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Ref: DELUXE Agent Blue

This nifty little pipe channels smoke through a spiral smoke path, cooling it down before it reaches the mouth.
Expertly manufactured, the Agent Blue uses a nitrile 'O' ring to keep the smoke in, and even has a built in hole for a string to keep it round your neck!
An excellent piece of travelling smoking kit.

Weight: 120g

Size: 82mm x 18mm

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The DaVinci Bowl!

26 Jul, 2007
Okay, it's not a flop movie after a decent book, but it does use an auger on the inside to cool and clean your smoke, to say nothing of the concave tar-trap that makes cleaning a cinch. The Agent Blue pipe also has a tiny carb/inlet that is true genius; covering the larger flame-hole allows you to draw enough air into the bowl to keep it lit AND smoke your legal herbs at a rate that will wreck you without making you cough! Internal smoke paths are standard on most deluxe pipes, but the Agent executes it far better than my A'maze'd. Finally, the construction of the Blue is solid. I like the weight of the pipe as it acts as a heatsink. You can light your pipe with a jet-lighter (we call 'em crack torches), puff, and pocket and the pipe is only slightly warm to the touch. And yes, it has a lanyard so it can be worn as a necklace...I find the best place for these stealthy gems is the lighter pocket on the right side of your standard-issue blue jeans....next to your hollow Cricket lighter =)

Nice product, heavy duty

2 Nov, 2006
This is a heavy duty pipe with a nice weight to it. The spiral cooling chamber is tight and doesn't seem to let smoke by it inbetween the spiral area and the cylander. This means that most if not all of the smoke does travel the full spiral length. This spiral also collects alot of tar and is a nice filter. Gives a great smoke that is not all that dissimiliar to a bong smoke. In fact, I have quit using my bong since I bought this. Downside is that the pipe tarnished quickly and is not so shiny anymore; it may weigh too much for some people; and because the spiral cooling piece is not a twist on with threads (it uses a viton "o" ring to hold it on), I can see that it may someday not hold on tightly. Bought this pipe and the amazed, both a fairly equal with different advantages and disadvantages to each. The amazed is shinier, stays cleaner, but probably does not filter as well or keep the smoke in its path as well. The amazed also uses full twist thread ons with both ends and may last longer as well. Toss up....Both need frequent cleaning....


17 Oct, 2006
This pipe is exactly what it says it is. an agent. No smoke comes from the pipe and you can pack a pretty fat bowl into it. good for smoking in a place that you dont need anyone to know. The pipe feels awesome, like i mean, the weight of it in your hand, you know theres no way it can break.

i reccommend it.


5 Sep, 2006
this is a cool little pipe. it hits smooth and i can hit it really hard and blow out huge clouds of smoke that i didnt even know was in me. its small and fits in my pocket really nicely. however, the bowl is a bit small for my taste, and its harder than a normal bowl to pack, and when i try to cram a little more in, it gets clogged a lot. i constantly find myself unclogging it over and over, it gets a bit annoying when ur trying to have a quick session. overall though, its a cool pipe and its fun to use in a place wehre u can easily take it apart to fix it ie. ur house or somewhere where u dont have to rush around.


1 Sep, 2006
this pipe is great the bowl is a good size and it hits well too the hits are big so the smoke is not as cool as you would think. It is stelth and you can not smell the smoke at all.

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