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This is the most extravagant custom Roor bong that we have ever designed for our range and Roor have created an absolute masterwork for us. This very, very special Roor is emblazoned with a genuine diamond-studded, solid gold Roor logo mounted regally on the 7mm thick borosilicate glass beneath a rare Bubbled Tube feature and an Opal Embedded Crown Mouthpiece.

Beneath the logo is a Dichro Embedded Marble, featuring a funky Roor logo within. Either side of the Dichro marble there are two Solid Silver Hemp Leaves, while the ice notches below are heavily gold gilded to match the logo and the bowl, which is also gold gilded. The diffuser logo is uniquely gold colored as well.

We have had the beaker bottom gold-gilded as well, which has a double effect as it looks very solid when stored and with a darker background around it, but when in use (if you dare use it) and out in the light, the gold becomes more opaque so you can still see the smoke bubbling up. Also decorating the beaker bottom are Sandblasted Hemp Leaves, just poking up from the gold gilding on either side of the joint.

Not satisfied with all the above, we have also commissioned a matching 5mm Ashcatcher, only with a Ruby-studded Solid Silver Logo. A diffuser also comes with the Ashcatcher, and is tastefully black-logoÆd so as not to distract from the rest of the custom features.

There are members of royal families who are not worthy of this pipe. Most of them probably couldnÆt afford it anyway!

Custom Roor Bong Features:

ò Solid Gold Logo with Diamond Stud
ò Opal Embedded Crown Mouthpiece
ò Bubbled Tube Feature
ò 2 x Solid Silver Hemp Leaves
ò 2 x Sandblasted Hemp Leaves
ò æRoorÆ Dichro Embedded Marble
ò Gold Gilded Ice Notches
ò Gold Gilded Beaker Bottom
ò Gold Gilded Bowl
ò Gold Logo Diffuser
ò Custom Ashcatcher with Diffuser

Glass Thickness: 7mm

Joint Size: 18.8

Ideal Downtube/Diffuser Length: 16cm exactly.

Ashcatcher Custom Features: Solid Silver Logo with Ruby Standard + Black Logo Diffuser

Size: 45cm

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28 Nov, 2010
I have 7


20 Sep, 2008
So hot but so expensive....

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