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12 May

New Disposable E-Cigarettes From eKarma

The recent surge in popularity of E-cigarettes and vaporizers has seen a huge number of new products make it to the marketplace – each with different benefits, different drawbacks and a different price tag.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Regular

Now, eKarma, have released the eCig – an e-cigarette that delivers the equivalent amount of nicotine vapour to 40 real cigarettes.


The eKarma E-Cig is different to most other e-cigarettes in that it was developed not by electronics engineers looking to cash in on the vapour craze, but by an actual tobacco company, looking to offer a genuine alternative to conventional smoking.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Light

The eKarma e-cig looks and feels more like a real cigarette.  It weighs less than other e-cigs; because it is disposable it doesn’t need recharge tech or ports.  The eKarma is safer, too.  Most e-cigarettes draw the vapour over the battery – a potentially hazardous system should the battery ever leak.  The eKarma has a separate battery compartment, isolating the vapour from the source of any possible contamination.  The thick vapour produced by the eKarma gives the user a realistic sensation of a real cigarette, filling the lungs for a satisfying drag.

Each eKarma e-cig delivers the equivalent of 40+ regular cigarettes in nicotine vapour, after which the e-cig is discarded like a regular cigarette.  No refilling, no charging, simply replace with a new e-cig when needed.

Available in two different nicotine strengths – regular and light, the eKarma e-cig is available from at the bargain price of just £4.95.

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9 May

More Artisan Glassware From Amsterdam Glassworx

Last week we exclusively launched the stunning new range of glass smoking accessories from Amsterdam Glassworx.

Amsterdam Glassworx

The new range was an instant hit, with glass collectors clamouring to get their hands on this exciting new collection of hand-made glass.

Mini Bubbler With Images by Amsterdam GlassworxMini Bubbler With Images by Amsterdam Glassworx

Now, we have more new examples of Amsterdam Glassworx’ lampworking brilliance – a range of spoon pipes and stand-up Sherlocks.

Helio Coil Spoon Pipe With Frog by Amsterdam GlassworxHelio Coil Spoon Pipe With Frog by Amsterdam Glassworx

The Helio Coil Pipe is an inside-out worked spoon pipe, hand made by Amsterdam Glassworx from premium quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass.  The glass is fumed with pure silver and gold to give a colour-changing effect as the pipe is used.  Each pipe features a giant magnifier at the bowl end of the pipe, allowing you to peer inside the piece and fully appreciate the ethereal swirls of colour and fume.  Like all the Amsterdam Glassworx collection, the pipes go through a 24 hour annealing process after production which toughens the glass, removing stresses and making it incredibly durable.  Available in your choice of five different colours – red, orange, yellow, green or blue.  Also available with Glassworx’s cute little frog decoration to keep his beady eyes on your precious new pipe.

Stand Up Sherlock Pipe With Frog by Amsterdam GlassworxStand Up Sherlock Pipe by Amsterdam Glassworx

Like the Helio pipe, the Stand-Up Sherlock Pipe is beautifully hand-made from Schott-Duran borosilicate glass and fumed with silver and gold.  Smoking a Sherlock gives the smoker an unobstructed view of the bowl so you’ll always know when it’s time to tap-out and reload.  Again, the Sherlocks are annealed for 24 hours after production to remove all the stress and toughen the pipe up so it will withstand a lifetime in the hands of a smoker.  The flat base means the Sherlock will stand up without tipping over for easy loading and the minimum of accidents.  Available in red, orange, yellow, green or blue and with or without our cute little froggie mascot.  An ‘elementary’ choice for the glass enthusiast.

As we are still within Amsterdam Glassworx launch period, we are still offering 25% off the whole collection on orders placed before Monday (12/5/14). are committed to bringing exclusive new products to the market and Amsterdam Glassworx is our most recent partnership.  Keep your eyes on the Latest Additions section of the site for the very latest new smoking products as they land.

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8 May

Silver Surfer Vaporizers Back On The Shelves At EDIT

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) is one of the most popular vaporizers we have ever stocked at EDIT.  When they first landed, direct from the U S of A, we could not ship them fast enough.  Now, we have a new batch of the ever popular vaps to satisfy all those who missed out last time.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Blacksilver-surfer-vaporizer-black

The Silver Surfer is primarily made of aluminium and acrylic.  The temperature control is a hand-made glass marble and the encased heating element is ceramic coated to last longer and reach desired temperatures faster – heat up time is sub one minute and the vap will reach 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Greensilver-surfer-vaporizer-green

The ingenious design of the SSV evenly distributes the heat across the herbs in the oven meaning that once heated up, the vap can be used all day long.  The 3 foot long whip has a clear glass mouthpiece for another touch of quality.

Silver Surfer Vaporizersilver-surfer-vaporizer

Of course, an additional feature of the Silver Surfer is the interchangeable parts.  Fully customizable, you can truly make your SSV your own.  From coloured housings and bases through to the customisable wand, your Silver Surfer will be like nobody else’s.

Make no mistake, EDIT-Heads, this is a top of the range desktop vaporizer that has received rave reviews pretty much everywhere.  Available now from with our famous price match guarantee.  Order yours today and ride the vapour wave with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

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6 May

New DaVinci Ascent Vaporizers Arrive At EDIT

The Ascent portable vaporizer by DaVinci is the portable glass-on-glass vaporizer that connoisseurs have been waiting for.

Featuring a full glass vapour pathway for fullness of flavour, the Ascent can be used with dried herbs or with waxy oils and concentrates.

Ascent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinciAscent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinci

The Ascent by DaVinci has an easy to use LED display which can be programmed to vaporise at precise temperatures for precise durations, meaning you are fully in control of the vaporization process.

Ascent Black Stealth Portable Vaporizer by DaVinciAscent Black Stealth Portable Vaporizer by DaVinci

The advanced battery has a 2 hour+ charge life, meaning the Ascent spends less time on charge and more time available for use.

The DaVinci Ascent is approximately the size of a smartphone or iPod, making it incredibly discreet.  The sleek design means it could easily be confused for an MP3 player or similar, and can be easily stored in a pocket or handbag.

Each Ascent vaporizer comes complete with a full set of spares for all the removable glass parts, a UK plug wall charger and a stylish carrying pouch.

Order your DaVinci Ascent today from for our famous price match guarantee and same day dispatch if you order before 4:20pm.

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2 May

Bubble Bag Lite Kits – Home Extraction At Value Prices

Producing quality herbal extracts and plant essences has long been an elusive science.  The domain of boffins and folks in white lab coats with adenoids.

Now, thanks to our friends at Fresh Headies, EDIT are able to offer professional standard extraction equipment at prices to suit the budget-conscious amateur enthusiast.

Bubble Bags Lites Medium 4 Bag System - 5 Gallon KitBubble Bags Lites Medium 4 Bag System - 5 Gallon Kit

Whereas the original Bubble Bags required a large initial outlay to get you on the path of home extraction;  the Bubble Bag Lite is made to the same high standard using medical grade German screen fabric, but a lighter fabric for the side walls in order to keep costs down.  The Lite bags do not have a drawstring and the carry pouch is more economical – Other than that there is no difference, except they are much more affordable.

Bubble Bags Lites Medium 8 Bag System - 5 Gallon KitBubble Bags Lites Medium 8 Bag System - 5 Gallon Kit

The Bubble Bag Lite Kit from Fresh Headies is your passport to producing the finest quality herbal extracts without using any chemicals, special ingredients or special machinery – All you need is ice and water!

The Bubble Bag Lite Kit is available in either 4 or 8 bag kits, in either 20, 5 or 1 gallon capacities.

The ultimate aim when creating an extract or essence is to harness as many of the plant’s crystals as possible, as this is where the most potent flavours are hiding.  As different plants have different sized crystals, the Bubble Bag Lite Kit has bags with differing grades of mesh to allow the home extractor to experiment with different flavours and essences.

The 4 bag kit contains – 1×220 micron bag, 1×160 micron bag, 1×73 micron bag, 1×25 micron bag, 1x pressing screen and a carry pouch.

The 8 bag kit contains – 1×220 micron bag, 1×190 micron bag, 1×160 micron bag, 1×120 micron bag, 1×90 micron bag, 1×73 micron bag, 1×45 micron bag, 1×25 micron bag, 1x pressing screen and a carry pouch.

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1 May

New Glass Bongs From Rad Smoking Systems

The new stock just keeps on coming here at EDIT as we launch another cracking new range of glass bongs and waterpipes from Rad Smoking Systems.

As the largest headshop in the world, we are always looking for exciting new products to suit every pocket.  This new range of glassware from Rad is ideal for those just venturing into the world of glass smoking accessories, brilliantly combining functionality and affordability.

38cm Straight Glass Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

The 38cm Straight Glass Bong is the classic straight cylinder with a sturdy, round base, carb hole and large glass bowl.  This bong has the capacity to deliver a seriously heavy hit, which can be chilled out by taking advantage of the ice notches halfway up the cylinder.  The whole piece is topped off with the distinctive RAD logo just below the mouthpiece.  A classic glass waterpipe that comes in at well under £20.00 with EDIT’s famous price match guarantee.  Unbelievable value.

Nautilus Slit Dome Glass Percolator Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

The Nautilus Glass Percolator Bong stands just 29cm tall, but don’t let that fool you.  It packs just as big a punch as some much bigger competitors, yet retains all the smoothness you’d expect from a percolator bong.  The smoke is filtered through the slit dome percolating chamber, cooling the hit and removing particulates and carcinogens.  The bong is finished with a tinted green mouthpiece and the famous RAD logo.  This full glass percolator bong is available now, for under £25 with EDIT’s price match guarantee.  An absolute bargain.

44cm Straight Glass Bong by Rad Smoking Systems

This Straight Glass Bong stands an imposing 44cm tall atop a robust round base.  The main cylinder of the pipe features a carb hole, ice notches, the RAD logo and a decorative, coloured mid-section tinted with green and red glass.  A stunning looking waterpipe that delivers a terrifically powerful hit, this bong comes in at well under £40.  More great value from your favourite headshop.

Rad’s new range of bongs and waterpipes truly does have a piece for every purpose at a price for every pocket.  The full collection can be found HERE, all with our famous price match guarantee and same day shipping if you order before 4:20pm.

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30 Apr

World Exclusive Launch Of Amsterdam Glassworx

As the world’s largest Headshop, our team of purchasers are constantly scouring the global marketplace to bring the very latest and best new products to for all you EDIT-Heads to enjoy.

Every now and then, our persistence pays off and we unearth an unknown gem of a product that we know will cause ripples upon launch.  Today is one such day.


Today, we are launching a brand new range of hand-made glassware from Amsterdam Glassworx, which is exclusive to EDIT.

Amsterdam Glassworx is a brand new glass manufacturer, founded by Master Lampworker, Christopher Rawkins.  For over 15 years, Chris has been producing high quality hand-blown glass bongs, waterpipes and other smoking accessories for the discerning smoking enthusiast.  His flair for the art of glass blowing has already netted him the 2003 Cannabis Cup award for Best Glass while he was working under the tutelage of the Cannabis College in Amsterdam.  Since then, he has continued to develop and hone his skills and has blossomed into the esteemed craftsman he is today, earning much respect from glass connoisseurs as well as industry peers.

Glass Stash Jar With Frog by Amsterdam GlassworxMini Glass Bubbler With Images by Amsterdam Glassworx

Chris fuses together traditional glass-blowing techniques with new, innovative styling to produce beautiful artisan glassware that perfectly combines form and functionality.  Never mass-produced, Chris’s work combines sculpture and freestyle craftsmanship making each piece a unique example, highly prized by smokers and glass collectors.

Now, Chris’s small, artisan glass company, Amsterdam Glassworx are ready to launch their brand new range of glass smoking apparatus onto the burgeoning glassware market.

Glass Inside-Out Worked Sherlock Pipe by Amsterdam GlassworxRainbow Fumed Glass Spoon Pipe by Amsterdam Glassworx

Amsterdam Glassworx only ever use the highest quality Schott Duran borosilicate glass for durability and heat resistance.  Each hand-blown piece that leaves the factory has undergone a series of stringent quality control checks, as well as a 24 hour annealing process, ensuring that an Amsterdam Glassworx bong will give its new owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

To celebrate the launch, we are offering 25% off Amsterdam Glassworx products for a limited time only.  Plus, ANY order placed on the website between 1st – 14th May will qualify for free entry into a draw to WIN a one-of-a-kind Amsterdam Glassworx piece worth over £350.


Don’t delay, order today and experience Amsterdam Glassworx’ passion for art glass for yourself.

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29 Apr

Amazing Grace – New Glass Bongs From Grace Glass

In this industry, Grace Glass is a byword for quality.  We’re huge fans here at EDIT, and we think that these new glass waterpipes will show exactly why.  Their intricate, scientific designs ensure a smooth, clean smoking experience, and their inventive styling gives their pieces a unique look, popular with collectors and connoisseurs.  But the best thing about Grace Glass is the prices.  You sure do get a lot of bong for your buck.  Premium quality borosilicate glass is used in every bong for maximum durability – a lot of these new models feature thick glass you would normally expect to find on much more expensive waterpipes.

7mm Black Electronic Coated Beaker Bong by Grace Glass

The Black Electronic Coated Beaker Bong is hand made from 7mm thick borosilicate glass for ultimate durability.  The sleek, black tube houses a reinforced tank joint which holds a 29.2mm > 18.8mm 6-arm percolator diffuser downstem to keep things nice and smooth and the tube features ice notches allowing you to cool things down even more.  The main cylinder of the bong features the Grace Glass logo in a choice of striking colours.  A premium quality waterpipe at a fantastic value price.

7mm 4 x 6 Arm Clear Tree Perc Bong by Grace Glass7mm 4 x 6 Arm Clear Tree Perc Bong by Grace Glass

This 4×6 Arm Tree Percolator Bong is hand made from 7mm thick, top quality borosilicate glass and stands an imposing 55cm tall.  The scientific design filters your smoke removing harmful carcinogens and particulates, leaving a smooth, clean hit.  The tube features ice notches, allowing you to chill the hit to a frosty blast, and the piece is finished with the distinctive Grace Glass logo.  A superb quality bong, made to a phenomenal standard at a price you’ll love.  This bong is also available with Green or Black detailing

These are just two of the new range of bongs from Grace Glass.  We have several others in the Latest Additions section of our website, or you can view all our Grace Glassware HERE.

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17 Apr

Win An EHLE 420 Bong And Free Shipping For Easter Weekend

Happy Easter EDIT-Heads!

It feels like an extra special Easter this year, what with it falling on the smoker’s holy day of 4/20!

To celebrate we are giving our customers the chance to win a limited edition glass waterpipe, made by our friends at EHLE.  Hand-made with their trademark quality this bong has a crown mouthpiece, crown base, flame polished 4:20 logo, a cheeky millifiori and ice notches.  It oozes quality and is worth over £350.  All you have to do to win is make a purchase on our website between now and 20th April 2014, and you will automatically be entered into the draw to win this amazing pipe.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the name of the winner, and also as a way of getting another FREE entry!

Free Shipping

And because it’s a special Easter, we’re running our ever-popular FREE SHIPPING promotion again all the way over the Easter weekend from Good Friday until Easter Monday.  Simply spend over £45 for free UK delivery, over $299 for free US/Rest of the World shipping, or over €219 for free shipping to Europe.  Now is the time to treat yourself for 4:20!  Bag yourself that bong you’ve had your eye on, or that sexy vape you keep looking at.  With free shipping worldwide you really can’t go wrong.

Whatever you are doing over the bank holiday weekend, we hope you all have a lovely time and thoroughly enjoy the Easter festivities.  Happy Easter from all the team at the world’s largest headshop.

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16 Apr

New Glass Spoon Pipes From G-Spot

German glass specialists, G-Spot, are a big hit with EDIT customers.  We stock a huge collection of G-Spot’s waterpipes and bong accessories, which are extremely popular due to the quality of the craftsmanship, their innovative design and great value prices.

Today, we have launched a new range of hand-made glass spoon pipes from G-Spot in an assortment of colours and designs – all at our familiar low prices.

Hot Rod Glass Spoon Pipe by G-Spot

The Hot Rod Glass Spoon Pipe by G-Spot is a smooth, black glass pipe, handmade from high quality borosilicate glass.  The pipe is lavishly decorated with a vivid flame effect, giving the spoon a stunning aesthetic, complemented by a trio of glass beads at the bowl end of the pipe, designed for ease of handling when loading up or smoking.  A real beauty of a piece that would be equally at home in everyday use, or as a collection display piece.

Hot Lava Glass Spoon Pipe by G-Spot

The Hot Lava Glass Spoon Pipe by G-Spot looks like it was forged in the fires of Mount Vesuvius.  Vivid orange pyrex glass is twisted with rods of blue and white colour, and a thick strip of shimmering dichro glass winds its way around the spoon leaving a fiery, volcanic appearance.  A stunning piece of glassware that will prove a real talking point as you pass it to your buddy on the left.

The full range of new G-Spot glass spoon pipes can be found HERE.  These spoon pipes are wonderfully well made and are sure to give you years of smoking pleasure.  Please note that as all these pipes are hand-made, exact designs and dimensions may vary slightly.

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