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Wildrok Glass Bongs

Wildrok Glass Bongs are hand crafted and made in the USA. These fine bongs offer you the chance to own a part of American bong culture. Wildrok's attention to detail and quality ensure that your investment in premium glass on glass water pipes is not wasted. They have a selection of percolators and inline diffusers that will literally blow you away. The pedestal Inline with huge Tree Perc is probably their finest pipe, certainly is smooth and also easy to use.

The use of an inline diffuser makes the drag of these almost none existant and yet the coolant to smoke ratio of the glass bong is excellent offering a really smooth smoking experience.

Wildrok are manufactured from only the finest boroscillicate glass of 5mm thickness and above, ensuring solid build quality and long lasting enjoyment of your Wildrok Glass Bong. We are one of the biggest headshops in the world offering bongs for sale, and wildrok bongs offer real value combined with exceptional build quality.

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