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10 Apr

Hurricane Leafy WINNER!!!

Hurricane Bong Winner Announced

We finally got the Hurricane Leafy giveaway done and I can tell you that we have a winner. The first video below shows how we decided the draw, by ultimately letting the Hurricane prize itself decide for us. I did try and have the rules explained at the beginning of the video but the upload wasn’t kind to me and and I don’t want to leave it until Monday. So have a read below before watching so you know what’s going on.

How It Went Down:

Each of the 439 comments made on the original giveaway post were given a number, with the first comment being 001 and the last comment 439. Once the bong chose the winning number for us (see how in the first video below) we simply worked out the corresponding comment on the original giveaway page and we had our lucky winner, chosen by a sandblasted Leafy himself.

There is a secondary video further down this page which is incredibly long and boring but you can see how the numbering of the comments works – you can even work out your number before watching the first video of the draw (if you like a little suspense before probably not being the winner). The comments are divided between 50 per page (only 39 on the last page), so check which batch of 50 you are in and work it out from there. Alternatively, you can simply count the comments until you get to yours, and that’s your number.

So here’s the video of the whole shebang. Well done to the winner, you will receive an email soon to confirm which address to send your new unique custom Hurricane bong to. Unlucky everybody else, and big, big thanks for the kind words in the comments. Look out for more giveaways coming very soon!


The winner is…

Incredibly boring secondary video…

Hurricane Bong Leafy

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10 Responses to Hurricane Leafy WINNER!!!

  1. Trey says:

    one of a kind… bye leafy :****(

  2. huyy says:

    aww man,congratz to the winner!! and thanks EDIT for the chance

  3. Mark Jones/Kelly Cook says:

    you guys are having too much fun..
    cant wait for “worste things about edit” next month… not that I have ever had a bad exp. other than not winning leafy!

    congrats to the winner..
    you know you famous now…

  4. roorless whore says:

    lucky bastard

  5. Aaron says:

    dang i wanted that
    congratz to the winner

  6. jdw702 says:


  7. Jennifer says:

    Congrats dude! That’s one awesome bong :)

  8. jdw702 says:

    how can i come in contact with the EDIT admin staff? I got “bens” email i replied but no reply. i have had this problem before i cant seem to get emails through to you guys…

  9. TheEditor says:

    It’s on it’s way now dude. Tracking is in the email sent yesterday. Let me know if you didn’t get it and I’ll send it again.

  10. emmet forbes says:

    i deffinitly wanted too be that winner, bleak!!!!

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