15 thoughts on “RooR Rasta Logo Accessories”

  • len

    the best non glass pipe i have smoked has to be the little babe i found when i was going fru my grandads old army stuff, the little beast had a deep bowl made from what i fink is bamboo, on the bowl it has these very thin bits of metel which act a pipe sceen u can pull them out with plyers to clean, bit that i toked fru is made from the same stuff as the bowl and has a dragon carved in to the sides. i dont fink my grandad would of wanted my smokin the herb fru it but it has a good home and is as good as new its probs worth a bit but wouldnt sell it or even swap it for all the roors in the world fact

  • Alejandro fimbres
    Alejandro fimbres April 23, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    The best pipe that I've smoke out of was actually my homemade bubbler. It was made out if a pen body, play-doh container, plumbing fastener thing, and the metal piece of a pen where you screw of and on at the bottom of a pen. I used the bottom of the pen piece as the bowl and poked a hole at the top of the container and another on the side for the carb. A hole was also needed so that the pens body can be stabbed in just a bit as that is the mouthpiece. Use the plumbing thing on top top set the bowl on so the plastic doesn't get melted and load a bowl and enjoy! :)

  • digdug

    i have a native american friend and we smoked out of a tribal pipe, it was really cool

  • ian

    my favorite non-glass pipe is a stone bowl i saw once with white lining and skulls painted on

  • dunkin

    hey editttttt...

    you know judge's gavels that they bang in court? i saw one converted into a pipe once! or maybe it wasnt real... anyway it was siiick

  • alfonse jerome
    alfonse jerome April 23, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    in germany my dad bought a pipe that was like polished brass or some type of metal. thats my fav!

  • nola

    haahaaaaaaaaaaaa suppp pplLes!1 slender blue and white pipe... painted wood

  • macing

    its called the vapor dragon... (dont ask). you light it at the mouth (like a dragon breathing fire). wooden, naturally

  • big scammer

    i once saw a really old stone persian pipe

  • jaxxon claxxon 5
    jaxxon claxxon 5 April 23, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    i bought a shell pipe on a cruise. it was surprisingly workable!

  • woody

    i found a bottle that (legit) was shaped like a praying alien. i HAD to covert it into a pipe. it works ok too!

  • cara

    i went on a trip to some polish salt mines, and they sold these weird cups as soiveniers. did i mention that you can smoke out of them!!?!??!/1

    please let me with this edit... ive never won and i KNOW people who have won

  • matty ice t

    i got a good wooden pipe from jamaca. i named it dr. gustavo wonderful, and thats my favorite non-glass pipe....

    come to think of it its my favorite of any pipe... but i dont know that many pipes i guess.


    maybe i can get to know this pipe if i win ;)

  • spirit reaper shate
    spirit reaper shate April 23, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    i took a model tank and tried smoking it... tasted like s**t but it worked real well huh?

  • Charlie D.

    Well...the BEST non-glass pipe I smoked out of happens to be the first pipe I ever hit. It was a multi-chambered metal pipe. My friend had it, and we were all just chillin' in the basement. Then he pulls out this pipe that, at glance, I thought he made it. Considering it looked built from parts and it had a gun chamber, serving as the bowls. That's right, I said bowlS. And we decided after careful consideration, to hit all six chambers..all...at....ONCE! Bad idea, personally, being that I was young and had not built up the tolerance(of tobacco..), that I have now. Ok, 3 of us smoking, 1. My man had first hit(his pipe, his herb, first serve), he hits em all fast & simultaneously, like a pro, still choked. 2. My turn...I. "zen'd" my lungs, started rippin', 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4, stop, dropped and choked. 3. Couldn't tell you. As my lungs cooled down, i all of a sudden realized, that I was SUPER HIGH, through-the-clouds-to-mars type high. And til this day I have never been able to reach that high again.
    Charlie, EDIT4LIFE!

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