Everything You Need To Know About The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

Storz and Bickel are undoubtedly the world leaders in the vaporizer industry, boasting superior performing products such as the infamous Volcano Vaporizer, the Mighty Vaporizer and the Crafty Vaporizer, each dominating their respective niche in the market.
Not wanting to rest on their laurels, these German giants created another vape powerhouse to add to their elite repertoire, introducing, The Plenty.

The Plenty

The Plenty Vaporizer is a handheld, whip style, desktop vaporizer, capable of vaping both dry herbs and concentrate in its large 3.4cm filling chamber which can hold approximately 1g of material

Its appearance may resemble a power tool more so than your traditional vaporizer, yet this is quite apt considering the technology it houses, and the power and potent vapor it exudes.


The Plenty is an ambassador for build integrity and even comes with a 3-year warranty. Designed and Manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany, the Plenty was assembled using only the highest quality materials.

This ergonomic, sturdy device is constructed using quality stainless steel on the inside, with a strong, durable, plastic outer shell, clearly made to last.

The plenty stands at one foot tall when the cooling coil is attached, and yet it is quite light for a desktop vaporizer weighing only 0.7kg.
Plenty Top View
Many consider the Plenty to be a hybrid of the Volcano and the Mighty with Power, performance and a degree of portability all combined into one.

This device also conforms with both German and EU safety guidelines giving you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a safe and well-constructed device.


The Plenty is a top of the range device that offers the most flavorsome, cool, smooth draws you can only get from a desktop in this range.

Vapour production is excellent with nice wholesome, dense clouds being produced especially at the higher temperatures.

The Plenty plugs into an outlet and powered by 110 watts of energy it activates the heating element which in turn provides a predominantly convection based heating system providing you with evenly heated material every time.

As the material heats it turns to vapor which then travels along with the patented double helix cooling coil. This extra long vape path ensures your vapour has the time and distance to cool before it reaches your mouth.
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Numerous air holes down the side and the bottom, along with a wide chamber surface area, cooling coil, and an optimum sized mouthpiece creates an airflow of 30 l per minute.

Together this ensures perfect draw resistance, giving you a nice full draw every time, exactly what you would expect from Storz and Bickel.

What really stands out though, and particularly at the lower temperatures, is the fantastic flavor profile. You can taste every terpene that nature intended.
This is because of the precise temperature control that is offered by the plenty

Heat up Time & Temperatures

Utilizing a hybrid heating system of primarily convection based heating technology, with some conduction, the Plenty has a fast heat up time of between 2 to 4 minutes, impressive for a desktop device this powerful.

Using the rotatable wheel you can easily adjust the temperature between settings 1-7 which equate to 266°F to 396°F

















How To Use

  • Unscrew the coil to reveal the chamber
  • Pack the chamber full but not to tight
  • Screw the coil back on
  • Turn the device on with the orange power button
  • Press the autorelease handle to begin heating
  • Once heated, the light on the front will turn off
  • Breathe in, relax, and enjoy

Plenty Vaporizer Tips

The Plenty has an auto shut-off feature once the temperature has been reached, pressing the release handle again will resume heating.

To ensure you receive the best experience it is advised to fully pack the chamber. If you only want to half pack it, you can use the concentrate insert.


  • High Performing and Powerful
  • Delivers both flavoursome taste and dense vapour production
  • Dual use for both herb and concentrate
  • Unique Cooling system
  • No batteries. No running out.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Quality German Craftsmanship
  • Intuitive Analogue display


  • Requires tool included to stand upright.
  • Portable but not for outdoors

What's in the box

  • Hot Air Generator
  • Cooling Device & Chamber
  • Grinder
  • Screens
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Cleaning Device (Doubles up as a stand)
  • Instructions for use


plenty vaporizer edit everyonedoesit storz and bickel

The Plenty is a must for any vaping aficionado. Beginners will love it because of its ease of use not to mention incredible vapor quality and taste while vaping veterans are sure to have this in their collection already.

The Plenty delivers some of the finest, tastiest, most potent vapor quality available in the market today.

Anyone who dabbled in and was impressed with small portable vaporizers will be blown away by the difference in both tastes, vape and potency.

The Plenty Vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for any house party or social gathering. The fact that it is plugged in means you will never run out of power and its handheld design and long cord makes it ideal for passing around.

The Plenty was clearly well thought out by Markus Storz and Jurgen Bickel, and this vaporizer continues a long tradition of high-quality vaporizers, a trademark of Storz & Bickel.