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21 Nov

Cheer up….The Happy Kit Is Here

We have all been in the same scenario. You have misplaced your packet of rolling papers. Your grinder is missing one half. Your best friend has borrowed your roach packet and not returned it. There is nothing more stressful than losing an integral part of your smoking kit right when you really need it.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then there’s only one answer: The Happy Kit.

The HAPPY KIT - Smoking Kit

This truly is the only emergency kit you will ever need and is handy to keep in a drawer, glove compartment or just stashed in your briefcase.

We love this little piece of emergency kit here at EDIT.  The Happy Kit comes with all the right accessories you will need to prep your favourite herbal blend, and a few little extras too.

A pack of regular size pure hemp rolling papers are accompanied by a pack of natural hemp and cotton perforated roach tips. The nicely sized acrylic magnetised herb grinder really looks the business in its vibrant green moulding.

Then there’s the pieces you may not expect but will find soon become an integral part of your smoking routine. Take the 3” glass spoon pipe, small, discreet and delivers a great taste for such a small pipe. And the regular sized cigarette holding tube, no more pulling crumpled cigarettes out of your pocket when you carry this bad boy around.

Finally on the bill, the Dugout Bat Cigarette. This little gem looks like a real cigarette so its very discreet, we know when you start using one of these you won’t look back.

All wrapped up in a first aid style Happy Kit case that is strong, durable and will keep the contents safe and secure until needed. With a zip-up stash pocket for your favourite herbal blend it really is the ideal emergency kit. Although the only thing it is missing is a lighter, there is plenty of room to place one in there, essential if you have friends like we do where the lighter NEVER comes back.  Now………where did I leave my skins?

With the EDIT price match guarantee, and same day shipping, well, what are you waiting for?

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19 Nov

Hoorah For Hookah by DUD

DUD Shisha have an incredible ability to produce some of the finest looking and finest performing hookah pipes around.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah Frosted Green

Their reputation is safe here with some of the most stunning pipes they have ever released. DUD Shishas High Quality Frosted Green Hookah is a delight to the eyes. Presented in a green frosted colour, it’s sure to deliver the taste you love while being a pipe that will make a display piece to talk about.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah White Red Mosaic

Their High Quality White Red Mosaic Hookah looks the business too. It’s red and white design really catches the eye, its white hose a complement to an already outstanding looking hookah pipe.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah Jamaican Vipe

As with the previous pipes featured the Jamaican Vipe Hookah includes a towering 80cm tall pipe, sitting atop of a black-clouded blown glass base. With its 1.8m hose and an adapter that can hold up to four hoses, your DUD Shisha hookah pipe can be shared among friends.

DUD Shishas - Electronic Hookah E-Liquid Bowl

DUD Shisha pipes can be used with the traditional charcoal and are also compatible with the DUD Electronic Hookah E-Liquid Bowl, also available here on EDIT.

These hookah pipes are a treat to the eyes and deliver the flavour expected from such a quality producer such as DUD.

So order today while these beautifully created pipes are still in stock. EDIT offers same day dispatch and of course the usual price match guarantee.

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8 Nov

Volcano Vaping Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Volcano desktop vaporizer is the benchmark by which all other vaporizers are measured.  Hands down, it’s the very best at what it does.  Perhaps the only drawback with the Volcano is the size of the thing; it is wholly unsuitable for transporting around.  However, elite American vape manufacturers, Storz & Bickel, have now released two new hand-held vaporizers – the Mighty and the Crafty.  Both these new portable vaporizers use the same technology as the much-loved Volcano, all crammed into a portable, hand-held vaporizer that is ideal for use on the go.

The Mighty portable vaporizer is a very manageable size – about the size of a modern smartphone.  It weighs just 230g which means it can be discreetly slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer Complete Set - Storz & Bickel

Equipped with a similar digital LED display to the Volcano, the vaporization temperature on the Mighty can be adjusted in single degree increments.  When the actual temperature on the display matches the target temperature, you can be sure that the Mighty is ready for use – it even vibrates gently to let you know that optimum temperature has been reached.  Users can also adjust the temperature on the fly.  This feature ensures that you get the most from each batch of herbs you load into the device.

The Mighty is powered by an advanced, dual lithium ion battery that provides a very long battery life.  The unit can also be used with the supplied power adapter when the batteries are discharged.

The vaporization method employed by both these new Storz & Bickel vaporizers is a combination of hot air convection and conduction.  This is a very efficient method that delivers thick, flavoursome vapour from the very first toke.

Crafty Vaporizer Complete Set - Storz & Bickel

The vaporization temperature on the Crafty has two pre-set levels: Press the power button once and the Crafty will begin heating to 180 degrees celsius (356F) – a double click on the button activates the booster mode which raises the temperature to 195 degrees celsius (383F) allowing you to purge your herbs of all the terpenes and flavours.  The Crafty vibrates gently and displays a green LED light to let you know that optimum temperature has been reached.  Users can also adjust the pre-set temperatures to suit personal preferences by downloading the free smartphone app.  This allows you to remotely control the temperature from your phone, so you can set it to whatever heat setting you choose. The app also allows you to set alarms, adjust the vibration settings and view the Crafty’s charge level.

Both The Mighty and The Crafty are made to a superb standard in the United States by Storz & Bickel.  Both vapes come as complete kits including everything you need to get started vaping.

Order the Storz & Bickel Mighty or Crafty vaporizer from EDIT today and get FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.  The ideal Christmas gift for the vapour connoisseur in your life.

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30 Oct

Sleek Looking Atmos Orbit Portable Vaporizer New To EDIT

Here at EDIT we love our innovative products and Atmos deliver once again with their Atmos Orbit Portable Vaporizer.

Atmos Orbit - Portable Vaporizer Black

This beautifully designed vaporizer – which we have in black or brown – uses advanced technology and a high quality ceramic heating chamber with the heating coil embedded within the chamber. This ensures no contact between your dried herbs and the heating element, giving a true vaporizing experience and smooth flavour, free from harmful toxins usually associated with smoking.

The Orbit Portable Vaporizer from Atmos can hold a large amount of your favourite herbal blend, giving you more time to vaporize and less time refilling. It’s a perfect vaporizer to have on the move.

Its anodized outer casing keeps it free from scratches and damage you may normally pick up on the move. In addition, its leather base gives the perfect grip, you really cannot go wrong with this sleek, stylish and practical new edition from the Atmos team.

Atmos Orbit - Portable Vaporizer Black

With a cleaning brush, mini dabber and silicone sleeve included as part of the package, the Atmos Orbit kit contains everything you need so you are ready to vape from the word go.

Atmos Orbit - Portable Vaporizer Brown

Standing at 17.7cm tall, the stylised pen look has really caught our attention here at EDIT.  Compact and portable, it’s easy to see why Atmos are so proud of the Orbit Vaporizer Pen. 

The Atmos Orbit is available immediately from the world’s largest headshop.  As always at EDIT, we give you our price match guarantee and same day shipping.

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27 Oct

Totally RAD Aluminium Grinder and Wooden Rolling Box

Rad once again come up with another high quality product in the RAD Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter. With a generous 52mm width you can be sure this grinder will tackle large amounts of herbs in one go.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 52mm

The RAD Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter is made from anodized aluminium, making it both strong and durable, with the usual high quality associated with RAD products this is one grinder the serious smoking enthusiast should own as part of their collection.

You will find the sharp teeth of the top two sections will grind your herb effortlessly, while the third section traps ground up herbs with its sifter containing a thin metal gauze. Finally the bottom section gathers the fine sift and plant trichomes.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 52mm


Available in various colours it’s a no brainer for those who love perfectly ground herbs. RAD – Just Grind It.

To accompany this, EDIT also have the pleasure of bringing you the RAD Smoking Medium Wooden Rolling Box.

RAD Smoking - Wooden Rolling Box Medium


We all love a neat and tidy rolling station, and the RAD Medium Wooden Rolling Box is the perfect tool to not only store you herbs and accessories, but also an aid for rolling your cigarettes.

The two compartments provide spaces and storage points for your loose tobacco or dried herbal blends and rolling papers, and with a removable V – shaped perfectly for securing your rolling paper as you build – this rolling box is ideally suited to the task.

RAD Smoking - Wooden Rolling Box Medium


With the RAD logo stamped atop with the slogan ‘Just Stash It’ and a metal clasp to secure the box when not in use, RAD have again produced a quality buy.

As usual at EDIT we offer same-day shipping and the price match guarantee so order today to avoid disappointment.

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24 Oct

Have A Blast With Wooden Blast Tower Bongs

It’s a very special welcome to a new addition here at EDIT. The Wooden Curved Tower Bong by Wooden Blast, and what a beautifully designed creation we have for you.

Wooden Curved Tower Bong - Wooden Blast

These hand crafted 35cm tall bongs are created from carefully selected Polish Ash, giving each piece a unique grain and colour, so no two are the same. In addition the wood is impregnated with Polish beeswax, sealing the wood and producing a flavour the true smoking connoisseur will appreciate to the fullest.

Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong - Wooden Blast

The production methods of each Wooden Curved Tower Bong by Wooden Blast gives durability, grip, quality and a stunning looking piece that we’re sure anyone would be proud to have as part of their collection.

Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong - Wooden Blast

Wooden Blast, always looking to improve on their products, also present the bong in a carefully crafted bespoke wooden box. This is not just simply for presentation though, the box is packed with hay from the local meadow, as well as protecting from knocks and drops while in transit, the hay helps remove those unpleasant burnt tobacco smells, just simply rinse the waterpipe after use.

With a long tradition of crafting wood throughout the family you will find a quality piece from Wooden Blast, with care and craftsmanship taken in every Wooden Curved Chimney Tower Bong they produce, you can be assured of a quality smoke.

This is sure to be a good seller, popular with bong and waterpipe collectors.  The Wooden Blast range is available now with same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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21 Oct

Huge Savings in EDIT’s Clearance Section

With all the new products arriving recently, (see Latest Additions section here) it’s been a while since we drew your attention to all the awesome bargains that are available in our clearance sale is the world’s largest headshop, but even we need to clear a bit of space on our shelves from time to time.  To help make room for all the new lines, we’ve slashed the prices on a huge range of products, giving you, our beloved EDIT-Heads, the chance to bag a real bargain.

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 3.2mm - Rasta Master

This Rasta Masta Custom Icemaster Bong from Roor is available with a saving of £116.96!  That’s a 43% saving on the original price!

The bong stands 46cm in height and is made of top quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass.  Roor glass is universally acclaimed as the best in the world and this piece is a fine example of why: featuring a bi-stable joint for added stability and durability, the Roor Rasta Master Bong is built to give you a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  The straight tube water pipe comes complete with a 12cm Roor downstem and a large removable bowl with an 18.8mm connection.  The piece is elaborately decorated with brightly coloured ice notches and the famous Roor logo in a bold, Rasta colour scheme.  All Roor bongs come with a FREE herb grinder and a FREE Roor glass gauze for your pipe.  This one also comes with FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price-match guarantee!  An absolute steal!

Black and Orange Worked BubblerBlack Raswell PipeHoodLamb Hemp Winter Jacket - Classic Black

There are loads of bargains to be had in the EDIT Clearance section, ranging from heady glass bongs and bubblers, to stunning hemp shirts and winter coats from HoodLamb – ideal for this time of year as the weather starts to turn.

The entire clearance section can be found HERE – check it out – you’re bound to find something to your liking at a bargain price.

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17 Oct

Shipping Included On All New Black Leaf Perc Bongs

Black Leaf produce a huge range of smoking paraphernalia and accessories.  Their products are always popular with you EDIT-Heads, and why wouldn’t they be?  Black Leaf make bowls, grinders, storage jars, cleaning fluids, silicone concentrate containers and, of course, their stunning glass pipes, bubblers and bongs.  The main appeal of Black Leaf products is not just the quality, but the value they offer; you really get your money’s worth with a Black Leaf piece – their bongs in particular are made to the sort of standard that you would pay an awful lot more for from a ‘premium’ manufacturer. 

Here at EDIT HQ, we recently took delivery of a new batch of Black Leaf products, and we think you guys are going to love them:

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Red-Black

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong from Black Leaf is, as you can see, a very pretty looking piece of glass.  Standing just short of 40cm in height, this waterpipe has a very imposing look and feel about it.  The bong is made from 5mm thick, premium quality borosilicate glass, making it strong and durable as well as being superbly heat resistant.

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Red-Black

Inside the tube is a large dome percolator with a shower-head diffuser – when you hit the bong, smoke is drawn through the percolator which breaks it up into finer particles and increases the surface area of the smoke.  All you scientists out there will know that this has the effect of rapidly cooling the smoke down, as well as removing some of the nasty toxins.  The overall effect is simply a cooler, smoother hit for the user.  Not content with this, Black Leaf equipped this water pipe with ice notches, too.  Just throw a handful of ice cubes into the tube and they will be held in place by the notches halfway up the main cylinder.  As the already smooth smoke passes over the ice, it will cool down further still, giving you a frosty cool hit of pure pleasure.

Black Leaf - Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back Green-Black

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong by Black Leaf has a large, removable bowl with an 18.8mm male glass joint.  This slides seamlessly into the 18.8mm female joint, which is stemless by design, giving you a completely sealed system for better efficiency and capacity.

The piece is decorated with stunning switchback designs in either red and black or green and black around the top of the tube and on the slide.  The base and mouthpiece are black coloured glass and the main cylinder features the iconic Black leaf logo in bold, black Gothic print.

The Dome Percolator Ice Bong offers a lot of bong for your buck, and is available right now from EDIT with FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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10 Oct

Holey Smoke! Inline Donut Bongs From Blaze Glass

We have carried stock from Germany’s Blaze Glass at EDIT for quite some time.  Their bongs, bubblers and pipes are always popular with you EDIT-Heads and it’s not difficult to see why.

Blaze Glass produce beautiful, scientific glass waterpipes from premium quality, stress-free 3.1 borosilicate glass.  Every single piece is at least 5mm in thickness, so a Blaze Glass bong is as durable as it is beautiful.  Now consider the price of a typical Blaze Glass piece:  It’s an awful lot of bong for your buck!  So, when we saw these new Mini Donut Inline Oil Bongs from Blaze, it was a bit of a no-brainer.  We snapped them up straight away, and here they are.  Form an orderly queue guys and gals:

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong- Straight Rasta

Standing just 18.5cm atop the sturdy, round glass base, the Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong – Straight Rasta is purpose built for use with waxy oils and concentrates.  Made to a superb standard from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this bong comes complete with everything you need to start enjoying oils and concentrates straight away.

The reinforced glass downstem rises up to a 10mm joint which is pre-equipped with a borosilicate glass concentrate nail and a glass vapour dome with an easy-to-use handle.

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong- Straight Rasta

The stunning design features an inline diffuser which pre-treats the smoke before it heads towards the mouthpiece.  Breaking up the smoke into finer particles and increasing the surface area has a cooling, smoothing effect.  The hit that is eventually inhaled is much less harsh, and contains fewer carcinogens and particulates.

This mini oil bong is decorated with bright swirls of colour on the downstem, and the Blaze logo around the donut hole.

Blaze Glass Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong - Lean Clear

The Mini Donut Inline Oil Bong is available in your choice of 4 different styles including a bent neck option allowing you to kick back and enjoy your dabs in comfort.

Order today and take advantage of same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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3 Oct

Stunning New Glass Pipes From Amsterdam Glassworx

Amsterdam Glassworx launched their first range of products earlier this year.  EDIT were there first with an exclusive worldwide launch and you guys just loved the glass.  So much so, that we got back in touch with Chris (the master lampworker behind Amsterdam Glassworx) and gave him the hurry-up on sending us some more new products.

Well, the wait is over and the latest new Amsterdam Glassworx products are now in stock, and man, were they worth the wait!

Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl - Autumn

The Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl is, like all Glassworx pieces, 100% hand made at the Glassworx studio using the finest quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass.  Using a variety of advanced lampworking and flameworking techniques, each pipe is painstakingly crafted using lattacino spirals of hand-pulled colours to form the classic Sherlock shape.

Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl - Blue

More coloured glass and sparkling dichroic strips are then twisted into a spiral to form the handle of the piece.  Finally, decorative marbles are added to the pipe – a dichroic vortex marble and an implosion marble which bears the X3 signature of Amsterdam Glassworx deep inside.

This absolutely stunning glass Sherlock pipe is perfect for everyday use or as part of your art glass display collection.  Available in your choice of 5 beautiful colour schemes.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Fire Ice

The Switchback Dab Rig is specially designed for those who prefer oils and concentrates as opposed to dried herbs, tobacco or aromatherapy blends.

Each Dab Rig stands 28cm tall and is made from 100% Schott-Duran borosilicate glass for heat resistance and strength.  The piece is clear glass throughout, with finely worked switchback detailing on the top of the main chamber and the base of the mouthpiece.  The Dab Rig is finished with decorative marbles, one of which bears the iconic X3 logo for Amsterdam Glassworx.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Fire Ice

The Switchback Dab Rig comes complete with a domeless glass concentrate nail with a Dutch Crown design as well as a conventional glass bowl for use with tobacco or herbs.  A real connoisseur’s piece that is sure to be a big hit with the 7:10 community.

Every single piece of glass made by Amsterdam Glassworx goes through a 24 hour annealing period to remove any lingering stresses in the glass, followed by a series of rigorous quality checks to ensure that your new Glassworx smoking apparatus will stand up to a lifetime of use.

Both of the above pipes are available from EDIT with immediate effect and benefit from free shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

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