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28 Jul

Win A Roor Ziggy Bong Worth £629.95!

We’re turning up the heat on our competition this summer with one of our most amazing giveaways ever!

Between now and 31/8/14, every purchase made on the site will gain free entry to our prize draw to win this amazing Ziggy waterpipe from German bong masters, Roor.

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Ziggy

This stunning bong stands an imposing 45cm tall.  Made from the very finest 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this is a bong that will last a lifetime.

The bong is lavishly decorated in the bold Rasta colours and features a detailed coloured mouthpiece which is embellished with clear glass bubbles.  The main stem features a beautifully decorated mid-section in Rasta colours which sits just above the precision made ice notches.  Again, the bowl is Rasta-themed with a vivid swirling design in vivid red, green and yellow.  The Roor Ziggy even comes complete with a special Ziggy diffuser built into the downstem which gives the lucky user the smoothest smoke imaginable.

We must emphasise that this is one of the most special pieces that sits on the EDIT shelves – a true work of art from the world’s finest bong manufacturers.

Every single purchase made on until August 31st 2014 will count as a separate entry to this competition, so you can enter as many times as you like.

We will announce the winner through our Facebook and Twitter pages shortly after the closing date – like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news, updates and exclusive offers.

Good luck, EDIT-Heads!

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25 Jul

Four Twenty Glass Launches New Range Of Perc Bongs – EDIT Gets There First

Four Twenty Glass have just launched this brand new range of glass percolator bongs featuring bubblers, inline diffuser bongs, honeycomb and tornado percolators with stunning designs made from thick, durable borosilicate glass.

Four Twenty Glass Perc Bong - Blue Tornado Dual HoneyComb

As per usual, your favourite online headshop was there first to get the drop on our rivals and launch this new range first:

Four Twenty Glass Inline Bong - Fat Boy

The Fat Boy Inline Diffuser Bong from Four Twenty Glass is one seriously tough-ass piece of glass.  At 9mm thick, it’s is as tough and durable as anything else on the EDIT shelves.  The 9mm thick glass lends the piece a reassuring weight – it feels robust and sturdy in your hands.  To paraphrase a certain supermarket – this is a bong for life.

The mechanics of the Fat Boy are fairly simple – smoke filters from the bowl through the inline diffuser which breaks up the smoke into much smaller particles.  This cools the smoke and makes it much smoother.  The smoke then travels up the cylinder towards the mouthpiece and into your lungs.  The Fat Boy features ice notches low on the cylinder, meaning you can cool the action down even further if you wish by slipping a handful of ice cubes into the pipe.  The waterpipe is tastefully decorated with three glass ribs which give the user an easy gripping point, a black coloured glass bowl with an easy-lift handle, and the gothic-style Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering just below the mouthpiece.  A superb quality bong that provides walloping hits at a great value EDIT price.

Four Twenty Glass Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler

The Concentrate Shower Head Perc Bubbler from Four Twenty Glass is a wonderfully made, clear glass bubbler designed for use with oils and concentrates.

Made from top quality 5mm thick borosilicate glass, the bubbler features a clear glass oil dome and a glass nail.  The main chamber is larger than average for a bubbler so the piece give a great hit that really packs a punch.  The smoke is smoothed and cooled with the assistance of the shower head style percolator and the handy splashguard ensures a pleasant smoke every time.  The Concentrate Bubbler is finished with an angled mouthpiece allowing you to kick back while toking and decorated with the Four Twenty logo in bold black lettering.  A stunning piece at a great value price.

The entire new Four Twenty collection can be found here which features all manner of bongs with different style percolators – check out the spectacular Tornado perc bongs!

All available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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24 Jul

Bling N Burn With Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Add some sparkle to your smokes with these incredible 24k gold rolling papers from Shine.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - Regular

Yes, that’s right – these awesome golden skins are hand crafted from pure 24k edible gold.

These amazing gold papers first came to our attention a few of months ago when it broke in the media that pop music balloon, Miley Cyrus, was giving packs of them away with copies of her Bangerz tour brochure.

The story was covered everywhere, from Cosmo to Rolling Stone Magazine – 24 Karat gold rolling papers were, it seems, a huge status symbol for rappers and hip hop artists and the Shine brand started to break through.

Although Miley Cyrus fans are, to put it politely, slightly under-represented in the EDIT office, we do have a lot of time for cool new smoking products.  We had to get hold of some of these skins and see what all the fuss was about.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - Regular

We’re mightily impressed, which is why we decided to launch them on the site.  Shine papers burn really slowly, meaning that your cigarette will be free from runs.  The gold papers also leave a golden deposit on your discarded ash.  Shine themselves refer to the golden ash deposits as ‘the gems’.

Obviously, the main feature of Shine papers is just how cool they look.  Walk into a party smoking a shimmering gold herbal cigarette and we guarantee heads will turn.  Or how about special occasions?  Got a new job?  Why not celebrate with a golden stogie?

Shine 24K gold rolling papers are available as single leaves or in packs of 12 with same day dispatch and EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.

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23 Jul

Liv The High Life With The Brand New Atmos Vaporizer

US vaporizer specialists, Atmos, have a pretty impressive back catalogue.  The makers of the AtmosRAW, BulletMAX, Atmos Jewel and the Atmos Olé have launched their latest new product:  The Atmos Liv.

If you look past the rather unfortunate name, you’ll find a really good quality product with superb versatility – and one extremely attractive unique selling point!

Atmos Liv Vaporizer and Power Bank Kit

So, first things first; The Atmos Liv is a sleek and compact portable vaporizer, designed for use with both dry herbal blends as well as waxy oils and concentrates.  The ceramic heating chamber ensures even heat distribution which results in clouds of thick vapour and a satisfying hit.

Discretion is another of the Liv’s strong suits.  The stylish mouthpiece is completely removable and can be stored within the main vap unit.  With the mouthpiece removed, the Atmos Liv is virtually indistinguishable from a modern MP3 player or mini hard-drive.

Atmos Liv Vaporizer and Power Bank Kit

The Atmos Liv comes packaged as a complete kit including the vape itself, the detachable mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, packing tool, USB charger and the user manual.

Now for the best bit:  The Atmos Liv has quite a trick up its sleeve – it can also be used as a portable power bank!

Here at EDIT, we cannot think of a better gadget for festival season – walk around enjoying your favourite herbal blends and when your smartphone or other USB device runs out of charge – use the Atmos Liv to charge it up again.  How cool is that?

The Atmos Liv is a beautifully designed vaporizer and powerbank, made to a high standard from quality materials – great for this summer, but built to last.

Needless to say, we expect these bad boys to fly off the shelves, especially as they are available from EDIT now with same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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22 Jul

Make Your Own Ice Bong!

Stay cool while enjoying a smoke this summer with this amazing new ice bong mould from EYCE Mold

This kit allows you to create an everlasting supply of frosty cool bongs, using nothing more than water from your tap and a standard domestic freezer.

After rinsing the mould out, simply insert the acrylic mouthpiece snugly at the bottom of the mould.  Fill the mould to approximately an inch from the top and insert the core pin which creates the cavities inside the bong that you will eventually smoke through.  Place the base inside the mould and then pop the whole thing in your freezer and leave until completely solid.

Once frozen, run warm water over the mould to loosen the ice, then gently slide the mould off and remove the core pin.  Insert the silicone grommet and aluminium downstem and return to the freezer for a short time until the silicone has fused to the ice.

EYCE Mold - Make Your Own Ice Water Bong

You now have a fully functional water pipe made entirely of ice, which can be used to enjoy your favourite herbal blends with a cool, fresh hit – ideal for parties and summer BBQs.

Of course, your bong will eventually melt – no need for cleaning, no need to worry if you smash a bong on the floor – simply refill the mould and make another one!

You’ll never be short of a frosty cool bong hit ever again.

Each EYCE Mold kit contains the silicone mould, acrylic mouthpiece, acrylic base/stand, silicone grommet, aluminium downstem, core pin, and a handy user manual with full instructions. *Please note – no bowl is supplied with the EYCE Mold.*

The EYCE Mold Ice Bong Mould is available now from EDIT with same day shipping on orders placed before 4:20pm and our famous price match guarantee.

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14 Jul

Stunning Glass Hand Pipes From Red Eye Glass

Canadian glass masters, Red Eye Glass are a big favourite here at EDIT.  The sheer variety of glass smoking products they produce beggars belief.  From their superb range of bongs to their wonderfully worked inside-out bubblers and sherlocks, quality oozes from every Red Eye product you pick up.

Today, we’re focusing on their huge range of hand pipes, featuring spoons, disc pipes and much more:

Red Eye - Dichro Swirly Inside Out Pipe

This beautiful, inside-out swirly pipe features twisted strips of shimmering dichroic glass entwined with vivid, bold colours in a switchback design – a real stunner.  The pipe is made from premium quality borosilicate glass for great heat resistance.  This spoon pipe features a carb hole on the left hand side, and cleverly designed ridges on the right to stop the pipe from rolling over and spilling its contents.  The pipe is flat on the bottom to keep it steady while you’re loading up.  A real eye-catcher of a spoon pipe from Red Eye Glass that would be equally at home as a display piece or in everyday use.

Red Eye Glass - Frosted Monkey Spoon Pipe

The Frosted Monkey Spoon Pipe is golden amber frosted glass pipe decorated with a wonderfully detailed monkey, that, no matter how hard you try, you will end up giving a name to.  Like the dichro pipe above, this hand pipe features a flattened bottom to keep it stationary while loading.  This pipe will be a real talking point as you pass it to your buddy on the left.  Available today with our famous price match guarantee.

Horned Heady Pipe by Red Eye GlassHorned Heady Pipe by Red Eye Glass

Finally, how about this intricately decorated Horned Heady Pipe?  Made from premium quality borosilicate glass in a moody dark blue that verges on black this pipe is heat resistant and incredibly durable.  The bowl end of the pipe is decorated with a number of curved ‘horns’ which also double as stabilizers – keeping the pipe steady while you load up.  The mouthpiece flares outwards at the end, making the pipe comfortable and easy to use.  A superb quality spoon that will enhance any glass collection.

The complete range of Red Eye Glass products can be found HERE – all available now with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT and our famous price match guarantee.

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9 Jul

Pulverise Your Products With EDIT’s Range Of Herb Grinders

A good quality herb grinder can really save you some time and elbow grease when you’re prepping-up your favourite smoking blends.  Is there anything worse than a cheap, poor quality herb grinder that mashes your herbs up with blunt, ineffective teeth?

Here at EDIT, we understand that there are a number of important components that go into making the perfect smoking experience, and like a finely-tuned machine – it’s no good having one without the rest.  That’s why we have used all our industry contacts to source the very best range of herb grinders on the market.  Choose wisely folks, because once you get your hands on one of these superbly durable pieces, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to buy another grinder again.

Quick GrinderQuick Grinder

The Quick Herb Grinder is made from high quality anodized aluminium for a light yet tough exterior.  The grinder’s ingenious design features plates held in position by screws and springs that can be pushed up by the use of buttons on the exterior to quickly eject all the grinder’s contents without the need for scraping, tapping or shaking.  The smooth, frictionless grinding action is achieved by the use of a polythene (PTFE) ring that ensures a tight seal, minimising spillages.  The interior moving components of the Quick Grinder are made from quality stainless steel giving you the strength to effortlessly pulverise even the woodiest of herbal matter or culinary ingredients.  A superb grinder that you will wonder how you ever managed without.

Space Case Titanium Grinder

The Space Case Magnet Titanium Grinder is made from a tough titanium alloy that is so strong it can even be used to grind up resins.  The alloy is non-stick, so sticky herbal smoking blends are no problem for the grinder’s razor sharp teeth.  Available in three different sizes the Space Case Titanium Grinder is an amazingly reliable grinder that will give you years of faithful service with resin, herbs or culinary spices.

Thorinder Herb Grinder by After GrowThorinder Herb Grinder by After Grow

Finally, a real EDIT favourite; the amazing Thorinder from After Grow.  We love the Thorinder, here at EDIT HQ.  It looks the business – gleaming electric blue anodized aluminium with razor sharp, bolt-shaped teeth.  The Thorinder is inspired by Norse God of thunder, Thor and it certainly ‘hammers’ the competition.  At 62mm in diameter the Thorinder is capable of dealing with bumper loads of herbs, ensuring the perfect consistency as the powdered product falls through the lightning bolt shaped sifting holes.  The Thorinder comes in its own gift box complete with a special tool for easy cleaning.

Our full range of grinders with a design for every scenario can be found HERE.  All available now with same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm and our famous price match guarantee.

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7 Jul

Get Ready To Roll With EDIT’s Range Of Papers And Rolling Accessories

We’re not all about the heady glass and tricked-out vaporizers here at EDIT, we still like to go back to the old skool methods from time-to-time.  That’s why we carry a huge range of rolling papers and rolling accessories from leading manufacturers, so you guys have the best choice possible when it comes to your chosen method of partaking in herbal aromatherapy.

As the cool new products continue to arrive on our shelves this summer, don’t for a second think that we would forget the old essentials – skins, cone fillers, parchment paper, storage tins, smoking wallets and rolling machines:

Bug Box Ash and Storage Tin

This purpose-built storage tin from Bug Box has two different covered compartments for different types of tobacco or smoking herbs.  The base of the box is inlaid with foam and features a cut-out designed to accommodate a spoon pipe, glass bats or other similar-sized apparatus.  A perfectly decent smoker’s utility tin available now with same day dispatch for well under £10 – great value from your favourite headshop.

Elements Giant Rolling Machine -12"

How about this party-sized rolling machine from Elements?  Capable of producing monster-sized stogies at 12” long, this machine takes all the hassle out of rolling a super-sized roll-up.  Simply load your tobacco into the machine’s sleeve, insert the paper and moisten the gum, then rotate the machines rollers to produce a professional standard smoke in seconds.  Super size 12” papers are available separately.

RAW Smoking Wallet

The smoking wallet from RAW is made from eco-friendly hemp and cotton.  The wallet has compartments for tobacco, papers, roach and tips and folds away neatly secured by a Velcro fastener.  The famous RAW logo is embroidered in red on the front of the wallet and again on the inside.  An awesome accessory for the RAW fanboy, or just anyone who wishes to keep their smoking paraphernalia neat and organised.

Skunk Brand Smoking Papers - King Size Slim

Finally, the latest new skins to arrive at EDIT are these king size slims from Skunk Brand.  Made from 100% natural hemp, these papers are eco-friendly and free from bleach or other contaminants.  Each sleeve features poster boy, Stinky the Skunk on the pack and contains 32 slim leaves.

Keep checking our New Additions section of the website as more new products hit the shelves each day – All with same day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT, free shipping on orders over £99 and our famous price match guarantee.

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4 Jul

The Sublimator Raises The Bar In Spectacular Style

Okay, straight from the snap here, EDIT-Heads, I need to point out that we are no longer messing around here.  This is a messing-around free zone.  The Sublimator is a serious piece of kit, designed to extract all the useful ingredients from your herbal smoking blends in one swift blast, delivering an unrivalled hit of dense vapour, packed with terpenoids, flavours and essential oils.

Sublimator Vaporizer

We can’t stress how impressed we were the first time we saw the Sublimator in action – we were wandering around the High Times Cup in Amsterdam in 2013, minding our own business and looking for new products.  The Sublimator stand had a throng of people surrounding it, and it was clear that this was a very effective device, and one that we needed to bring to our beloved EDIT-Heads as soon as possible:

The science behind The Sublimator is very simple, yet requires great precision to achieve:

Simply place your tobacco or herbal blends inside the machine’s bowl.  Take the Apollo heating device and place the nozzle securely into the bowl, then hit the Sublimator like you would a bong.  In the fraction of a second that it takes to deliver the aforementioned stonker of a hit, The Sublimator has blasted your herbs with a rapidly spinning vortex of hot air, instantly purging the plant matter of any useful components.  The vapour containing all the goodness is forced through the device into the main chamber where simple physics dictates that as it expands, it will lose energy – in this case, heat.  What you are left with is a smooth, cool lungful of vapour, free from particulates, carcinogens or toxins, yet bursting with flavour and active ingredients.  Technically, this is not vaporization – this process is called sublimation.  Vaporization is a much slower process which does not evaporate the same range of terpenoids, oils and flavours as sublimation.

Sublimator Vaporizer

Unsurprisingly, vapour created through sublimation is much more potent than normal vapour.  This means that you will feel the benefits quicker and more intensely after inhalation, and as a result you are likely to become more frugal with herbs and tobacco.  This then, is The Sublimator’s key appeal: return on investment.  Not only is sublimation much more efficient than vaporization, causing you to use less herbs, but over time the device will collect an oily substance in the base of the tube – this is called sublimate.  Sublimate can be re-vaped, like a normal concentrate or wax using the Sublimator’s optional titanium nail add-on (the unfortunately named E-Nail-A-Tor which is sold separately) or by using a dabbing tool and putting it through the Sublimator again.

This is a real connoisseur’s piece, made from premium quality components to very narrow tolerances, creating a device that goes way beyond vaporization.  The Sublimator is, as far as we are concerned, the benchmark that all high-end tabletop vaporizers will now be measured by.  Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing piece of kit for yourself – order from EDIT for FREE shipping anywhere and our famous price match guarantee.

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2 Jul

SToK SIL Non Stick Containers Now In SToK

SToK SIL containers are non-stick, silicone containers designed for storing waxy concentrates and sticky oils.

The jars are made by SToK SIL from a FDA-approved, food grade silicone material which is platinum cured, making it tear-resistant, completely odourless and 100% non-stick.

SToK SIL’s containers incorporate a patent-pending design which allows you to stack same-sized jars snugly on top of one another, keeping your collection of oils neat and tidy – the perfect storage solution for the concentrate connoisseur.

SToK SIL Non Stick Small Storage Jars Set with Dabber

This set of four small, non-stick storage jars are ideal for the concentrate enthusiast who likes to have access to the sticky when on the go.  The small containers measure just 32mm x 22mm, making them perfectly portable and nice and discreet.

The tubs will stack neatly on top of each other, allowing you to keep different types of waxy oil simultaneously without needing to wash and change containers.  These jars feature a vivid, rasta-style design and come complete with a stainless steel mini-dabber for handling your sticky.

SToK SIL Non Stick Large Storage Jar with Dabber

The large, non-stick storage jar is 64mm in diameter and 31mm tall giving you enough room to store a large amount of sticky concentrate.  The surface of the container is platinum-cured, making it completely non-stick – no more scraping away at glass jars or contaminating your oils with shards of plastic from acrylic containers – extract your precious contents with 100% success and never lose another speck.

This bright yellow container features the same stacking design as the smaller jars, so if you have multiple tubs, you can slot them together on a shelf, keeping you nice and organised.

SToK SIL Non Stick Large Storage Jar with Dabber

The SToK SIL Non-Stick Large Storage Jar comes complete with a stainless steel mini dabber, designed for easy manipulation of sticky oils.

Our full range of concentrate utensils and dabbing tools can be found on the website HERE – we feature containers and dabbers from all the leading makers including Oil Slick, NoGoo, SToK SIL, Skilletools, and many more.  All available with same day dispatch on orders placed before 4:20pm (GMT) under our famous price match guarantee.  Buy your oil and wax concentrate accessories with confidence from – the world’s largest headshop.

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