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G-Spot - Amber & White Coloured Pure Bowl


G-Spot Coloured Pure Bowls can turn any glass bong into an infinitely more colourful affair.

The Pure Bowl is especially designed for packing resins and herbal extracts and lighting them up for a truly satisfying smoke. It has a much tighter hole than ordinary herb bowls, and resins can usually be actually stuck to the side of this Pure bowl for easier burning.

Available in 18.8mm joint size or 14.5mm, the G-Spot - Pure Bowls can be bought separately to replace broken or old bowls, or just to have spares or show pieces lined up and ready to rock once one bowl has been thoroughly enjoyed.

Weight: 18.8: 25g - 14.5: 15g

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G-Spot - Amber & White Coloured Pure Bowl

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