5 thoughts on “Roor Custom Bong 3.2mm - Mini Master”

  • Matthew

    I am proud to say I own a Roor Mini Master :)

  • Trey

    This is nice.. I am getting a Roor and this is on my list !

  • Alex A

    Decent price for a Roor.
    even though its tiny

    You could still get two double perc
    WS bongs tho =P

  • patty d

    this bong is sick cant wait to get one

  • Erich

    Oh, patty d, it is. Last year, June of '08 to be exact, I ordered a plain, 35cm 7.0 and due to a backorder issue, I had to wait a while. Imagine my surprise when I got what amounted to a 7mm Mini Master! I'm telling you, it's a GREAT "daily driver" when I pair it with my 5mm ashcatcher and two diffused downtubes, one for the A.C. and the other for the pipe. That eliminates the need for percs, IMO.

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