894 thoughts on “Rasta Roor Bong 500 Give Away (The 2nd!)”

  • Kimashi

    15K... and sadly none.

  • HerbalSam

    My all time favourite bong just has to be the one my friend gave me 3 years ago before he moved to indonesia...
    Its a home-made bong from pipe tools, and a coke bottle, but damn does it do the job, but I can only imagine how that rastabong would do the work :| it looks insane!!!

  • Dym

    My all time favorite bong is the new glass bong that I bought here, like 2-3 weeks ago. But... this one can become my favorite haha :)

  • hellboar

    Roor Zumo's. 29mm joint is a must for me. The custom Dealer's Cups with 29mm joints seem awesome too, though i've only "heard" of them.

  • Shea McNamara
    Shea McNamara June 30, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    During my very short smoking career (it'll be a year since the first toke in October) I can guesstimate I've taken around 12 bong rips. Neither my friends or I own a bong so that's why it's such a small number. Whenever we feel like enjoying our smoke through a bong we'll construct a grav bong out of whatever 2 liter bottle is around. I kept the last grav I made and nicknamed it the "Hoover god-DAMN" so that would be my favorite bong at the moment. I'd love to have this awesome Rasta ROOR to enjoy with my friends. It would go nice with my sweet ROOR steamroller and Rasta themed pipe my best friend brought back from Aruba. Cheers!

  • Rastut

    Ice master 5mm 14.5 for me is the best, i have 3 lol

  • Nicole papadakis
    Nicole papadakis June 30, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    My favorite bong is the roor black widow which I purchased from your site about a year ago

  • srffrolf

    my favorite was a chong bong that i had. great quality plus it had chong's face on it! recently broke though, so hoping for this!

  • Brandyn

    my all time favorite bong would have to be my friends green label roor beaker. While its not very big it definitely gets the job done and after hitting much larger bongs its easy to double and even triple hit it

  • Joe Beckman

    My favorite bong was my 1st one.A foot long see through blue one with really nice crystal patterns on it.But i dont have it anymore and I'm looking for a even nicer one,and that ROOR looks like a awesome piece to use.

  • Erik

    My friend brandon so far is the best bong I've seen. Its a local piece of glass, its really sick. Its blue and green, about 5mm thick, 18.8 sized joint and slide bowl.

  • A. Samuel Bannerthwaite
    A. Samuel Bannerthwaite June 30, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    I'm still waiting for a favourite to come along. :)

  • Stanley

    My first ever bong! Big blue I called him, picked him up in a pound shop but it actually cost 5 pound! Still cheap :)

  • Blake

    The first bong I bought is a 2 foot double percolated beaker. It is green glass except the clear percolated section. Easily my favorite tube, I can't wait to take some tokes tonight after my 2 week vacation.

  • anders

    I must say this Rasta bong is my favourite ;)

  • snapplecap420
    snapplecap420 June 30, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    I'd have to say my favorite is the RooR 5-arm zumini, hits nice and smooth, and it's conveniently sized.

  • Ryan Davis

    My recently purchased 500ml Ehle with diffuser and a/c for sure

  • AcidBurn2020

    I like the Elhe Amber Crown and really wish I had one...

  • Adamz

    Not gonna lie, my favorite is still the Bushmaster 2 Bubble w/ ice chamber.

  • Nioclás

    My favourite bong of all time is a toro 13/17 arm fixed stem with both domes worked in fire and ice, another favourite of mine is the roor zumo "the bastard" what a sexy black bong, id love this roor rasta, its a great little bong

  • vic

    I really like the Roor green goblin I gave to my friend as it's the only quality bong i've ever tried

    I think illadeplh also has some pretty cool looking tubes but I'm sold to roor :)

  • Alex

    My first! Gifted to me by an old friend. That said, in years of smoking I've somehow managed to have never actually used an expensive bong!

  • JOHN


  • Monlee

    My favorite bong is my Roor.us str8 triple chamber.

  • VenomOwns

    I loved the Custom K.I.T.T Bong by RooR that's why I bought one from EDIT <3

  • Duncan

    I think i have to say that nothing hits the spot better than my meter long bad boy what it lacks in girth it makes up for in length (or so i always like to think) best bong every forces you to incinerate every last bit of 'tobacco' and take deep into those bronchial features.... gigidy! special features: being so long that your friend has to light it for it for you.... xox

  • Jay

    My all time fave was the 18" Graffix I had in 1998. My current favorite is the handmade traditional Chinese bamboo one I bought a few days ago. This Roor would be the most refined bong I've ever owned. I've only ever seen them in shops, so it would be great to have one all of my own!

  • Rosie

    i couldn't say exactly how many hits on a bong i've had over my life, but it is a fair dam few! i definitely wouldn't mind creaming this one up!

  • Robly


    need I say more?

    I'm not sure that if I ever got my hands on it I could possibly smoke it! More of a mantlepiece artifact. I'd like it if that bong was a runner-up prize :)

  • Voltron

    My current favorite bong is a bong i made out of a graduated cylender and some cheap diffusers and a cheap ash catcher i had. hits wickedly. i want a roor so badly so hopefully i win this :)

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown
    Jamie Duncan-Brown June 30, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    my fav is Roor Bong 1000 - Blue Series

  • Fraser

    Tall straight tubed EHLE's with a nice pre-cooler & ice catchers, was my first GonG and will always be my favourite, it gave me a whole new lease on smoking after being a daily smoker for many years. Coming in a close second is definitely my newest addition - a RooR standard 3 piece cylinder.

  • R. Lockhart

    My favorite bong is my RooR 5-arm Zumini!

  • Douglas Kelley
    Douglas Kelley June 30, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    My favorite bong would have to be my first bong, as it introduced me to the joy that bongs bring. It was great... until my mom found it and smashed it to tiny pieces.

  • Matt

    The custom Roor Purity.

  • TJ Schoenle

    How any bong hits have I ever taken? uhmmmm I'd say around 50 total. I've never hi aRoor bong that I know of, my favourite bong ever was this chameleon glass bong, about 2.5 feet tall. Glass. Had this sort of kink in it right before the base that we kinda used as a handle. It was all sorts of cool colours by the time I got to use it, and it had green and yellow squiggly lines all over it. I think the thing that sticks out most to me is that my buddy took me into his back room after we all smoked and packed it full just for me. All I could think of was the saying " a friend with smoke, is a friend that may smoke." haha best night of smoking ever.

  • Goodall

    personal favourite is the headshot zombie bongs blown by an artist known as Ghost

  • Mark.H

    No. 1 by far on my list is the RooR Ziggy Custom, a gift from my long distance friend. This beauty has definitely brought many good times to me and my pals. More importantly, it reminds us of the Marley message of love for all fellow man.


  • Jared

    My favorite bong of all time?

    I have only had one really bad ass bong so far.

    Medicali Beaker style 18"

    4 way percolator and a dome percolator

    She was broke 2 months ago :(
    Soo I am with out a water pipe :(

    I have never had the pleasure of hitting a ROOR

    Hopefully I win and get to hit my own!!!

  • Bill

    My favourite bongs are the ones I made myself many years ago. Bizarre looking multi-chamber bongs made from old marmite jars, rubber tubing from bunsen burners, blue tack, and bic pens. I was like the "MacGuyver smoker" from the movie Half Baked.

    Sure, they were nowhere near as nice as a Roor - or any glass bong, for that matter - but they pleased me because they were the result of my own effort and creativity.

  • Feltros

    My favourite all time bong is the original hurricane. A simple and beautiful concept.

  • oily420

    my favorite bong is Roor Custom Icemaster 5mm - Ziggy, it has great colors and design

  • Joseph G

    My fav. bong would have to be "Roor Bong Custom Little Sista 5mm - White Lines".

  • Derek Hughes

    my favorite would be the G-Spot Inner-Cool System Bong 3.5, but this bong sure looks like it could come in at a very close second..

  • spacemonkeyz

    my friend has this ill bong named the green lantern. idk where he got it but its green and 2 feet long

  • wilco cam

    that roor could be my favorite

  • rat crips

    Black Leaf Glass Bong - Golden Dragon Series. my friend won it in one of these drawings and its mad stylish

  • 17yearoldrapper
    17yearoldrapper June 30, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    gold or silver hurricane bong 1000

  • hip shooter

    i have a blue bong called che cause it has this ill picture of che gevara. i guess its my fav

  • BlueberryJoJo
    BlueberryJoJo June 30, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    My all time favorite is the Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 7mm - Phantasm. With it's exquisite design and etched features it is by far one of the best looking bongs I've ever seen. As an added bonus, it's an Ice-Catcher/Water bong, meaning you barely feel the smoke! It's, in my opinion, the best bong for your health.

    This bong can be found here:

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