Blunts are traditionally cigars with their contents removed and replaced with a mix of tobacco and other smoking herbs. They usually consist of an inner leaf comparative to cigarette rolling papers and a much thicker outer leaf. A lot of commercially available blunt wraps are not leaves as such but blunt papers made from processed tobacco pulp.

A blunt wrap is sealed individually to keep them fresh, moist and flexible where all you need do is spread your mix evenly over the blunt paper, roll it and seal it with a lick or with flavored Blunt Glue. Good examples of this variety are the Platinum Blunt Wraps, Royal Blunts or Juicy Blunts.

Pre-Rolled Blunts are another way to enjoy blunt papers, where you need only fill the pre rolled cone within your smoking herbs. Pre-rolled blunts are good because of their conical shape, which means less tobacco is burned with each pull and this compensates for the increasing flavor and strength of the tobacco as the smoke passes through the blunt.

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