vaporizer has become a very popular method among herb connoisseurs in recent years.  The benefits of using a vaporizer or vap rather than conventional smoking methods such as herbal cigarettes or bongs are well documented.  Vaporization is the process of heating the legal smoking herbs to a temperature just below that of combustion.  That means that your herbs are not set alight or burnt, so there is no smoke, no toxic carcinogens or particulates, just pure vapour containing the natural taste and goodness of your favourite herbal blends.  Selection of World Class Vaporizers

There are many different types of vaporizers on the market, and predictably, some are better than others. has a huge selection to choose from, featuring vaps in all shapes and sizes with prices to suit every pocket.

Smart Portable Vaporizer by Rad

The Smart vaporizer is the latest portable vape to hit the shelves at EDIT, and it’s a great new addition to our range.  This discreet, compact vaporizer is ideal for enjoying the flavours of your favourite herbs while you’re out and about.  Featuring an astonishingly simple one-button operating system, the Smart is extremely easy to use: Fill the chamber with your chosen, ground-up herbs, rapidly click the silver button 5 times to switch the unit on – this prevents the vape from being switched on accidently in a pocket or by being sat on etc.  A further single click of the button during the heating process cycles through the Smart’s 3 temperature settings.  The LED temperature indicator will let you know when the Smart is ready to be used – red indicates 360F, green means the temperature is at 380F and at the maximum setting of 420F the light glows blue.  The adjustable temperature means the Smart is a very efficient piece of kit – you can vape all of the goodness from your herbs with almost zero wastage.  You’ll use much less plant matter in a vaporizer than you would with a conventional herbal cigarette.  The Smart’s advanced lithium battery is fully rechargeable and provides well over an hour’s continuous vapping from a single charge.

The Smart is also an extremely lightweight vap, so it can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use.

Smart Portable Vaporizer by Rad

Each Smart vaporizer from Rad comes as a complete kit and includes 5 spare rubber mouthpieces, 5 spare gauzes, a cleaning brush, instruction manual and a USB charger.  The whole thing is neatly packed in a sleek presentation box which would make an ideal gift.

Available today in classic black or wine red with our famous price match guarantee at an unbeatable £89.95.

Our enormous, full range of vaporizers and vapping accessories can be found here.  All the biggest name brands at the best prices available anywhere – guaranteed.

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19 Jun

No Goo Silicone Dishes – Take The Icky Out Of Sticky

We’ve been expanding our range of concentrate-related products recently in response to the ever increasing popularity of the dabbing scene and the demand for quality, specialized tools and equipment to make the whole process of dealing with sticky oils and waxy concentrates infinitely less difficult.

Today, we focus on these new, non-stick silicone dishes and containers from No Goo that have just landed on the EDIT shelves:

No Goo Non Stick ContainersNo Goo Non Stick Containers

The No Goo Non Stick Containers are made from platinum-cured, food grade silicone making them non-toxic, odourless and heat resistant up to 450 degrees.  The containers come in packs of five of assorted colours so you can keep your collection of waxes and honeys nicely organised.

The platinum curing gives makes the surfaces of the containers completely non-stick, so you can effortlessly extract all of your product from the tub, without wastage.  These silicone containers close securely and even bounce when dropped!  The perfect storage solution for the oil enthusiast.

No Goo Non Stick Deep TrayNo Goo Non Stick Goo DishNo Goo Non Stick Round Plate

This range of non-stick silicone dishes from No Goo are made from the same platinum-cured silicone as the other containers to ensure you get to keep 100% of your sticky product.  There are three different sized dishes in this range – the standard No Goo dish, the round, No Goo plate and for larger quantities of stickiness, the No Goo non-stick deep tray.  Each is perfectly moulded for ease of use and the food grade silicone is odourless and non-toxic, so you can dab with confidence.

Our range of concentrate dabbers and utensils is also coming along nicely, with a huge range of implements in glass, stainless steel and titanium to choose from across a wide range of prices to suit every pocket.  Keep eyes on our ‘New Additions’ section of the site for more new concentrate products coming soon.  You can also follow us on Twitter – @EDIT_Tweets or on our Facebook page –

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12 Jun

Massive Savings On Vaporizers

Vaporization is rapidly becoming the connoisseurs preferred method of enjoying their favourite herbal smoking blends.  The benefits are numerous; vapour is cleaner than smoke, so there are less carcinogens in what you inhale, the herbs go further than if conventionally smoked in a cigarette or pipe, the familiar, pungent aroma is much reduced and crucially, you taste the flavours of the herbs much more intensely without the goodness being masked by the taste of paper or tobacco.

Selection of World Class Vaporizers

So what’s the catch, I hear you ask?  Well, traditionally, vaporizers are not cheap.  Even a mediocre model can set you back much more than a decent bong or an old-skool chillum.  The technology is still being refined and as such, can get more than a little expensive.

A Range Of Pocket Vaporizers

Fear not though, folks!  That’s what we’re here for!  We’ve put together a range of great quality vaporizers and slapped huge reductions on the prices to help you, our beloved EDIT-Heads get in on the vapour action without having to break the bank, or worse, resort to inferior products.  All these vaporizers are good quality and have passed the EDIT test for usability.  All benefit from our famous Price Match Guarantee and anything over £99 includes free shipping!

Ascent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinciAscent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinci

The DaVinci Ascent – In our opinion this is the best portable vaporizer currently available – and we’ve seen a LOT!  This is the only portable vap with a full glass-on-glass vapour pathway which means the vapour has a much purer flavour.  The digital OLED control is programmable and allows the user to set the precise oven temperature to ensure maximum utilisation of your herbs and minimum wastage.  The Ascent can also be used with oils and concentrates – a versatile, well-engineered vape that has all the important stuff in spades:  taste, discretion, portability, looks, build quality and now, price!  We will not be beaten on price for this vaporizer – Now available with a £35 discount, the DaVinci Ascent is just £167.95 / $260.32 / €203.22 with FREE shipping.

Atmos Raw VaporizerAtmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos RAW vaporizer pen is a sleek, pocket vape made from medical grade stainless steel, designed for vaporizing dried herbal blends.  The ceramic heating chamber gently heats your herbs to the point just before combustion, ensuring a healthier, smoother hit without any carcinogens.  The discreet nature of the Atmos RAW makes it ideal for use on the go; take it to festivals, summer beer gardens or simply enjoy on your travels.  Available from EDIT now with a massive 45% discount, bringing this premium quality vap in at just £64.94 / $100.67 / €78.59.

Vapman Classic Handmade Swiss Vapouriser

Contrary to what the name might suggest, The Vapman is not our new favourite Superhero, but a quality wooden vaporizer made to exacting standards by woodworking boffins in Switzerland.  The simple yet, exquisitely engineered design features a gold plated heating chamber which is heated with the included Jet Flame lighter.  The vap is then ready for use in around 7 seconds, providing a thick, tasty lungful of vapour with none of the drawbacks of conventional smoke.  The whole thing comes packaged in a purpose built egg-shaped container that can be slipped into a pocket or handbag.  The Vapman is a big, big favourite here at EDIT, and we urge you to try it.  Available now for under £100 with our price match guarantee and free shipping.

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9 Jun

Grind Like A Boss With EDIT’s Range Of Herb Grinders

The smoker’s grinder is perhaps the most trusted accessory in the box.  A good one will provide many years of service, pulverising your herbs and tobacco blends into powdery goodness, ready for rolling.

Space Case Grinder/SifterClassic Grinders - AcrylicRotary Crank Herb Grinders

Here at EDIT, we understand that every smoker has his or her particular preference when it comes to grinders – from small to giant, acrylic to titanium, 2-piece up to 5-piece, manual or battery powered – whatever your grinder of choice, we have it here for you; all under our price match guarantee with same day dispatch if you order before 4:20pm.

Easyleaf Electric Grinder - Shock Proof

The Easyleaf Electric Grinder takes all the effort out of your daily grind.  Equipped with a 9v motor, the Easyleaf rapidly spins its blades to reduce even the toughest plant matter to a fine powder suitable for immediate use or future compression.  The secret to the Easyleaf grinder’s ease of use is it’s use of centrifugal forces which separate the finely ground herbs from the lighter, dusty residue.  The herbs drop through the rotors into a designated chamber, while the dusty residue collects in the machine’s lid.  A superb, auto grinder ideal for those who find the grinding process difficult or strenuous, or those who just want to do it like a boss!

Thorinder Herb Grinder by After GrowThorinder Herb Grinder by After Grow

When showcasing our range of grinders, we simply have to include the all-conquering Thorinder from After Grow.  In it’s short time on the EDIT shelves the Thorinder has rocketed into our top-sellers list.  As the name suggests, the Thorinder is inspired by the Norse God of thunder, Thor.  The 4-part herb grinder is made from premium quality anodized aluminium and stainless steel.  At a heroic 62mm across, the Thorinder is one of the larger grinders we offer and is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs and tobacco, which the razor-sharp, lightning bolt shaped teeth will pulverise into the perfect consistency.  The Thorinder features a clear top, so you can see the magic happening in real time.  Each grinder comes packaged in a cool presentation box, complete with a nifty cleaning tool.

These are just two of the many, many grinders we offer at – we have grinders of all shapes and sizes with prices to suit every pocket.  Browse our full collection HERE and choose the right grinder for you.

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6 Jun

Bag Yourself A Bargain In EDIT’s Clearance Sale

Wow, we are good to you aren’t we, EDIT-Heads?  Check out the massive range of discounted products now available in our massive clearance sale.


We’ve slashed our already low prices on hundreds of different products with savings of up to 70% on selected lines.

So now’s the time to pick up that new vaporizer you’ve been drooling over, or treat yourself to that new glass bong you and your buddies have been talking about.  These savings are available for a limited time and while stocks last, so don’t delay order today with same day shipping on orders before 4:20pm and our amazing Price Match Guarantee.

GingerELA Stemless Oil Dome WaterpipeGingerELA Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipe

This stunning Stemless Oil Dome Water Pipe by GingerELA currently has a 42% saving, bringing the price down from £350 to just £200.  GingerELA is a celebrated, American lampworker specialising in artisan glass smoking pipes with intricate switchback designs.  This particular piece features an elaborately decorated oil dome which fits into the 18.8mm ground joint.  The bottle-style chamber of the pipe features three glass marbles fused to the side.  The marbles all contain beautiful, ethereal switchback designs in keeping with the theme of the piece.  All the glass used is premium quality, American borosilicate glass – superbly durable and heat-resistant and extremely sought after.  A very special art glass water pipe that is suitable for everyday use or as an eye-catching display piece.  42% discount and free shipping?  What more could you ask for?

Volcano Vaporiser Digital

The Volcano Vaporizer is the undisputed king of all table-top vaps.  You haven’t really vaped until you’ve had a blast of this bad boy.  The Volcano surged in popularity after comedian, Doug Benson used one in his hilarious mockumentary, Super High Me.  The Volcano collects vapour in a large polythene balloon which can then be removed and inhaled.  Each full balloon offers between 3-6 hits – the valve on the balloon means the vapour does not escape, so you can pass the balloon around to your buddies – an ideal party vaporizer.

The digital model of the Volcano has a digital display and controls which allow you to set the exact vaporization temperature, this means that your herbs can be heated to precisely the optimum temperature to release all the tasty goodness without ever reaching combustion point.  The Volcano arguably offers the safest, cleanest way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends without any of the particulates or carcinogens normally associated with smoking.  The Volcano Digital is available now, discounted down to our best EVER price – just £399.00 with same day shipping if ordered before 4:20pm and FREE delivery.

These are just two of the great clearance deals currently on offer.  Our clearance section has the whole range with unbeatable offers on a wide range of smoking paraphernalia.

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5 Jun

Heady Glass From Across The Pond

We love our glass here at EDIT – nothing else gives quite the same taste and purity of flavour which is why we stock our huge range of glass bongs, pipes, bubblers and slides, sourced from all over the world.

Today, we focus on our range of American art glass from some of the most celebrated artists in the US.

30cm Inline Concentrate Bubbler by Headdies Glass

This 30cm Inline Concentrate Bubbler from Headdies Glass is purpose made for enjoying your favourite waxy oils and concentrates.  The scientific glass bubbler features a slightly angled mouthpiece allowing you to enjoy this piece from a relaxed, reclined position – the neck tapers inwards slightly towards the chamber meaning you could introduce a couple of ice cubes into the mix to cool the action down.  The silky smooth vapour produced by this bubbler comes courtesy of the stemless, inline slit diffuser which breaks the smoke or vapour up giving it the milky texture that today’s connoisseurs demand.  This Headdies Bubbler comes complete with a medical-grade titanium ladle for handling your sticky stuff.  The bowl is a standard size and requires no gauze.  The whole, stunning piece is finished with a 22-carat gold Headdies logo down the length of the mouthpiece.  A genuine American art glass piece imported exclusively by EDIT for our beloved EDIT-Heads.  Available now with free shipping.

Hops Inline Glass Bong - Human HeartHops Inline Glass Bong - Human Heart

The Human Heart Inline Glass Bong from Hops features an incredibly intricate inline percolator system that was pioneered by Hops himself.  The water pipe stands 390mm tall atop a robust circular base.  The whole piece is made from the finest quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass making it incredibly tough and durable.  This stemless bong has a gauzeless slide that fits the 14.5mm joint perfectly.  Smoke from the bowl feeds into the inline perc which breaks it up for unbeatable smoothness before it is fired into your lungs through the tall, straight tube.  The bong is decorated with a sand-blasted image of a human heart and the famous Hops logo in red.  Hops glass is very sought after due to its unquestionable beauty and the maker’s superb innovation.  Available now from EDIT with free shipping.

VoorheesSteve Gelb Mini Tube with Inline PercolatorFreeek - Freeek Tube

These are just a couple of examples of from our full range of American Glass – browse our complete collection and find the perfect piece for you.

All-American Glass exclusive to EDIT – Accept no substitutes.

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