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8 Jun

NEW Scented Candles & Tasty Puff Flavours!

Some say touch, some say taste but SMELL is definitely of paramount importance when it comes to your senses.

And there is no better way to revitalize these senses than through vibrant fragrances like these scented candles.

There are a number or flavours already available but why not try the BRAND NEW

Vanilla – Scented Candle

Altitude – Scented Candle

While we are on the subject of evocative flavours… there are also some GREAT NEW Tasty Puff Tobacco Drops to add to your collection.

These drops are the greatest tool one could use when flavouring their tobacco.

Now in stock are the following 3 funky flavours:

Tasty Puff – Cinnamon

Tasty Puff – Pomegranate

Tasty Puff – Sweet Leaf

So think fast and come and grab some FRESH, NEW goodies!

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