Colorado Day - Why the rest of the world should follow Colorado legacy?

Colorado became the first state to legalize cannabis in all of America. Amendment 64 was voted upon by the good citizens of Colorado state and passed with over whelming support.

Back in 2000, Colorado legalized cannabis for medicinal reasons and that remained the status quo for 12 years. In 2012 Colorado liberalized its cannabis laws and legalized the once controlled substance.

The constituents of Colorado voted a 54% yes to Amendment 64 that would entail of, simply – person(s) over the age of 21 could use cannabis medically, recreationally, for cultivation purposes and otherwise.

Colorado has a long history with cannabis, dating back to 1917. The passing of this essential legislation has led to significant changes in Colorado life and society. Now they can Vape and Smoke in peace !  

Just over 100 years ago in Colorado, Colorado restricted cannabis on March 30, 1917. During a decade long wave of decriminalization in the States, Colorado decriminalized the once controlled substance in 1975.

Fast forward 15 years to the ultimate time of legalization. In 2000, citizens of Colorado voted to legislate for amendment 20, which deemed cannabis legal for medicinal reasons, person(s) with medical consent could obtain cannabis to treat certain illnesses including chronic nervous system disorders, cancer, epilepsy etc.

Patients with medicinal cannabis access can acquire up to 2 ounces of cannabis and may cultivate up to six plants at once.

Additionally, state approved patients can not consume medical cannabis in public places are somewhere in which may cause harm to other people.  

The Colorado Amendment 64 was proposed in 2011 and was voted upon in 2012 which led to the enactment in January of 2014. 

Residents of Colorado can obtain one ounce of cannabis at one time, cultivate their own cannabis plants, legally possess an ounce while travelling and can gift someone over the age of 21 an ounce.

Tourists and visitors of the great state of Colorado can purchase cannabis but must consume it in Colorado and can face prosecution if caught in an adjacent state.  

If other states and countries followed Colorados legacy, they would find they would start living in a freer, more equal and just society. 

Liberalizing such laws have significant societal changes and should not be overlooked. Crime rates have decreased in Colorado ever since the enactment of legislation.

The legalization of cannabis laws, creates jobs therefore lowering unemployment laws.

The people of Colorado have seen an increase in tax revenue which could potentially reboot a countries economy meaning more expenditure for public services.

Having more lenient cannabis laws stops users feeling like criminals and putting them on the fringes of society. 

We are a country of freedom and prosperity to truly achieve freedom, we must advocate for legislation to be passed, we must convince our neighbors, friends, family that cannabis is good and shouldn’t be perceived as it is now.