One thought on “Glass Steamroller Pipes”

  • holistic616

    hi again edit gods ive just got my roor desert dream from your good selfs it came with a flame polished logo not sand blasted as in the pic worth mentioning as its more expensive for the flamed and alas my reward points from my last 2 roors have frozen please fix so i can order a ehle 12.5 diffy 18.8 for it thats my third roor in 8 weeks maybe a free diffy :) wud be very nice for me and you anyway duty calls i was also caught up it that payment mix up where it took a week to get my cash back that you took from me twice £289. but i forgive you thank full i didnt go over drawn and after that i place my roor dream but i forget to order the dam diffy so thank you edit gods for all your help so far esp chris and johnathon

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