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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Joint Size and Thickness

Posted by CSR Team on

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Joint Size and Thickness

So you’ve now officially entered the minefield. Glass joints. pick the wrong one and BOOM! You’re left with a mismatched attachment, rendering your bong useless and your night smoke free.

Well let us throw you a metal detector and navigate this trap; it might just save you quite a bit of cash.  There’s a lot of technical jargon out there making joint sizes seem a lot more complicated than it really is, but there are really only a couple of things you need to know:

Your Joint’s Gender

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The first thing you have to be aware of is the gender of your attachment. That’s right, your water pipe or bowl has a gender. If only it was as simple as just lifting up its skirt and having a peek but alas, that kind of thing is generally frowned upon anyway.

Determining the gender of your bong is nowhere near as complicated as it sounds. If your attachment is male you will need a female joint that will fit onto the male element. If your bong joint is female, it will have a male counterpart that will fit inside it, usually through an opening in the base.

For more detail on male and female adaptors, visit our blog on Male vs. Female Joints and adaptors for a brief run-down on how they work and how to identify them.

Joint Sizes

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Once you have established whether your bong is a dude or a chick, you can focus on joint sizes. This generally refers to the diameter of the hole that your down-stem or bowl will fit into.

Just as we humans have evolved, so too has the humble bong. Joint sizes have changed quite drastically over time to allow users to switch between different bowls, ash catchers and other accessories.

There are three standard joint sizes:

10mm – This is often referred to as a micro or nano-joint and is mostly used on smaller rigs and pipes. This is the rarest joint size of the three.

14.4mm – This is possibly the most common joint size that is used across a wide range of brands.

18.8mm – This is reserved for the larger dab rings and glass water pipes. It is very common and very widely used across a number of brands and products. Due to its large width, down-stems with an 18.8mm diameter will be less likely to clog than their smaller counterparts.


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To ensure you are buying the right attachments for your bong you will need to know the specifications of your joint so you can apply the right adaptor. For instance, your water pipe may have a 10mm male joint which means you will need a 10mm female bowl to be compatible.

There is an easy way to remember compatibility:

The joint size must match the measurements of your bowl where as the joint gender must be the opposite.

Where compatibility is concerned, size matters. If your buddy Dave comes over to your house with an 18.8mm bowl to fit on your 14.4mm female joint, you are both going to look pretty stupid as there is no way in hell it’s going to fit.

At Everyonedoesit we know how confusing this can be, that’s why we have online customer service available 24 hours a day to help you find exactly what it is you’re looking for. Our online store has all the standard joint sizes you require for all your smoking needs. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our online staff members to point you in the right direction.