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  • oliver

    tony blair and mr t were both sat outside papa smurths house smokng up a reafer. papa smurth came outside with a smooth boost bong with three ends and a small cone shaped bottom. the three friends ground down some freshly dried weed and mixed it in with some jamaican tobacco mixing them up tony blair began to chuckle looking up at the birds flying over head and pulled out a shotgun to shoot them. papa smurth threw his shoe at tony blair and told him to knock it off. the three of them began to carefully build up a bullet and papa smirth wacked out a lighter and began to huff the bong the three of them began to shoot and the smoke poured from there lungs which seemed to crystal in the air.suddenly the friends heard a bang and a man in pure black ran over with a gun shooting at tony blair tony fell to the floor and barack obama came from behin d the house and picked up the bong and threw it at the man in black killing him instantly. tony blair slowly died on the floor and barack obam agreed to buy papa smirth and mr t a new bong :)
    the end!

  • NTrailZ

    Ooo another comp, would love to enter :)

    Made an order yesterday, ref number 1269852.

    Long live EDIT you guys rock!

  • blkmmba

    I've made 13 total purchases from EDIT. :) I can't think of a story. I've literally had this page open for over half an hour. Hope i win anyways. Thanks edit!

  • Oly Edwards

    I have made countless orders with you, so I'm unsure of the exact number of transactions. Buy boxes of blue rips when mine run out at home, and have bought bongs, blunts and grinders etc from you in the past also.

    So please enter me into the competition :o)

  • Son of Gonzo

    Hi guys, I've been a member of EDIT for about 3 years, maybe 4 now, bought my Volcano from you! Anyway:

    A bunch of stoners are running an online head-shop, and are thus stuck in a large, high-security warehouse for most of the day. Surrounded by bongs, legal highs and not so legal highs, they are vaguely unaware of the state of the world around them during the day.

    Little do the store-keepers realise that outside the warehouse, things are changing. Fast.

    The recently deceased are rising from the grave in ever increasing numbers. As London swells with the dead, the film follows the story of two of the shop-keepers as they sharpen their incense holders, featuring the Boost Bong as a weapon of choice. Also includes hillarious scenes of Salvia-Intoxicated zombies.

  • m0ng00se

    Order # 1233555 :)

    I got love for EDIT. Bout to make another purchase too!

  • Tony

    ordered somethin like a week ago reference number 1266913 I like to grab additions every so often but anyways

    4 bongs in a car hurtling down the highway in a rusty buick grand national The driver being a boost and the passengers his nefarious roor friends who watch his back (each packing ashcatchers and carbon filters in case things get hot) police are right behind them not showing signs of stopping this pursuit any time soon

    Wondering how the robbery could have gone sour boost asks "what the hell went wrong there guys?" to hear "turns out that volcano we talked to was an informant the police were supposed to be busy right now" the volcano had told them earlier that week that there was going to be a violent protest that morning that would require most of the police force turns out he was lying noticing the cops were still on their trail they needed to act fast as they had already driven pretty far and had 2 police behind them still

    knowing the police must be low on gas as they were also The Fairmasters lil sista had a sudden realization we could put smoke out the window stop these blue guys with the roors leaning out the window peering the cops in their eyes they started dumping heat right at them

    the police couldnt see or breathe through the smoke and their car careened off the road into a ditch (no on was hurt) and our friends escaped with the money

  • KRO

    It's the night before Christmas, and Santa needs to be making his deliveries. All the reindeers are sick with swine flu and Santa doesn't know what to do. Mrs Christmas suggests they all get high and forget about the stresses of delivering presents, no one will notice she says. Santa doesn't think its a good idea, but then Mrs Christmas brings out Rudolf the red nose Boost Bong, and after a heavy bong session, Santa, Mrs Christmas and the elves decide to deliver all the presents by Royal Mail, and unfortunately Christmas is delayed a few days for no apparent reason, but everyone gets their presents in the end. Hurrah!

  • Max Carchman

    So this girl named Mary Jane was driving her car over to her friends one day to show her friend the amazing, best strain of bud ever. She had been working on this ever since her husband died, leaving her a white widow. Then there was this other guy, Bong R. Ipperton, who was a glass blower and just blew this cool new thing to smoke his tobacco out of, which would give him a cleaner cooler smoke. Well neither of them were paying attention while they were driving and they got in an accident. Miraculously, both the bud and bong fell out of the cars and the bud went into the spot where the tobacco was supposed to go. Mary and Bong stepped out of their cars thought it looked like a good idea and smoked it. It was the highest Mary Jane had ever been and the first time Mr. Ipperton had gotten high. Bong Ipperton continued to wok on making new bongs the rest of his life, and this is the story of the first bong.

  • dazhhhhh

    3 orders.what about the super boost bong gives the toker super powers.
    he who dares wins.

  • Stanley Stoner
    Stanley Stoner July 31, 2009 at 8:03 am

    made an order earlier this month for my birthday 8)

    2 friends decide to go to the best head shop in town to buy a bong, but get side tracked on the way.

  • architect

    I've made more then 3 orders under this name and email address. here's my plot:

    a blind man walks into a headshop, feels around the shelves and buys a bong thinking it's a lovely vase. 'oh what a lovely vase' he thinks. little does he know it's a bong. and not a lovely vase. though a bong could make a lovely vase, but you can't smoke weed from a vase (trust me on that one). sorry where was I? oh I don't know, maybe then he gives the 'vase' to his neice for her birthday, his neice who happens to be the daughter of the police commissioner, who's maybe like 6 or something, the daughter not the commissioner, and she unwraps it at her birthday party in front of the whole police force, causing her father much embarrasment. but then as a handy distraction (and a good excuse for special FX) the caterers at the party turn out to be nazi ninja robots trying to take over the world one birthday party at a time and there is a bloody and violent battle with lots of lasers and explosions (I hope you didn't want a short plot summary) and it ends with a nazi ninja robot about to shoot the commissioner in the head but his daughter throws her bong in the way and it deflects the laser beam into a massive cake which explodes in a shower of delicious icing. then everyone's like "woah bong's are great, they saved that dude's life!" and everyone sits around getting high and eating the delicious icing rain and playing with the corpses of nazi ninja robots. the end. the movie is (inexplicably) called 'sucking on a doorknob'

  • Dym

    I've made some orders with you! 4 to be honest. =)


    And for the story:

    One day, Jean-Guy was in his bed thinking about life and things. He was so far away in his head that he don't even heard the door bell who was making a lot of noise during the last 2 minutes. But, a bad bathroom thing (he wanted to make a poo poo) take him and he woke up from his weird thought. During his way to the bathroom, the person/thing who was ringing the door bell became a little more frustrated and smashed the door. It was a monstrous and enormous bong, written "SMOKE ME" on it. The bong was so furious that he was producing cannabis smoke, even if no bud were burning in is bowl (probably due to resin left over). So, Jean-Guy, curious, went to see what the hell was happening at his front door. The bong was emmiting so much smoke that he became high even before reaching the door. He fell on the floor laughing and the bong, furious, take him by the leg and put it in his bowl head first. He take out a lighter and smoked Jean-Guy. Now, the bong was high. He was happy, because he too wanted to be high like everybody, but he only can when he smokes human who are already high.

    End of the story.

  • smokeysmokes

    I made a purchase about 1 hour ago, ref # is1275192, i have made many orders in the past as well.

  • Orban


    recent order :) cheers!

  • Goodall

    Lock stock and 2 smoking bongs, A card playing bong is scammed out of his money, and is in debt to a crimelord bong, in order to get the crimebong off his back he decides to get his fellow bongs together and rob the neighbors (who happen to be a gang of bongs as well)

  • Feltros

    More than 3 orders somewhere on your records for me i'm sure :P

    Once upon a time in dreary London a scandal was afoot. One man claiming expenses for a duck pond, another for a moat to be cleaned, one MP's husband even claiming for porn....

    Jacqui Smith - Welcome Mr Dutch, on behalf of England we are grateful to have you.
    Ambassador - Thanks, I brought traditional dutch cookies to enjoy for this occasion.

    Soon the Ambassador and MP's are enjoying a stunning RooR custom, Jacqui Smith is blowing away on her own festival pipe, and, in the ensuing talks many of the MP's are moving towards a motion of 'Hotbox'.
    The motion is passed by all political parties without disagreement.

    Ambassador - You know, now we've had a little fun why don't I explain to you how we do expenses in Europe?

  • stoner3007

    hi guys, great give aways!! ive made a few orders definately more than 3 so i hope i get a chance lol.

  • Erik

    THE FIRST REQUIREMENT: I have 8 orders total, so I think I'm good on that one :)

    THE FINAL REQUIREMENT: The sun is going down, there's a boost bong, a dairy cow and a farmer. The farmer has to decide between the bong or the dairy cow, which one should he milk?! the ending is up to you EDIT!

  • phil

    here's 3 order numbers


  • Andrew Bevis

    i've made 7 orders in total

  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong July 31, 2009 at 11:49 am

    The president is a giant bong. his daughter, a smaller bong, is kidnapped. Kurt Russel saves her.

    Order number

  • Jamie Stanton

    just made an order
    REF: 1267129

    so heres a story a man walk's into a bar and orders a drink the bartender asks his name and he says its bong, james bong

  • Adam Y

    I'm sure I've many more than three orders on record, but here i go anyway.
    Ivan Denisovich is a prisoner in the brutal Stalinist gulags. His days have become empty, his every luxury and liberty curtailed, his diet consisting only of a thin fish broth. One day, like every other, Ivan is woken by the reveille bell. He then goes through the daily rigmarole of dealing with inefficient and cruel bureaucracy of the prison, and labouring to build pointless structures without the proper materials in the bitter Siberian coldness. We sympathise with Ivan, and can identify with his despair. However, on this particular day, Ivan's cellmate has a particular surprise. This cellmate is well connected, and his supply packages are worthwhile even after the corrupt guards have taken the majority. Today, though, he has something more precious than milk, sausage and white bread; on this occasion, he pulls back to reveal a brand new Boost bong, and 14 grammes of dry, fragrant Neville's Haze. The sight of the glistening crystals, the fresh haze smell, triggers an overwhelming rush of gratitude in Ivan, and the humanity that the system has tried to strip him of with it's harsh routine of exhausting labour floods back in an instant. Ivan, salivating and wide eyed by this point, grasps the bowl with pale, crooked fingers, and picks up a whole bud of the sweet haze. So desperate is he for the taste of thick, white, tickly smoke that without grinding it, he deposits it directly into the bowl, and holds it to the candle. The elegant, transparent chamber of the bong fills with dense and creamy smoke, until Ivan finally releases the rush, suddenly reducing the resistance and allowing the vapours to penetrate every crevice of his lungs. A tiny cough emanated from his lips, as he lay back on the hard bunk with a smile and slowly let his eyelids close. He knew that the guards, with all their cruelty and mercilessness, could never break the spirit of a man with such a tasty bong.

  • milk man

    order number 1275413

    just upgraded the roor minimaster with activated carbon... thanks!

  • 420yoker

    Hi EDIT! i ordered an ashcatcher within a month i think but if not i have more than 3 orders for sure :D which will continue to grow as your website offers more.

  • Mike P

    Made an order just over a week ago.

    Order number: 1268235

    Peace and happy toking to all,


  • sacagood

    my 3 order numbers

    thanks EDIT

  • AcidBurn2020

    I have bought my WS Spiky Ice off, Cyclone Bong, Bubbler and countless other things from EDIT. I like these giveaways that have requirements!

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown
    Jamie Duncan-Brown July 31, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    the government has a conspiracy to crack down on people smoking marijuana so they make the "boost bong" which is lined with a different addictive substance which is make to look like the glass. the government then bribes websites to give them away in online giveaways. citizens become addicted to the other substance and the government tries to brainwash them using the addictive substance. all the while, a harvard professor (who is a giant stoner) tries to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and finds a startling truth about the experiment that even the government hadn't forseen.

  • Brandon

    Four hundred and twenty bongs bubbled, bubbled away. : )

  • Trey

    right on!

  • bambalambam

    Order 1263594 a week ago. A weed star perc. Always love to add to the collection. EDIT was way easier than other stores.

  • TJ

    i have way more than three orders

  • Dave

    hey there. I just got seeds from you. heres my story.

    A Cowboy bong living in 1960's america has a job as a ranch hand. one day he meets another Cowboy bong and they unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. They both decide they dont like the bud no more and only have eyes for each other. The complications, joys and heartbreak they experience provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.

    in the film we could have the boost pong playing the lead role. I was thinking we could call it brokebong mountain. Might even win a couple of oscars for this one.

  • Jake Smith

    The names Bong, James Bong. Bong is sent to recover a military personnel with highly classified information. His main nemesis and the kidnapper.. Dr. Vapo! On his journey Bong comes across several sexy Pipes and proceeds to tap that ass. I think we all know how this ends.


  • Kim Byrne

    Ordered the Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong - 3-Part Super Carbon Filter, just the other day from EDIT. # 1268045

    A Cyborg-Bong is sent back from the future to kill the future mother of the founder of Boost Bongs, and her only protector is a Boost bong sent back from the future to ensure the existence of her unborn child and the future of mankind's use of Boost Bongs. The most action packed summer hit of the century, the sequels will be anticipated for years to come.

  • Joey Beckman

    Order Number: 1245164 like 2 weeks ago anyways

    3 stoners are sitting in their basement with a fresh bag of *oragano*

    The 1st stoner says: K guys we got the bud, the lighters, and our grinders
    The 2nd Stoner says: Ill grab the boost bong! once he grabs it he starts walking back with it when,god no! he tripes the bong hits the floor and shatters!
    The 3rd Stoner: NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!WHY GOD WHY!! "he breaks down on the floor and starts screaming hysterically.Hes so sad hes actually crying.

    *Theme music plays*
    Its time to bring in ~The Bong Squad~
    Three boost bongs bust down the door and hop on the couch on your lap, the third stoner stops crying and starts smoking... and they all live happily stoned ever after....well for about 3 hours...

  • Locutuz

    The Story of Goldensocks and the Three Bongs

    Once upon a time, there was a dude named Goldensocks. He went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, he came upon a cabin. he knocked and, when no one answered, he walked right in.

    At the table in the kitchen, there were three bongs. He took a toke from the first bong.
    "This bong hits way to harsh!" he exclaimed.
    So, he took a rip from the second bong.
    "This bong has too much drag," he said
    So, he milked up the third bong.
    "Ahhh, this bong hits just right," he said happily and he smoked it all up.

    Goldensocks was very stoned by this time, so he went upstairs to the bedroom and fell asleep.

    As he was sleeping, the home owners, who happened to be hippys, came home.
    "Hey man someone's been smoking my bong," growled the first hippy.
    "Dude, someone's been smoking my bong," said the second hippy.
    "Someone's been smoking my bong and they smoked my shit all up!" cried the third hippy.

    They decided to look around and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, there layed Goldensocks. The 3 hippys were about to jump his ass when Goldensocks woke up and saw them. He screamed, like a little girl and he jumped up and ran out of the room. Goldensocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest grabbing the boost bong on the way out. And he never was seen by the three hippys again.


  • BT

    Hi guys,

    Could you please enter me into the contest? I bought a 2' weed star bong from you about a week ago.

    Thanks :)

  • Henry C..

    i would like to enter the contest.
    Order: 1265225

    cant wait to order some more glass

  • got rice?

    Is it the 3rd set of numbers sepperated by -'s under "Standard International Mail"?
    Cause if it is it's


    If not, I bought a weedstar puncher no ice, and you shipped it to athens ga, that's pretty specific, my name is Benjamin too x3
    i'm so blazed I can't think of any story xD

  • David Adams

    I ordered a weedstar perc bong and it got held up..... : (
    order# 1263594
    I hope I get my bong soon...


    Ive made more than 3 orders.

    Film Called 'Champion'

    Racing driver Mr Toke-alot and Mr High-Allday,
    had a race on the island called highasfu
    Mr High-allday was winning but a company called 'Edit'
    sponsored Mr toke-alot which gave him a 'BOOST'
    so he could not lose race, and guess what? bingo-BONG-o..He was

  • daltin spicer

    req. 2

    USB (united states of bong) is the worlds major power, president barack obonga.
    Bub-xico is a small country fighting for independance.
    big war.
    USB wins of course with their secret triple-perc power

  • dankyouverymuch
    dankyouverymuch August 1, 2009 at 1:18 am

    My boyfriend and I have, collectively this year, bought Blue Lotus, screens, New bowls, Dream Herb, a few new pieces, a mini bong, AND two regular bongs from you. It would be really freaking sweet to have another glass piece to put in our EDIT collection. Especially if we didn't have to pay for it. We're getting an apartment soon, so we could totally use a house warming present that doesn't suck. I actually just smoked out of one. :)

  • howe

    7 orders total.


  • Alvin

    i meet the first requirement here are my last 3 orders i did




  • Ian

    I have atleast 3 roor bongs sat on my desk that all came from you... so requirement 1 met...

    requirement 2: Film Plot:

    Polatician legalizes and taxes cannabis after smoking Boost Bong... more like a newslfash but I met requirement #1 anyway....

    I look forward to receiving my winnings and test driving my new b00st b0ng!!!

    Thx EDIT!!! you r0x!!!

  • BePower

    order #1270810

    Bongs want to break a bank, they got caught (bongs can't run :<) and i prison after being abused by prisonners they start a new life and decide to break the biggest bong bank in the world !

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