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18 Mar

Custom Hurricane Bong Giveaway!!!

Win A Hurricane Bong

 [UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner will be announced today.]


EDIT customers past and present behold your chance to win a very special, one-off Custom Hurricane bong made especially for EDIT by the Republic of Bongland. It features the old school logo sandblasted around the bong. Leafy, the old EDIT mascot, is immortalised in the design too.


Anyone wondering where Leafy has been these past couple of years, well, he's been here, trapped Han Solo like in a bong. It's the way he would have wanted to go.

Anyone wondering where Leafy has been these past couple of years, well, he's been here, trapped Han Solo like in a bong. It's the way he would have wanted to go.

All you need do is be able to prove you’re an EDIT customer (we don’t give this stuff away to just anyone, you know) with an old order number or at least some details (sent in private if necessary) that we can find your past orders with.

Then simply post a comment on this page briefly describing the best thing you have experienced while shopping at A competition for the worst thing will be coming in the future where you will get the chance to win a whole piece of old chewing gum scraped off the underside of a desk! For this one though, just the good stuff. Let us know what you have enjoyed or appreciated the most so we can keep on doing those things for you.

As it’s a very expensive prize, we will likely leave this one open for as long as possible – at least a week, perhaps more if there is a good reaction. Then we will ensure everybody is an EDIT customer past or present before deciding on a revolutionary method of random winner plucking.

Hurricane Bongs

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439 Responses to Custom Hurricane Bong Giveaway!!!

  1. dave plumley says:

    order reference: 1027939
    always top quality product free shit too boot. top mans keep up the good work

  2. Andrew says:

    The best experience I’ve had with EDIT:
    Last year I wasted a (very) large chunk of my student loan on a lovely RooR during my first year at uni. Definately stoked on the purchase, and after about 4 weeks of anxious waiting this beast turns up. I walk into the uni halls post room and there is this giant brown box towering over these lame little packages sent from other people parent’s. So I sign for this huge motherfucker with a slightly knowing grin, take it back to my room and get it out to bask in it’s everlasting glory. I’m ready to take a big rip of my favourite legal herbal blend, but first I decide to clean it, and as I do the famously super strong roor joint crumbles into my hand like a soggy Hobnob. I don’t remember my exact reaction but ancient scholars maintain I created 4 new swear words that day. Devastated I decide to wait it out and ring EDIT the next day, sure they would feel bad for me but c’mon, I didn’t have any ACTUAL proof and surely a company can’t go round replacing every insanely priced bong that gets broken? Wrong. The legends at edit totally understood and had a replacement with me within like a week, and their customer service girls sounded fiiiiine. It was ridiculously cool of them to replace it for me purely outta trust and the new aptly named ‘Rory’ is still living to this day! Long story short – edit are the fucking don! (plus now I have a ‘free’ grinder every colour of the rainbow).

    Order # = 1137956

  3. loopylis says:

    I think this edit is gr8 ive bought a few toys form here the best being my vapolution pocket vaporizer, its the best thing since sliced bread its soooo cute, it fits anywhere with its clever little bobbles in the middle so it wont burn ur finger,and the 4 boobles to sop it move around, its brill

  4. reko reko says:

    Well edit his the best shop ever, one day they forget to give me my free gift, i had sent an email, and they send me a free fift packge with many things, more just one gift, very fast shipping.

    i love edit


  5. loopylis says:

    Ive bought a few things from edit ,the best being my doody little vapolution pocket vaporizer its a amazing little all glass pipe, you can stash it anywhere its got cute little noble bobles of glass round the middle to stop you burning your fingers, and 4 little bobles at the end to stop it rolling around, its the best thing since sliced bread.

  6. Enrique G. says:

    Order #1314000
    I bought a bong, a roller, blunt papers, and joint papers. EDIT is the best.

  7. Dylan M. says:

    The service here is fantastic, and even though the products ship from over seas, i still had my new toys in under a week. Thanks EDIT!

  8. cameron says:

    # 1511896

    The thing that i enjoyed most is that when buying through EDIT, you know that your going to get the best customer service in the business. I ordered and knew my product would arrive on time no worries and it did. Thanks!

  9. Ian says:

    Most recent order number.


    Didn’t even get a wristband with my order, how sad :(

  10. ALMRHYTHM says:

    Recent Order Number: 01-240210-1479219

    I recently ordered an ehle 500, and was extremely satisfied both with the promptness of the delivery, and with the quality of the product. as well, i had a different order get lost in the mail recently, and was grateful of the customer service representative who emailed me back almost immediately and helped to work through the problem.

  11. Jan says:

    Order: 1517934

    My favorite thing about EDIT is their INSANE selection! No one else even comes close. I always tell my friends to shop here first!

    Keep up the good work – and thanks for offering this great giveaway

  12. alex says:

    hey i really love the site you have a ton of great products and everything i ordered was right so thank you for the great service and my order number was 1496313

  13. Ryan says:


    For me it’s these frequent giveaways. always seem to bring me back to the site and even if i dont win I always seem to order a new piece of glass anyway… hmmmm time to buy a new diffuser now methinks

  14. Scott Druen says:

    How do I enter the Hurricane Bong sweepstakes.

  15. Markus says:

    Love the shop. At first I only visited your site for Spice, Smoke and other smoking blends. Then I discovered the books and all the other nifty gadgets. Your prices are also super nice, I live in Sweden and basically everything in your shop is way cheaper than it would be if I ordered it from a swedish shop, and strangely enough, 9 out of 10 times your package arrives faster than the ones ordered from shops in Sweden. Great service!

    Previous order: (01-270809-1297735)

  16. Jason C says:

    I like the fair prices and the selection and photos of the products.

    Previous order: 1112244

  17. cameron says:

    My favorite is by far the Roor steam rollers.. mini and small are the BEST!.. i also love how i got a free grinder and the best tasting Joint wraps and awesome King size thin ones whenever I purchased seeds or the Roor Steam Rollers

  18. subVert says:


    It will be great if you can add some more Ethnobotanicals herbs …

  19. Stoned_Finn says:

    OrderNumber : 1225917 – 15/6/2009

    I think my cheap black leaf bong has been the best thing from edit. It has lasted me ages and cost only £17!!!

  20. Chris A says:


    I ordered from part of the WS Series. It looks great. Also got a diffuser with my bong and insline pre cooler. The colors came out great just like in the picture. Couldnt have asked for anything more perfect! Very accurate item description and great shipping. Also the customer service is great notifying us customers if anything is going wrong such as back ordered items. Which is great. Thumbs Up!

  21. Stickabu says:

    Order number:1517565
    So I just purchased some items the other day from EDIT and I’m already satisfied(been 3 days haven’t got them yet of course.) As soon as I placed my order the payment already processed. I was expecting it to take a couple days or at least a day to complete. Another thing that I love about EDIT is the variety. They have more things to choose from then I could ever know what to do with all of them. I literally spent 4 hours just trying to find something that I really wanted the most. I couldn’t decide and I had looked at maybe a quarter of the glass pieces. Also, when I was shown this shop I expected everything to be ridiculous prices and for shipping to be an arm and a leg since I’m in the US. When I saww how most things on here are cheaper than my local shop I was shocked. And shipping only cost me $2. That’s insanely cheap. I had sent a message to EDIT trying to see if my order had shipped and they responded quickly letting me know that there was no shipping with the Royal mail over the holidays. I felt stupid as I saw later on that it had been posted on there blog already but the person at EDIT didn’t give me any hard times. I can’t wait to do business with EDIT again and I know I will soon.

  22. Migal P says:

    I bought a big box of rollingpapers and a Space Case Metal Herb Grinder, the biggest one, and a stash battery and some other flavoured papers. Everyone does it has the best prices on stuff and I loved the candy I got with my order! And you get really good service, they´re just great! I live in sweden and there’s no shop with your prices here !
    Order: #1040959

  23. dope. man says:

    419 Responses to “Custom Hurricane Bong Giveaway!!!”

    hey am i 420? i like the glass and customer service

  24. Chris G. says:

    One of the best websites out their. I always enjoy checking out the merchandise
    Post # 420 gotta be worth somthin

  25. rapizadar says:

    order # 1414981
    got my order from england to australia in less than 2 weeks in a very well padded box – the mailman dropped it as he was handing it to me and it landed on the doorstep. thankfully my brand new weedstar tube was completely unharmed :)

  26. Tim says:

    419 comments… well its Easter here in the US and i really want this badass bong so i want to be the winner with the 420th comment!

    EDIT hook it up!!

  27. Benjammin says:

    Order #999565
    I remember placing my first order with EDIT. I got a beautiful pierced hole roor diffuser, and a roor carbon filter, and a handful of gong accessories. They’ve outlasted the bong i got them for.
    The roor diffuser didn’t come with the rest of the stuff, but the edit customer service took such great care of me and made sure i got the diffuser as soon as possible, as well as a few little gifts ^_^

    Thanks for being around and keeping the dream alive.
    Order #999565

  28. Stefan says:

    Order reference: 1111114 (there is two more)

    I will always remember the 60cm weed star bong i’ve bought. The half thrill was just to order it, but when it came and i blazed it up for the first time… WHOOW i just can say!! :P And there was at least 12-15 wrist bands that me and all my friends got on a whole summer. Fun as hell!!

  29. Trey says:

    Just close this already… I want it ! contest over I win !

  30. Steve says:

    Order: 673012

    For me, my fondest EDIT moment was from the first purchase i made from you guys–it was also my first bong purchase ever–. Anyways, after MONTHS of deciding which bong i was going to invest in, weighing the pros and cons of many different ones, i decided to go with the bushmaster cyclone. It seemed to be the perfect purchase to start my ever-growing glass collection. Great reviews, great price, and I REALLY wanted to see that smoke spiral! Hahah. I was especially leaning towards that one because it was the summer of my first year at uni, and i was strapped for cash, but wanted to be smoking clean. When it was all said and done, I ended up receiving the bong within THREE days i believe,(I live in Canada) so when i signed for that package, bed head and all, needless to say, I was ecstatic. As i carefully started to unwrap my squeaky new present, unloading the paraphernalia piece by piece out of the box, i noticed that one of the pieces wrapped up in bubble wrap was crushed. It was the downstem. Long story short, I emailed EDIT right away and let them know what happened, and they gladly sent me another FREE of CHARGE by next week. AMAZING customer service you guys! Keep doing what you’re doing, and ill continue to be a customer! :)

  31. Chris Tosch says:

    I ordered a number of pieces for my Tsunami on EDIT, and they came promptly, and although one piece was broken on arrival, they refunded it no problem.
    Order ID: 1389504

  32. Arthur says:

    order reference : 01-090309-1158024

    The customer service and the selection offered by EDIT is unparalleled, and anytime I am looking to buy anything that has to do with smoking, EDIT is my first choice.

  33. LB says:

    the best thing for me anyway was ordering a vapour star for myself and a high life hookah for my friends as a leaving present, however once i received my delivery and checked out the goods, i couldnt part with the present and the hookah is still in my livingroom….had to buy my friend another present that wasnt so tempting to keep for myself ! he he

    latest Order: 1308114

  34. Ricardo Augusto de Castro Araújo says:

    Well, i’m from Brazil, and to tell you the truth, i’ve never personally bought anything i EDIT, but my cousin did, here in Brazil, as u must know, some of your products are not welcome (legal). So I asked him to buy the products in London (where he lives) and bring them to me.

    It was a lifetime experience, really, here we don’t have varieties of cannabis related products, so I was shocked, my friends where shocked, with all the products and stuff.

    I think it’s necessary to tell that he never bought me anything that where prohibited. Just the products that are allowed to. Well… I don’t have a Order Reference due to my kind of shoping (givin’ the money to my cousin and askin’ him to buy me the stuffs =] ) ….

    So even knowin’ that i’ll not get ant bong, I would like to tell you guys that if I had the conditions I would travel just to see your place guys (I don’t even know if there is one O.O ) but certainly it would be a place to remember, for I think the Culture of Cannabis may be one of the most correct solutions for all the war and rage in the world. So… Don’t make war, make peace and roll it =]

    Big Hug from Brazil – Positive vibrations for all the world – Ricardo

  35. Belfast_toker says:

    order number: 1040023

    EDIT – without you, the world would be alot less hot-boxed.

    THANKS EDIT!!!!!

  36. Øyvind says:

    Order reference: 1468770 (I’ve ordered twice before without being registered).
    Three bongs, rolling papers and other accessories from EDIT have provided me with a lot of happy toking! I love the great selection of both bongs, pipes and accessories, and the reasonable prices. All my orders have been in perfect condition, with fast shipping. I guess my best experience was when I passed out and broke my new bong, but the replacement I ordered arrived within a week (meanwhile I had my old one). Thanks, EDIT!

  37. Drew0rZ says:

    Hey guys, my latest order number was; 1376042

    Your shipping for it was very discreet, it was packed up in a flower box and made it through customs without a second glance which was excellent, as the item in question ( Chrome Rok-it ) was purchased as a gift for my father-in-law.

    Beyond that you guys have the best selection I’ve seen online and I would ( and will ) gladly purchase from you again.

  38. Johan340 says:

    I just have to agree with Markus, I live in Sweden as well and its very expensive for the little things that are here so EDIT is trually a life saver, I would never had gotten to experience all the things I have or gotten great new friends if EDIT wasn’t around.

    Oh and my last reply was at 4:20, that’s pretty sweet hehe

  39. Buddyhomey says:

    Give it to ricardo, he deserves it man, reppin you from brazil, thats insane

    You better put him in the contest at least, he repped the shit outta you!!! Social Networking Facebook Twitter Youtube MySpace