Top 5 Bongs of 2019 on Everyone Does It

EDIT's Favourite Bongs of 2019 so far

We may only be seven months into 2019, but with all the political and environmental chaos that’s happened already this year we feel like we’ve aged 10 lifetimes. And with that in mind, why not round up some of our favourite bongs of 2019 so far to take the edge off?

While we’re only half-way through the year, we already have some clear front-runners among our collection for the best bongs of 2019.

So with no further adieu - here’s our 5 top bongs of 2019!

GRAV - 14” Large Gravitron Bong

GRAV Gravitron Bong - EveryoneDoesIt

The bong that started it all - GRAV (Formerly known as Grav Labs) built their good name on the initial success of the Gravitron bong, and it’s remained one of our favorite offerings from the Texas-born company ever since.

The bottle design of this piece harks back to its origins in founder Dave Daily’s garage, where he designed bongs out of recycled materials while working a day job as a mortgage processor.

This unique design is exactly what makes this bong so efficient, as it conserves all of the smoke inside the chamber. While the shape of the bong might be intimidating for anyone who’s used to a more traditional design, the Gravitron is actually pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Just light your bowl, and slowly lift up the chamber by the bottle neck and watch it fill with water. Take out your bowl to reveal the mouthpiece, and inhale while slowly plunging the bottle back into the water - which results in a pressurized flow of smoke giving you strong hits.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

Heavy Duty Bong - EveryoneDoesIt

Measuring in at 14 inches tall, it’s not hard to see why this is called the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong. With its tall neck and heavy base, this sturdy bong is packed full of great design features to give you the best session possible.

Fashioned out of medical grade borosilicate glass, this piece is sturdy and thermal-resistant to keep your smoke cool - giving you full-bodied, smooth flavor with every hit.

In terms of design, this bong is all about ease and efficiency. One of our favorite design features of this bong is the innovative spin on your average diffuser - Higher Standards have included extra-fine slits all along the downstem, which generates finer bubbles and increases surface area between the water and your smoke for a smoother, cooler hit.

For an extra smooth hit, you can even create your own ice blocks tailor-made to fit perfectly in the neck of your Heavy Duty Beaker bong. Just fill up the mold included in your kit, and insert your ice block into the neck of your bong sitting on top of the three-pronged ice pinch.

The Heavy Duty Beaker Bong also features an airtight seal to let you chug even deeper rips with minimal effort - this piece is designed for the perfect amount of draw resistance. Along with the advanced filtration system, smoke can swiftly travel through your bong for full-bodied, flavorful hits with every session.

Empire Glassworks - 11" Straight Tube Water Pipe - Glass Rose Kit

Empire Glassworks Bong - EveryoneDoesIt

As one of the smaller pieces on this list, this bong measures in at 11 inches. This compact design makes it easy to store and clean while still packing a serious punch.

While it does come in at the more expensive end, Empire Glassworks are renowned for producing some of the most unique and intricate glassware on the market - so you’re not just picking up a bong, you’re also investing in a beautiful piece of artwork.

While this Enchanted Rose design references Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, it’s just as appealing to anyone who has no interest in merchandise from the Magic Kingdom. The glass rose is perched right on top of a turbine percolator in the main chamber, which also works as a splash guard.

And if you feel like customising your bong even further, Empire Glassworks create quirky and unique bong accessories like bowls and dabbers in the shape of cacti, mushrooms, narwhals and avocados (just to name a few).

Rick & Morty 9” Beaker Assorted Decal w/Ice Pinch

Rick & Morty Bong _ EveryoneDoesIt

Holy sh*t Morty - it’s a Rick and Morty bong!

As one of our favourite novelty bongs here at EveryoneDoesIt, this bong is a super fun design for any smokers out there who are also fans of Dan Harmon’s troublesome duo (which we’re guessing is a huge chunk of our lovely customer base).

Although this bongs measures on the smaller end of the scale, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on the quality of your sessions - with the ice pinch feature, you can cool down your smoke even further for the smoothest draw with every hit.

This bong comes in a pretty standard beaker design, which won’t be as intimidating to use for newbie smokers in comparison to something like the Grav Upline Water Pipe.

As the shortest bong on the list, this piece is particularly suitable for any Rick & Morty fans looking for something subtle, easy to store and simple to clean. To give your sessions an extra psychedelic kick, opt for the glow-in-the-dark design.

Grav Labs 18" Upline Water Pipe

GRAV Bongs - EveryoneDoesIt

We know, we know - this is the second GRAV bong to appear on this list. But we just couldn’t help ourselves - GRAV produce some of the best smoking glassware on the market.

While the Upline Water Pipe is definitely one of GRAV’s more high-end pieces, it truly is worth every cent. Measuring in at a foot and a half long, this beast of a bong can produce so much smoke for a truly memorable session while still being super easy on the lungs. This is thanks to the fact that this bong has a whopping seven percolators located along the long body of the smoke chamber, to produce one of the smoothest hits you could ever imagine.

Thanks to the slimmer water pipe design, this bong is actually quite easy to hold and manage despite its impressive 18 inch height. And with enough room for 2 inches of water added to the base of the chamber, you’ll get more added stability and cooler smoke on top of that. What’s not to love? 

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