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The ERBO« is superior to any other known smoking device. Thousands of hours of scientific design went into the creation of the ERBO«, as well as millions in development. Just press the button and the ERBO« does the rest, you donÆt even have to put it to your lips!

The ERBO« pipe is the most revolutionary smoking device ever created. With its patent pending Hydrofuge« technology it is truly the first advance in smoking technology in recent history. The Hydrofuge« process strips a significantly greater amount of the oils, tars and particulates from smoke vapor as compared with other smoking devices or systems being sold. Another feature of the ERBO« is its ability to automatically project a cooled moisturized stream of vapor at a constant and pleasurable rate. Physical contact with the mouthpiece is unnecessary. Another benefit of the patent pending Hydrofuge« process is the pre-expansion of all hot gases. In any other traditional smoking device or method, this expansion happens in the lungs and is widely accepted to be a major cause of coughing and congestion. The ultimate advantage of the Hydrofuge« process is a nearly cough free experience. We're certain you'll agree that the ERBO« is absolutely unique and unequaled by any other smoking device in the world.

What is the Hydrofuge« process?
The ERBO« acronym stands for Electro Respiratory Ballistic Optimization. This optimization is achieved through our patent pending Hydrofuge« process, which begins with the ignition of the smoking substance. The resulting vapor is then mechanically drawn into a powerful vortex inside the inner gas expansion chamber. This centrifugal process expands and propels the vapor and gases through a mere teaspoon of water where it is ballistically aerated and instantly cooled. The effect is the removal a very significant amount of tar, oils and other heavy particulates by causing them to condensate and collect on the inner surface of the chamber instead of the user's lungs. Scientific studies are presently being conducted to establish the perceived health advantages. Most users experience significantly less coughing and respiratory congestion.

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3 Jan, 2008
Received it this afternoon and promptly assembled it, which was quite easy. The book is nice and clear on the instructions of assembly, disassembly, and maintenance. Also a nice big FAQ section. Inserting the batteries was a slight chore.

The bowl is glass on glass, 14.4mm so you can use it on your other glass accessories if they fit that size. Its crafted quite well but it does feel light and thin. The slightest ding could possibly crack or break it. You can also put other 14.4 bowls on the device, my martini bowl fit well and the larger bowl hole allowed more smoke to enter the device.

The amount of water required is insanely small, but I can see why. The water chamber is extremely small and how the device uses the water I have yet to figure out exactly. But after putting the water in the chamber, the air that was blowing out was much colder then it was without the water.

The smoke is smooth and the description doesn't lie, I haven't coughed from it once. And its very fun to use as it shoots the smoke out and you can just inhale it very easily. Plus its got a large "show off" factor as its really is an interesting device.

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