Beginner's Guide to Buying Bongs You Will Love

Bongs are a great way to take your free time leisure to a full-blown hobby status. But beginning a quest to bong- topia should be made with some intelligent firsts steps.

This will keep you from running into some of the rookie errors that can detract from the overall experience you get from your bongs.

Following is a simplistic guide to the world of bong selection. Here you will find some pertinent nuggets of advice for choosing a bong to match your life and smoking styles.

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There is no doubt that sheer grandeur and jaw-dropping dimensions are nice to look at, but you always need to consider the use you will actually get out of a piece. After all, you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a bong for it to sit as an idle (but attractive) ornament on your shelf, right?

It would be great to have a Ferrari 812 parked in your garage, but without the motor skills to dominate in such a vehicle, you won’t get very far.

 This logic should be applied to your selection of bong. A great bong to start with is the AK47 Klean Kut Bong. 

Beginner's Guide to Buying Bongs You Will Love

Until you fully mature you smoking style and define your needs in larger more complex varieties, smaller is better. Even after you have assembled your massive collection of bongs in all shapes sizes and concepts, a well-selected smaller bong will be your best friend when enjoying a good toke in the wee hours of the morning.

 Another thing to consider is your capacity as a weed smoker. A mammoth bong with a 45 liter barrel is going to take some considerable experience to fill and enjoy properly. You may get there some day, but it is not a road that should be rushed into, your smoking habits and capacity should be allowed to develop organically.

Finally, a smaller bong will be less of a heart breaker should the inevitable happen and your priceless glass bubbler impacts the hard surface of your floor. Going slow and being careful with these implements of psychoactive bliss, is a big part of mastering bong and smoke.

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Bongs require special care to properly maintain, and many contain smaller elements and components that if smashed, can’t be individually replaced. Of course, some bongs may have replaceable bits or pieces that are made from more durable materials, at an extra cost.

Cleaning your bong can be another tricky task that is complicated even further with larger, more intricate designs. Many users don’t actually realise how often you need to clean your device. A dirty bomb will negatively impact your hits, flavour, general maintenance, and in some cases, the bacteria gathered could also lead to a nasty throat or lung infection.

If this is your first bong, or even if you’re a smoking veteran, consider the level of maintenance you are willing to keep up. And, if you’re a beginner it could be worth opting for simplicity in care as well as some durability. Pyrex is a tougher material than glass and bongs made of Pyrex will typically last much longer than others.


Milky Spiral Perc Bong

A good way to get a clearer picture of the best bong for sale for you would be to consider checking in with your local cannabis community. Trying things out is one of the best ways to know what your like as there is such a great difference in the delivery systems provided and the way user’s interface with them. If you're looking for a great experience with a bong, why not try the Milky Spiral Perc Bong? It's a staff favorite.

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Trying various bong options and discussing the differences with like-minded smokers can help you discover specific features and aspects that will lead to the best bong.In the end, your bong will be an important step and provide a very different experience than a regular pipe, or joint. Taking the time to select your bong will lead to a better experience and greater enjoyment. Be sure to take notes on the subtle difference you experience with any new bongs you purchase.