4 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME!!!”

  • Sue.H

    I've been looking for this bloody alien for over an hour and I still can't find him. That's it, I'm phoning Men In Black

  • Brian Schiffhauer
    Brian Schiffhauer June 23, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Found it! Took me two tries after I saw the clue.

  • Luke C

    whats the clue?

  • Chris

    My prize arrived today (wow fast!) Amazed pipe in gunmetal grey, it looks fricking awesome

    I'll review it on the main site also but here it is -

    First reaction is this pipe is very well presented, in a fancy case with hologram. The pipe is smaller than I expected (I was thinking it's be a similar size to my budbomb) which is a bonus for portability. When you take it apart you can tell the build quality is superb. It works very well delivering a smooth enjoyable draw. My only criticism would be that when using a "torch" style lighter the pipe can get rather hot, not a huge problem if you hold it closer to the mouthpiece (just make sure you let it hang outside your t-shirt if wearing on a lanyard!)

    Overall very impressed with this piece of kit from red-eye, thinking the allevi8 might be on the cards for me in the near future!

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