Can You Use a Bong Without Water

There is absolutely nothing one cannot do on the surface of the earth but the question is “are you ready to face the consequences” be it a positive or a negative consequence.

Bongs from definition are filtration or purification devices employed to smoke tobacco, cannabis or other herbal substances. It is evident from the definition that bongs are meant to have a substance which aids or helps in the filtration process.

Bongs are referred to as water pipes which implies that the conventional material meant for the filtration process is water.

But today we have several types of bongs water alternatives employed by bong users to enjoy nicotine as in tobacco or THC as in cannabis.

The major purpose of water pipes or rather using water in bongs has not changed since its adoption as a means of smoking herbal substances and this purpose basically remained to provide a smooth, cooled and of course a filtered smoke which is easy on the lungs when such smoke is inhaled.

This invariably implies that there might be implications when water is not present or utilized in a bong. Now this brings us to our topic title which is “can you use a bong without water”?

Do not expect a direct answer to this question simply because of a saying “different strokes for different folks”.

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It is quite a crazy idea to attempt a question with another question. This is a contemporary norm in our society today and obviously I would be found guilty of this norm because that is the approach I intend to use in the cause of answering the question on our timeline now.

Lady using a bong

Does the water in the bongs really help? This question has a direct and straightforward answer which is definitely a yes.

And his is because bong water aids in filtration and purification of smoke and also helps in cooling down the resulting smoke in order to make them easy on the lung.

Overtime, Researchers have discovered that using water in bongs reduces the THC content of marijuana or nicotine as in the case of tobacco and this has been raising serious concerns for marijuana consumers most especially.

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Geiringer proved that a considerable percentage of THC is lost in bog water while other percentages are lost to the bong itself. Which simply means that you would need to spend a little bit more to get stoned.

Using a bong without water is directly inhaling smoke and all its harshness into the lungs which is obviously very disgusting.

My first experience using bongs without water was influenced by my friends and the harshness I felt on my throat was severe and lasted for 3 days.


Kitty Love Bong


I resolved that lighting weed without water at the base of my bong is definitely not my thing.

While others like myself have ruled out bonging without water, many others love the harsh hits they derive from smoking with no bong water. Like I always say, different strokes for different folks.

On a final note, bongs can very well be used without water but it is no way different from having to burn a joint because you are being hit directly with the harshness that comes with it which is actually disgusting from experience.

If you wish to get high with bongs while enjoying a smooth and cool smoke which is almost free from harmful toxins and carcinogens, then you should not compromise the usage of water in bongs, you could also employ other bong water alternatives which promises to give a pleasurable and unique smoking experience. Some of these bong water alternatives includes iced tea, hot tea, etc.