Sesh Essentials: Essential To Have A Grinder

Out of all the dried herb accessories you could ever hope to need, a good Grinder has to be the utmost necessary out of all of them.

How could it even be a competition. In almost every way, they make a good session of smoking or vaping better. They get more strength out of the herb.

They give the herb somewhere to be temporarily stored. If you’ve been using herbs for a while and you haven’t gotten yourself a grinder yet, you really need to get with the times.

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The Facts About Grinding Your Dried Herb

Grinders just make your herb stronger buy giving your better access to more Keif. Keif is the build up of a purer crystallized bud that gets inside your bags and on your fingers.

It’s a type of oil and is sticky to the touch, which is why it’s so often discarded, either in a thrown out bag or washed off your fingers.

With a grinder, just get as much bud within the grinder as you can without touching it and, as you’re grinding, that oily kief will stick to the actual flowers instead, meaning you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck.

Also, with smaller particles within your grounded up material, it becomes easier to gauge how much you’re going to need within a bowl.

Overpacking a bowl can be a killer on a session, and with ungrounded herb, the air pockets between the flowers cause people to press down on the bowl and add more on top.

All in all, way to often too much flower is put in the bowl but if your stash is grounded, it’s easier to figure out just how much you’ll need so none is wasted.

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Your Grinder Is Your Stash Box

Grinders aren’t just the only must have, but a stash box is pretty necessary too. Sometimes you want to take your gear to a party of a festival, and you don’t want to set up a whole grinding operation then and there.

You’re going to want to pre-grind and then take that with you, but how? Well obviously with a Stash Box. That’s what this section’ all been about. What we’re getting at here is that quite a few good quality grinders can also act as stash boxes.

Stash boxes are the go to transport method for your herbs. Rarely going beyond the size of a hockey puck, these handy little boxes are designed to be discreet but also solid so nothing happens to your precious dried flowers. Really, using Grinders are the perfect method of having an on demand stash box.

If you’re hoping to use your Grinder as a stash box, there’s a couple of things you should keep an eye out for.

Firstly, there should be a way for the grinder to lock together, because if it can’t and you put in in a bag or a loose pocket, well, there’s a chance it could come apart and pour your precious herb out.

Secondly, you want to make sure the grinder is air tight when locked together. If the scent of that weed leaks out, you’ll be smelling of it all day and then you won’t be too stealthy.

4-Piece Grinders vs 2-Piece

The headline here made it sound like a competition, but really it’s a bit one sided. 4-piece grinders are a lot better than any of their smaller, 2-piece counterparts, but hear us out for a second because it’s not over yet.

The reason 4-piece’s are better is because they do a cleaner job of things. There are holes built into one half of the grinder so that, once you’ve given it an initial grind, you can turn it around and keep grinding, pushing the herb into the lower sections.

After that, you’ve got a protective screen that breaks up your material even more as it passes through the metal wires, finally collecting in the dish in the lowest section.

Really, the problem with 2-piece grinders is that the don’t have a run on dish they collect in, which means you’re going to have to carefully tap and pull at your herbs to loosen them up and get them into whatever pipe or blunt you’re using.

In terms of sheer grind ability, yes, the 4-piece does a slightly better job, especially given the screen on the 3rd piece, but a 2-piece will grind just as well and isn’t a bad choice if budget is an issue. It really is just all about cleanliness.

Electric Grinders

Electric Grinders are great because their powerful and automated, making your job just that much easier. Just the press of a button and your herbs are grinded without much more effort.

The downside of these grinders however is that a lot of them are very bulky, making them difficult to make portable.

If you’re hoping to take them with you somewhere they’ll probably have to take up space in a bag. I doubt one of the bigger models could even fit in a purse.

The Chewy Grinder for example is very large. About as large as most of the novelty grinders out there, but its ability to grind material at the push of a button is very impressive, and you can also reverse the direction to really make sure it gets every last piece. To some, I could definitely see it worth the size.

Grinders To Check Out

Chewy Grinder

The Chewy Grinder is the current benchmark in electric grinding. This powerful electric grinder is small enough to fit into your pocket but still manages to grind up over 2 grams of material in an ejection chamber for quick loading and rolling.

Don’t like hand grinding with those plain, easy to break, plastic grinders, or worse still, have a medical condition that’s stopping you from grinding your medicinal herb, but can’t even imagine using un-grounded material? Look no further.

A simple button press system lets you decide how long it grinds for and switch back and forth between grinding direction, and feel free to grind all your herbs across multiple sessions as the Chewy won’t let you don’t with its impressive 10 hour long battery.

This high powered battery, combined with the power and torque of the motor, ensures the grinder never gets clogged, giving you a perfect grind every time.

Chewy Grinders EveryoneDoesIt


Phoenician have two 4-Piece grinders, a large model and a smaller model. That said, they are both of fantastic quality having been made from the highest standard in aerospace grade aluminum using sourced materials from within the US.

Phoenician grinders are incredibly advanced, not even bothering to use a threaded locking mechanisms and instead going for a much simpler notching mechanism., with sections of the grinder being held together with Neodymium magnets.

Phoenician Grinder EveryoneDoesIt


Futurola sell both a 2-Piece and a 4-Piece model, so whichever fits into your budget will work for you, and honestly, with a Futurola grinder, you really can’t go wrong with either.

Made from strong, anodized aluminum, this grinder won’t be giving out on you anytime soon and comes in a variety of colors. The 4-Piece, of course, comes with all of the standard extra’s you expect to find in a 4-Piece.