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Zong Bong by Red Eye Glass with LED's


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Introducing the beautifully elaborate 'Zong' Glass Bong from Red Eye. This glass bong or 'Zong' is comprised of a clear tube, royal blue mouthpiece and glass base, and stands approximately 45cm tall from the base. The idea of the Zong design, is a no spill bong! If you knock this bong over the Z of the neck will catch that dirty smelly bong water! Brilliant! Just what clumsy people the world over have been crying out for.


This extravagant glass bong has a variety of focal points including a curved neck which bends at 90 degree angles creating a 'Z' in the glass at a couple of points down the tube. Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing feature of this glass bong however is the switch that can be found on the underside of the base. When switched on this switch triggers 3 LED lights, located in the bong's base, which illuminate to create a variety of different color combinations that reflect throughout this awesome piece of glass art.


This bong comes complete with a rubber stopped, diffusing downstem, which house a lovely royal blue glass bowl (which is retractable).


All in all quite an ingenious innovation to come from our good friends at Red Eye.

Weight: 725g

Size: 45cm x 13cm

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Zong Bong by Red Eye Glass with LED's

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