47 thoughts on “Win an Iolite Vaporiser!”

  • b. clark

    I could use the portability of a Iolite Vaporiser while enjoying my best hobbies such as swimming and tending to my lovely veggie garden. I could also use the Iolite Vaporiser while riding my bike in the county trails.

  • Dan G

    I shall be riding my bike down a nice country lane whilst enjoying my iolite.

    Ha I guess I may also be meeting b . clark whilst riding along in which case i shall gladly share my iolite.

  • Hamesh

    Ah the wonders of a vaporiser - Or so I have read, as I have so far been unable to scratch together the money for


    What will I undergo with the vaporiser if I win? Well imagine this. A dedicated tobacco smoker (Not the best thing

    to be dedicated at - I know!), being told that due to the smoking ban he will have to continue his smoking break

    during his lunch period outside in the rain - for yes my friends, England has supported the ever criticised in the

    smoking world, smoking ban. Its spring, and while we've had the luck of the odd sunny day, rain always seems to

    prevail, and coming in after a soggy cigarette each lunch is beginning to grow tiresome.

    So how will I use this vaporiser giving the slim yet possible chance I might win? - I'll bite back at the ban by

    being able to enjoy my tobacco intake - INSIDE!

    Give a man a break, (and a vaporiser if you’re feeling generous) ;)

    Take it easy mates,
    Hamesh R.

  • Seth

    My dad has debilitating Multiple Sclerosis. My mom bought him a corn cob pipe from mexico but it keeps getting clogged up.

  • Vangelister

    I will mostly be using the Iloite whilst avoiding snipers on my way home. There are snipers on my way home.

  • Orlando

    I will use the Iolite in the balcony of my office while watching my students walk by and wonder what the heck is that.

  • Jonas

    I will use the Iolite Vaporiser to try taking ove the world. If I do not succeed I will use it in a the intended ways.

  • FU420RL

    I don't have much to smoke out of so one of these would be really helpful, especially because of it's size too, I don't often smoke at home. Damn! I would love to win one....

  • oliver

    well i love doing backflips on my motor bike so maybe i could take a drag while doing a black flip i will take a picture so you may have it!

    i would use it while surfing
    i would use it while absailing and diving
    i like to sky dive so i would do it while sky diving
    i would love to use it while with my friends
    i literaly would use it while doing anything

    so choose me think of all the amazing things il be doing with it
    thanks very much

  • oliver elliott

    well i love this little gadget its and just something perfect i can snap in my pocket. well i would use this gadget everywhere. id love to use it while having sex. id love to use it while doing a backflip emense on my motor bike il send you a picture of me doing it btw. on my bike. surfing on the beach. while on the bus haha what a laugh. something so i can shove in my friends face. while in my attic. while at uni. while in my car. while walking my dog and most of all id love to smoke this beautiful vaporizer well while at the top of the Eiffel tower if i win this i will actualy go to france just to smoke this amazing gadget
    thank you very much for your time

  • Bun

    I would use it on my daily commute. Vaping on the train sounds nice!
    I would also take it walking with my canine buddy as well as going hikng and sailing.A\

  • Luke Gardner

    I'm off travelling to Germany in the summer and the Iolite Vaporiser ™ would be the perfect travelling companion due to its small size and light weight. Plus the added bonus of using butane instead of electricity means it might find its way to a few music festivals with me as well!

  • Callum

    I will take it traveling around Europe with me. 3 weeks and 10 countries, including 'dam, it'd save me alot of rolling cramp.

  • Leo

    I would use it on the bus as I commute to college; it's a two-hour ride!

  • nick

    i would use it so that i could stop smoking so much, i love herbs but the smoke is killin my lungs. i just bought the vaporstar from EDIT and i think the iolite would be perfect for vaping on the go.

  • kayla

    i would love to take this vaporiser kayaking, and beaching. this thing is perfect for my needs, oh please let me win.

  • Larry Hively

    This would feel like a James Bond device,007 all the way YEA

  • j

    This vaporizer would be great, I live right near the Appalachian mountains and hike a lot. Sure I could keep using apples even though it kills my lungs to smoke and hike right away (but the views so worth it).So why would'nt I want the awesome power of vaping easy enough to take on a hike and share with my friends

  • Nem Tudom

    I would like to quite smoking tobacco :)

  • James Jacques

    I would use it to act out various walkie talky scene in my favorite war/cop movies, or maybe just for healthy... whiter teeth

  • Anubis386

    SICK! Gotta win me one of these .. Never put any of my 'erbs through a vaporizer before.

  • Jakob

    I'm a touring guitartech and would love to be able to vaporise while out on the road!

  • John

    I'd use the vaporizer to make my favorite movies and habits healthier:
    Dazed and Confused
    The Big Lebowski
    Half Baked
    I think you guys get the point!

  • Jeb

    I'll need one for the upcoming pirate attack

  • Elliott

    Never tried one, always wanted to - gawsh please pick me!

  • Kevin

    If i had won the portable vaporizer i would use it wherever i go in a daily basis lol. I am always out and i need something portable to use. I have a bong at home that i cant take outside my houe because its too big and thats my only smoking tool i can use but with this vaporizer my lifestyle can change and I always wanted to get a vaporizer because they are alot more healtier than smoking. Also i really cant afford vaporizers so i thought this would be a great opportunity to get one.

  • austin smith

    i can use it in the back of my classroom at uni, my friends and i are dying to try it out

  • Feltros

    Should I win i'll be using it in part of my chat up line
    "Hey baby, fancy a light? Forget going outside, i've got my iolite!"

    Or maybe not cos that doesn't quite work... but it'll definitely be a benefit with a few girls I know!

  • Mark

    Firstly, it was so awesome to see my name (among of course all the others!) in that spread you made for the last drawing.

    Second, (why I want this badass utility) I have a gas canister already- I guess you need these- and not the shit you buy at the clown store either. I think it's called Colibri- of London. Swank fuel- but anyway. I just youtubed the commercial for this thing and it looks sweet. I've always been into gadgets and vaporizing technologies in general, but haven't had the dough to get a piece. So, here goes nothing!

  • Mon

    This would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • juan pineda

    i would use this every weekend! Every Saturday and Sunday i go play Frisbee golf in the woods with a couple friends. Either that or paintball. anyway.. it would be awesome to carry in my pocket and use it near the woods at either location. really anywhere! I might have to save up for this beauty since its a bit pricey so i hope i win! choose me ill use it whenever im out of the house.

  • oxo

    personally i would love to use such a fantastic piece of equipment while hand gliding. traditional methods of smoking just dont seem to work :(.. i have a feeling this is the solution if i win one :D.


  • derrick

    I would definitly use it work or at a park :)

  • Jake Smith

    I will be using it to go to space. (In my mind...) =D Here's to luck!

  • Troy

    A family member of mine recently got her medical card but would prefer not to smoke. This would be a perfect solution and gift.

  • Erin

    Honestly, even though it's portable I would probably use it mostly to smoke out in my room. I have never owned my own piece and a vaporizer would be the best first equipment for me! I would also take it on any vacations to better utilize the portability ;)

  • Jordan

    I'm an engineering student at a Midwest region university in the US. Why do I want the Iolite?

    A couple of months ago I stumbled upon the I-inhale, which is now called the Iolite. Immediately I yearned for one. Walking to class through the woods everyday, I thought about how I could easily sneak a toke seeing as how portable the Iolite is. I thought about how I could remain discreet, healthy, and lifted all at the same time. But alas, I am a poor college student just trying to get an education.

    So why do I deserve an Iolite? Cause walks through the woods on the way to classes would be so much more enjoyable with the portability of an Iolite and I'm just a regular kid trying to catch a break!

  • Crystal

    I want a Iolite Vaporiser cuz i have a lot of health shit can smoke is nto good for me be im going to keep smokin i think this will help


  • Alvin Olmos

    i would love to win this vaporizer so that i could use it with my father who is recovering from cancer and i think this would help him out alot on his quest to get better

  • Erik

    I would love to have this iolite vaporizer because i travel around the states doin construction and i love vaperizers wayyy better than smoking but do not have a portable vaporiser but i would love and use this vape alot!!!

  • max

    I travel a lot so I will use outdoors all the time

  • George

    I would use my Iolite to cauterise wounds on small woodland animals, most of which will have been wounded by our Rambo cat.

  • Fred

    I love the green, I love vaporisers, need more be said! Heh much love EDIT team

  • Dan

    I liked the idea of reasons 8 and 19. also might as well try it out because never tried a vapouriser before.

  • A S

    7, 14 & 19 most definitely! That and brag rights over friends from everyonedoesit.com.

  • michael

    Nothing is more relaxing than having the iolite on a hot summer day in the keys. I will be living there in the summer and would like nothing more in this world than the iolite.

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