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Salvia Divinorum - Organic Extract 10X

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Ref: HIGHS OrganicSal x10

Salvia Divinorum is harvested in the high mountains of Oaxaca by the native people (Mazatec Indians) and is then dried, cured and blessed.

The Mazatec people use it as part of spiritual ceremonies and traditional healing. It has become a powerful tool for soul searching and exploration of conciousness.

Mazatec Golden is organically grown then hand-picked by Mazatec Indians. It is carefully placed in the shade to dry over a long period of time; a process that preserves and cures the leaves.

Salvia 10x Organic Extracts is 10 times the strength of the Mazatec Golden variety. On average, it takes 10g of leaf to produce 1g of 10x extract.

Contents: 1g vial

Salvinorin A Content: not less than 30mg

Not For Human Consumption: Sold for Botanical / Horticultural / Herbarium Specimens only

Herbaria: Herbaria are collections of dried preserved specimen that document the identity of plants and fungi. They represent reference collections with many and varied functions including identification, research and education.

Weight: 5g including vial.

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Salvia Divinorum - Organic Extract 10X

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Username: truth--addict

14 Jun, 2008

First ever salvia experience and it's fuckin' sweeeet!

all out of spice and stuff so decided to do a wee bitty salvia, at first the effects were uncomfortable and annoying, but tried it again and it was AWESOME!

i didn't have a sitter which is kinda bad, but still, i had a full on lsd trip that lasted only 10 minutes, IMO that way is a lot more fun!

It hit me so hard in less than a minute after smoking i couldn't tell what was real and what was imaginary!

only bad thing is, for first timers it's SCARY! but respect the drug and you'll have a more enjoyable experience!

Thanks to this site i can have a fantastic experience on the right side of the law! God bless EDIT!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars

AMAZING!!!!!! my trips so far

Username: jezsmith720

6 Apr, 2008

'v smoked salvia 9 times. iv had 6 proper hallucination trips, the other 3 times i smoked less nd felt very tingly and i would start saying the most random things and end up having crazy uncontrollable laughing fits over nothing!!!

My first ever trip was with 2 of my friends. we didnt know what the hell was going to happen. i did it in a bong , a small hit to be honest, but i held it for as long as i possibly could. i felt my head going a bit dizzy n my legs getting tingly nd wobbly, and as soon as i let the smoke out i sat down nd i laughed. just fuking laughed like hell. i saw my friend on the cieling, well at least thought i did. i looked at my feet nd they seemed to have expanded massivly!! was just hilarious. my one friend had an uncontrollable laughing fit and was saying random things like 'christmas turkey', 'tasty tyre' and 'v-shaped rally' and the other friend was laying on my bed and he thought it was swaying violently , in a gud way tho lol.

my second trip was stranger. i smoked it in a joint. toked hard and held long. let it out nd i started sayign the most wierdest things. my friend was trying to pass me the spliff but he was laughing to much to know wat was going on, and i remmeber refuseing saying 'no i gta wait in the queue!!' n then i started saying things like 'get on the trian, its like a train,' nd i was picturing a wierd looking train in a closed eye visual but it felt so real. eventually it died down n i sobered up with just alot of randomness and occasioanl laughing randomly for 30 mins or so.

my third trip was with my girlfriend, who stayed sober. i bonged it, first hit didnt hit me. but i did a small hit cuz i didnt wanna lose my mind in front of her cuz it would of scareed her lol. but then i thort fuk itt!!! n packed a huge hit , cained it straight in one nd held for as long as i could. i let it out n i sat down. i lost all contact with reality for a few seconds, my mind went blank. n then it suddnely came back and i rememebered i was tripping, i saw my room spiralling and felt as tho it was rising up and pushing agisnt my body from underneath . i genuinly thought it was reality at the time as i forgot all about even smoking the salvia for a second. wen i once agen realised i was tripping i stood up nd closed my window. i thought i was sobering up but then i turned round n shouted 'i am TODD!!!' in the way you would shout 'this is SPARTA!!!!' i mean,, my name isnt even todd lol. i dont know where it came from. i then started walking tot he other side of my room, imagining myself on a treadmill sort of thing with toy wooden soldiers surrounding me on the treadmill. i litterally ended up crashing into the wall nose first without realising! was mad. i turned round n started mumbling something about u-turns. n then i had a laughing fit over the word u-turn. i then sobered up. but was having trouble explaining wat had just gfone on in my mind to my girlfriend as i was stil slightly tripping . definatly the most intense of all my trips.

my forth trip was outside. i smoked it in a spliff. i saw my friend riding around on his bike. but it looked as though he was on some sort of platform and wasnt riding anywhere. one of my friends hu dispises anything to do with drugs and things like that gave me a disgusted look. but becuz i was tripping , his un happy face seemed to really stand out, it seemed to make me feel bad. and i had to walk away becuz i hated the un-happy vibe he was giving off. it was wierd. that trip then quickly wore off.

my fifth trip was just 20 minutes after the last. i went and sat in the middle of a huge grass field with one of my friends. i wanted to expreriance wat would happen if i tripped in an environment where there was nothing around me. i smoked in a joint. it was a very windy day and while i was tripping it felt as though the wind was pushing hard against me and it felt amazing on my skin. i then started seeing the wind. yep, i SAW the wind. no joke , i could see a gust coming, run into the path it was following and i would feel the gust. i turned round and saw a huge gust coming toward my freind. i ran up to him lauging my head off shouting 'get out of the wind jay!!! come here look theres no wind!!!' he was tripping out on a total differnet trip so obv he didnt listen lol. it was sooooo strange. i felt like a god!!! i then heard a lawn mower in the distance, and i saw the sound waves. they were echoing throughout the field and i then started to try and catch the sound waves to stop them reaching my ears lolol, but they seemed to dodge my hands . salvia outside is strange becuz you never know whats coming. you have got the unexpectedness of reality mixed with the randomness of salvia. mental shit.

my sixth trip was with two friends and a joint. two long tokes and i held it for as long as possible. i let it out and it hit me. i collapsed onto my bed in an extremly euphoric state. i then sat up n looked around my room, and i thought that there where tracks around my house in which u had to follow. like darkend lines on my carpets all around the house. n i was running thru my house following them having a go at all my firends who werent following them lol!! at the same time i was laughing my head off, it was a really fun trip!!!

overall , salvia is fucking crazy and seriosuly needs to be treated respectfuly. salvia always makes me nervous before hand. i hate the fact you never no what you're going to see. but in the back of my mind i alays know that if im in a good environment then there is nothing to worry about becuz i always trip nicely and i have the time of my life!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars

A fast, mind blowing, hard hitting little plant!

Username: Amaris

5 Apr, 2008

I had taken salvia once before, the 5x stuff. At the time I wasn't very happy, and under it's influence, after feeling a mighty dizzy head rush I fell asleep and had a very nasty nightmare. I know it was the Salvia at work, pulling up all the nasties for inspection..All in all a pretty rubbish experience.
The 10x stuff arrived this morning, My girlfriend and I sat down and took two hits from a pure Salvia joint. I must add we were pretty stoned at the time, feeling nice and mellow. We put some music on (tibettan singing bowls) which seemed like a good choice! After the second hit, my girlfriend instantly felt pressure on her face, almost feeling something like the start of an out of body experience. She lost the ability of speech and went into a real strange giggle fit, unable to move. I sat and watched her, got myself freaked out as her giggles didn't sound pleasurable (they were not, as she explained later). On my second hit, I felt pretty much the same, the pressure on my head kind of waved down my body, making movement very difficult, the bloody singing bowl music dinged once, like it was the announcement of something big, I waited for more sound from it, it was resonating in my brain, on a weird acid like loop. Thankfully we came out of it pretty quickly and decided to get some sleep, both our minds were racing, like all the information we had in our brains was coming to the surface for aknowledgement, nothing unpleasant though.
I would say this stuff is POTENT and demands respect. It does not follow any hallucinogenic rules, you are fully aware of reality, it distorts your surroundings and blends them into a confusing kind of time slip. Music does not make things better, it is distracting. The visuals are very strange, my girlfriend saw my face as a Kaleidoscope at one point, I saw everything as a bit of a blur, as I was fighting, trying to sit up. I think the best thing to do is to lie down when you take your hit, don't try and move, and close your eyes. It was difficult to communicate once you were under the influence, seems like it's not a very social drug, but you SHOULD have somebody with you, preferably sober, just for safey sake as you can't tell what you are really doing. I might do it again, it really needs a lot of research doing with regards to taking it, your surroundings etc to be able to get the most out of the experience.
Very strong, very strange and very REAL! Does what it says on the tin...

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars

Unlike Anything Else

Username: Andy-J

23 Sep, 2007

This is truly is a very unique plant, the effects are very different to anything else. The first time I tried this was using the 10x extract in a waterfall (with a jet lighter of course), what followed was the strangest experience of my life, there were no "tangerine trees and marmalade skies", in fact the visuals I experienced were quite subtle, just variations of the objects in my room, like keyboard and monitor changing shape. This couldve been due to the fact that I took it directly infront of my PC, I'm going to try it differently from now on, in the dark with nothing to focus on.)

It's not an entirely visual experience though, it's more what going on in your head, which for me is always a sense of being taken over by some force and then 'becoming one' with the room, as if I am attached to everything in the room and if I try to move everything changes shape and comes apart. But the strangest part of my experiences is the complete nonsense going around in my head, just jibberish repeated over and over which I forget as soon as I come down.

I can now say without any doubts that Salvia really works, and whats more, the effects are far stronger than some illegal substances.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars

Two Reviews!

Username: solitary2911

18 Jun, 2007

Well id like to start by saying that you really do have to be prepared and be in the right environment for salvia.

I already knew this but being the fool I am ignored it as IÆm impulsive.
I had three friends around me all in a close space and there were walls near by, I could write a really long review about my trip but ill keep it short and to the point.
After inhaling the smoke two or three times I felt nothing but I had but quite a lot in and had a further 2 drags and I then went into a completely different world but because of not preparing myself and being in the wrong environment I started having a bad trip where it felt like the walls were coming at me and things were scary and in another time zone, it felt like 10 mins but was infact only two.

However, this was my fault for not respecting and taking the right precautions prior to use and as it happens I had my girlfriend over at the time and she tried some with just me around in a much better environment and she just had the giggles and apparently felt as if she was in a fairytale.


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars

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