This pack contains genuine dried samples of Trichocereus peruvianus cacti (also known as Peruvian Torch), collected in Matucana-Huarochiri, Peru, at 2100m.

Botanical/horticultural herbarium specimen only. Not for human consumption.

Contents: 20g

Size: 170mm x 150mm

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The most spiritual substance in existence

12 Jan, 2006
The Cactus chips came in a little polyethene bag. They looked like dried green pepper/ mouldy crisps. It is illegal to ingest the flesh of the San Pedro cactus but if it wasnt my day would have gone something like this:

I would have boiled all the Cactus in a pot for a few hours then filtered off all the cactus chunks and either chewed them or thrown them away. I would have separated the boiled water into separate bottles for drinking. I would have drank the powerful tasting water then gone to the park for the day. I would think that had ripped me off because i wouldnt feel anything for about three hours. I would have one of the best days of my life. Apparently the feeling is like all the best effects of magic mushrooms and ecstasy all into one without the paranoia of shrooms or the comedown of ecstasy. Apparently this drug (Mescaline) is extremely flexible and one can handle a vast number of situations one couldn't if one was on shrooms. People have been known to have life changing experiences on this stuff.

Id say this is an extremely good purchase for those who miss buying psilocybin mushrooms. In many ways this stuff is better.

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