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10 Apr

Bargain Glass Bongs

Glass bongs and waterpipes have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity recently as discerning smokers look for ever more efficient ways to enjoy their favourite smoking blends.  The advent of concentrates and oils has opened up a whole new world of ways to smoke using glass pipes, domes, slides and bongs.   Manufacturers have been raising the bar, consistently conceiving increasingly scientific designs to enhance the smoker’s experience.

The main obstacle to this for many smokers is the prohibitive cost of a new glass set-up.

Enter your buddies at EDIT with our range of quality yet affordable glass bongs to get you started on the glass revolution at a fraction of the cost of some of the more famous names.

Art Glass Bong 18.8  Ice Twist

The 18.8 Ice Twist Bong by Art Glass is one such bong.  Standing an impressive 43cm tall, the Ice Twist is made from 3.2mm thick glass – the same thickness as Roor’s ‘Little Sista’ bong (which retails for 4 times the price).  The straight cylinder features a twist just above the carb hole, allowing you to place ice cubes inside the tube to smooth and cool your hit.  The Art Glass Ice Twist is a lovely glass waterpipe with a classic design, and coming in at under £25.00, it’s a great first-time buyers option, giving you a quality glass piece at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger brands.

Bushmaster Buzzard

The Bushmaster Buzzard (formerly known as the Cyclone) is a hand-crafted glass bong standing 40cm tall on a funky tripod base giving it a unique look and really setting it apart from the crowd.  The Buzzard’s design features air vents which suck oxygen into the smoke, swirling it into a cyclone, removing tar and other particulates as well as cooling the smoke down to leave a powerful yet silky smooth hit.  The Bushmaster Buzzard comes complete with 2 additional slides (as pictured) and is compatible with all 14.5mm accessories allowing you to use it as an oil rig.  A superb quality bong available now for under £50.00 – an absolute steal!

Our full range of entry-level glass bongs and waterpipes can be found HERE featuring styles to suit every smoker at prices to suit every pocket. – First for glass.

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9 Apr

Win An EHLE 420 Glass Bong

To celebrate 4:20 – April 20th, We’re giving you the chance to win this incredible, limited edition EHLE Glass Bong which has been specially designed by the German glass masters to mark the occasion and is beautifully decorated with the 4:20 logo.420EHLEpromo

This family-run master glassworks in Limburg, Germany has been around for 55 years, producing quality engineered glassware.  The company started producing ‘Glaswasserpfeiffen’ or Glass waterpipes in 1988.  In 1997 they introduced their own-brand EHLE bongs to the market and have not looked back since.

All EHLE’s products are manufactured on site in Limburg from high-grade borosilicate glass to astounding levels of accuracy.  The glass is cooled and tempered after production resulting in a totally tension-free glass piece that will give the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Each EHLE glass bong is signed and dated with its year of production, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is place an order on between now and April 20th and you will be automatically entered into the draw.

We’ll announce the winner on Monday 21/4/14 on our facebook page, which you can find HERE.

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7 Apr

E-Cigs And E-Liquids Land At

We’re now 4 months into 2014 and I can confidently say that there have been more than a few New Year’s resolutions broken over here at EDIT HQ.

Diets have been forgotten, gyms have not been attended, and the office gofer still hasn’t made a decent brew.  Quitting smoking, though?  That’s even tougher, surely?

Then the new range of Jasper and Jasper Disposable Nano E cigarettes arrived for inspection.

Nano Disposable E Cigarettes by Jasper and Jasper

Designed to mimic an actual cigarette, these e-cigs are available in a range of strengths from 6mg nicotine for the light smoker, through to 16mg for the heavier user.  Available in menthol or standard tobacco flavours, the Nano even has a soft tip so it feels like a real cigarette in your mouth.  Each one is approximately equivalent to a deck of 20 normal cigs, and just look at our launch prices on this revolutionary new line.

If you’ve quit or are thinking of giving up cigarettes, help is at hand.  The Nano disposable E cigarette from Jasper and Jasper is a great tool to make the struggle of quitting easier.

…..Also in with the new stock……..

Go Shisha E-Liquid 0mg Nicotine

A new range of flavoured e-liquids from Go Shisha!  10ml refill bottles are now available in exotic flavours but familiar EDIT low prices.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 24mg Nicotine

The refills are suitable for use with your favourite refillable vapour pen, E-Cig or E-Shisha.  Choose from our nicotine free range, or, to help with smoking cravings, try 18mg or 24mg nicotine strength.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 18mg Nicotine

No stale breath.

Smoke anywhere legally.

Much healthier than smoking tobacco.

Join the vapour revolution today!

As always, same day dispatch is guaranteed on all products if you place your order before 4:20pm.

Disposable Nano E-cigarettes and Go Shisha E-Liquids from  The help to quit smoking at prices you’ll love.

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3 Apr

G-Spot Glass – Reaches Parts That Other Bongs Can’t Reach

G-Spot Bongs are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards from the finest, heat-resistant, borosilicate glass.

These Bongs are made by master craftsmen, and they are all oven-tempered to enhance strength and completely eliminate tension in the bong.  Each waterpipe is rigorously tested for minimum thickness and general quality before it even leaves the workshop, ensuring that the finished product that reaches you, the user, will give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

G-Spot’s logo decorates each bong in their familiar golden insignia – a true sign of quality workmanship and an amazing smoking experience.

G-Spot - Turbine Bong

The Turbine Bong by G-Spot stands 48cm high with 5mm thick glass.  The Turbine has a capacious, bubbled base for maximum smoke capacity which features sleek grooves worked into the glass.  The main shaft features more grooves which act as ice notches, allowing you to further cool your hit.  The Turbine weighs in at 1kg, a reassuring sign that the bong is made to an impeccable standard.

G-Spot - Giant Cylinder Bong 5.0G-Spot - Giant Cylinder Bong 5.0

The Giant Cylinder Bong by G-Spot is a 60cm tall behemoth with 5mm thick glass and a tube diameter of almost 7cm.  This waterpipe weighs in at 1.8kg – a very good indication of how well it is made, and how robust and durable the bong will be.  Now available with a staggering 35% discount, the Giant Cylinder by G-Spot is an unbeatable £86.29 from  That is an awful lot of bong for the money, and to sweeten the deal further – we’ll throw in a free grinder while stocks last!

All the stock at EDIT has our famous Price Match Guarantee so you can buy with confidence from the world’s largest headshop.

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2 Apr

Old Red Eyes Is Back

UK-based smoking accessory manufacturers Red-Eye are making a real name for themselves with their superb collection of innovative smoking paraphernalia featuring sleek designs delivering the ultimate smoking experience.



As the world’s largest Headshop, are proud to work closely with our friends at Red-Eye to bring you this stunning range of pipes and bongs at EDIT’s familiar low prices:


Rok-it Bong - RedRok-it Bong - Red

The Rokit Bong V5 from Red-Eye stands 23cm tall to ensure excellent smoke capacity.  The ingenious filtration system forces your smoke through a 14-port dual chamber rose, breaking the smoke up into fine bubbles, which cleans the smoke, removing carcinogens and particulates.  The result is a smooth, cool, yet powerful hit that stands up against anything else on the market today.  The bong can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes and the interior metalwork is precision engineered from stainless steel to eliminate the possibility of water corrosion.  The Rokit Bong V5 from Red-Eye is a limited edition bong which comes complete with a purpose built metal flight case, spare gauzes and a bottle of Pipe Klena cleaning fluid.  A superb bong that no self-respecting connoisseur should be without.

The King Amazed - Black

The King A’Maze’D is the beautifully designed big brother of Red-Eye’s earlier Amazed pipe.  The King features a larger bowl, a quality chrome finish and crucially, a longer smokepath, producing an incredibly smooth, cool smoke from the unique ‘maze’ system which crams 55cm of cooling smokepath into a pipe just under 15cm long.

A gorgeous, compact pipe ideal for use on the go as the pipe can be easily stored in a pocket or handbag.

The Red-Eye range is available in a variety of cool colour schemes, so you can pick the look for you – our full range of Red-Eye Rokit Bongs can be found HERE.

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31 Mar

Waterpipe Wizardry By Magic Glass

Here at our purchasers trawl the globe to find the finest smoking products to offer for sale here at the world’s largest head-shop. We tirelessly search for new products to offer our discerning customers and we were thrilled when we got our hands on this collection of glass waterpipes from Magic Glass.

Bong artists, Magic Glass are a small, German company making individually hand-crafted, bongs and waterpipes to incredibly high standards from the highest quality Schott Duran borosilicate glass.  Magic Glass’ bongs are mainly designed by company director, Torsten Fröhlich, who takes a hands-on approach to running his glass studio, still personally supervising the production of these hand-made waterpipes.

Magic Glass’ work is famed for its durability.  These beautifully-made bongs are virtually indestructible thanks to rigorous testing and the quality of the glass used.

Magic Glass - Freezer Glass Bong

The Freezer Glass Bong by Magic Glass stands an imposing 50cm high atop a sturdy hexagonal base.  The straight tube houses a 14cm downstem just below 3 ice notches which allow you to cool your smoke with a handful of ice cubes.  This gorgeous glass bong features an 18.8mm ground joint and is decorated with the iconic, Magic Glass logo.  A superb, yet simple design which is perfect for everyday use or as a collectable display piece.  The Freezer Bong by Magic Glass is a stunning hand-made waterpipe at a familiar, low EDIT price.

Magic Glass - Ice Fatman 1 Glass BongMagic Glass - Ice Fatman 1 Glass Bong

The Ice Fatman 1 by Magic Glass features a large, thick tube giving an excellent capacity and a powerful hit.  The bong stands 47cm tall with a thick, hexagonal base for superb stability.  The Ice Fatman 1 features protruding ice notches to cool the smoke down further and is decorated with the iconic Magic Glass logo down the length of the cylinder.  Like all the Magic Glass range, the Ice Fatman 1 is virtually indestructible thanks to the quality of craftsmanship and the thick, borosilicate glass used in production.  The Ice Fatman 1 is currently available with a 36% discount, bringing the price down to just £60.  That’s an awful lot of glassware for the money and our remaining stocks are sure to fly out fast.  Order yours today to avoid disappointment.

The entire range of Magic Glass benefits from EDIT’s famous price match guarantee, so you can buy with confidence from the world’s number 1 headshop.

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28 Mar

Smelly Proof In Black And White

Legal smoking herbs and loose leaf aromatherapy blends can give off a bit of a whiff to say the least, but now, thanks to our friends at Smelly Proof you can keep the air around you fresh with these purpose-made storage bags.

Smelly Proof Baggie - Small

The Smelly Proof bags are made from a special, medical grade plastic that is puncture and tear resistant, moisture repellent and durable enough to be used again and again.

The robust double locking zippers seal the bags keeping whatever is inside fresh and dry and the associated odours locked inside the bag.

Smelly Proof Baggie Black - SmallSmelly Proof Baggie White - Small

Smelly Proof Baggies are available in a variety of sizes and now, in opaque black or white to keep the contents of your baggie out of sight of prying eyes.  The Smelly Proof bags can be purchased as single baggies or in packs of 10 or 25 (depending on size – see dropdowns).

Smelly Proof Baggie White - Extra Large

The bags are manufactured in the USA and as such, they meet and exceed USDA specifications for storing food items such as fish, garlic or onions.  The bags can also be heat sealed enabling you to store items for long periods with absolutely no odour release at all.

Smelly Proof Bags are an essential extra for the committed smoker, allowing you to enjoy your favourite aromatherapy blends while you’re out and about without attracting any unwanted attention or offending others with your ponging pockets.

Smelly Proof Bags and – The ultimate seal of approval.

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27 Mar

The Doggfather Of Vaporizers

Whatever you are doing – Drop it like it’s hot and check out this amazing new G Pen Herbal by Grenco Science and Snoop Dogg himself!

The G Pen Herbal is the first of a new range of vaporizers to be released by Grenco Science and their new talisman, Snoop Dogg.

G Pen Herbal by Grenco and Snoop Dogg

Like the rest of Grenco’s new ‘Double G’ series of smoking products, Snoop designed the G Pen Herbal himself and you can clearly tell.  The stainless steel vap pen features a decorated with a street map of Snoop’s ‘hood’, Long Beach, California.

Here, Snoop talks about his debut into the smoking paraphernalia market:

“What’s fly about the vaporizer movement is that it’s clean and convenient. Launching my custom G Pen is a great way to kick off the business partnership with Grenco Science,”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves, Snoop.

The vaporizer’s heating chamber is where the magic happens.  The tank is made from stainless steel with a toughened glass sleeve.  Snoop’s signature is also engraved on the base of the tank.  The G Pen Herbal is designed for vaporizing dried herbs or loose-leaf aromatherapy blends and not for oils or concentrates.

G Pen Herbal by Grenco and Snoop Dogg

The new G Pen Herbal by Grenco and Snoop Dogg is the ideal accompaniment to your Gin N Juice.  Each G-Pen comes in an elaborate presentation box, decorated with more maps of Long Beach.  Each kit includes a plethora of accessories to enhance our vaping experience – 1 x rechargeable G Pen battery, 1 x herbal tank, 1 x G-Tool dabber, 1 US wall adapter, 1 G-Pen wired USB charger, 2 x mini glass jars with screw lids, 3 x cleaning tips, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x credit card grinder, 1 x glass gauze and 1 x glass sleeve.

This is a great opportunity to own a high quality vap pen for dried blends at EDIT’s famously low prices – The G Pen now comes in at well under £100 – and of course, we have our famous price match guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

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26 Mar

Yabba Dabber Doo! EDIT’s Range Of Concentrate Tools

The increasing popularity of waxes, oils and concentrates, particularly with smokers in the USA, has driven a huge demand for quality, purpose-made tools for use with these sticky-icky substances.

Typically, your friends here at are here to help with our superb range of dabbing tools from a variety of famous manufacturers featuring scrapers, dabbers and grabbers of all shapes and sizes, made from a range of heat-resistant materials with prices to suit every pocket.

First up are all-round paraphernalia manufacturers, GEAR with their range of dental-grade stainless steel dabbers that they call Skilletools.

Skilletools Mr Dabalina Dabber by GEARSkilletools Mr Dabalina Dabber by GEAR

The Skilletools Mr Dabalina Dabber by GEAR has a finely crafted fork-shaped implement at one end giving the user precise control when moving the sticky stuff about.  The stainless steel dabbing tool features a comfort grip which is emblazoned with the ‘Skilletools’ name in a cool, graffiti-style.  Mr Dabalina is designed for use with honeys, oils and waxes and coming in at under £10, this is a great value tool which will enhance your enjoyment of your favourite extracts without breaking the bank.

Mamba Oil Concentrate Dabber - Roor

German glass masters, Roor have waded into the market with their own limited edition dabbing tools made from superb quality borosilicate glass.

Honeycomb Oil Concentrate Dabber - RoorHoneycomb Oil Concentrate Dabber - Roor

The Honeycomb Oil Concentrate Dabber by Roor is made from jet black pyrex glass and beautifully decorated with a honeycomb design and the Roor logo down the shaft of the tool.  Each of these hand-made dabbers is a complete one-off and will never be made again, so this is literally your only chance to own one of these exquisite tools for yourself.  Superb quality glassware is no more than you would expect from Roor, but these dabbing tools are real art glass for the glass connoisseur at a surprisingly low price thanks to the incredible 36% discount we are currently offering.

There really isn’t room to showcase all our dabbing paraphernalia here, but unsurprisingly, as the world’s largest smokeshop, we have a massive range with something for everyone.  Have a browse through our full collection and pick the right tool for you.

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24 Mar

Stylish And Sustainable – That’s Our Kind Of Tray!

The new range of Kindtray smoking trays have just landed at EDIT HQ, and EDIT-Heads, we have to admit, we’re completely smitten.

Grand Daddy Tray by Kindtray

Here at we understand that the dedicated smoker holds certain paraphernalia as sacred;  You WILL have a trusted grinder, you WILL have a favourite brand and weight of papers, you WILL have accumulated lots of extraneous bits and bobs that you can’t bear to let go, and you WILL have a favourite stash box or rolling tray.

Slick Stack Dab N Go Tray by Kindtray

Our friends across the pond at Kindtray have just released a massive, new range of rolling, dabbing and smoking trays that has every conceivable functionality covered – and then some.  Whether you’re a grinder, roller, dabber, vaporizer, glass fanatic, or a combination of the lot, Kindtray have thought of everything.

The entire range of Kindtray trays and tobacco boxes are made in the USA from sustainable, forest certified woods, so you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as enhancing your coffee table.  The sealable trays feature natural gum rubber gaskets to keep things fresh, and every Kindtray has a protective, food-safe grade finish.

Shredder Tray by KindtrayShredder Tray by Kindtray

The Shredder Tray by Kindtray is designed for the living room.  The 10” square tray features an anti-spill, stay-fresh lid which is secured by triple-layer magnets.  The lid covers the rolling and storage dugouts so the tray can be passed around without incident, but does not cover the cut outs which can accommodate a large grinder, large bubbler or tight-vac as well as 14mm and 19mm bowl holes and a slot for your lighter.  You’ll be proud as Punch when you pass the Shredder Tray to your buddy on the left to prep up.

Phatty Pen Tray by KindtrayPhatty Pen Tray by Kindtray

The Phatty Pen Tray by Kindtray is a portable solution for when you want to take your favourite vaporizer pen out and about with you.  The tray is purpose built to snugly fit the Atmos Jnr, G-Pen or any other similar sized vap.  The Phatty Pen Tray also includes 3 non-stick, silicone containers and a titanium tool.  The entire tray can be sealed for discretion; the lid features a natural gum gasket and triple layer magnets, and then slipped into a pocket or handbag.  A beautiful, discreet tray with everything you need to enjoy your favourite essences and concentrates on the move.

These are just two examples from our enormous range of Kindtrays which also features sifter boxes, rolling trays, blunt holders, dabbing trays and many more besides.  Have a browse through our full range – we guarantee you’ll find the right tray for you!

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