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The MODEL 419 Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe is a new age 100% stainless steel smoking pipe which is cleaned vigorously twice during production to make sure the only thing you taste when you smoke out of it is what you put in. The finish is so perfect that additional materials such as o-rings are not required, and the Model419 pipe is 100% hand-polished.


The stainless steel MODEL 419 Pipe is designed to drag the heat through the center keeping your fingers and the smoke nice and cool. The MODEL 419 smoking pipe has a micro-filtration system that removes ultrafine particles from the smoke, making sure you don’t get anything but the goodness in the smoke. The Model419 Smoking Pipe is a cleaner, safer choice for your tobacco smoking needs.

How to Clean Model419 Pipe: In most tests, a dry cloth was sufficient in wiping the debris from the interior surfaces! And if the filter gets too dirty? replace it.

Includes: 2 x Replacement Filters & Storage Pouch

Country of Origin: Made in the USA by locally sourced materials

Weight: 130g

Size: 46mm x 28mm + 75mm Mouthpiece

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1 Oct, 2011
Got the model 419 about 3 months ago and it immediately become my favourite thing in the world. It feels extremely solid and well-made; it's pure stainless steel and you can clean it to an irridescent shine with a piece of kitchen roll. It's a pleasure to smoke, a joy to look at and will outlast humanity. This is the last pipe you will ever buy; well worth the price.

Absolutely Awesome Pipe

10 Feb, 2011
So I've had this pipe about a week and its fantastic. Not only does it look stylish but since it looks like a modern Sherlock Holmes pipe it doesn't raise as much suspicion as the incredibowl or even the budbomb types. It has a really solid construction, and has a nice weight to it - you won't want to try and hold it in your teeth tho! The bowl is really deep, and this helps ensure a even slow burn even when well packed. There is a second air in-take below the chamber so that you get a mix of smoke and cool fresh air as you inhale. This pipe does NOT get hot, except if you really go nuts with a lighter.

Oh and there's a lid, so you can snuff any combustion to save your tabacco between smokes, or just keep some in there to carry around.

I can happily say this is probably the best portable pipe I've ever tried and definitely worth the money.

God bless the Ultimate States of America!

18 May, 2010
I got this from the EDIT give away so to all intents and purposes this will be a highly bias rave review, right? Well, yes and no - I did intend to rant about it no matter what the product was like, but 1) I'm a devoted briar, glass or soapstone man with no intents on budging and 2) this thing happens to be just about the best pipe I've ever smoked (and most certainly the best metal by far), and I would be writing the same review, if not better, even if I'd paid for it. So let's get on with it...

First thing you'll notice is how small it is. Aside for the briar/glass/soapstone bias thing, I wouldn't have ordered it from the sheer looks of it in the pics cause it looks really bulky and impractical (too small for my briars, too big for my glass spoons, too metal for my soapstones), but in actuality it's smaller than your standard spoon and the diameter of the bowl is only a tad bigger than a AA battery and with enough space to hold a little more than half a cigarettes worth of tobacco (think: upscale Protopipe). It's a portable pipe really and very iPod:ish in it's format. I guess it's one of those things where you'll have to see for yourself in person; but the balance of the design is quite impressive and especially considering what it does. It's a solo pipe you could share with your mates due to the bowls habit of staying cool between sessions, whilst being virtually indestructible yet glassy fresh.

Secondly there's the build quality which is, and I'm not embellishing this, outstanding. The closest thing you could compare it with in terms of craftsmanship and execution wouldn't be another pipe but the original all aluminum/stanless steel Victorinox army knife. Everything just fits: the lid isn't too loose or too tight, nothing's rattling once assembled, there's no gaps or cracks; and the sensation of it is a homogeneous stainless steel unit. Please note: I'm trying my best to keep it sensible here in light of the reviews premises, but be shure there would be plenty of exclamation points and poor impulse control if the case wasn't so. It's that good. Like something you would install in your kitchen. Beyond quality and a 100% obsessive tinkerer worthy (I'm still unscrewing it 4 days after delivery).

Thirdly, the feel of it. It sits very nicely in your hands. The weight is centered at the core of the head and the open lid acts as a solid support (no flapping. N-o-n-e) so there's a comfortable, sturdy grip to it. The mouth piece isn't sharp or uncomfortable but smooth and surprisingly pleasant to use. The one thing I didn't like was the placement of the carb hole. It's good for a range of comfortable grips, but it doesn't leave a lot of room for my patented three finger soft touch and I honestly don't see a use for it on a pipe - is it really that difficult to carb with the actual carb... aka... the mouth? Guess it wouldn't be fully yank without a tinge of wank though.

Fourth - the smoke. Metal is a tell tale sign of a, more or less, garbage pipe in all instances. This is a fact. Or at least it was. The nifty smoke chambers in this thing puts the smoke through it paces from what looks to be a five step action: a heat sink connected to the bowl, a swirling vortex from the diffuser, a sift though the fine micron gauze, a bounce in the second chamber and finally the cool path through the stainless steel mouth piece. The result from all that contact with the stainless steel as you could imagine is a smooth smoke from even the harschest smoke mixes. Let it sit in room temperature and it'll be the coldest thing in there - rest it in the fridge and it'll be bliss - put it in the freezer and you'll be literally wearing gloves and waiting for it to warm up before you can touch it with your lips. Amazing and unparalleled as far as metal pipes goes. Better than the fancy metal ones in my frame of reference (Bud Bomb, Protopipe, Palm Leaf & Piece Pipe).

Fifth point leads us to cleaning... and yes... it's all hand polished stainless steel and wipes completely clean. No tobaccy finds it's way out of the bowl unless you force it and the residual tobaccy oil is gathered in the second chamber. The stainless steel gauze, which could be a source of concern to some, isn't in direct contact with the smoking mix. In other words all the ashes gathers on top of the gauze (instead of in it) and only the indirect residue of tobaccy oil could potentially clutter it - a quick rinse with a dilutant (or soap and water) should solve it and the extra gauzes supplied with the pipe are most likely just for show imho; an alibi for the what-if-ers. The gauze housing is 18 mm btw and will fit many standard gauzes - tried and tested.

Sixth... did I mention it comes with a awerrific smooth nylon carrying bag in black with a subtle "Model 419" printed on it in deep red? Well, it does. "Dagnaggit" finally makes SENSE.

Bottom line - would I have bought it?

I'm going full circle with "yes and no". Not from what I've seen from it on the web or on EDIT. I'm not a fan of metal pipes at all and like I said, this thing also looks a bit bulky and impractical in the pictures - shiny and over engineered in typical american fashion. With that said though; I would have JUMPED all over it and sworn allegiance to the flag if a mate had brought it to my doorstep (which is basically what happened with the give away), cause that's how expertly crafted it is. The manufacturers push this as "the last pipe you'll have to buy" and though it probably wont be (cause I like my variety of gadgets and whatever, thank you very much) this is definately the one I would bring to a deserted island. In fact, I see a future where scientist years from now will be digging up tobaccy lovers desperately clinching their still impeccable Model 419's and all I can do as a solid pipe man is tip my hat to the manufacturers for producing a true quality product.

Durable, epic, untarnished, quality... pick one. They're all fair.

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