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Pocket Scales

Digital Pocket Scales a completely portable solution to all your weighing needs, by using these minature scales you can weigh any articles you wish wherever you are. Don't think that size effects the accuracy of these portable pocket scales they all have extremely accurate weighing mechanisms. These modern scales have all the features you would expect from a full set of Digital Scales, but scaled down to ensure complete portabillity.

Pocket weighing scales are of course perfect for weighing gold or other jewellery, checking you get what you pay for! All of them weigh in grams down to 0.01g, other models weigh grains, troy ounces and carats. We are pleased to offer this selection of really portable and practical digital pocket scales.

  • Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scale
    Dalman Miniscule Digital Pocket Scale
    from $38.48

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    My Weigh Palmscale 5.0 - 200g x 0.1g
    My Weigh Palmscale 5.0 - 200g x 0.1g
    from $60.14

    List price: $66.53
    You save: $6.39 (9%)

    Stock: In Stock