Best Pipes of 2021 - Reviews & Buyer Guide

Pipes are one of the oldest ways to enjoy dry herb. They have remained in favor for centuries, and it looks like we’re going to get another year out of them at the very least. However, just because this is an ancient method doesn’t mean that you have to keep putting up with your old pipe. 

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your smoking kit with a new pipe. If you’re a newcomer then now is the perfect time to grab your first. Of course, with pipes being around as long as they have, there’s a wealth of options. To help you make your decision, we have chosen to curate a short list of what we see as some of the best glass pipes to bring into 2021.

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1. Grav Labs 4” Classic Spoon 

Grav Labs are one of, if not the biggest name in the glass pipe scene. You’ll see that this list is going to feature more than a few of their incredible products. It's easy to see why, each and every one of their pipes is built to fantastic specifications and packed with quality. The 4” Classic Spoon epitomises this. It is a straightforward and functional pipe that delivers incredible hits. No bells, no whistles, just fantastic and tasty hits every time. 

4 Classic Spoon


Borosilicate Glass

Grav Labs use high quality materials to construct their pipes. Chief among these is borosilicate glass. This is a specially treated form of glass that is renowned for its clarity, quality, and resistance to thermal shock. This means that it is both beautiful, and resistant to stress fractures. 

Inverted Ash-Catcher Mouthpiece

One of the downsides of pipes is that a loose pack, or an over-eagre draw can result in ash particles being pulled into the mouthpiece. However, the 4” Classic Spoon comes with an ash catcher. This design feature helps catch any rogue particles of ash and prevent them from slipping into the airpath.. 

Carb Hole

A carb hole is a fairly common design feature among pipes, however, it is also essential. It allows users to adjust the strength of their hits by covering it partially, or entirely. A totally covered carb will result in a potent, smoky hit. An uncovered one, on the other hand, will result in a lighter, more airy hit. 

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2. Twisty Glass Blunt

The Twisty Glass Blunt is unique in this list. Technically, it’s not a pipe, rather it is a reusable blunt. Its corkscrew interior is carefully designed to allow for an even, constant burn that can be toked on like a paper blunt, but its materials mean that it can be reused time and time again.

Cool Pull Technology

The materials the Twisty are made out of allow it to deliver far more cooling than its traditional blunt counter parts. Its cool pull technology means that each hit your take will be drawn down the mouthpiece across the surface area of the screw. This gives it cmore time to cool down as its heat is conducted away into the brass/titanium mix. By the time it reaches the mouthpiece it will be up to 30% cooler than hits from other methods of dry herb consumption.

Twist For a Fresh Hit

One of the downsides of pipes is the fact that they have to be constantly repacked if you want to enjoy totally fresh hits. However, the corkscrew design of the Twisty Glass Blunt means that if you want a fresh hit, all you have to do is give it a twist. This will push the used up ash out of the pipe, while pushing fresher, unburnt herb towards the fore where it can be lit and consumed!

Fully Reusable

The Twisty Glass Blunt is made out of high quality Pyrex glass and brass with a proprietary titanium coating. This means that you can expect to get literally thousands of hours of use out of it. You can’t say that about traditional rolling papers!

3. Grav Labs Mini Spoon With Doughnut Mouthpiece 

Another Grav Labs piece, the Mini Spoon With Doughnut Mouthpiece is a compact and discreet little pipe that is perfect for solo use, everyday carry, or even sharing with one or two friends. It measures in at a miniscule 3”, and features the high quality design and materials that we have all come to expect from Grav Labs. 

Grav Labs Mini Spoon With Doughnut Mouthpiece


Doughnut Mouthpiece

The double doughnut design of this little pipe certainly is cute, but it is so much more than a mere aesthetic choice. The doughnut mouthpiece functions as a clever little ashcatcher that keeps any rogue particles out of your mouth, ensuring a much smoother, and enjoyable experience. 

Portable and Discreet

The compact size and ergonomic shape of this pipe means that it is incredibly easy to carry, and use without drawing too much attention. This is the perfect pipe for anyone who wants to keep their smoking kit compact and easy to store, or for anyone who enjoys using their pipe on the go. 

Broad Bowl

Generally, when people reach for a portable, discreet pipe, they pick up a one hitter or steamroller. However, these have constrained bowl sizes, and are typically ill suited for long sessions or larger hits. The Mini Spoon, however, features a bowl that has several times the capacity of most one hitters, allowing users to enjoy a respectably long session. 

4. Blue Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe

Blue Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe

It's undeniable that many peeps have interesting and unique designs, however it is also undeniable that a lot of them look a bit samey. The Blue Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe bucks this trend and features a fun and unique design while also being a great, and effective dry herb pipe. 

Precision Drilled Downstem

The Crystal Stone Pipe is shaped from a solid piece of stone. Many other pipes are blown from glas, and thus are created with their downstem in place already. This isn’t an option with carved pipes. However, this pipe’s downstem was precision drilled to ensure that there is no risk of stress fractures, or any threat to the pipe’s overall structural integrity.

Crystal Design

This feature goes without saying, this pipe is created from a striking, translucent blue stone. Each piece of stone is unique and thus, each resulting pipe is unique too. While the idea of healing crystals is debated to say the least, you can expect some real healing from this fantastic piece. 

Mesh Bowl

While this pipe clearly cares about form, function was clearly a consideration. It features a clever mesh bowl that is easy to pack. It is also fully removable, making it easy to clean,too. 

5. Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

Eyce are making a serious name for themselves in the bong and pipe scene with their unique take on design. They eschew many of the standard conventions and instead opt for a more pragmatic and modern approach. That’s why they’ve started heavily using silicone in the design of their pipes. This material is resilient, heat resistant, and incredibly visually striking. The Silicone Spoon Pipe is a fantastic piece that allows users to enjoy a smooth dry herb session, while not having to worry about a fragile glass pipe. 

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe


Platinum Cured Silicone

Eyce don’t just use any silicone in the construction of their pipes, they use a specially formulated form known as platinum cured silicone. This material features high tear strength and a high level of flexibility. It is also heat resistant and totally non-toxic, making it the perfect material for a pipe. 

Stash Container Lid

Eyce are well known for their twists on traditional pipe design, nowhere is this more evident than in the clever stash container lid built into this piece. Located on the underside of the bowl, the storage container can be used to store extra ground herb for a quick refill. This isn’t all, immediately behind it is a small inset that contains a handy steel poker tool for stirring your bowl.

Silicone Design

The Eyece Spoon, thanks to its unique material, comes in a staggering array of different colours and designs. There are more options than could ever be achieved with glass. On top of this, the silicone design means that this pipe is virtually unbreakable, making it a must have for long, bumpy journeys. 

6. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe With Gold Stripe Decal

Marley Naturals are a big name in the bong scene, renowned for the quality of their pieces and their dedication to providing some truly solid dry herb experiences. This smoked glass spoon pipe is testament to their expertise and more than lives up to their reputation. It has everything you need for a solid session, but it also have an extra twist: an extra large bowl, that can take a truly impressive pack

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe


Extra Large Bowl

This is probably the first thing you’ll notice about this elegant and high quality piece. This bowl is truly a sight to behold, capable of taking several times the pack of many of its peers. If you want to make sure that you don’t have to repack your bowl mid session, or if you want to enjoy your herb with friends, you can’t go wrong with this impressive piece. 

Lightweight, High Quality Design

A lot of thought has been put into packing the maximum amount of quality into this pipe. Its relatively short neck, and flattened base make it comfortable and easy to use. All the while its quality glass design ensures that it never gets too heavy to comfortably use. 

Classy Aesthetic 

This may be the most classy and elegant looking piece on the entire list. Its dark, smoked glass body is set off perfectly by the striking gold accent stripe. This is a pipe that is clearly intended for grownups, and it would be the perfect centerpiece for any smoke kit.

7. The Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is one of the most unique pipes on the market today. It can easily be called, with only minimal hyperbole, a true evolution in pipe design. The next big step! Using a clever system of precision engineering, magnetic locking, and minimalist design, this pipe is a truly next level pipe.

Genius Pipe

$87.96 $109.99

Waterless Cooling

One of the most striking features of the Genius Pipe is its incredible level of cooling without using any water at all. The middle lawyer of its magnetically locking design is covered with a series of machined divots. These divots whip each hit into a flurry of micro vortices that effectively cool your hits just as well as any water tool of a similar size!

Compact, Portable, & Discreet

Despite its relatively complicated design, the Genius Pipe is a discreet and small piece, measuring in at a tiny six inches. It is made to be as portable as possible. Its magnetic design allows you to slide it apart to pre-pack a bowl for later use. Thanks to it’s flat shape, it can also fit perfectly into any pocket or bag.

Stylish Minimalism

The Genius Pipe is designed with a very specific minimalist design. This design is ideal for the herb fan who likes to distance themselves from the more traditional ‘stoner’ aesthetic. Its sliding design comes in a huge range of different finishes. These features different metallic finishes, to brightly coloured and unique decals!

8. The Dregg Blunt Bubbler

Blunt bubblers are a little different from traditional pipes, they are designed to work with pre-rolled joints and blunts. The Dregg is a compact and discreet little bubbler with a unique design and aesthetic. Its glass design features a tiny dragon mascot that sits inside the device.

Blunt Bubbler

Blunt bubblers allow you to enjoy incredible water cooling with any hand-rolled joint or blunt. Simply fit it into the downstem of the bubbler, light it, and take a hit! The smoke will be drawn through the water reservoir and thoroughly cooled. 

Triple Hole Perc

The Dregg uses a discreet little three hole perc built into the downstem to break up and cool your hits. As you take a drag on (no pun intended) it, you’ll hear it fizz and bubble, breaking the hit up and effectively cooling it. 

Cute Design

The Dregg is designed to look like a little dragon egg, featuring a tiny green glass dragon. This little fellow actually acts as the downstem and percolator, effectively cooling your hits. 

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9. The Prometheus Titan

The Prometheus Titan is a seriously heavy duty pipe that is made to stand up to nearly anything you can throw at it. Its robust metal frame is made out of high quality aluminum while its internal airpath is made out of high quality borosilicate glass. This pipe is a serious piece of work. 

Prometheus Titan

$108.76 $135.95

Heavy Duty Exterior

The exterior of this pipe is made out of anodized, 6160 aircraft grade aluminium. This exoskeleton serves to protect the more delicate innards of the device from practically anything you can throw at it. On top of this, it makes the pipe easy to handle and gives it a striking aesthetic. 

Glass Components

The Titan isn’t totally made out of metal, it also features high-quality glass components. The innards are constructed out of borosilicate glass, which is thermal shock resistant and protected against stress fractures. This means that this pipe is though inside and out. 

Super-Durable Design

On top of its seriously strong materials, the Titan has several aspects of its design that make it even harder to break. The glass interior is insulated from shock with rubber gaskets. This means that the Titan is drop proof, making it one of the most reliable pipes out there. 

10. The Journey Pipe J2

The Journey J2 is a sleek and futuristic looking pipe that pushes design into never-before seen realms of possibility. At first glance this might look like a standard spoon pipe. However, it is so much more than that. It uses unique screenless technology for consistent hits and features an easy to maintain three piece design. 

Journey Pipe - J2 - Colors


Screenless Technology

Rather than relying on screens like many more traditional pipes, the J2 has been carefully designed to eschew them from its design. Instead it uses a special design that allows you to enjoy all that reliability and consistency of a screen pipe, without any of the clean up .

Full metal Design

The J2 is composed entirely out of a zinc alloy that is 100% non-toxic. This alloy means that the J2 is durable, compact, and easy to clean. It also features a magnetic locking system that is safe and secure, while also being incredibly user friendly. 

Three Piece Design

The three piece design of this pipe easily separates apart for simple maintenance. On top of this, its magnetic lock system makes it intuitive and simple to take apart and reassemble. This means that you won’t have to worry about faulty, unreliable latches or threads letting your pipe leak while you’re carrying it.