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1 Dec

EDIT Launches BIG Christmas Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to announce that our amazing Christmas Giveaway promotion starts today!

726x208 Xmas Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning, simply make any purchase from EDIT during December for free entry into our prize draw.

One lucky winner will win over £2k worth of prizes in EDIT’s largest ever giveaway – a prize pot containing more than 30 individual products!

The full list of prizes is as follows:

The winner will be selected at random from every single purchase throughout December.  We will announce the winner on 2/1/15 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is by far the biggest prize pack we have ever given away – a full complement of products from every corner of the world’s largest headshop.

Good luck to everyone!

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28 Nov

Awards Night Lights Up Amsterdam

The final day of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam was one to remember for all the right reasons.

After an event which has been plagued with problems from the outset, organisers, High Times finally have reason to celebrate. 

Amsterdam’s Melkweg exhibition centre was absolutely jumping last night as the winners of the 2014 Cannabis Cup were announced.  A large crowd created a terrific atmosphere inside the arena, made better by some amazing live music.  The award winners all got a great reception from the crowd, and there was a defiant roar when High Times’ editor and compere for the night took the stage and insisted that the Cup would return to Amsterdam.

Earlier in the day, Team EDIT dropped in to see DNA Genetics seminar: Creating Champions.  The educational aspect of the seminar was excellent, but it was also refreshing to see such influential figures as Don and Aaron from DNA speaking up for Amsterdam and fully supporting the organisers, High Times.  The two master breeders spoke compellingly and made the case that while this year’s cup has been marred, the community should rally around Amsterdam.  After all, Amsterdam welcomed and embraced counter culture long before recent legalization legislation was passed Stateside. 

Onto the award winners themselves:  Barney’s Farm won outright best strain with their amazing Cookies Kush.  Best Indica went to Vault Genetics for Colorado Bubba.  Best Sativa was won by Crockett Family Farms with the Crockett cut of DNA Gentics’ Tangie.  DNA’s cut of Tangie actually clinched second place for best Sativa – an indication of how popular that strain has been over here in Amsterdam.  The Greenhouse won best imported hash with their Super Lemon Haze Cream and Barney’s Farm won best Nederhash with Cookies Ice Cream. 

Team EDIT have thoroughly enjoyed the 2014 Cup experience and have met a lot of friends, old and new, along the way.  We salute all the competitors and venues – particularly the coffee shops who worked so hard to cater for the influx of expo delegates when the seminars were cancelled.  We look forward to returning to this beautiful city next year for the 28th Cannabis Cup.

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27 Nov

High Times Cannabis Cup Report – Day 3

Team EDIT are here in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and as we reported yesterday, the annual High Times Cannabis Cup has suffered a series of setbacks this year: Dutch authorities had warned organisers that event participants faced arrest if the expo went ahead at the city’s Melkweg centre.  All yesterday’s seminars were cancelled and are re-scheduled for today, before the final award ceremony this evening.

Naturally, this disappointing turn of events has caused anger and frustration among attendees and exhibitors alike; many have travelled from far and wide at great expense to bring their wares to the masses.  However, as we discovered on our travels yesterday; the Cup attendees are determined to make the most of things:

In lieu of the event expo and educational seminars, organisers, High Times, organised a coffee shop crawl, with complementary transport laid on to ferry revellers from venue to venue.

Team EDIT had a wander around and discovered the coffee shops to be busy and the mood was a lot more vibrant than Tuesday.  A decent crowd gathered at The Cannabis College later into the evening, where the live DJ set was well appreciated and the conversation and company was wonderful. 

The competition climaxes tonight with the award show at the Melkweg and all eyes are now on the judges who are still casting their votes at the Melkveg café-bar.  From the many people we have spoken to, the standard of entries is as good as ever.  Notable mentions should go to DNA Gentics’ Tangie and Grey Bone – an offering from legendary Amsterdam coffee shop, The Grey Area.  The winners are announced tonight from 7pm.  EDIT will be there in force to party the night away at the awards ceremony.  We’ll also tweet the award winners as they come through.

Bye for now.


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26 Nov

Cannabis Cup In Turmoil

Team EDIT have arrived and settled in Amsterdam, ready for the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Prior to us leaving the UK, there were unconfirmed reports of cancelled events and seminars, and even threats of participants being arrested if the event went ahead.

After deciding to travel anyway to see the situation for ourselves, we can confirm that the expo has been cancelled, and all the seminars which were scheduled to take place at The Melkweg today have been suspended.  Today’s seminars are now set to take place tomorrow, leaving this beautiful city devoid of any cup-related action on what should be the penultimate day, and one that is traditionally packed with quality events and networking opportunities.

Organisers, High Times insist that the voting process and awards ceremony will still go ahead.  Judges pass holders can still vote at the Melkweg café.

Connoisseurs and industry figures have so far tried to make the best of a bad situation.  Most have adhered to existing travel arrangements and remained in Amsterdam, this, at least, has given the vibrant coffee shop scene a boost.

The EDIT team have joined in and visited several coffee shops and seed companies in the course of meeting friends and colleagues.  From delegates we have spoken to, the general mood seems to be one of bitter disappointment and confusion.  It is still not clear exactly why the Cup could not go ahead as planned, but we are hoping for further clarification at some point today.

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26 Nov



That’s right ladies and gentlemen from the 26th Nov(which just happens to be today) to the 2nd of Dec we are going to be giving you 100% FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE, that’s right not 10%off, not 50% off no no no that just won’t do instead we are going to give you 100% OFF SHIPPING no matter where you live in the world.

So if you was thinking about getting that nice little piece of glass just in time for christmas, now is the time to get it. Imagine just how much you could save!!!

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24 Nov

Grind The Right Way With Rad

Here at EDIT, your favourite Headshop, we love Rad and their quality products. Rad have constantly strived to make the best grinders around, and they never disappoint.

Today we have in store for you a selection of grinders that will grab your attention and imagination.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 38mm

First up, the Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter from Rad, made from the finest quality anodized aluminium. At 38mm in diameter these grinders can pack a big load in one go. Whether its your favourite herbal smoke, spices or regular tobacco, nothing can withstand the razor sharp teeth of these Rad grinders.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Grinder Sifter 38mm

The sifter screen separates the herb as you grind it. Leaving the plant matter and finer particles separated and ready to enjoy in cigarettes, bongs, waterpipes or even the kitchen.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Window Grinder Sifter 52mm

Also on offer, the slightly larger Aluminium 4 Part Window Grinder Sifter. At 52mm even more of your choice of herbal blend can be pulverised to the desired size. No need to lift off the lid to check how it’s getting on though, the handy window on the top allows you to see while the grinder is in motion.

RAD Smoking - Aluminium 4 Part Window Grinder Sifter 52mm

All the grinders featured here are available in a choice of colours to suit you.

As always the Rad Grinder selection are adorned with the faithful ‘Rad – Just Grind It’ logo. A quality name and a quality product.

At Edit we always offer a price match guarantee and same day shipping, order these great looking and great performing grinders today while stocks last.

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21 Nov

Win A Happy Kit With

The new Happy Kits are a huge hit here at EDIT HQ!  The perfect emergency smoking kit to keep in reserve for those critical moments!

The Happy Kit would make the ideal Christmas gift for the smoker in your life, or just grab one for yourself to keep for emergencies!

We have 5 of the new Happy Kit emergency smoker’s kits to give away in our new competition!

The HAPPY KIT - Smoking Kit

To be in with a chance of winning, simply follow @EDIT_Graham and @EDIT_Steven on Twitter and send either of them a tweet with the hashtag #makemehappy.

The guys will be choosing a winner every day next week.  You can enter as many times as you like, and winners will be announced on our Facebook and  Twitter pages.

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21 Nov

Cheer up….The Happy Kit Is Here

We have all been in the same scenario. You have misplaced your packet of rolling papers. Your grinder is missing one half. Your best friend has borrowed your roach packet and not returned it. There is nothing more stressful than losing an integral part of your smoking kit right when you really need it.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then there’s only one answer: The Happy Kit.

The HAPPY KIT - Smoking Kit

This truly is the only emergency kit you will ever need and is handy to keep in a drawer, glove compartment or just stashed in your briefcase.

We love this little piece of emergency kit here at EDIT.  The Happy Kit comes with all the right accessories you will need to prep your favourite herbal blend, and a few little extras too.

A pack of regular size pure hemp rolling papers are accompanied by a pack of natural hemp and cotton perforated roach tips. The nicely sized acrylic magnetised herb grinder really looks the business in its vibrant green moulding.

Then there’s the pieces you may not expect but will find soon become an integral part of your smoking routine. Take the 3” glass spoon pipe, small, discreet and delivers a great taste for such a small pipe. And the regular sized cigarette holding tube, no more pulling crumpled cigarettes out of your pocket when you carry this bad boy around.

Finally on the bill, the Dugout Bat Cigarette. This little gem looks like a real cigarette so its very discreet, we know when you start using one of these you won’t look back.

All wrapped up in a first aid style Happy Kit case that is strong, durable and will keep the contents safe and secure until needed. With a zip-up stash pocket for your favourite herbal blend it really is the ideal emergency kit. Although the only thing it is missing is a lighter, there is plenty of room to place one in there, essential if you have friends like we do where the lighter NEVER comes back.  Now………where did I leave my skins?

With the EDIT price match guarantee, and same day shipping, well, what are you waiting for?

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19 Nov

Hoorah For Hookah by DUD

DUD Shisha have an incredible ability to produce some of the finest looking and finest performing hookah pipes around.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah Frosted Green

Their reputation is safe here with some of the most stunning pipes they have ever released. DUD Shishas High Quality Frosted Green Hookah is a delight to the eyes. Presented in a green frosted colour, it’s sure to deliver the taste you love while being a pipe that will make a display piece to talk about.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah White Red Mosaic

Their High Quality White Red Mosaic Hookah looks the business too. It’s red and white design really catches the eye, its white hose a complement to an already outstanding looking hookah pipe.

DUD Shishas - High Quality Hookah Jamaican Vipe

As with the previous pipes featured the Jamaican Vipe Hookah includes a towering 80cm tall pipe, sitting atop of a black-clouded blown glass base. With its 1.8m hose and an adapter that can hold up to four hoses, your DUD Shisha hookah pipe can be shared among friends.

DUD Shishas - Electronic Hookah E-Liquid Bowl

DUD Shisha pipes can be used with the traditional charcoal and are also compatible with the DUD Electronic Hookah E-Liquid Bowl, also available here on EDIT.

These hookah pipes are a treat to the eyes and deliver the flavour expected from such a quality producer such as DUD.

So order today while these beautifully created pipes are still in stock. EDIT offers same day dispatch and of course the usual price match guarantee.

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8 Nov

Volcano Vaping Power In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Volcano desktop vaporizer is the benchmark by which all other vaporizers are measured.  Hands down, it’s the very best at what it does.  Perhaps the only drawback with the Volcano is the size of the thing; it is wholly unsuitable for transporting around.  However, elite American vape manufacturers, Storz & Bickel, have now released two new hand-held vaporizers – the Mighty and the Crafty.  Both these new portable vaporizers use the same technology as the much-loved Volcano, all crammed into a portable, hand-held vaporizer that is ideal for use on the go.

The Mighty portable vaporizer is a very manageable size – about the size of a modern smartphone.  It weighs just 230g which means it can be discreetly slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer Complete Set - Storz & Bickel

Equipped with a similar digital LED display to the Volcano, the vaporization temperature on the Mighty can be adjusted in single degree increments.  When the actual temperature on the display matches the target temperature, you can be sure that the Mighty is ready for use – it even vibrates gently to let you know that optimum temperature has been reached.  Users can also adjust the temperature on the fly.  This feature ensures that you get the most from each batch of herbs you load into the device.

The Mighty is powered by an advanced, dual lithium ion battery that provides a very long battery life.  The unit can also be used with the supplied power adapter when the batteries are discharged.

The vaporization method employed by both these new Storz & Bickel vaporizers is a combination of hot air convection and conduction.  This is a very efficient method that delivers thick, flavoursome vapour from the very first toke.

Crafty Vaporizer Complete Set - Storz & Bickel

The vaporization temperature on the Crafty has two pre-set levels: Press the power button once and the Crafty will begin heating to 180 degrees celsius (356F) – a double click on the button activates the booster mode which raises the temperature to 195 degrees celsius (383F) allowing you to purge your herbs of all the terpenes and flavours.  The Crafty vibrates gently and displays a green LED light to let you know that optimum temperature has been reached.  Users can also adjust the pre-set temperatures to suit personal preferences by downloading the free smartphone app.  This allows you to remotely control the temperature from your phone, so you can set it to whatever heat setting you choose. The app also allows you to set alarms, adjust the vibration settings and view the Crafty’s charge level.

Both The Mighty and The Crafty are made to a superb standard in the United States by Storz & Bickel.  Both vapes come as complete kits including everything you need to get started vaping.

Order the Storz & Bickel Mighty or Crafty vaporizer from EDIT today and get FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.  The ideal Christmas gift for the vapour connoisseur in your life.

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