3 thoughts on “WS Series 5mm Puncher - Colour Percolator Bong”

  • Alex A

    If you get weed star to forge holes over cutting them,
    on both the down pipe and percolaters I would be more than happy to pay
    At least give us the option of one bong being made properly <3

    P.S Messias Illusion Ice is a natural born killa!

  • Cromwell

    Alex A im pretty sure the holes would be forged on this bong, not cut. I have a cheap (30 quid) weed star with diffuser and a messias illusion ice and the messias the slits are forged and it hits beautifully but the cheap one they are cut and it is pretty restrictive. Its just cos the super cheap weed stars are mass produced by a different company i think

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