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30 Jun

Rasta Roor Bong 500 Give Away (The 2nd!)



That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for a second time were going to give away the new Rasta RooR Bong 500.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this part of the blog telling me what your all time favourite bong is, that’s it.

All the names will be put in to a prize draw on Friday 03/07/2009 and the winner will be announced that evening.

For those of you that weren’t here for the last Rasta RooR Bong give away here’s a little information about this special piece.

This Roor Bong 500 has a special Rasta Logo – three colours in one – and is made to the same exacting standards as all Roor bongs.

They only use the purest, highest-quality borosilicate glass and are renowned by glass connoisseurs the world over for their workmanship.

This 500ml Roor Bong has 3mm thick glass and is available with either 14.5 or 18.8 joint sizes. It is a much more affordable variety of Roor Bong, with none of the quality sacrificed.

For reliability, stability, extreme quality and unrivalled functionality, you cannot improve on German-made Roor bongs.


Glass Thickness:

Joint Sizes:
14.5 or 18.8

Ideal Downtube/Diffuser Length:
12cm approx.

Free Roor Glass Gauze with Every Roor Bong



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894 Responses to Rasta Roor Bong 500 Give Away (The 2nd!)

  1. generalvaigon says:

    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm – Red Baron

    thats from looking through your website EDIT, i havent ever owned a bong.

    btw thanks for the chill giveaways!


  2. harry madagascar says:

    ummm im drawing a blank…

    i cant think of the other one but i had an ill yellow and red one i made in pottery class called pizzafish

  3. D T O O T says:

    this one is my favorite! (or the larger versions)

  4. Andrew says:

    My favorite bong of all time is the Ehle 1000 ml.

  5. winged hour ryan says:

    oh my GOD im freaking out im in love with this bong

    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 7mm – Editor Special

    i clicked it because it was the most expensive — 4000 dollars US!

    its obviously my favorite

  6. buster nuts says:

    yeah legit.

    roor makes the best bongs. my aunt has one and i think its named big bertha but idk why

  7. Christopher Lawrence says:

    My favorite all time bong is anyone’s but mine own. >:)~

  8. Brian says:

    The Mad Scientist!

  9. Cooper Hinman says:

    I have only used about 3 different bongs in my lifetime. My favorite out of all 3 is the Orange Label US RooR icemaster that my friend owns. =) If I win this bad boy though, it will definitely be my new favorite hehe

  10. billLee says:

    Gravity bong. Winning that Roor would finally allow me to get rid of that bucket of water the cats try to drink.

  11. Das says:

    My all time favorite is the 2ft Green Star percolated bong I used to have…..before it was broken :(

  12. People Under the Stairs says:

    I have a glass on glass 9mm stemless with ice pinches that hits like a charm. Named it Cal Ripken Jr. what a fitting name. haha

  13. Captain Cone says:

    Ehle 5mm 37cm

  14. Jerry says:

    I bought a 9mm thick beaker bottom GonG down in Eureka CA. Custom blown and very affordable. Def my fav piece!!! (That is, unless I get this RooR).

  15. andres f says:

    roor opal crown

  16. Reece says:

    little sista white lines

  17. huonc says:

    my fav piece is my weedstar 3mm straight gong, it was my first piece :)

  18. luke says:

    lux miniperc

  19. j says:

    roor rasta 500

  20. Justin says:

    I had a roor knockoff called the milkman that was my favorite but it broke the other day :(

  21. MY FAVORITE BONG IS THE “WS Series 5mm Removable Percolater Bong” – ‘Mad Professor’

  22. damian says:

    roor rasta 500!!!!!

  23. andy says:

    my homemade glass bongs are always a treat. if you build it, they will come

  24. TomToole says:

    My RooR behemoth was my favourite! Alas, my housemate managed to break it into a million peices and I’m RooRless for the forseeable future :(

  25. Julio says:

    Messias Illusion Ice 5mm – Single Tree Perc.

    Bought one for my girlfriend and it hits like a champ.

  26. rob says:

    its the one i made from a piece of plastic tubing and sealed at the bottom with candle wax sweet as

  27. bbzoptical says:

    The nicest bong i ever had was the little sista custom white lines 5.0 dealers cup.

  28. DanDavies says:

    roor lil sis defo the 1 2 have

  29. Thor says:

    I’d have to say my favorite bong is my n3rd custom, but hot damn, a free rasta roor may just take the cake.

  30. carl says:

    I have a cheap one i bought from blue banana and use a roor diffuser with a roor turbo bowl, would love to touch some real glass.

  31. Allan says:

    I would love to try out some Roor, but alas I am very poor!

  32. Dennis says:

    My favorite is the Weedstar 7mm Colour Perc.
    A nice Roor rasta would be very nice tho!

  33. eddebaby says:

    Plastic Bottle of Irn Bru and a pen! Do not remove the Irn Bru from the bottle else the magnificence is lost! :) Ah, those halcyon days of youth….

  34. sneekz says:

    My favourite bong ever has to be the RooR Fairmaster

  35. Tyler S says:

    Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm – Ziggy is my favorite tube of ALL TIME!!! good work roor!!

  36. m0le says:

    EHLE 250mll with EHLE diffuser 14.5 and Molino hurricane Pre-Cooler,

    Its a winning combination! :D

  37. Mrs-Chip says:


  38. GregH says:

    ROOR Lil sista Flame Polished

  39. Josie says:

    my little poket bong is my fave, it fold up lovely and neat so i can take it out and about!

  40. FidelCashflow says:

    hmm, probably a 9mm 20″ Toro 8 arm tree perc that is no longer available to me. that thing ripped

  41. AWarr11 says:

    Sup EDIT,

    Hands down best bong ever was the 5 foot German Original Roor with Roor ashcatcher. First bong I’d seen that ever knocked somebody out, literally lol.

  42. Aniwal says:

    My favorite bong this far is an Ehle 1000ml! Hits like a truck :D

  43. Jack Armstrong says:

    I once had a ROOR wanna be bong about two feet tall with a single perk, ice catcher, and a pretty decent diffuser. I loved this bong perhaps too much, because it led to it’s demise. I cleaned it almost immediately after each and every use. Until one day as i shook the bong to rinse the inside out it smacks the counter top at the sink i was using and SHATTERS into about a million pieces or so leaving shards of broken glass all over the floor ready to slice my bare feet open. I made it out with only one hefty gash on the TOP of my foot somehow. The point is i was in love with something that cost me two hundred dollars, I owned it for about two weeks, then it broke and attacked me. It was my favorite bong ever.

  44. dave says:

    my favourite bong is my first ever bong, an acrylic purple/blue carb based one from edit, that thing was awesome, it stood the test of time until one day my friend drove over it rofl. dont ask how.

  45. Robin says:

    my fav is definately the red-eye rocket man!!! take hits like a dream until you get LEAN!!!

  46. chak' says:

    My favorite and only bong I’ve ever had is the weed star’s black jack which I bought here at EDIT, unfortunately, with a messy state of mind I accidentally tripped it over, the downpipe broke. Today I ordered a new bong from EDIT, although I wouldn’t mind having a RooR bong either.

  47. Tom says:

    Roor little sista 3.2 is best I’ve tried…… so far!

  48. jason (nordelen) says:

    I have a mini molino glass bong at the mo, which is hitting the spot nicely. Before this the only experiences i’ve had bong wise were acrylics, which i find really harsh.
    This one time, at band practice, my mates made a bong/hookah thing out of one of those big water cooler bottles and some plastic tubes. needless to say we were wasted all weekend!

  49. mummy merkin says:

    oh baby ! that looks like i could fit my chops around that and smokka myself retarded . gimmie it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. S+Z says:

    Rasta Roor 500 ;)

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