Tips To Avoid Overheating Your Vape

From Time to time, you might start to experience some problems with our vaporizer. It a combination of parts that work simultaneously to provide your vape hence one part is due to have some problems.

Much like a car, a vape needs to be kept with care and keenful eye, you need to spot the initial signs of a problem before things get worse. There are many signs that you can look out for in order to deal with them before they escalate.

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The most common problem that people experience with vales is the vaporizer overheating, you can tell if your vaporizer is going to overheat if you feel it is becoming rather hot. Overheating will lead to a butterfly effect that will end up causing problems with all the parts of the vape.

Mighty Temperature

Overheating generally starts from the coil and spreads over the heat to the battery and to the mouthpiece. Sometimes the vaporizer can get too hot to handle if the situation is left uncheck. Here are a few tips as to why you vaporizer may be getting extra hot and how to solve the problem:


If you are using your vaporizer from constantly without giving a rest it is due to overheat. The components need to be given a break in order to cool down and get back to peak operation. When you use your vaporizer at a steady constant rate or you are in an intense chain, your coil will be overworking and it will continue to increase the heat as the heat spreads over to the other parts.

It is necessary that you let the vaporizer to cool so as the coils can cool. You need to have breaks in between your sessions to let vaporizer cool to prevent overheating. 


This especially happens to herb vaporizer, you may overheat your vaporizer if you use too much herb in the containment unit. You must make sure that you are using the correct amount of herb before you start you vaporizer. You should use enough amount to produce a thick vapor, you will get better results when you use more herbs, but there is a limit as too how much herb you must use.

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If you overpack your vape, you will not get any smell, when your coil heats up, it will have to work harder to burn the extra herb, this will overwork the coil making it to heat, the compacted herb will burn at higher temperatures making the vaporizer hotter than normal. You will also struggle to inhale the vape as the compacted b herb doesn't have enough air spaces. You have to be precise when loading the cartridge so as to keep the optimum amount and not over pack it.

Arizer Argo dry herb vaporizer

Using Wet Herb Material

When using herb, it is necessary that you use herb is completely dry and flaky. Wet herb will catapult a lot of problems to your vaporizer that are gonna cost you. Using wet material is a sure way of overheating your vaporizer, wet material is compact and dense, this makes it easier to stack many at a time, when you put wet material in the cartridge, you will over pack it since went material can be stacked better than dry material.

When you over pack the cartridge, the coils will have to work extra harder than normal to burn the compacted herb. Wet herb also requires extra energy to burn, this will overwork your coils extra. This will cause the coil to overheat and spread the heat to the batteries and mouthpiece. The heat can damage the batteries or cause a coil short circuit that can bring about fire.