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14 Jan

EDIT Welcomes Grav Labs Glass To The Party

We have for you another outstanding company on board here at EDIT. Grav Labs produce some of the most stunning and durable pieces of glass smoking accessories we now have the pleasure of presenting to you.

Grav Labs Gold

Founded in Austin, Texas back in 2004, this highly talented group of lampworkers bring you some of the finest bongs, waterpipes, bubblers and many other products and accessories you will ever lay your hands on.

Grav Labs - Inject Bubbler With Smoke Horn Accents - Grav Gold Collection

As you would expect from an American glass company, only the finest high-quality borosilicate glass is used in the making of their products, giving them a high resistance to heat and incredible durability. You can rest assured the all-American glass pieces made by Grav Labs are of the highest quality, with the right care these can last an entire lifetime if you so wish.

Grav Labs - Frit Disc Bubbler Smoke Accents - Grav Gold Collection

We here are EDIT are excited to have Grav Labs on board, with some of the finest borosilicate glass products the USA has to offer, and we are sure they are going to be big-sellers. Those who know Grav Labs, know of their high quality and the great performance achieved through their intricate scientific designs.

The selection of bubblers on offer will be the first of many from the Grav Lab gang, with many more to roll out in the future; exciting times ahead with these products.

Grav Labs - Sprocket Disc Perc Bubbler Aqua Accents - Grav Gold Collection

They use over 30 of the most highly skilled glass-blowers in the industry with production techniques that aim to give each individual product the best possible performance, and their hard work certainly pays off.  If it has the Grav Lab logo stamped on it you are sure of an experience the smoking connoisseur can fully appreciate.

All of the Grav Labs products we have on offer have free shipping so take advantage before these bad boys sell out.

So, get ordering today and get your hands on some of America’s finest glassware from one of the worlds most renowned brands of glass producers in the industry.

As always here at EDIT we offer same-day shipping and our famous price-match guarantee.

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9 Jan

EDIT Takes Aim With All New Hitman Glass Range

We’re only a few days into 2015 and already the new products are flooding the EDIT shelves.  Today we bring you this stunning new range of scientific, American glass from California-based Hitman Glass. Hitman Glass

Featuring innovative, complex designs made from the highest quality American borosilicate glass, Hitman glass water pipes are high-end concentrate rigs, built to a superb standard by connoisseurs, for connoisseurs.

We first saw Hitman Glass up close when we flew over to the States for the CHAMPS expo last year.  As soon as our buyers laid eyes on this stunning range of glass oil rigs, we knew we had to make it available on EDIT.  A deal was quickly arranged, and here it is in all its glory:

Hitman Glass - Baby Turbine Sundae Cup Oil Rig With Black Lip

The Baby Turbine Sundae Cup Oil Rig was one of the first Hitman pieces that really caught our eye.  Designed to resemble a mini ice cream sundae glass, this purpose made concentrate rig comes complete with a custom glass vapour dome that snugly fits it’s smaller 10mm connection.  The whole piece stands just 14cm in height, but don’t let that fool you, EDIT-Heads – this beauty packs a real punch.  The Sundae Cup is equipped with the spectacular Turbine Brilliance Percolator – an ingenious device that creates a swirling cyclone of water when you hit the pipe.  The water rises up around the inside of the chamber and rapidly cools the oil vapour before it reaches the flared mouthpiece.  This incredibly efficient percolation system ensures that this stunning oil bubbler provides the user with smooth, cool, flavoursome vapour every single time.  The Baby Turbine Sundae Cup is finished with a series of eye-catching Hitman logos in bold orange and black print.  A beautiful glass rig that will be the envy of all your smoking buddies.

Hitman Glass - Baby Orbit Recycler Oil Rig

The Baby Orbit Recycler Oil Rig looks like it has come straight from a spaceship.  The intricate design creates a carefully engineered pathway for air, vapour and water that produces the coolest, smoothest hit you could wish for.  When you hit the pipe from the ergonomic, flared mouthpiece, the fixed barrel percolator begins aerating and bubbling, forcing water up from the bottom chamber which cools the vapour rapidly.  The water continues to exert it’s cooling effect up into the top chamber, before gravity takes effect and dumps the water back down into the bottom chamber again to restart the cycle.  The Baby Orbit Recycler Oil Rig is purpose made for use with sticky oils and extracts – it comes complete with a 10mm female oil dome which will snugly fit over a nail and onto the 10mm joint.  This beautiful, artistic rig is a glass collector’s dream – top quality workmanship, spectacular, scientific action and beautiful, aesthetic design.  Ideal for everyday use, or as part of a glass collection on display.

Hitman Glass - Phase 2 Mini Beaker BongHitman Glass - Phase 2 Tiny Side Car Bubbler Oil RigHitman Glass - Fresh Tech Double Barrel Recycler Oil Bubbler

Our full range of Hitman Glass features a number of variations on the above two products as well as including beaker bongs and sidecar bubblers.  Order your Hitman Glass rig from EDIT today or FREE SHIPPING, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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5 Jan

Best Ever Savings With EDIT’s GOSH January Sale

Well, EDIT-Heads, Christmas is now behind us and the beardy man has gone back North to refill his sack ready for next time.  GOSH Sale

Here at EDIT HQ we are having a HUGE clearance sale to make room for all the new stock which will be arriving throughout 2015.

Our January GOSH sale stands for Great Offers Start Here and EDIT-Heads – this is no joke.  This is easily the biggest sale we have ever launched, featuring hundreds and hundreds of products including vaporizers, glass pipes, tubes and bongs, grinders, shishas and much more, all with massive savings:

15" Beaker Glass Bongs by Headdies

This 15” Beaker Bong from Headdies is made in the USA from premium quality borosilicate glass.  Featuring an integrated diffuser, ice notches and a 22 carat GOLD Headdies logo, this is a beautiful bong, fit for any connoisseur.  Right now, it’s just £45.85 in the GOSH sale – a saving of 52%!

JT-2 Scales - 350

These large digital scales are capable of weighing up to 350g loads with incredible accuracy.  Ideal for the kitchen or for jewellery.  Right now, we are offering a 43% saving on these pans, saving you £18.19!  Order today before we sell out.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Lady With Necklace

This glass Sherlock pipe from U.S. lampworker, Christina Cody is now better than half price at just £112.18.  Cody’s glass pieces are highly prized in the States for their unique designs and incredible quality.  Here’s your chance to grab one at an unbelievable price.

The entire GOSH section contains all of our discounted products in one place.  Feel free to browse – you’re sure to find yourself a bargain.  And remember; you still get same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee on every purchase and FREE shipping on orders over £99.

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23 Dec

Straight Outta Compton! All-American Grinders New To EDIT

As the new products continue to land here at EDIT HQ, today we focus on this stunning range of aluminium herb grinders from Compton Grinders.

Made in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminium, the Compton Grinder is built for heavy duty performance in the hands of a connoisseur smoker.

Compton Grinders - 4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 50mm Gold

The new range features large 4-part grinders measuring 62mm in diameter – large enough to deal with huge amounts of herbs and tobacco blends.  We also have the slightly smaller 50mm model which is ideal for the solo smoker.

Compton Grinders - 4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 62mm Blue

Each Compton Grinder is precision made to maximise grinding efficiency; even the spacing of the razor sharp, diamond teeth has been refined to produce the best possible results for the minimum effort.  Compton themselves say the grinders produce the perfect “West Coast Cut” every time.

The grinding action is smoothed out thanks to the Teflon grade ‘O-rings’ – subtle bands around the edge of the grinder that provide a silky smooth action and completely eliminates all metal-on-metal friction.

Compton Grinders - 4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 50mm Red

The grinders are held together with a rare earth Neodymium magnet – the strongest available.  This creates a secure seal ensuring you don’t lose the grinder’s contents if you store it in a pocket or purse.

A Compton Grinder comes complete with a screen remover tool.  This allows you to detach the stainless steel micron screen for cleaning purposes, or to replace it completely.

The grinders are available in a variety of colours, which are created using an advanced electrochemical process that gives each Compton Grinder its smooth anodized finish.

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18 Dec

Last Chance For Free Shipping

Our amazing FREE SHIPPING offer has been running for almost a week and will end at close of business tomorrow, 19th December.


Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible offer for free shipping worldwide on all order from the site.

Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer

Whether it’s that sexy new vaporizer you’ve been eyeing up, or a new glass waterpipe as a festive gift for a friend, you simply cannot go wrong ordering your smoking accessories and supplies from EDIT, the world’s largest headshop.

Roor Tech - Micro Slugger Oil Rig 10 Arm Percolator - White / BlackFirefly Portable Vaporizer - RedMagic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer - Walnut

Take a look at our Latest Additions section which groups all the new products that have recently arrived on the EDIT shelves.  We have exclusive products from US-made Roor Tech, featuring tubes, bubblers and bongs with scientific percolators, recyclers and diffusers.  Our buying team have sourced the very latest portable vaporizers including US imports like the Firefly and Haze vaporizers, as well as a full range of themed vaporizer pens from Grenco Science.

For the 7:10 crew we have top quality ceramic concentrate nails from Hive Ceramics, or check out the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box from Magic Flight (makers of the ever-popular Launch Box).


Also, join us on Facebook for details of our Countdown to Christmas promotion:  each day we apply a MASSIVE discount to one selected product which lasts for just one day.

726x208 Xmas Giveaway

Don’t forget – every order placed on EDIT throughout December gains automatic entry to our huge Christmas giveaway, where one lucky winner, drawn at random, will win our amazing £2k+ prize package made up of over 30 different products from all over the site.

It’s already shaping up to be a holiday season to remember – make it extra special with a gift from EDIT.  As usual, all orders before 4:20pm (GMT) are shipped same-day and you still get our famous price match guarantee.  Merry Christmas, EDIT-Heads, from everyone at your favourite online headshop.

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11 Dec

Free Shipping On EVERYTHING For One Week Only

The incredible offers just keep coming, EDIT-Heads!


Yet again, we’re giving you unbeatable value and offering FREE worldwide shipping on all orders for one week only.

E-Livi8 Portable Vaporizer

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to that sexy new vaporizer, or contemplating buying a new glass tube as a Christmas gift, then now is the time to take the plunge!

Roor Tech - Double Recycler Bong - Black

Huge savings are also available on selected products in our Countdown to Christmas promotion.  Each morning (9AM GMT), the EDIT Elves select ONE product and give it a HUGE discount for one day only.  Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page ( or our Twitter feed @EDIT_Tweets for details of the discounted product of the day!

Additionally, every single order placed in December gains automatic entry into our HUGE Christmas prize draw for a chance to win our £2K+ prize bundle made up of over 30 awesome products from every corner of the site.

With all these fantastic festive deals, it’s no wonder the competition can’t keep up with EDIT.  Spread the word and tell your friends about the superb value on offer at the world’s largest headshop.

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10 Dec

The Latest New Products, The Keenest Prices, The World’s Largest Headshop

What a Christmas this is shaping up to be, EDIT-Heads!  We have so much to tell you about, we hardly know where to begin:

Here at EDIT HQ the shelves are bowing under the weight of all our brand new products.  The EDIT elves are busy, beavering away and packing all your parcels of goodies ready for same-day dispatch.

Orders over £99 – UK / $249 – US or €179 – EU qualify for FREE shipping and we now offer 2-day shipping to the USA, door-to-door with a fully trackable courier service – this even includes pre-customs clearance while your package is on the airplane – no more hold-ups at customs, you’ll receive your order quicker than you can say “in a New York minute.”


Our latest new products include a huge range of scientific glass tubes and bongs from RooR Tech.  Available exclusively from EDIT in the UK, the RooR Tech range features American-made glass smoking apparatus featuring percolators, diffusers, recyclers and more.  This is American styling, with all the quality you have come to expect from RooR – makers of the world’s finest bongs.

FireFly Vaporizer

We have also recently taken delivery of a new range of vaporizers, including the awesome Firefly portable vape from the USA, as well as the new Crafty and Mighty vaporizers from Storz & Bickel.  All three of these incredible new vaporizers are available from EDIT right now with free shipping, same-day dispatch, and like everything else on our site – our famous price-match guarantee.

Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer

The Christmas Countdown promotion is proving extremely popular, with one selected product MASSIVELY discounted each day during December – visit us on Facebook for the latest daily offers, and follow @EDIT_Tweets on Twitter for the latest news from EDIT HQ.

Also, don’t forget that our HUGE £2K+ Christmas giveaway is still in full effect.  Every order placed throughout December gives you automatic entry into the prize draw, where one lucky winner will win the ultimate Christmas hamper, crammed with over 30 different products from every corner of our site.  This incredible prize is by far the largest competition prize we have ever given away.  We’ll be announcing the winner of the £2K+ giveaway on 2/1/15, after the Christmas and New Year period.  Keep eyes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see if you are our lucky winner.

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5 Dec

Heaven Is A Vap Pipe – New Skate Mental Vaporizer From Grenco Science

This new vaporizer pen from Grenco Science has been developed in conjunction with Skate Mental, the iconic, Californian skateboarding brand.

The Skate Mental Vaporizer is based on Grenco’s Micro G-Pen which has been released in various different skins including this one, and the much-anticipated Snoop Dogg version.

Skate Mental - MicroG Survival Speaker Case Vaporizer

The Micro G vaporizer pen can be used with dried herbs and tobacco blends, and includes a herbal heating tank for just that purpose, however it’s truly comes into it’s own when used with sticky concentrates and oils – particularly thick, viscous oils and extracts.  The pen produces thick clouds of tasty vapour that is high is natural flavours and lower in toxins, carcinogens and particulates than regular smoke – this is a healthier way to enjoy the beautiful natural flavours and active ingredients from herbs and herbal extracts.

The Skate Mental Micro G stands out for a few reasons:  Styled in the uncompromising bright orange that is synonymous with Skate Mental, this vaporizer pen certainly nails your colours to the mast.

MicroG Survival Speaker Case Vaporizer by Grenco Science Inc.

The vape pen comes packaged with an array of tools and extras in a stunning, collectable case – again themed with Skate Mental imagery.

This special Skate Mental version of the Micro G also comes complete with a survival speaker case, allowing you to take your tunes with you wherever you may be skating or indeed, vaping.

This great quality vaporizer pen from Grenco Science comes in at well under the average price for a vaporizer of this quality and versatility.  With all the additional extras thrown in, the Skate Mental Micro G is an absolute bargain!  This is sure to be a popular choice with the skating / 7:10 community and would make an ideal Christmas gift for the skating mentalist in your life.

Order the Micro G Pen from EDIT today for same-day dispatch, our famous price match guarantee and automatic entry into our MASSIVE Christmas giveaway worth over £2,000.

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4 Dec

Lock And Load With The New DGK G-Pro Herbal From Grenco Science

Grenco Science have form for their collaborations; these are the guys who teamed up with Snoop Dogg to produce the awesome G-Pen Herbal which has retained popularity many months after the original release date.  The G-Pen gave connoisseur vapers the option to vaporize dried herbs as well as waxy oils and concentrates in the same device – the advanced technology used in Grenco’s products creates beautiful quality vapour clouds and gives vaporizer users the performance that they now demand, all packaged together in stylish, discreet designs.

DGK - G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

The new DGK G-Pro Herbal Vaporizer is, as the name suggests, a collaboration with skate / counter-culture brand, DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids).  The urban influence is immediately obvious when you look at the G-Pro herbal:  The vaporizer comes packaged in an imitation ammo crate with a range of themed accessories that all point towards a military-grade product.  The vaporizer itself and the stylish protective carry case feature a cool, camouflage design that offers stealth and discretion.

DGK - G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

If you’re looking to eschew the hazards associated with smoking, but still want to enjoy the natural flavours of herbal aromatherapy blends, then the G Pro Herbal is the vaporizer for you.  With a convection heating system that creates true vaporization in a hand-held, pen style vaporizer, the vapour you inhale from Grenco’s new creation is smooth, pure and free from carcinogens and particulates that are present in smoke.

The DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you need to start enjoying vaporizing your favourite herbal blends straight out of the box, plus a few extras such as the dog-tag style herb grinder and a selection of cleaning tools and spare screens.

The DGK G-Pro Portable Vaporizer is available from EDIT today with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.  The perfect Christmas gift for the vapour connoisseur in your life.  Order today to avoid disappointment.

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2 Dec

Firefly Vaporizer Now Available As EDIT Goes Live With UK Launch

The waiting is finally over – you can now buy the incredible Firefly portable vaporizer from EDIT – just in time for Christmas.

As soon as we saw the Firefly when we visited the USA a few months back, we knew that you EDIT-heads would love it.  We organised UK distribution – and here it is! FireFly Vaporizer

The Firefly utilises a highly advanced convection heating system which circulates hot air around your herbs or tobacco blend.  The hot air releases all the goodness and active ingredients from your herbs to produce a smooth, clean vapour that is simply bursting with flavour.  The convection system completely eliminates the possibility of combustion occurring inside the Firefly – no burning, no smoke and no nasty tastes.  Because the vapour created by convection involves no combustion, the vapour you inhale is free from carcinogens and particulates that you would normally find in smoke.  This is true vaporization in a hand-held vaporizer; healthier, cleaner and much more flavourful.

Firefly Portable Vaporizer

To accompany the high-tech vaping system, the Firefly vaporizer boasts an advanced lithium-ion battery capable of a full 50 watts of vaping power.  A full charge takes just 45 minutes from flat, and each full charges gives you around 50 puffs from the Firefly – more than enough for a couple of sessions.  The Firefly’s battery is also interchangeable; you can carry a spare battery around for extended vaping sessions while you’re out and about.

Firefly Portable Vaporizer

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Firefly is it’s beautiful, sleek appearance.  You can feel the quality when you hold the Firefly in your hand.  The magnetic top plate slides off to give access to the Firefly’s glass bowl.  After filling the bowl with your chosen vaping blend and replacing the cover, the Firefly is ready for activation:  Switch the power on and the Firefly will heat up virtually instantaneously.  When the vaporizer is ready for use, the bowl emits a hypnotic red glow which is visible through the porthole on the top of the vap.  By keeping the power button depressed, the Firefly will continue to get hotter up to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit – no more restriction from pre-set temperatures – the Firefly lets you find your own sweet spot.

The Firefly is easily among the 3 or 4 most advanced vaporizers currently available and is sure to be popular with connoisseur vapour tokers.  Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first in the UK to own this amazing new device: The Firefly is available now with free shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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