Everything You Should Know About The Latest Linx Ember Kit

Linx recently launched their latest portable-oil pen - not a portable weed vaporizer - known as the Linx Ember. Constructed out of medical-grade stainless steel, this pen is highly durable and made to last. 

What’s Inside The Box? 

Inside this kit you will find:

  • 1 Linx Ember refillable atomizer 
  • 1 Linx Ember rechargeable battery 
  • Mouthpiece 
  • USB charger  

Linx Ember Kit

The Linx Ember Battery is easy to recharge and will reach full capacity within one to two hours of charging.

The USB charge is also handy to use for on-the-go charging. Once the device is assembled, you can enjoy a compact yet sturdy dab-pen vaporizer which is discreet and slick, for an impressive price of £30 pounds. This device fits snugly in your pocket at an impressive price.  

Vapor Quality And Build  

The top air-flow design is revolutionary, while the device is just about impervious to leakage and spills. This is one of the outstanding features about this oil pen.

If you were ever a victim to a leak or spill from one of these pens, you are well aware of how difficult it is to clean.

When you own a Linx Ember, you are able to travel in comfort knowing that your belongings are all safe from damages and spills.  

This pen is built for an efficient maximum temperature. The ceramic chambers are heated through a quartz spiral-coil that is wrapped up in titanium, which means you are offered with the maximum surface-area when it comes to heat conduction.

The Linx recessed atomizer, allowed for a way to include the glass window which allows the user to see vapor that is extracted out of the wax as well as to check on the how much wax is left.  

How To Use The Linx Ember 

This is an extremely user-friendly vaporizer. All that you need to do is give the device 5 clicks to either switch it on or off, and then 3 clicks to switch between the heat settings.

The heat settings feature blue for low, green for medium and red for high. This feature allows for a way to control the vapor that is produced, the taste, density and size of the clouds.

At the higher heats you will achieve fatter clouds, while at the lower temperatures you can achieve a more favorable taste from the concentrate. 

Ember charger 

You may want to start with the lower temperature to achieve the fullest taste from the concentrate, while at the higher temperatures you will achieve the most from the materials.

You also have the option of the Sesh mode when you click the button twice, which will release 12-seconds of a continuous heat.  

This device is simple to load regardless of what concentrate you prefer. The easiest way in which to load the chamber when you use wax is to take a scoop of your wax using a scooping tool and then lowering the materials into your chamber while the oven is switched on.

Allow the heat to melt your wax into a liquid consistency which releases your concentrate directly into the chamber.  

In conclusion, the Linx Ember is an affordable and nifty portable vaporizer, which is ideal for those that are new to this community or for an on-the-go device.