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  • ted__b

    HEY EDIT or EditHeads,
    How's it goin? i'm looking for a little advice please. anybody welcome to comment
    I've never used a vaporiser and wouldn't mind trying one.
    i've had a total of 6 prolapsed discs (2 discs 3 times each over 12 years L4/5 & L5/S1) with surgery required 3 times to remove sever nerve root compression, then an offer of a double layer fusion which I refused. I also was diagnosed with a rare and highly aggressive cancer stage 4 (transitional cell carcinoma) at age 41. Given only 4% chance of survival, i went thru 4 months of intense chemotherapy (high dose cisplatin + gemcitabine, which nearly killed me twice). Then 6 weeks of radiation (9 points + high rads).
    As you can imagine my docs don't like me smoking and I have looked at vaporises before. I am now on dissabilty as i'm a bit f*cked up physically. So now to the reason for my post, could you suggest an inexpensive yet decent quality vap for experimentation or should I save up for something like a volcano, or is digital the way to go? It's hard to get info direct from users over here because of the prohibition laws so some advice would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks in advance to any serious replies

  • ted__b

    dissability doesn't pay much and i'm not caplable of working, so funds are limited and I can't afford to waste what little money I do get.
    Please bear this in mind if commenting.
    thanks again

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