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Concentrate Glass Bubbler by Sheldon Black



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Ref: SB-003-19a

Concentrate Glass Bubbler by Sheldon Black

The Concentrator made by Sheldon Black is made purely for oils and concentrates. This glass piece is a small and sleek stunner that comes with a glass dome and nail.  

Smoke moves down the oil dome and nail through the stemless diffuser that contains 8 pinholes for treatment. The diffuser contains a stunning white Sheldon Black signature. Once the smoke is diffused to its optimal level it moves up the main section towards the arm that contains a 14.5mm ground female joint to connect the mouthpiece. The disc shaped mouthpiece is removable and connects to via a 14.5mm ground male joint. The mouthpiece takes the form of a thin straight glass tube with two clear glass rings in the middle. The mouthpiece leans back at the top for usability and is disc shaped for comfort. 

Each of the ground joints has an SB logo reverse etched upon them adding more aesthetic pleasure to this gorgeous piece from Sheldon Black. 

This Sheldon Black Concentrate Bong is available with either a Frosted or Black Logo, both featuring a signature Bowler Hat

Manufacturer: Sheldon Black

Range: Bubbler Range

Type: Concentrate Bubbler

Colour: Clear Glass

Label: Black etched SB logo with Bowler Hat or Frosted etched SB Logo with Bowler Ha

Glass Thickness: 4mm

Height: 250mm

Width: 100mm

Weight: 210g

Mouthpiece Diameter: 15mm (Pipe opening)

Joint Size: 18.8mm (Oil Dome), 14.5mm (Mouthpiece)

Downtube Type: Stemless 8 pinhole Diffuser

Downtube Length: N/A

Bowl Size: Oil Dome 18.8mm

Extra Features: Oil Dome Bubbler, Stemless 8 pinhole diffuser, Removable mouthpiece

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Concentrate Glass Bubbler by Sheldon Black
Concentrate Glass Bubbler by Sheldon Black

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