G Pen Elite Review

Grenco Science is one of the most established and popular companies in the vaporizer industry. Their incredible devices have offered thousands of vape fans high-quality alternatives to the more pricey big names that dominate the scene. 

They know exactly how to design a solid, reliable vaporizer that offers incredible levels of vaporization at an affordable price. This is why for years, casual users, newcomers, and vapers on a budget have checked out the incredible offerings of Grenco vapes. 

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

$77.99 $119.99

The Grenco G Pen Elite is a stand-out vape, even when compared to other Genco Science devices. It features a potent conduction heating chamber and one of the largest herb chambers in the entire portable vape industry. This just might be a must have for new vapers everywhere, but is it for you? To help you figure that out we've compiled this in depth review that will tell you everything you need to know. 

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The Elite kit comes with nearly everything you need to get started with your incredible vape experiences. Naturally, the first thing you'll find is the Elite itself, this compact and sturdy device is the biggest thing in the box. Next, you'll come across the G Pen Chamber tool, this makes filling the vape incredibly easy and straightforward with minimal mess and fuss. 

The USB Charger will allow you to keep your device running and the cleaning brush is a must have when it comes to maintenance. 

What makes the G Pen Elite Stand Out?

The G Pen Elite is built around a powerful, fully ceramic 360-degree heating system that generates high quality vapor from all of your herb's surface area simultaneously. This means you can enjoy some truly incredible and consistent vapor quality with minimal effort. 

The ceramic construction of the heating system works in tandem with the 360-degree heating system to ensure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the chamber. Despite all this power, the Elite offers some surprisingly smooth and cool hits. This is thanks to some clever design features and very low draw resistance. Each hit will be comfortable and potent, perfect for all vape fans.

FAQ - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1: Is The G Pen Elite Convection?

The G Pen is technically a conduction vaporizer, however, it is a big departure from most vapes of this type thanks to its 360-degree heating. This simultaneously heats all of the herbs in the chamber at once, leading to convection-quality hits.

Q2: Can The G Pen Elite Be Used With A Bong?

The G Pen Elite vaporizer can be used with a bong providing you use a peripheral called a water tool. The Water Piece Adapter is specially made to work with the G Pen. 

Q3: What Is The G Pen Elite's Chamber Size?

The G Pen Elite has a surprisingly big chamber for its size, holding up to .5 grams of dry herb. 

How Does The G Pen Elite Work?

1. Heating System

The Elite uses high quality conduction heating to produce dense, tasty clouds. To some vape industry veterans, this might be a disappointment. For a long time, convection was associated with cheap, low-quality devices that burnt your herb.

The G Pen is different, though. It uses a unique 360-degree heating system that heats the herb from multiple angles simultaneously. This generates dense, potent clouds while minimizing the risk of hotspots. 

2. Loading The G Pen Elite

The Elite has an added level of beginner friendly ness thanks to its simple loading system. To start, simply remove the mouthpiece from the top of the vaporizer. This will open the herb chamber. Carefully fill the chamber and tap the load down. Replace the mouthpiece and you're ready to go!

3. Turing on The Elite 

To activate the G Pen Elite, you first have to familiarize yourself with its three button control system. The two buttons on the side of the device are for adjusting the device's heat settings. The leaf button on the front of the device is the power button. To activate the Elite, press this button five times in a row. 

4. Temperature settings

The Elite's temperature setting can be controlled by the up and down buttons mounted on its side. It features a handy LED screen that allows the user to see exactly what's going on inside the device. This makes choosing a temperature incredibly precise and intuitive. 

5. Hitting the G Pen Elite 

The G Pen Elite's mouthpiece is part of the overall body of the vape, so users don't need to attach or unfold anything to take a hit. To take a hit, activate the device, wait for it to reach vaping temperature, and then take a hit. The Elite has a very mild draw resistance, making it great for short sharp hits, or more drawn out tokes. 

How's The G Pen Elite Vapor Quality?

This is, for a lot of people, the make or break category for the G Pen Elite. Thanks to its 360 heating system, this vaporizer offers some pretty solid vapor quality. Its hits are smooth, cool, flavorful, and intense. Though its compact size may be a red flag to some, the Elite has surprisingly good cooling thanks to some clever design choices. On top of this, the extra large herb chamber ensures that each session is potent and full. 

Tips for Getting Best Vapor Quality With the G Pen Elite 

The best way to increase the vapor quality of your session is to put in a little prep work ahead of time. When you're grinding your herb, check to see what consistency works best with your vaporizer’s heating system. 

The G Pen Elite vaporizer uses conduction heating, this means that it works best with a fine grind and a dense pack. This allows it to act on the largest surface area possible, leading to tastier and more consistent hits. 

Is The G Pen Elite Easy To Clean? 

The Elite is easy to clean with users only really having to worry about the heating chamber and the mouthpiece of the device during regular maintenance. The first tip we can offer is to empty the herb chamber after each session. This will help prevent the build-up of soot and grime, making maintenance easier and less frequent. 

When the time comes to clean out the vaporizer gather some materials. These include isopropyl alcohol, cleaning wipes, and cotton swabs.

To clean the heating chamber get a cotton swab and dip it in isopropyl alcohol. Use this to gently wipe down the inside of the chamber. If you come across any stubborn patches of grime, break them up with a soft-bristled brush.

Cleaning the mouthpiece out is just as simple, take another q tip dipped in alcohol and use it to carefully wipe it out. Make sure to clear any blockages!

Finally, set the G Pen Elite to go through a heating cycle. This will evaporate any leftover alcohol residue. If in doubt, put it through two cycles. It’s always better to make sure you’ve cleared it all out, otherwise, it could ruin your next session. 

Pros and Cons



High-Quality Vapor

Conduction may be off putting to some

Great control scheme 

Lack of Bluetooth connectivity 

Large herb chamber

No dual use functionality. 

Is The G Pen Elite Worth It?

The G Pen Elite is more than worth the price of admission, offering incredible levels of vapor quality, flavor, and consistency at an affordable price. Design wise, the G Pen is a comfortable size, chunky enough to handle, while being small enough for easy storage. Its full control system and LED display are truly welcome features that make this device incredibly easy to handle. Finally, the extra large chamber and 360-degree heating system make the Elite fantastic for extra long sessions or sharing with friends

Who Should Buy G Pen Elite

The Elite is a fantastic starter vaporizer for those new to the vape scene. Its low price, sturdy construction, and intuitive design make it easy to get to grips with. Best of all, it offers such fantastic vapor quality that you can easily keep using it well into your intermediate period. 

If you’re in the market for a sturdy intermediate vape to add to your collection to bring to share and or enjoy on your own, the Elite vaporizer fills that role perfectly. 

Who Should Not Buy G Pen Elite 

More discerning and advanced vaporizer fans may find the G Pen a little lacking over time. It doesn't offer many of the premium features that more expensive vaporizers do, and it doesn't have any dual-use functionality. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

The G Pen Elite is a fantastic vaporizer that offers some truly incredible quality in such an affordable price range. Its full custom temperature control, 360 heating, and ceramic chamber are sure to deliver a truly amazing level of vapor quality. Its comprehensive control scheme and easy-to-read display are ideal for any users who like to enjoy their vape sessions with precision and control. 

If you want a high-quality vape experience without breaking the bank, then the Elite is for you.