420 Deals Guide - The Biggest Sale Of 2021

420 is the time to snag that new bong, pipe, or vaporizer that you have been keeping your eye on all year as discounts are huge! We are offering 30% off all bongs and up to 50% off select vaporizers! You’ll want to act quick as this sale is only going on from April 13th through April 30th or until supplies last. 

Bong Deals

EveryoneDoesIt has a large array of bongs as each one looks and performs differently, we know how important it is to have the right one. We provide some of the top brands in the market, including, GRAV Labs, Empire Glassworks, Marley Natural, and Famous brandz. Below you will see our top sellers and what the customers prefer, but don’t let this list make the decision for you, all of our bongs are 30% off during our 420 sales so look around and choose what fits you most!

Best Sellers Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
Kayd Mayd - The 9 Incher Water Pipe - 9" Beaker w/ Hand Grip & Ice Pinch 39.99 31.99 20%

Buy Now

Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler




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Kayd Mayd - The Cotton Mouth Rig Series - 7" Multi-Bubble Base




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GRAV Labs 8" Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem



 30% Buy Now

Atomic 15cm mini water pipe




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Glass/Hand Pipe Deals

An easy to travel with buddy! Hand pipes are extremely convenient for on the go and whether you want a large one or a small one we have a variety of them. Pipes have been around for a while and they continue to improve and reinvent themselves to the modern-day user. They come as chillums or tasters for the extremely compact-sized and larger hefty ones like the Prometheus titans. Hand pipes come in an array of colors and designs so the options are endless when it comes to picking out the best one. 

Best Sellers Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
Genius Pipe 109.99 76.99 30% Buy Now
12mm Concentrate Taster


10.99  31% Buy Now
GRAV Labs 10” Gandalf pipe 29.99 24.65 15% Buy Now
Prometheus pocket 80.99 68.84  15% Buy Now
Empire Glassworks Spoon pipe 56.99 45.59 20%  Buy Now

Dab rig and nail Deals

It is obvious why these two get paired together as you cannot simply use one without the other. We have all sorts of dab rigs whether you like an all-glass one or an Electronic one where you do minimal work. Our glass rigs can be as simple as a tube-like the upline collection or more intricate like the mini jig. Either way, all glass rigs will need a dab nail or banger nail which will be included in the 15% off storewide so pick a couple of them as they have different properties and see which one fits you best!

Best Selling Dab Rigs Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
Quartz Beaker w/ Banger Nail 45.99 27.59 40% Buy Now
Grav Labs 6" Umbrella Perc Rig 109.99 93.49 30% Buy Now
Quartz Beaker w/ Terp Vacuum Banger Nail & Carb Cap 58.99 47.19 20% Buy Now
XVape Vista Mini 2 119.00 101.15 35% Buy Now
MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig 55.00 39.00  30% Buy Now
Best Selling Dab Nails Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop Now
Piranha Quartz diamond knot domeless nail $22.90 $18.32 20% Buy Now
Angled domeless quartz nail $25.00 $20.00 20% Buy Now
GRAV Female Domeless Quartz Nail $19.99 $15.99 20%
Diamond Knot Domeless Nail $25.00 $21.25  15% Buy Now
Cali Crusher Domeless Ceramic Nails $9.99 $8.49  15% Buy Now

Vaporizer deals

Vapes, vapes, and more vapes! EveryoneDoesIt may be known for their glass wear but, we also have our fair share of vaporizers. Not only are some of the top sellers included in the 15% off storewide, but some have discounts as large as 40% like the G Pen Elite and the K-Vape Pro or 20% as with the Atmos jump, Crafty+, and the infamous Volcano Hybrid. These 420 deals will only last so long so make sure to pick up your new vaporizer today! 

Best Selling portable vapes Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
PAX 3 Vaporizer 199.99 159.99 20% Buy Now
Mighty Vaporizer 349.99 262.49 25% Buy Now
Solo II Vaporizer 169.99 127.49 25% Buy Now
Crafty+ Vaporizer 279.00 209.25  25% Buy Now
DaVinci IQ 2 274.99 192.49  30% Buy Now
Best Selling Desktop vapes Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer 699.00 559.20 20% Buy Now
Extreme Q Vaporizer 169.99 110..49  35% Buy Now
Volcano Classic Vaporizer 479.00 383.20  20% Buy Now
Dr. Dabber Switch 379.00 322.15  15% Buy Now
Plenty Vaporizer 249.00 186.75 25% Buy Now
Best Selling vape pens Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
G Pen Elite Vaporizer 119.99 71.99  40% Buy Now
KandyPens K Vape Pro 98.99 59.39  40% Buy Now
Pulsar APX II Dry Herb Vaporizer 69.95 38.47  35% Buy Now
Randy’s Charm Variable Voltage Thick-oil vaporizer 27.99 22.39   20% Buy Now
Atmos Jump Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer 59.99 47.99  20% Buy Now


Accessories are cherry on top of a Sunday, they make your smoking or vaping experience easier and more convenient. Not only are there specific items for each brand but there are a large variety of items that can improve any session like carb caps for rigs or salt rox for ensuring a clean glass piece for every use. We have everything from cleaning solutions to stash boxes and everything in between. Here at Everyone Does it we have a little bit of everything, our goal is to make your sessions top notch and you can do that with our extensive collection of accessories. 

Best Sellers Original Price 420 Sale Price Discounts Shop
Storz & Bickel Dosing capsules 13.90 11.82 15% Buy Now
Arizer All-Glass Aroma Tube  7.49 6.37 15% Buy Now
Blazer Big Buddy Torch 36.99 31.44 15% Buy Now
CVault Storage Containers 18.99 16.14 15% Buy Now
Bee line Organic Hemp Wick Spool 14.99 12.74 15% Buy Now

420 sales are some of the biggest of the year and we wouldn’t want anyone missing out on any of it. So, we have done the research for you and have listed some of the top retailer’s 420 discounts.

1. Dankstop

Dankstop has a large variety of all glass products in all different price points and styles. This year they are offering 15% OFF SITEWIDE with the coupon “MEGASALE420”, as well as 25% off grinders with code “420GRIND”. Get there quick as all sales end on 4/20!

2. Grasscity

They have it all anything from glass to vaporizers, they even have combo deals to ensure you get everything you need. Their 420 sales have started and will be ending on 4/12, They have 40% off of their combo deals, and smaller discounts on individual brands like Empire Glassworks and DynaVap.

3. DankGeek

Wanting to bring their customers everything DankGeek has a wide array of products! They are offering a 20% off storewide sale with the discount code “420”. This does exclude all vaporizers and is good for all glass and accessory items. 

4. Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the vapes has an array of products and their 420 sales start on 4/13 and last until 4/21 or until supplies last. They are offering 20% off PAX, Dynavap, Boundless, and Xmax. As well as smaller deals on Flowermate and Sticky Brick products.

5. Tvape

Based out of Canada the team at TVape is focused on the best ways to serve their customers. Their 420 deals as of now are 15% off select vaporizers. But are sure to change so make sure to check back for any updates. 

6. Smokea

Lasting the full month of April Smokea has an up to 50% off select top brand products with sales automatically coming out at check out so there is no code required. 

7. Daily High Club

Not only do they offer you individual pieces but they have a subscription box that gives you new goodies every month! They are offering a 15% off your order of bongs with code “DAZE” (EXCLUDES SUBSCRIPTION BOXES) 

8. Dr. Dabber

Coming in with a wide range of concentrate products Dr. Dabber has both portable and desktop options for the vaping enthusiast. This 420 they are offering 20% off of the Stella and Switch and 30% off the rest of the store ( excludes boost Evo)

9. Pax Labs

Made with design in mind the PAX line of vaporizers is a slim sophisticated looking device. PAX Labs has made a device for dry herb vapors and e-liquids in mind. PAX is offering a 20% off Pax 3 vaporizer and their Era Pro Vaporizer this 420 so grab them before 4/20 when their sale ends. 

10. Smoke Cartel

Anywhere from vaporizers to bongs  and even CBD products Smoke Cartel is a one stop shop. This 420 get every thing under the moon with their 15% entire store sale! Use code "420EARLY" to receive 15% off your entire purchase.