The Dr. Dabber Switch Review

Over the years, Dr. Dabber has become a household name in the world of vaping. In 2013, they began their journey to create the best vaporizers on the market. Their goal was to create vaporizers that boast as much convenience and reliability as they do potent and effective. 

The Dr. Dabber Switch certainly lives up to all expectations and hype surrounding its release. It also perfectly aligns with Dr. Dabber’s ambitions, too. It’s the perfect hybrid between a portable and desktop vaporizer. Not only this, it boasts dual compatibility as suggested by its name, it’s able to switch between dry herbs and concentrates at the click of a button. 

Dr Dabber Switch


We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide an in-depth analysis and review of the Switch. We’ll go through all there is to know, from unboxing and tech specs to get the most from this powerhouse. 

The Dr. Dabber Switch: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs

Q1: How much does Dr. Dabber Switch cost?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is available on EveryoneDoesIt for $379.95. There’s no doubting the price of the Switch is on the higher end of the spectrum, however, its performance and design are more than reflective of this.

Q2: What can you vape with Dr. Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a show-stopping vaporizer built to function with either dry herbs or concentrates. It’ll effortlessly switch between ‘Oil Mode’ and ‘Leaf Mode’ with the click of a button, catering to any preferences you may have. 

Q3: How big is The Dr. Dabber Switch?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Switch has features typically associated with both portable and desktop vaporizers. Its similarity to desktop models lays within its size. It’s on the larger side, standing at 9.5-inches without the bubbler and 13-inches with the bubbler attached. 

Q4: How much does The Dr. Dabber Switch weigh?

We’ve already discussed the size of the Dr. Dabber Switch, so you won’t be surprised to find out it’s heavier than most vaporizers. Overall, with the glass attachment, the unit weighs 1.2kg. 

Q5: How big is the Dr. Dabber Switch’s oven chamber?

When in ‘Leaf Mode’ for dry herbs, the chamber will hold approximately 0.35g of finely ground flowers. 

Q6: What’s The Dr. Dabber Switch’s heating system?

The Switch features its own unique patent-pending induction heating system. This allows for far speedier heating times than are experienced with traditional convection or conduction heating systems. In this case, heating times can be as speedy as 4 seconds depending on the temperature you’ve chosen! This induction heating system is one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

Q7: Which battery does the Dr. Dabber Switch use?

Within the aesthetic and durable exterior of the Dr. Dabber Switch is a battery pack. This battery pack includes LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells that are amongst the safest on the market. 

Q8: How long does The Dr. Dabber Switch’s battery last?

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing multiple sessions with the Switch, and it really has been a pleasure. What we loved was the fantastic battery life that allows you to move the Switch around the house with you, eliminating the need for an electrical power source to operate the unit. 

Depending on the temperature settings you’re using, a full battery will last approximately 150 hits. 

Q9: How long does The Dr. Dabber Switch take to charge?

The Switch will take around about 1-2 hours to charge completely. Don’t fear though, if that’s too long you’ll still be able to use the unit while it’s charging thanks to its pass-through charging feature. 

Q10: What’s the temperature range of The Dr. Dabber Switch?

Extraordinarily, the Dr. Dabber Switch’s temperature range is 300°F (149°C) to 800°F (427°C). Within these two temperatures, users are able to choose between 25 different settings. Each of these heat settings is accessible through boost mode, and each will provide its own unique experience. 

Q11: How does The Dr. Dabber Switch display temperature?

The way that temperature is displayed by the Dr. Dabber Switch stays true to the unit’s intuitive interface. The temperature is displayed via the LED lights situated on the front of the unit. Purple is the lowest setting, while yellow represents the most powerful setting. 

There are 5 temperature settings to choose from as standard, all accessible using the directional buttons on the face of the device. 

Q12: Does The Dr. Dabber Switch have an auto-shutoff feature?

Of course, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from this stroke of genius by Dr. Dabber. The default auto-shutoff setting is 20 seconds. This means that after 20 seconds of no use, the device will automatically turn itself off to preserve battery life and reduce wastage of your material. 

Q13: Does The Dr. Dabber Switch have a warranty?

Yes. Dr. Dabber has always had a fantastic relationship with its customers. The Switch is covered by a 2-year warranty that covers all electrical components, the battery pack, and the charging equipment. 

The Dr. Dabber Switch: What's in the box?

  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Switch 
  • 1 x Glass bubbler
  • 1 x black ceramic nail
  • 1 x white ceramic nail
  • 1 x Dab tool/carb cap 
  • 1 x silicone wax container
  • 1 x Tweezers 
  • 1 x ceramic flower filter

How Does The Dr. Dabber Switch Work?

The Dr. Dabber Switch can only be described as a hybrid between a desktop and portable vaporizer. It also functions expertly as both a dry herb vape and an e-rig. 

It uses its colossal battery to power the heating of the induction cups that sit within the unit. There’s an external water bubbler that fits into the unit that filters the vapor through water, cooling it before inhalation. 

Accompany this with each of those wonderful heat settings and you are sure to be a winner. Here’s how it all works...

1. The Dr. Dabber Switch Heating System

The Switch stands in its own lane with regard to its heating system. Rather than a traditional conduction or convection system, the Switch features its unique patent-pending induction heating system. 

It’s this exact system that allows for those incredibly rapid heating times of around 4 seconds! 

2. Loading The Dr. Dabber Switch

Loading the Switch has also been made incredibly simple, so it won’t delay your session for too long! Included in the box are induction heating cups that sit inside of the unit to be vaporized. Once you’ve filled the cups with concentrate or dry herbs, place them into the unit and commence choosing your temperature setting. 

3. Turning On The Dr. Dabber Switch

At the bottom of the face of the Switch is a…..switch. This can be used to turn the device on, as well as to activate either ‘Leaf Mode’ or ‘Oil Mode’. 

4. Setting the Temperature on The Dr. Dabber Switch

On the front of the unit, you’ll find two directional buttons on either side of the Dr. Dabber logo. These can be used to cycle through the various temperature options. 

5. Hitting The Dr. Dabber Switch

Once you’ve loaded the Switch and the temperature has been set, it’s time to take your long-awaited hits once the device has reached temperature. 

Whether you’re using oil mode or leaf mode, the device’s LEDs will shine green once the unit is ready to vape. 

How's the Dr. Dabber Switch Vapor Quality?

Now it’s time to set aside aesthetics and technical specifications to focus on what really determines the quality of a vape: the quality of its vapor. 

The quality of vapor of the Switch is incredible. Thanks to its water bubbler diffusing all vapor and multiple temperature settings to experiment with. The flexibility in temperature allows users to reach their optimum combination of flavor profile and vapor production. 

Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality With the Dr Dabber Switch

Any connoisseur will emphasize the importance of temperature on the style of vapor you’re experiencing. What determines the best vapor quality will depend largely on each individual user. Some will prefer flavor-driven, lower temperatures while the cloud chasers will tend to stick to higher temperatures. Regardless of your preference, the Dr. Dabber Switch boasts a wide spectrum of temperature settings, each with its own balance of vapor density and flavor preservation. We’d recommend as much experimenting as possible to determine what works best for you. 

Is The Dr. Dabber Switch Easy to Clean?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is super easy to clean. In fact, it’s just as simple to clean as it is to set up and get going with. It’s important to ensure the glass and heating elements are cool to touch before cleaning to avoid any burns. 

To perform the clean, take the device apart in order to clean each element individually. They may all be cleaned using isopropyl-soaked wipes or cleaning swabs to wipe away residue and combat staining. 

There’s also a self-cleaning cycle. To activate this, press and hold the + button until the heat has risen to the highest temperature. Rather than let go of the + button, keep holding it for a further 5 seconds. Once the LEDs shine red the self-clean will begin. 

What are the Pros and Cons of The Dr. Dabber Switch?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Dr. Dabber Switch:

The Dr. Dabber Switch PROS

The Dr. Dabber Switch CONS

Durable and stylish design


Fast heat-up time

Not too portable

25 heat settings

Long-lasting battery

Ease of use

So is the Dr. Dabber Switch Worth It? 

As one of the more expensive vaporizers on the market, it’s easy to let the price tag deter you from the masterpiece that is the Dr. Dabber Switch.

The Switch is the vaporizer to conquer all vaporizers. You’ll never need another piece of hardware again. Compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, with 25 different settings, and that glorious glass water bubbler, it’s difficult to argue against the Switch. If it’s within your budget, you’ll find it well worth the money. 

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Who Should Buy The Dr. Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is designed with all the real vape aficionados in mind. It’s for those who appreciate all materials, and have a passion for striving for the best vapor quality possible. 

Sure, it will set you back, there’s no denying that. Equally, we’re confident that after using this beast, there’ll be no denying its brilliance. For any connoisseur, it’s a perfect choice.