43 thoughts on “£25,000 Giveaway Given Away!”

  • Comet

    Order # 1440547

    my current favorite piece is the ROOR Dealers cup Lion of Judah


  • Blkmmba

    order #1439933 , favorite item is the roor bong dealers cup 5mm rasta label.

  • 420yoker

    order number 1240235
    My favorite item is the Roor fairmaster yellow label 5.0

  • DotonShaft

    Order number: 1370184

    And really like the Roor 7mm Fairmaster Spartan.. awesome!

    Also, on a lower scale really like the Ehle Custom - Amber Crown
    and who doesnt love OCB slims

  • Mike m

    I can't find my last order number... But my favorite product of yours is the roor flame goddess. With 25000 pounds I could get the whole RooR lineup and a car, what a dream come true that would be

  • BePower

    order : 1358923

    favorite product : volcano of course ! soon mine i hope :p

  • Dc

    order #1350991

    My favorite product on Edit...

    RooR bong are pretty cool, But I dont have any so haha.

    My favorite product for the moment will be the chrome spoon pipe, this is a great great pipe for the price, oh yeah

  • sacagood

    Order number: 1159338

    My favorite product on EDIT it's the hello neighbor :D
    you can take a toke everywhere

  • chris


    well there are so many great items but if i have to pick 1

    Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Ziggy

  • Theo

    Volcano. Hopefully I'll have one one day!


  • Theo

    Just noticed, 10th poster, YEA! If I do end up winning i'll definitely be getting my favorite product :D

  • kevin

    iolite i have one and its amazing

  • bambalambam

    dang am i too late i love the weedstar messias line of percs order-1263594

    Any word on my last order I sent it atleast a month ago.

  • JoeyB

    Id say the ROOR 5mm dealers cup-white lines is my favorite... im sure ill find something that surpasses it if i keep searching this site frantically

  • Zoads

    1444063-Weed Star * products.

  • Tony_k

    The Knaster blends, good smooth tobacco alternatives with a decent, yet herbal flavor. Orders 867454 and 1064089.

  • Trey

    Wow.. you guys are fast.... I have a few order numbers but i'm too late.
    I have so many favorites here.. it's hard to name one.. I would have to say for me personaly the perculated ashcatcher from weedtsar to go with my double bubb!e bong.

    • TheEditor

      Theo was indeed the 10th poster and final claimant. I will have the 10 pin numbers sent over to everyone's email addresses along with a link to the site to enter them.

      I believe they will expire after the 31st of this month, so get them entered this weekend.

  • highlyblest

    mmmmmmmmmmm great items i think all the items are great but wanna get a gravity bong

  • roorless whore

    Order 1029140

    Great giveaway! Not sure if I understand it, but it sounds good.

    This is definitely my favorite product: /online_headshop/EHLE_Glass_Bong__Clear_Ripped_Tube.cfm?iProductID=6265

    Its the EHLE "clear contoured tube" with pinstripes and it looks so great. Once it comes into stock I would definitely pick it up.

  • slam

    1430182 - Roor Fairmaster!

  • JoeyB

    Have u sent he pins out yet cause im kinda worried i won't get it in in time

  • Theo

    Well, tried them all and didn't work. Oh well, at least I had a chance at winning a shitload of money! Would've loved to win to get some nice paraphernalia and other things. Thanks for the chances EDIT!


  • Smallerbach


    the pure triple perc black

  • DotonShaft

    Got the pins, but dunno about that site.. doesn't look to proper.. tried coule pins then got tired of filling info out over and over..

  • JoeyB

    im pretty sure id dint get ne pins

  • Dc

    Agreed with DotonShaft

    I don't trust this site. +, in the rules it is said that it is open only to US resident and I'm not from here. I can not enter my info, my province isn't on their list. hahaha

    So that's it, thanks for the pin, but... it's not for me sorry.

    (chances of winning the Grand Prize are 1:10,000,000 lol)

  • Ian

    order# 1420597

    Black Leaf Skulls Bong, sickest bong i've hit to date.deffinite lung tearer.

  • Theo

    Yea, the site looks REALLY shady.....

  • Justin

    Give me your pin numbers then please. I'll take whosever didn't want theirs haha.

  • Justin

    The site isn't shady either i believe it was made just for this contest by those who put the awesome contest together. Seriously if people don't want their pins I'll take them. I sure could use that cash. Pay some bills and make some new purchases from edit. Thanks edit for always kickin ass and good luck to the winner.

  • DotonShaft

    Here enjoy whoever gets them first:

    Thanks, Editor but im from Canada, cant use these anyway:


  • Trey

    edit rocks!

  • bambalambam

    lol i think this "shady" topic was discussed back when you had to pay 200 bucks for one code

  • Dc

    From Canada too, can't use them anyway.












  • hellraiser25


    Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm - Emerald Prince

  • rekyoh


    Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Ziggy

  • 420yoker

    The site did look shady but EDIT never has been, none of my codes work but i havnt heard of a winner yet. I think they should have held it their reglular way or maybe just split it into 10 and have us some money to spend with edit. I would love the RooR zumo with the 29.2 weed star 4 arm diffuser and the 5.0 fairmaster yellow label to complete my set but moneys an issue so it'll have to wait. Anyway TY EDIT

  • Adam O

    Love all the ROOR gear but those molino pipes with the octopi on them are my favorite! so cute!

    Order #:1340800 - 14/10/2009

  • jake pryke

    the blue black leaf ice twist bong totaly worth the money

  • Steve_H

    My Fav is the Hurricane DTI1000 Bi-Turbo White Topgrip / Golden Window (6 Jets)

    Order # 1353216

  • Wismer

    Weedstar WS series is awesome great bongs for an even better price bought 3 of them with a bunch of accesories absolutely love them and spreadin the word around Canada.

    Order #1319100‏‏