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31 Oct

Introducing the New RooR Logo Series!!!!

The New Roor Logo Series – All of us over here at EDiT are brimming with excitement to announce this new range of water bongs from the excellent German glass blowers offering three different types of borosilicate glass bongs using the highest quality raw materials and is offered in a range of colours.

First off, for the connoisseurs there’s the classic RooR Icemaster Glass Bong with new logo designs adding to the already aesthetically pleasing look of a RooR Waterpipe. This 5mm thick borosilicate work of art is fitted with 3 ice notches for a cool, smooth smoke. On top of this, there is a three part downtube with a separate lift-off bowl. This RooR piece comes with a bistable joint which adds 40% more glass around the ground joint adding extra strength to that stress point and making it less prone to damage. Very useful for those of us who tend to be a little care-free with our equipment.

Next, we have an entirely new line of the traditional RooR Little Sista beaker based bong. This tour de force carries a 14.5mm joint and is made of 3.2mm thick glass. This glass bong consists of a beaker base with a down tube and separate lift-off bowl. The Roor Little Sista also contains a bistable joint for added strength and durability.

Last but not least, we have the RooR Bong 500 available with new logo designs. This bong holds 500ml by volume of smoke and water and has 3 mm thick glass with an 18.8mm joint. Unsurprisingly, this water bong has the classic RooR efficiency and functionality and is now available with the new logo designs in several different colours.

Add some more aesthetic spice to your mantelpiece with these new designs!!!!

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