439 thoughts on “Custom Hurricane Bong Giveaway!!!”

  • Jim

    Great customer service!!

  • JOJO Ahern

    Ref: 1274618
    EDIT Order Confirmation (01-300709-1274618)‏
    My favorite thing about shopping on EDIT is the fact that u have so much variety of every single type of peices. Even most peices u cant find anywhere else. The work is always immaculate and great. Also i like how u usually give free product with what we order. Lastley ur website is very easy to navigate through and find what it is you are looking for. Keep up the great work !!

  • seb

    Hi, I'm not quite sure how you want us to prove we're EDIT customers, but here is an old ref: 1278508.
    I've had a few pretty good experiences with you, but i think the best was when i snapped both my downpipes, and obviously needed a new one, but it was at the start of the postal strike, so you guys upgraded my postal service to courier, so I'd get it the next day. You also chucked in a free EHLE carbon adapter(due to a previous mistake), and with my reward points i ended up paying £8 for the EHLE carbon adapter and diffuser. It made my day. :D

  • Luke

    I have many old order numbers, so just check all orders from my email address.
    The best things i have experienced while shoping here is how simple it is to buy, i brought a pipe, which i managed to break in a few weeks so brought another one, this time a glass one :) very funky design. All my friends were jelous of my pipe's and i have them the wrist bands and they loved it, i also love your huge selection, have brought a bong or two, some herbal smoke, seeds and smoking kits.
    Love this site, recomend it to all my friends.
    Will continue to always purchase from here alos as i can trust you 100%
    Thanks for the great experience!!

  • Larry

    The selection is amazing and I found the bowl and bong of my dreams.

  • Stebbz


    I was also going to say customer service but as its just been said then I think these competitions are the best thing I've experienced.

  • Alexandre

    Great customer service and overall great products!
    Ordered a few bongs and bubblers, mad glass!

  • Nick Kaxiris

    You also can't go wrong with the freebies and deals, they give away. Keep it up thanks for your hard work.

  • eiztyde


    Amy from customer service :)

  • 420yoker

    I bought a Molino Spidernet Spoon Pipe - Orange & Black and i ended up with a almost pink colored over-sized horrid looking creation I was considerably unhappy with this and when i made a complaint to EDIT they understood what happened and sent me a exact copy of the main photo of Molino Spidernet Spoon Pipe - Orange & Black. The hardest thing about buying offline is you cant inspect it the way you do in headshops and that experience is what keeps me going back to EDIT.

    Order number 1240235

  • Nick


    Wow that Hurricane is sick!

    One of the coolest things that has happened me to was probably my first ever order which EDIT which was a Roor Blue 100 I ordered. Arrived the next day with a hand written note on the invoice saying "Free upgrade to Roor 250!!" I was over the moon :)

    Not to mention the other dozens of times EDIT have thrown very generous freebies in for me and sorted out any problems I had.

  • Mike Schuldt



  • Jonny

    Order #860850

    Best thing is the ammount of products that are for sale and the speed of deliveries. No matter what your after EDIT always has something for your needs. Since finding this site ive never been anywhere else to buy my smoking accessories.

  • DotonShaft

    Order number: 1370184

    And really like your selection and especially the shop, navigation is great and fnd that quite important. Also, the blog is pretty great.

  • Sha

    Order #1275043

    Overall I've had a great experience with EDIT. I never saw prices so cheap! Not to mention beautiful glass work. EDIT definitely won me over when my shipment came within 5 days and I'm on the West Coast in USA! I love EDIT!!!

  • Comet

    one of my order numbers 1440547

    The best thing about EDIT? There are many. First the great customer service, on the rare occasion there is an issue with an order it is taken care of without hassle and to my complete satisfaction. Then I could talk about the prices, I have found it more cost effective to order a ROOR from the UK and have it shipped to me vs. driving an hour to a major city on the west coast of the US and buy one. EDIT also has selection, even if I do drive the hour the to major city they may have 5-6 ROORs in the entire shop, an no custom ones. Finally I should speak of shipping and packing. The orders show up quickly and discreetly packaged yet very secure. I have had boxes that look totally trashed yet the glass inside is perfect.


  • phil


    I find your webshop really well laid out with plenty of items, i'll sit with a cup of coffee and just browse to see what there is. Ease of use .Also how quick your postage is to me.

  • Bandit73

    Excellentt allround service is why IT keeps me buying from EDIT.

  • seb

    hi, one of order numbers is 1278508
    i find the extensive range of products that i just couldn't find anywhere else, along with the amazing customer service just makes EDIT the place to buy from.
    there was a problem with one of my orders, a replacement was shipped as soon as i informed them, and it was sent by courier at no extra charge to me, as it was right in the middle of the postal strike.
    thanks guys.

  • Andrew B

    there are so many things that i will never remember them to write them down.
    1)customer service, always the reason i will put this website above any other

    2) the ammount of products, the website has so much to offer incorperating anything and everything the consumer could ever want.

    3) The speed at which an order is shipped, every time i have ordered somthing from this website it has been at my door within two days

    4)when a product dosn't arrive due to any reason (general incompitance of royal mail usually) a new one will be sent out without charge.

    that's the top 4 reasons EDIt will always be the worlds best headshop in my mind.

  • ScaryHighBoy

    i am newer to this whole everyonedoesit.com thing but feel as if i am right at home because EDIT as a company have really helped my knowledge and myself as an individual grow, not only as a person, but as a glass and herb connoisseur. thanks to them and their resources i have one of the best high quality glass collections around. without which i would not be able to enjoy my smoke accordingly. i might be a yankee but i truly have come to appreciate the "over the pond" way of doing things which are better, more thorough, and much more personable and responsive in the customer service than any of those over here. even though EDIT is an internet company i feel way more cared for and appreciated as a customer than i do in any of the "head shops" on the east coast of the usa. these giveaways are a perfect example of that. this is my first time entering one of these and i am just thrilled to be able to contribute and compete with my fellow collectors. personally i would love to add this remarkable one of a kind piece to my collection not only to have, enjoy, and marvel at its beauty, but to also share the wealth of information and expertise that everyonedoesit.com has to offer by spreading the word with this unique conversation piece and fine smoking device with my fellow foreigners when i am able to share with them what i have hopefully won from this giveaway. thank you for giving me the chance to share with you my thoughts and feelings concerning this glass piece of elegance, art, and ingenuity.

    most recent glass order #1459665

  • Michael Whitley
    Michael Whitley March 18, 2010 at 10:23 am


    Customer service has always been great. Even when some items are on back order, EDIT notifies the consumer rapidly by email. The items are always sent out quick and discreetly. All in all, EDIT is one of the #1 shipping HS online and will continue to receive my business.

  • Micah Joyner


    What always attracts me to EDIT is how you guys are located in Europe, but still send to the U.S. and quick at that! You guys have some of the best selection of quality straight tubes online, but a few more peculated tubes would be great. I love that you guys are doing another contest/giveaway. Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Niko

    1435025 ; 1484683 ; 1489094

    I really wish I could be creative and shine a light on some great aspect of this site. But really, the previous comments cover it..
    This site IS the best headshop. And now with worldwide seed shipping! and greenhouse freebies.. c'mon can this place get any better?

    My first order placed here wasnt in stock.. I recieved a call to my cell phone re assuring me. My order was then upgraded to a much nicer piece. Ever since then I've shoped nowhere else.

    Products are great, prices are delightfuly low, shipping is fast and discreet, and the customer service is top notch.

    EDIT 4 life!

  • Ken Rørmyr

    Order: 1398747

    EDIT is the best headshop ever!!!

  • Sam


    I have never had any problems. I live in Southern California and none of my orders have ever taken more than a week. I bought a roor custom little sista 3.2 red label with gold gilded ice notches a few years ago, I think before I was even a member, and that is the best bong I own. It and my WS Messias Illusion double tree perc have survived some scary falls onto my hardwood and tile floors completely undamaged. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be one.

  • Chino71420

    Great service and price, got my items delivered quick. Keep up the good service.

  • Aaron

    The great thing about EDIT is that they ship faster then any site ive been on. Even places that im buying within the U.S. they still are better its crazy. There packaging is amazing ive never had anything broken not once they really take the time to make sure you get your stuff in one piece. There selection is the best and that is why I always come back for more there just so many great brands and products. And there priced very well to:). There customer service is great also they reply to your emails fast so its nice that they care about what you have to say. And another great thing about EDIT is that they give prizes away like this. You guys/gals really dont even have to give prizes away and on top of that really nice and expensive prices. So I thank you for caring about your customers.


    Thanks EDIT!

  • shane4678

    i just got my third order from evrybodydoesit.com and i am very pleased, the orders arived very fast. i got my weedstar bubbler bong and wow it hits like a truck. the bowell is huge so ill be ordering again. i love this site wish i could get more wristbands for this summer got a huge bike fest and would love to pass them out. i was using another site which seem to be cheaper but they never had what i wanted when i wanted it so i found this site and have been using it ever since. it was very easy to place a order and they usually have what u want (milino better get on the ball lol). i would and always do tell evryone about this site. thanks again shane4678

  • Carter


    I think you can judge a company by the sum of its parts. In this case, you have good product, plus good service and fast shipping which equals a consistently good experience.

    Plus I have a lifetime supply of different sized J papers due to the free papers sent out with like every order. Thanks for that one too.

  • dazhhhhh

    THE best thing i have experienced while shopping on EDIT.com
    is being a winner on one of these competitions.
    THE ammount of products is AMAZING!

  • Tim

    Hey all, this giveaway is right up my alley!! I'm your biggest fan!!

    Every time I order something from E.D.I.T. it has come sooner than expected! Even when I have received goods damaged during shipments I showed proof and was reimbursed fairly, and in timely fashion! All products I look at on here are well described and often better than I expect.. When it is all said in done I don't just feel like a customer I feel like a buddy!

    and trust me folks i write the EDITor's quite a bit, I'm not just blowing smoke! (pun intended) this is my true feelings about this joint :)

    Keep up the good work EDITors! It seems I'm not the only one with a refreshing feeling about this site. So we are all one big happy family...

    Too bad there is only one prize, and I feel if anyone deserves it, I would have to say, it is the folks who serve me well at EveryOneDoesIt.com..

    (just kidding I want that beautiful piece!!!) :)

    Take care guys, and thanks again for making a site that we can all trust in!

  • Xan


    Great service and great products. Never had a problem with any of my edit orders.

  • Darren


    I don't want to go on and on about how much i rate EDIT- but all i will say is that you made my christmas last year!
    I love you guys more than a cardboard box is cardboard!! and thats saying something.

    And now you've reminded me i need some more bits... so off to check my bank balance! :)

  • Xile


    Firstly, as above!

    Reliability. This alone will always put EDIT above everywhere else. Then there's the fact that anything you could wish for in a headshop is here in a well organised site at cheap prices :)

    However the best thing I have 'experienced' was FREE CHOCOLATE with some random order, I could have kissed you :D

    I can't fault you EDIT so I have to enter this competition I have no chance of winning the pre chewed gum!

  • sacagood

    the best expirence when I won my first giveaway :D
    and find all the smoking paraphernalia that i want :D

    Order number: 1321259

  • Deeku


    The best thing has been definitely browsing through your amazing bong collection, all the great images really wet my appetite for good quality glass at reasonable prices! Keep up the good work!

  • nordelen

    most recent order number: 1482324

    best thing about edit? Could be customer service. could be the fact that I can get the things I like all from one place. could be all the little freebies I've gotten. Could also be the fact that the range of products is wide ranging, price-wise. I know that if I'm a little skint I can still get a cheap smoking implement for a couple of quid.

  • Harry


    I have never, not once, not even for a second, had to experience any form of anger or disappointment while shopping with EDIT. The service is top quality every single time without a single lapse. The products and product range are superb, and I order my products safe in the knowledge it will pretty much always arrive the very next day. This is the best thing I have experienced while shopping with EDIT - Great job guys!

  • Josh


    I picked up a SICK illusion bubble pre-cooler by Molino through you guys, let me say it has been the piece my HVY bong has been missing. IT already hit like a dream, but now its so smooth I can't even tell if I'm getting anything.

    I've never had to deal with customer service, because shipping and everything has been SO great; unlike oter websites that I've used in the past, EDIT makes sure you get the piece you ordered, or a better one, rather than leave you disappointed.

    I plan on buying the majority of the rest of my pieces from EDIT and this contest would definitely be nice to win!

    Keep on keepin on you guys!

  • Ambush


    Best thing is the excitement of wondering what the free gifts will be with a large order :D

  • AHM714

    Order Number:1416047

    The best thing I have experienced is the the great selection of glass pipes and bongs not to mention the customer support. The shipping is quick received my order in 4 days.

  • Jason


    I love the site layout, the quick shipping, the great customer service, the awesome variety you have in the store, and last but not least...the mystery gifts that show up with orders! Keep up the good work! :)

  • amanda hughes

    order #1351095

    I LOVE the bong that I ordered from EDIT (and every product I have ever ordered from them), simply amazing. My favorite part about ordering from EDIT (besides the great service & the high grade of their products), was how well my order was packaged and how discrete it was. I have NO worry about my order being damaged or about people knowing what i ordered. EDIT will ALWAYS be my first stop for ordering paraphernalia in the future. The care you put into your orders really makes the difference, Thanks again EDIT.

  • Kottonmush


    Ive had many amazing freebies from edit but the one i love the most is the cheapest, its a little spoon pipe and its awesome, :D

  • JayDee


    EDIT is simply the best online headshop site there is. Great customer service, a VAST selection and quality products have definitely made me a permanent customer. A while back I ordered a Black Leaf gold dragon and unfortunately the downstem broke (due to my friends stupidity). My first thought was to check the local shops and see if I could find a cheap replacement. After checking all the places that would sell such equipment, I couldn't find a single place that offered the balance of cost and quality I found here. My beautiful dragon now has an EHLE diffuser and a RooR bowl and it is the envy of all my smoking buddies. Thanks EDIT!

  • TylerJ

    It would either be the great customer service or the fact that i can spend $10 dollars to get a really nice pipe that would cost 20-25 at a store
    Good Luck Everyone

  • Dc03

    Order #: 1350991

    Simply put, the thing that amaze me when I shop with EDIT are their shipping time. Very good.

    Plus, good selection of all kind of product, and the price isn't beatable.

    But the best thing when I shop with EDIT is that there is never any kind of problem. Always got what I asked, fast and it is packaged with love and quality.

    Don't give up guys!

    And good luck to all of you !

  • AcidBurn2020


    Edit Prices compared to local headshops is incredible. I bought a steamroller around here for $25 and it was tiny compared to one I ordered off edit that was only about $15... I also love free wristbands and rolling papers. The selection of high quality bongs is also really nice.

    And of course, these contests are just sick, who else is giving away such expensive pieces?

  • aweeSa


    Best thing I experienced on EDIT has to be Ben aka Mr. Editor. He single handedly helped me out when customer service wouldn't. He made sure that my order got fixed and sent out the same day, hence why I will forever be loyal to EDIT.com

    And another thing, EDIT's prices are amazing.