Best Bongs for Beginners

Bongs have been around for quite some time now; some say it has been in existence for decades, others believe centuries have gone by while a few others believe that bongs are as old as man himself.

Quite a history associated with bongs. If you have not been to a bong store for the last 2 years, then probably you still nurture the mindset of a device that has no sense of style or fashion incorporated into its design.

But on the contrary, bongs in recent times have taken a new dimension both in style and in fashion.

But do not be deceived with the aesthetics or the outward beauty of bongs, as they do not necessarily mean that they are accompanied with good quality.

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Personally I am a lover of bongs and for the past 5 years I have been smoking marijuana with it.

Blaze Glass Percolator Ice Bong

Being a first timer I walked into a bong shop in my neighborhood and decided to hook up with a bong so as to enjoy THC from my weed.

I bought this cool looking bong, so fashionable that you would not even attempt to doubt its quality. I could still remember that I smiled from the bong shop down to my house.

Unfortunately my cool looking water device was flops as it could barely me give a single feeling of high when I puffed weed with it. 

I tried several other types of bongs, plastic made bongs, ceramics made bongs and even the Asian bamboo made bongs until I got it right with my current glass made bong unit.

For beginners, you ought to know that bongs are made from several materials and that the conventional materials for making bongs includes plastics, ceramics, glass and bamboo. 

All of this materials listed have their unique applications, merits and demerits. I am not going to discuss them as it is not the aim for this write up.

But a brief overview of these materials would reveal that glass bongs are the most common and apparently the best kind of bongs you can ever think of.

This does not in any way mean that plastics; ceramics and bamboo do not make sense. It is just that with glass bongs, the taste of your weed or herbs in general is not compromised.

There are several bongs which are indeed suitable for newbie’s or beginners’ in the world of bongs or let me say the bong industry.

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I would review some very amazing and interesting bongs which are just perfect for beginners; hopefully it might end up being your preferred choice.

The black leaf 3 arm percolator tube is a bong which provides beginners with everything they need to ride on the bong lane.

Made of high quality borosilicate glass while featuring a single or one- hitter bowl, the 3 arm percolator provides you with a nice diffusion of vapor from the percolator and an amazing coolness when hit with ice.

The 3 – arm percolator tube is manufactured by black leaf and it features a slitter diffuser chillum downstream with the one- hitter bowl attachment and also a carb hole which delivers icy cool and smooth smoke which is absolutely suitable for beginners.

The one and only downside of the 3-arm percolator is the hitter bowl which is fused to the downstream and this makes cleaning of the bong a little tricky.

But believe me that the excellent performance in terms of quality smoke delivery from this unit would make you care less of its cleaning difficulty.

The beaker ice bong with UFO percolator is yet another amazing bong that is suitable and almost perfect for beginners.

8 Inch Beaker Bong with Fixed Downstem

The beautiful beaker special as I call it has a sexy and attractive look and an ultra stylish color scheme while combined with the best smoking experience you can ever think of.

Beaker ice bongs are much easier to clean when compared with the 3-arm percolator tube and this is simply because of its simple style and design.

The UFO percolator integrates the beaker style into its design which makes it interesting and suitable for first timers to enjoy a cool smoke thereby creating a lasting and refreshing experience. Their efficient filtration method makes them popular.

Finally on my list of bongs for beginners is the ice cylinder glass by EHLE. Also made from borosilicate glass, the ice cylinder glass bong which is about 9mm thick and having material carrying capacity of 500ml, features ice notches or percolators which milks incredibly well with big hits despite having a non-diffusing down tube.

Overall the EHLE ice cylinder glass bong is an amazing unit for beginners.

In conclusion, the above reviewed bongs are from experience the best bongs which are suitable for beginners basically due to the fact that hits are smooth, cool and icy.

But as you advance, you might go for bongs with fairly harsh hit such as the helix beaker bong manufactured by Grav labs.

I hope this article would help you locate an amazing bong as you begin your journey to the land of bongs.

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