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The Rocket Bong features a design that allows you to fold up your bong so itÆs small enough to fit into your pocket or kept out of the way. Following on from a previous similar product that broke the mould, the Rocket bong is made from less expensive materials and is a much more of a bargain.

The ingenious design allows the bong to expand from just 3.5cm to a whopping 23cm with one simple movement.

The down pipe and bowl is easily assembled from 4 parts. Made from durable acrylic the Rocket Bong is easy to take apart and put together. Cleaning the bong requires little effort as it can be safely washed in the dish washer.

Compact, discreet and a must have accessory for the real connoisseur.

Weight: 190g

Size: 3.5cm High / 10cm Diameter

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smoking on the move!

5 Oct, 2009
hi i bought this rocket bong because lately I'm on the move alot, i like to smoke from a water pipe, but all my bongs are made from glass and not suitable to bring with me, well here is a good solution to the problem, its a cool bong, very simple and effective, and at a great price, so if you like to toke a bowl on the move this bong is for you,

It's cheap and reliable

8 Dec, 2008
A friend of mine bought the original one, so i got this. well i personally thing the original is much better, this is cheaper so i'd go with this. there are of course some problems with it. the fact that it's collapsable means that when taking a hit, it might fall, which isn't a nice surprise. I love how easy it easy to clean, throw it in the washer and your done. AWESOME. if you don't have much cash and you need a bong because your sick of joints or a coke can bong, this would be the best bang for your buck.

Nice One Edit!

19 Sep, 2008
Just got my order, next day delivery, free lollipop! Nice one EDIT!

When I first got this bong and unpacked it, it didn't seem very air-tight yeah with about 30 seconds tweaking and pulling, it all straightened out. Pretty large bowl aswell.

For the price you cant go wrong

24 May, 2007
Upon arrival I saw what appeared to be a very ingenious way in which to create a different kind of bong. It expands to a whopping 23cm and collapses to a miniscule 3.5 cm high so can very easily be put in ones pocket and carried around. It also has a very appealing green color to it, well lime green in fact. I was dubious to receive this due to some of the reviews I had already heard from edits forums saying that the acrylic was not cut as well, and that due to this being a copy if the original pocket bong it would therefore beà well shit. However I was truly surprised to see that although there was some surface damage (due to the fact this was free and therefore was probably a show piece) it was well, very nicely made. At a cost of 11.99 I donÆt think you can ask for the worlds best looking bog (though this defiantly has a very cool look to it), I can defiantly see this as a cool party piece. E.g. whipping it out of your pocket and amazing your mates you have a full size bong in your pocket. I was a little concerned that due to the fact it was collapsible there may be a compromise in all round water tightness of the bong, though this hasnÆt been any problem to me at all, and it seems to be very watertight. The metal works of the bong, such as the down pipe etc, are well made and I have had no problems with them at all.

Two problems I have read about and encountered myself were difficulty of inserting the pipe and the collapsing of bong half way through a toke. The first problem was remedied with some good old fashioned elbow grease and a little bit of fiddly work. Basically the problem lied in the fact that the collapsible nature of this product meant that it was constructed using rings of acrylic each slightly smaller then its predecessor. Which mean the one ring with the hole to place the pipe in had a piece of overlapping ring over it. This could be remedied two ways. Either by cutting a little piece of the offending ring, or the easier and better way, just fiddle with the above ring by pulling it up so there is enough space of the pipe to go in. The other problem is harder to remedy when high, but otherwise shouldnÆt be a problem, basically if you put to much pressure on the bongs top it will collapse to maybe half its size, which in turn can make you jump thus accidentally collapse it altogether getting bong juice all over yourself and making you stink like dirty smoky water for days.

When I decided to have a smoke from this I was first greeted by a pungent smell of incenses which was due that that also being part of the free samples. However once this had gone it cooled the smoke very nicely and made it taste very clean, and unadulterated. Though the slight lack of air tightness of the hole from which the pipe came from, had to be remedied by holding my hand over the hole slightly. Though if this wasnÆt done it probably would have done just as well (probably just me being me).

My overall opinion of this is that I really liked it, as itÆs a cheap and pretty cool way to have a little bowl here and there. This isnÆt going to be one that can be used as your primary as I can see it getting worn away (the water tightness that is) over time. But this is defiantly one to have in your arsenal to impress you friends, and to take out incase you want to bong some while your out. The price is unbeatable and IÆm defiantly impressed by its price, and quality of build. This is so easy to use I wished I had heard of it before.

Look- 8/10 Price 8/10 Quality 7.5/10 Useability 7.5/10 Overall 7.5/10


24 May, 2007
things that people think of these days..very good if u need something "to go" i really like it..foulds up very nicely...u just need to get use to it and toke with it. the bowl is small and it can get a few good hits. last but not least...the ROcket bOng is very easy to clean


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